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28 Low-Maintenance Short Haircuts for a Trendy, Yet Time-Saving Look

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Simple, low-maintenance short haircuts are easy to style and don’t require regular maintenance. The lengths range from a shaved hairstyle to a wide variety of pixies, bobs and lobs. Hair length choices are endless and flatter women’s looks to the greatest extent possible. Christine Sandella, a hairstylist in Toms River, NJ, has a few benefits of having shorter hair. “It’s quick dry and easy to style, which makes it an easy cut that requires little maintenance,” she claims. “With short-length haircuts fine hair looks elegant, fuller and fuller in a flash.” Sandella identifies hair products as your most reliable companion for styling short hairstyles. “You’ll have to apply hair products to style and add texture with bounce and even volume hair.” A small selection of styling options is a disadvantage that Sandella observes when working with short hairstyles. “You’ll have to maintain it regularly since you can’t just put it in the ponytail,” she notes. “If you enjoy changing your hairstyle every now and then it’s possible that a short, low-maintenance cut may not be the best choice with you.” A individual, thorough meeting with your stylist strongly recommended. “Be certain that the cut will enhance your hair’s facial shape, texture and doesn’t pose a obstruction to your life,” says Sandella. The trimming process is crucial to keep your cut’s shape. Be sure to consult your stylist regarding the style and maintenance commitment each haircut requires. Take a look at these beautiful pictures of low-maintenance, short haircuts. Make sure to share your top three favorites with your stylist, and remain open to their suggestions.

Simple Undercut for Women with Thicker Hair

#1: A Simple Haircut for women with thicker hair

An easy undercut for women with thicker hair can be an easy and low-maintenance style for shorter hair. Ask your stylist to demonstrate how to style your hair for the perfect volume and softness on the top.

Modern Low-Maintenance Brunette Chin-Length Bob

#2: Modern Brunette Chin-Length Bob

If you’re seeking an easy to maintain haircut that flatters any face shape, look into a modern brunette long chin bob. A slight undercut in the nape will create a seamless angle forward. Request your stylist to provide internal texturing and gently cut ends to create a smooth sleek appearance.

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Younger-Looking Bob for Women Over 60

#3: Younger-Looking Bob for Women Over 60

A bob that is younger-looking for women who are older than 60 is bound to turn heads. Bob haircuts are always trendy, and because it’s a low-maintenance style can fit into your busy life.

Short Bob Cut with Shaved Sides

4. Short Bob Cut with Shaved Sides

A bob that is short and has sides that have been shaved can result in an easier process of getting ready. Hairstyles that are short and low maintenance can help you just wash and get ready to go.

Long Blonde Pixie Bob with an Undercut

#5: A Long Blonde Peachy Bob with an undercut

The time is now to give a blonde pixie bob that has undercuts a shot. Cutting a small section of hair could create a totally new style and less hair is less work.

Short Lob for Women with Glasses

#6: A Short Lob for women with glasses

A shorter lob for women wearing glasses is an excellent haircut to highlight frames. Eyewear can be the focal point , and looks best with short and fine hair.

Low-Maintenance Brown to Blonde Ombre

#7: Low-Maintenance Brown to Blonde Ombre

You can try a low-maintenance brown blonde ombre to show off the short, textured cut. Cuts that require little maintenance that are short can be cut with minimal effort, but highlight soft, smooth hair ombre.

Tousled Beach Waves for Women with Wavy Hair

8. Tousled Strand Waves For women with curly hair

Try beach waves that are twirled for women who have wavy hair to highlight a hairstyle that is layered. A simple and effortless body, a simple cut that is low maintenance is perfect for naturally curly hair or hairstyles that are heat-styled.

Edgy Pixie Bob with Shaved Undercut

9: Edgy Bob with Shaved Undercut. Bob and Shaved Undercut

Make a bold hairstyle with a shaved cut for a smooth and comfortable hairstyle. Ideal for medium or fine hair, low-maintenance styles for shorter hair are ideal for quick blow-drying and do-it-yourself routine.

Very Short Pixie with Long Bangs

#10 A Very Short Pixie with Long Bangs

A pixie that is very short with long hair is great for women who wish to maintain length on the forehead and make the neck shorter. A close cut between the ears and the back of the head while keeping the length up top can give you an easy-care style for your shorter hair.

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