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26 Most Flattering Long Hairstyles for Round Faces (2024 Trends)

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Long hair is super trendy and versatile. Longer lengths can be flirty and feminine, and can be styled in many ways. Females who have round faces can wear longer hairstyle with the correct cut and style. If you’re looking to increase more volume as your hair grows longer, you should consider adding layers. In the following article, there are a selection of the top long hairstyles for round faces that can make your face appear slimmer and will enhance some of your best features.

# 1: Super Sleek Longer Bangs and longer Bangs

Super Sleek Hair with Longer Bangs for Round Faces

This is an elegant shag. It’s got the same pattern of layering and fringe that a shag has but is more streamlined and longer. The thing I love about this one is the fringe. I love the way this frame her face. lets her for wearing the fringe straight or parted to create an informal appearance. This style is relatively simple to maintain aside from having to touch up your fringe every morning. I prefer to moisten my hair the hair, and then apply a bit of leave-in conditioner to make my hair more flexible. My personal favorite one is Nourishing Detangler by Emera. After that, blow dry with a criss-cross design to remove any cowlicks, or beads so that the fringe falls across the forehead in a uniform manner.

#2: Beautiful long Hair with a Sparkling Piece of Money Piece

Gorgeous Long Hair with a Bright Money Piece for Round Faces

Enhance your beautiful long hair by adding a bright piece of money to add summer-like color to the hair, without bleaching too much. The money piece that is blonde along with some lightness at the lower part of your hair will be left as brunettes but it will add more fun and also a little bit of a variation.

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#3: A Long Bronde with the Center Part

Long Bronde with a Center Part for Round Faces

4. Loose Curls and Side Bangs

Loose Curls with Side Bangs for Round Faces

It’s romantic, soft and modern. It’s pleasing for all facial shapes and hair types. When you have the right combination of curl, product volume as well as pinning this stunning style can become an iconic classic. I like how the color enhances the look and the design enhances the colour. The volume on the bottom and top of the hairstyle helps increase the length of your face and create an appearance that is more oval. By sweeping your hair around your forehead adds a touch of softness, but it also helps conceal some of the forehead’s height and in turn will help your face form appear more slender and oval.

#5: Hair Long Straight Hair with Long Layering

Long Straight Hair with Long Layering for Round Faces

This cut is perfect for women looking for low-maintenance hairstyle. There are numerous variations of this style, however it can be worn with a variety of hair kinds. I suggest good hair care at home, using an oil and heat protector for moisture to the ends to preserve the integrity of hair. The purchase of a high-quality conditioner and shampoo is essential.

#6: Light Copper Long Hair with an a middle part

Light Copper Long Hair with a Middle Part for Round Faces

Long hair in light copper with a middle section is a stunning hairstyle that’s perfect for women with round faces. The frame of the face hides some of the jaws and cheeks, making the face appear slimmer. The light copper hue is sometimes referred to as strawberry blonde, and is suitable for all skin tones. It’s cool or warm.

#7: Gorgeous Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Long Hair

Gorgeous Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Long Hair for Round Faces

Try blonde highlights on long dark brown hair when you’re looking to lighten your hair’s color without making any drastic change. Highlights that are blonde are a subtle alteration that can yield a dramatic result and can be adapted to suit your hair’s goals. Highlights are appealing due to the fact you can tone them to match any skin tone, and can be frequently changed by experimenting with different toner formulations.

#8: Long Curtain Bangs and Dark Roots

Long Hair with Curtain Bangs and Dark Roots for Round Face Shapes

Longer-length curtain bangs can be a fantastic way to tuck into bangs because they can grow easily and blend into the layers of the frame. Curtain bangs should be cut at an angle , and should be dried blow-dry away off the facial area. Dark roots are created by removing highlights from the roots, or by applying a streak over the traditional highlights for a smooth growth.

#9: Long Layers

Longer textured hair with curtain bangs on a round face

Get a flowing hairstyle by taming it by layers! Now you can be an elegant, long-haired lady with a variety of styles you can explore.

#10: Textured Longer, Curlier Bangs with Curtain Bangs

brightening layers for round faces with long hair

I love thinking of this as the current version of a long-layered cut that is adorned with long bangs that are a part of the curtain. You can ask your stylist to preserve the brightness on the face with some babylights close to the hairline in front – a similar to the places how young girls get their very blonde natural “sunlights.” Achieving highlights on the areas of your face that are naturally blonde hair is a common coloring technique. The round face shape are enhanced with the introduction of bangs, or framing the face. This can typically soften a strong check-bone , or jawline, but can also create more flare for people with a oval or round faces. I suggest a roost boosting to increase volume when styling this part of hair as well as an oily serum or wax (Bumble Bumble Brilliantine and Bumble Brilliantine for instance) toward the tips to prevent the fringe hair from getting “box-like” or bulky.

#11: Brightening Layers

effortless and natural beachy look

It’s a long, layered haircut. I like the depth in the hair’s roots, and the way the color fades as it lightens around the face, enhancing her face. The thick layers allow you to look natural and not becoming too weighty. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance using R+Co’s detangle spray and moisturizing cream on hair that is damp. Dry your hair using your fingers until it is around 80 percent dry. Focus on cowlicks, and lifting the hair from the roots, and in the areas you wish to increase volume. When dry smooth your hair using the round brush.

#12: Effortless & Natural Beachy Look

bouncy layers for round faces

Opt to go for a casual natural, natural beachy style. Highlights are placed in a way that is are designed to add light and depth to the natural hair’s shade. The lighter pieces on the front stand out and give attention to the face, while the lightness in the back highlights the length. The best thing about this style is the various layers of dimension that come with the color as well as the way the hair color moves. It gives the hair a shine, increases the color of her hair, and can even add a some the texture of a basic hairstyle. When considering this style, it is essential to take into consideration the hue of the color as well as the placement. The correct placement will ensure that the hair grows naturally and regular touchups aren’t necessary. The right tone of blonde is crucial. A wrong tone could cause unwanted color and facial features particularly if it is positioned on your face. The color and cut is designed to last for a long time and easy to make (with alternatives) and easy to style and perfect for the minimalist styler or the busy woman. This cut (depending on the texture) will encourage motion and volume at the correct areas of your face. This will create angles, however it must be a straight line, so that it lengthens the face of a rounder shape.

#13: Bouncy Layers

soft and natural layers

If you’re considering this cut be sure to have enough hair that can accommodate the weight loss required for the different layers involved in this swell technique. This cut is ideal for women with thick hair with a round or oval shape of face. For styling this look, you can blow-dry it with round brushes and prepare your hair using an volumizing mousse, a heat protector, and an a cream that amplifies blow-dry. This look can be used in a variety of ways because it has enough hair to give you a smooth and professional-looking top bun day and large beautiful curls in the evening. This style is easily rearranged to a ponytail for people who are on the move who require an easy ‘do.

#14: Soft & Natural Layers

softer upkeep for long blonde hair for round faces

Opt for an easy, natural style by layering your hair. This is a great choice for women who are looking for length and a “pow-wow” style! If you’re looking for a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and can be a great look when worn either down or in a ponytail, then this cut or style is perfect ideal for you. This style is great for those who want motion in their hair, however want to keep the length. When designing this look for a person who has a round face, the layers on top should begin just a few centimeters lower than the chin.

#15: Softer Upkeep

long modern shag with curtain bangs

This is for someone who likes to be blonde, but would prefer a more gentle or less maintenance growth. I love long, bangs that are a curtain for any face shape. The enjoyable part is that you can alter lengths to create a custom cut. In this particular look, we extended the bang because due to her round shape, and also to allow her to change sides and then the center whenever she wants! The styling of this look was created using Arrojo Styling Whip Set and Style Spray, Working Spray, and a Bionic 1 1/4-inch curling iron.

#16 The Long Modern Shag has Curtain Bangs

Middle Part Long Bob

This is a modern shag, with soft blonde waves, and a short curtain fringe. I love the easy design this style offers. It can be worn with any type of texture and can be tailored to accommodate the shape of a round face. The shag is ideal for anyone looking for an easy to maintain, contemporary style. I suggest using products that help enhance natural texture, while also reducing frizz, such as Aveda’s Nourishing Styling Creme. Long hair with curtain bangs can be styled effortlessly through air drying or the gentle blow drying method. I also enjoy enhancing the ends of the hair by using curling irons!

#17: Middle Part Long Bob

classic long hairstyle with beach wave texture

The perfect way to balance your face shape is by combining your center-parted lob with! It’s easy and efficient in making you appear adorable all day long!

#18: Classic Long Hairstyle with Beach Wave Texture

Natural Waves with Swoop Bangs

Opt to go for the classic hairstyle that has texture and movement. Choose a heat-resistant product prior to finishing the edges. Use the Loreal Hollywood Waves Siren Waves to dry hair Then, apply an iron that is 1 1/2 inches long to create beach waves that are soft, rotating how each one curl is shaped. Then, apply Loreal Next Day Hair generously to create the look of textured hair. Add a brush of Loreal Mythic Oil in order to separate the ends. This haircut is suitable for medium-to-thick hair, and for women who prefer natural, soft motion and texture. The bang could be longer or shorter depending on the shape of the face and the lifestyle.

19: Natural Waves with Swoop Bangs

long ways with long bangs hairstyle for rounder faces

I would consider this to be the definition of a long-layered, sweep bang. I love the way it balances the shape of her face. If you have a more full face with a bit of height on top and a fullness around the temples can balance out the fullness of the jawline and cheeks. The the swept bang (as contrast to a traditional one which is spread over the face) creates an opening on the forehead which increases the length of the face and gives the face with a rounder shape more of a diamond-like shape. The waves that move off from your face provide shape as well as softness to the style. It’s romantic and modern simultaneously. It’s a style that can be adapted across a broad range of facial designs. The one thing you must do on a circular face shape is that you keep your hair wide and swept on one side. The typical bang across the forehead tends to shorten and become boxy when a face is round. If you are styling, begin using mousse for hold and then lift the hair, focusing on the root. Dry upside down until it is 90% dry. Then finish with a medium-sized circular brush. Roll the brush to the root and then release by twisting the brush loosely. You will leave a huge loop of curls at each section. Allow the hair for an hour until it is cool enough to run fingers through it. Finish with a very dry spray that works. The other method for drying is to apply mousse and a heat-protectant spray. Dry 100 % and then come back using a 2 inch curling iron or wand, and gently blow off the hair from your face. It is recommended to let the hair cool for a few minutes prior to applying your fingers to soften as well as blend your waves prior to ending with a dry, workable hairspray. If you’re blessed with natural waves in your hair , you could opt for a no-heat approach. Applying your favorite wave promoting cream or gel through the hair, and then turning sections back and forth using your hands, while your hair’s damp and squirting frequently while it air dry will give you the perfect look. The most crucial aspect of making this look happen is the haircut. A solid , architectural basis in the design of the haircut will help enable you to keep your day-to- daily styling attainable.

#20″Long Waves with Bangs with Long Bangs

low-maintenance layers

Opt for a long, shaggy style with fringe! This hair is perfect for women with soft angles and a charming smile.

#21: Low-Maintenance Layers

Long hair with face-framing bangs for round faces

Opt for layers that are long and longer frame-of-face. It is a great look for women with long hair. Hair that is curly or wavy will love this look because it’s low maintenance. Hair will not appear heavy at the bottom. Instead it’ll move with more defined curls or waves. If you want to dry their gorgeous locks, a little oil or cream that helps with curls or texture (or even salt spray) can be a wonderful styling product.

#22: Shorter Face Frame

long shag razor cut for round face shapes

The long shag with bangs is fashionable at the moment. The shorter frame of the face on the front helps to open the look and give the style more motion. Due to the varied lengths throughout the haircut, I would recommend it to those with naturally has wavy hair. Apply leave-in conditioner and argan oil if your hair is damp, and use a styling paste once hair is dry to give it an extra hold.

#23: Sunkissed Long Layers

sun kissed long layers for round face shapes

The long, layered cut with rootsy balayage highlights perfectly frames the face. It can be a fantastic method of creating an optical illusion on any facial shape. The depth that highlights add against a darker background can aid in “contour” facial features by bringing attention to areas that have lighter highlights and creating shadows that cover other areas that give the illusion of depth. This style is smooth and natural, much like the hair of a young girl that has been was sunkissed in all the right spots. The best part of all? It’s got a gorgeous growth with little maintenance! I would always suggest using a shampoo that is sulfate free for hair colored. It will help keep the color for longer. In terms of hair styling tools, I enjoy “It’s 10-” at the end of lighter hair to protect the heat of the hair. It will protect and improve the overall strength of hair. Kenra Uplifting Foam works great to give airy volume in the root and the blow-dry gel from Redken Velvet was used from mid-shaft until the end to soften the cuticle of hair for a some memory and give it the cushy bounce. We finished with Kenra 13 for a light and movable hold. This style is great for face shapes with round edges. The long layers are slim frames the face. the highlights and the lighter ends create a longer-looking face. For those who want to gradually transition into highlighting or hair color it is an ideal option to do so without looking sloppy and too obvious. This style is perfect for women in college, those who like the natural “rooty style” or anyone who would prefer something less maintenance than a four-week appointment. Everyone is loving this look!

#24: Long Shag Razor Cut for Round Face Shapes

An extended, razored shag is a particularly flattering choice for round faces. When you use a razor cut hair, your stylist will be able to make a smooth blend of layers to layers, give massive volume, and also add an abundance of texture. The balance between blend and bounce is the best complement. In addition, the soft edges of the face eliminate the sharp lines that contrast with round-shaped shapes.

#25: Middle-Parted Shag for Long Hair

middle-parted shag for long hair

Use a middle-parted shag to create long hair for an oval or square face and want to increase the length of your face. Shag layers are flexible and can be tailored to suit any face shape and shape, to bring them to the perfect oval shape. Shag hairstyles are easy to maintain. hairstyles since they can play with messy texture and give a more lived-in look.

#26: Long Blonde Wavy Hair for Round Faces

Long, wavy blonde hair can aid in elongating and balancing an oval face. Faces with round shapes require the length of their cut to complement the look and keep the face frame shorter and less will stop the face from appearing large.

long blonde wavy hair for round faces

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