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28 Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles That Can Keep You Out of Trouble

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Best Inverted Bob Hairstyles for Stylish Women

Bob hairstyles are in high demand for teen girls and working women. Hairstyles and haircuts that are inverted have given this bob haircut an updated twist that received a lot of attention. Here are the top 28 trendy hairstyles and haircuts inverted to help you come up with some new ideas.

1. Long Inverted Bob

Long Inverted Bob Haircut

Long inverted bob look is ideal for those who are still looking for longer hair but love the look of the look of a bob. It is still stacked at the back. On the other side, you can get the appearance like long locks. It gives a sophisticated style.

2. Shoulder Length Inverted Bob

Shoulder Length Inverted Bob

This style of bob does not necessarily require with hair that is long. Like the model in this illustration it can be worn with shoulder length hair. Bobs don’t have to be straight neither. The model shows that with a bit of playfulness, this haircut gives an attractive look. It’s perfect for when you’re at the boardroom, or out in the city. It’s incredibly easy to transition.

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3. Angled Bob

 Angled Bob hairstyle

This kind of bob has an appearance that is different depending on the angle you view it from. The images below show the concept very well. When looking from the sides, you’re clear of the hairstyle. If you look from the back, it’s more of a shoulder length look. Whatever way you’re viewing it the style is very easy and low-maintenance hairstyle.

4. Short Gradual Bob

Short Gradual Bob

We’ve discussed how Bobs look great regardless of length. The next model we will show is an excellent illustration of this. The model is wearing a short bob that’s very gentle. It is very harmonious with the natural lines of her face.

5. A-line hairstyle with an ombre

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 22

The cute a-line bob would look amazing in an ombre. If you have hair that is dark request your hair stylist to dye only the top layer while keeping the remainder natural. This kind of ombre can really create a stunning impression. Make sure you keep it tidy or the border color will disappear.

6. Cheryl Cole Inverted Bob

Cheryl Cole Inverted Bob

It is as numerous combinations of every kind of inverted bob mentioned in this article as are people. Cheryl Cole is a great illustration of this. We talked about the long inverted hairstyle earlier. Cheryl has added her own personal style by lengthening the front to create the appearance of long hair. Cheryl also has a bob even more. In the back, you’d believe she is wearing shorter hair. This is an excellent look to keep people in the dark about.

7. A Line

A Line inverted bob hairstyle

A line might at first appear to be an inverted Bob at first glance. There are numerous similarities between a line, graduated, and inverted bobs. A hair stylist of 40 years ago told me that they’re basically identical, but with distinct looks. She also explained that inverted is a different name for graduated. Whatever you decide to refer to it as, our example shows that it gives an extremely attractive appearance.

8. Short Inverted Bob

 Short Inverted Bob

This kind of bob does not have to be worn with long hair. This is the reason it is an extremely versatile. The model bellows showcases the short inverted bob. It’s still a great way to layer on the side of your neck. The front cut is short to make the hairstyle less maintenance-free. It’s also perfect for women with facial features that are narrow and round. It has the similar “framing” effect similar to the round bob we talked about earlier.

9. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

This style of bob is a new fashion for the year 2015. It is due to a variety of very famous stars appearing on red carpets with different variations of the style. It can be cut in long or short lengths while still delivering an attractive appearance. One of the advantages of this look is that it is suitable on women of all types.

10. Jourdan Dunn Bob

Jourdan Dunn inverted bob hairstyle

Jourdan Dunn’s hairstyle provides another illustration of the versatility of an inverted hairstyle. The hairstyle is quite long in the back, yet maintains it as long in front. This is perfect for fashion models as it creates stunning photos. Any person who views her photos will instantly be drawn by her attractive face and round eyes. You don’t need to be a fashion-model to wear this look. It’s perfect for any who has a face that is almost like the shape of a triangle.

11. Straight Inverted Bob

Straight Inverted Bob

We’ve seen a number of instances of how to fashion an inverted bob in a way to frame your face. Also, it can wear straight. It provides the convenience of styling that is offered by hair that is haircut. It’s also ideal for women who have flat hair, and have difficulty to achieve a fuller appearance.

12. Medium Length

28 Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles That Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Medium length bob cuts offers a nice balance between the more streamlined look was seen in the #9 as well as the longer style we have just seen in #11. It also has the advantages of a cut that frames your face properly and is simple to take care of. It is also possible to make it look different to give you an extremely “old style” to a more sophisticated appearance.

13. Long “Non-Bob”

Long “Non-Bob”

We’ve stated numerous instances that the bowie is among the most flexible cuts there. This image demonstrates just the opposite. The model is sporting a longer hairstyle that we prefer to refer to as”a “non-bob”. We call it because you must be very attentive to observe that it’s not a Bob. It does, however, provide the same advantages as straight and long hairstyles. If you examine her left shoulder, you will notice that her hair is bobbed backwards.

14. Bob with Bangs. Bob with Bangs

Long Bob with Bangs

Bob wearing bangs another great example of the versatility of the inverted bob. The model we have is slightly rounded and rounded face. The sides of the bob frame work perfectly. But, she also wishes to draw attention away to her forehead. By letting her hair grow, and then cutting them in line with her eyebrows, she’s capable of still properly framing her face.

15. Great Medium Bob

Great Medium Bob

A bob is an excellent method of allowing you to have a variety of options when making your hair look more stylish. We’ve seen bobs that are long of various lengths. others were teasing to create a long hair style, while others were straight. This model offers the best illustration of a medium hairstyle we’ve seen. This bob frame her face nicely and gives the advantages of having no hair on your neck. It shouldn’t take time to get dressed for the day or even after work.

16. Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob

The hair with waves can present some issues. If you do not plan on spending an extensive amount of time straightening or curling, then it may be difficult to find a style that is compatible with the natural curls. However, we’re always on the go these times. Therefore, any solution that’s less maintenance-intensive is a great choice. This is precisely what you will get with the wavy-bob. Our model has been straightening but you will observe the natural waves that she has in the middle and at the end are a traditional look. The stylist explains that this style can be described as “straight out of the bed”.

17. Wavy Highlighted Bob

Wavy Highlighted inverted bob haircut and hairstyle

There are a variety of ways to enhance the depth of any hairstyle. This is especially true for the hairstyle bob. This model created a style of hair with incredible depth, thanks to highlights on her hair. The look of incredible body and depth is made possible by her curly hair. The light strikes the highlights in a way that the natural shape of her hair is enhanced. This is an excellent illustration that shows how the hairstyle hairstyle can be used to highlight the inherent characteristics of every hair.

18. Long Swing Bob

Long Swing Bob

This is a hairstyle which is extremely popular at the moment. If you’re looking for the hairstyle that will give maximum performance, then think about the long-swing hairstyle.

19. Another Short Bob

Another Short Bob

Why do we have two bobs that are short? We chose this option in order to show the fact that a bob can be more associated with the form of your face than it is the body type you have. This model shows that an elongated bob can be used regardless of what your body type is.

20. Dark Hair Bob

Image result for dark hair bob

This bob is an example of how it can work for all hair types. Our model has dark, wavy with shiny and dark hair. This is a great combination you’ll need to find the perfect hairstyle. As you see that the bob is the perfect choice for her. It gives a stunning flexible, versatile, and easy to maintain style.

21. A blond messy

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 21

The messy, medium-sized hairstyle is ideal for women with long hair that is wavy and not prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to maintain the hair neat. The bob was initially designed to look good even when messy, and you don’t have to fret about your daily hairstyle.

22. Rounded Long Bob

Image result for Rounded Long Bob

This style of bob is ideal for women who have an oval face. The hair curvatures towards the ends. The length is paired with the curvature to define the facial features. Like you see in the below model it’s not until you’re looking at the model that you take notice of the haircut. The attention is immediately attracted to the face of the model. This is precisely what you’re looking for in perfect hairstyle.

23. Creative color play

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 23

If you’re looking to stand out or simply tired of boring haircuts, try a unique color plays. You can paint just the tips of your frontal hairline of your bob inverted to make your hairstyle more interesting and distinctive. Try different colors!

24. Make sure you’re red!

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 24

Hair colors that are wild might be unattainable for certain women. However, you must test everything at least once therefore why not start at the beginning with your hair? Women with fair skin tone will be stunning with a vibrant red bob, with side-swept bangs.

25. Blunt bangs

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 25

If you’re ready to style your hair every day The blunt bangs can be an excellent option. They look amazing when paired with an inverted bob as they can do wonders in drawing out your eyes. Blunt bangs do a great job hiding forehead wrinkles.

26. Hair extensions

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 26

Are you tired of your hair’s cut and looking for ways to increase your length? Try hair extensions. A weave will transform your hair into a long hairstyle. You can rock those long locks you’ve always dreamed of. Hair extensions need regular touch ups.

27. Long bob

Captivating Inverted Bob Hairstyles 27

Inverted bob hairstyles don’t need to be long to look great. If you’re not looking to cut the entirety of your hair You can opt for an extended hairstyle. The front hairs can be swept down your chest to the level you prefer. Simply cut the back down and stack it up.

28. Straight and long angled

Image result for Long, straight and angled

If you’re looking for an striking hairstyle, opt for the long, straight, and angular cut. While appearing truly unique and gorgeous, this style needs a lot of effort. For the angles to appear clean it is necessary to do frequent brushing.

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