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30 Most Flattering Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

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Short haircuts that flatter round face types are adaptable that are face-slimming and fashionable! With a variety of short hairstyles to pick from, you’re bound of finding one that doesn’t make your face appear larger. If properly cut an elongated jawline can be concealed, which can lengthen your face. Pixies and bobs are the most well-known and most effective short hairstyles for women who have round faces. They can make you appear slimmer. Take a look at our selection of pictures below to get ideas on a new haircut for your face that is round. First, how do you identify if you have an asymmetrical face The horizontal and vertical width of the face are approximately the same. from your forehead down to the chin, and between your cheeks. Your cheeks are filled. You’ve got a more pronounced chin. Avoid the following short hairstyles short bobs with a blunt cut or short long hair that has straight bangs, Sleek short haircuts. Tips to choose a short hairstyle: Avoid having bangs for those with a small forehead. Stacked bobs give your jawline a sharper look. Request some texture in your short hair as it can soften the roundness. To move the focal point towards your eyes, choose a style by a deeper side section. Longer layers make your face appear longer. Every one of these popular short hairstyles for women with round faces includes at least one aspect that can make your face appear smaller. Take celeb Chrissy Teigen for example. Her face is round and looks gorgeous in the short look. It’s a great idea to have fun mixing and combing these styles to create the perfect short hairstyle that suits you! Prior to your next appointment, make sure to check our pictures of hairstyles and styles for short hair for round faces.

Short Cut with Curtain Bangs for Round Face Shapes

1: Cut Short, with Curtain Bangs

A short cut with a the curtain fringe adds a feminine form to the face, while allowing for soft movement. Get your stylist to suggest short hair with bangs that enhance your features. to your style!

Short Hair with Choppy Bangs for Round Faces

#2: Short hair with choppy Bangs

A shorter hairstyle with loose bangs can be an attractive option for round faces due to the distinctive layering draws eye to the most interesting points in the facial features. As with contouring, it’s a way to visually transform the face and also reduce the weight of the shape.

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Cropped Pixie on a women with a rounded face

#3: Cropped Pixie

Cut your pixie in a shorter length when you’re lucky enough to have a round-shaped face. It’s among the gorgeous short haircuts for round faces that can be useful. It’s a sleek cut and a touch of some texture in the top part. The texture is a nice balance and complements to an oval face.

The Shaggy Bob Haircut on a girl with a rounded face shape

4. Short Bob with Volume. Bob with Volume

If you are pulling off the shaggy short bob, it is always best with the texture of wavy hair. It’s more natural and enjoyable. The shaggy bob cut short hair is a twirled texture that enhances a round face. The curly hairstyles bring out the appearance of the face.

A Short Bob with Long Bangs

#5 The Short Bob and Long Bangs

A short hairstyle with long bangs and a round-face shape is like a match made heaven. This bob cut can make round faces and double chins look more oval thanks to the straight, long bangs. A jaw-length haircut as well as fringes can frame your face, evening the structure. This attractive short haircut can make faces with double chins appear more oval due to the long, straight bangs as well as highlighting the eyes and complimenting fair skin.

Chic Chin-Length Bob for a Round Faced Girl

#6: Chic Chin-Length Bob

A chin-length cut that is textured has an amazing dimension thanks to the rough edges and choppy layers of layers that are stacked in the back. The stylish balayage with gentle waves makes it much easier to keep and expand.

Cute Short Curly Hair and a Round Face

#7: Cute Short Cut for Curly Hair

Short haircuts for round faces can benefit by incorporating messy waves with warm brown tones. The effortless and soft hairstyles and cuts that go over the chin create a balance to the entire look leaving an elongated but large curly hair.

Lovely Short Stacked Bob for Round Face Shapes

#8: Lovely Short Stacked Bob

One of the most well-known short hairstyles that are popular for people with round face is a hairstyle that’s stacked and long enough to the front to give your appearance a edge but short in the back to reduce bulk. You can also add some spice to your straight hair by adding gentle red ends to complement the round face with short hairstyle you’re searching for.

Beautifully Braided Bob for Natural Hair and Round Faces

#9: Beautifully Braided Bob for Natural Hair

Chin-length, short hair that is ideal for round faces is a fantastic way to make your face appear more narrow. This pretty short braided style can be achieved by any person as long as you have of your own hair as well as a amount of imagination.

Short Shaggy Cut for round faces

#10: Short Shaggy Cut

This shaggy short cut featuring short hairstyles are the perfect illustration of how short hairstyles can round faces. It is considered to be a slimming cut, it frames your face nicely. The styling with a lot of hair texture and the addition of baby bangs help diminish the appearance of a bigger face. Are you not a fan of baby bangs? Ask your stylist for longer choppy bangs instead!

Short Pixie Bob with Long Layers

11: Short Pixie Bob with Long Layers

You can opt for a shorter layer of pixie hair because it’s stylish, cute and fashionable! A pixie cut with short with long layers is made to be worn by women growing with a hair cut that is pixie. A short cut with texture at the ends and loose layers is perfect for round faces. The sharpness of the cut is a great complement to the fullness of face shape.

Haircut with Short Choppy Layers for women with round faces

#12: Short Choppy Layers

The short, choppy layers of hair draw attention away from the roundness of a face. This is why it’s a great choice for women who have the round shape of their face. This cut is perfect for hair that is fine as it gives an edgier motion. The layers on the crown give the illusion of having more hair while improving its body and shape.

Flattering short haircut for women over 50 with round faces

#13: Flattering Short Haircut for Women Over 50

Here’s a gorgeous short haircut for women who are over 50 years old. This pixie style is short, and gives an impressive volume in the crown region which is ideal for women with round faces. Cuts shorter for women who are who are in their fifties are simple to dress. Women who aren’t always able to find time to dress themselves will enjoy this style.

The Classic Bob with Bangs for Round Faced Women

#14 The Bob with Bangs. The Classic Bob with Bangs

A short bob with bangs can be an alternative in the event of short hairstyles that suit round faces. This style was developed by senior stylist Sol Wade of Temecula, CA. “This shorter length style is timeless and timeless. Black color is often an oath. It is important to take it on the assumption that it will be lasting for a long period of period of time! The cut is a single-length hairstyle,” explains Wade. Based on the appearance of your face and the texture of your hair and your personal style you will be able to determine the type of bob. “In the image above she has a face that is round. I didn’t want it to be a distraction from this by ensuring that she was not chin-length,” she adds. The product will be your most trusted companion. To keep this cut to get a round face perfect, you need to make sure you keep it adjusted every 5 to 6 weeks.

Trendy Angled Bob on Short Hair for Round Faces

#15: Trendy Short Angled Bob

It is a straight shorter, slightly angled bob, styled with a beach wave . it is a great choice for females with round faces. It was designed with stylists and owner Caroline DeLauder of Towson, MD. It’s a breeze to style and looks great on round-faced women. A short, angled bob is ideal for women with a round-face who prefer a hairstyle that is low maintenance. It can be easily worn straight or curly without too much effort. If your hair is naturally curly, apply a curl cream to increase the wave and reduce frizz to your round-face. “If you’re straight hair it is possible to blow dry it using the use of a round brush for volume or use a paddle brush to smooth it out,” states DeLauder.

Stylish Asymmetrical Bob for a Chubby Face

#16: Stylish Asymmetrical Bob for a Chubby Face

Hairstylist Chrisy Panagopoulos of Toronto, ON has created this short bob haircut that’s stylish, chic and dramatic. “It highlights your cheekbones’ roundness, chin , and the neck, which are all extremely sexy for women or a younger girl. It’s a classic style with an edge of fun and can be styled to let your natural texture make its own style,” describes Panagopoulos. Cuts for round faces require care, which means you’ll need regular cuts to keep the shape. But that doesn’t mean that it will not grow well.

Long Pixie with Side Swept Bangs For Round Face Shape

17: Blonde Long Pixie, with side-swept bangs.

A long pixie that has side-swept bangs is just one of the cuts that is suitable for women with more round faces. The short, edgy cut and side sweep are sure to flatter the curve on the cheeks. If you’re looking to add fringe, opt for side-swept bangs. They offer a attractive angles to your face.

Short Wavy Bob for women with a round face

#18: Short Wavy Bob

Softness and lustre of hairstyle with a wavy part will surely match the curvature of a face. The short haircut flatters women who have a round face since it adds height to draw the eye upwards. The angle and the stack at the back create the appearance of a more defined jawline due to the angle of the angle. You can wear a short cut If you’re in search of an alternative style that will work along with your round facial.

Choppy Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

19: Choppy Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

A pixie-style haircut that is choppy and has long bangs is a great way to flatter the round face. The length was layered on top to give it more flexibility and softness. The short cut is ideal for women with a more round face, who prefer to make little effort in hairstyles. It is simple to style, however, it requires regular trimmings to keep its volume and shape.

Short textured bob for round shaped faces

#20: Modern Textured Bob

When you’re considering hairstyles that are short to flatter your round face, don’t be scared to cut your hair even shorter this time. Wear this contemporary textured bob for round faces and you’ll be able to enjoy the smooth, natural edge that’s attractive. Combine it with a striking bronze shade to increase the texture. Because of the numerous layers that are in this hairstyle, it’s the perfect short hair for faces with round faces.

Neck-length choppy bob for fine hair and round face

#21: Choppy Bob for Fine Hair

A neck-length, choppy bob that is suitable for fine hair is among the flattering short haircuts that suit round faces. It’s soft, textured hairstyles! It looks even more gorgeous when paired by adding subtle babylights to give it a sparkle. The short haircut with a round face gives more framing than hair that is straight and wavy.

Side-Parted Long Bob on a woman with a round face

#22: Side-Parted Long Bob (Lob)

This side-parted long bob an edgy bob made with lots of undone the texture and airiness. “Style it using the use of a 1.25 millimeter curling iron, and apply hairspray that has texture,” says balayage stylist Hannah Kramer of Easton, PA. “The appropriate amount of movement can soften or complement round-face designs. If you’re looking for a less natural look for this bob, opt for the lighter shade of copper or choose a dark brunette,” she adds. This length is perfect for those who live a get-up-and-go life, but it will work nicely when you’re making it look more stylish. It looks great when it is wavy or straight.

Textured Inverted Bob for Chubby Faces

#23: Textured Inverted Bob

A textured bob with an inverted style with short hair can flatter the appearance of an overweight face. This is a great option of the most flattering short hairstyles for round faces. The movement in short hairstyles for women such as this can add excitement to dark locks. This short hair style for full face designs is a short, inverted hairstyle that is stacked with layers. It was developed by hairdresser Madison Taylor of Powell, TN. The back stacking creates beautiful sculpting. It’s great for ladies with hair that is thick and in need of texture. “Women looking to get cut-offs with texture should be able to blow dry their hair to style it,” says Taylor. “Doing this will enhance the form of the bob haircut! Be sure that you’re comfortable with your chin as well as neck as they’ll be more prominent. If you’d like to put it in front, it can offset women with more round faces.” she says.

Layered bob haircut for a chubby face and short thick hair

#24: Layered Bob for Thick Hair

You can try a layered bob to get long, thick hair that is flattering for ladies with chubby faces. Think about adding more texture to make it a boho boho bob that is shaggy. For styling, you can use an oil that creates memories in your hair. So, when you brush them, they retain their shape and definition.

Messy, Beach Waves for Wavy Hair and Rounder Face Shapes

#25: Messy, Beach Waves

It’s a slightly hairstyle that is stacked with beach waves and a hint of an angle at the front. It is not layered, with the exception of the messy inner layer. It was designed by hair stylist Julie Holbrook of Ogden, UT. “This shorter hairstyle designed for women with round face shapes is perfect for women with the thickest or the thinnest hair and an extremely fine hair texture” claims Holbrook. “It is great either curly or straight. There aren’t layers to the top which makes it easy to pull back and down, however it also has internal layers to give you some texture and movement.” If you have short hair with a round-face, you can simply alter the angle at which the front pieces meet. This style for short hair with round faces is ideal for ladies who only wash every few days as well as for those who wash their hair every day!

Short Neck-Length Bob for Straight Hair and Round Faces

#26 The A Short Neck with a Longer Length Bob With Side Part

This is a gorgeous short hairstyle for those with chubby faces! The simple neck-length bob that is suitable with straight locks will leave you wanting several styles to explore. You can wear it by braids, waves or try the possibility of melting your blonde as well! Make a switch and blow dry your hair for instant volume styling.

Flattering Cropped Hair for Women Over 60 with round face shape

#27: Flattering Cropped Hair for Women Over 60

Pixies are a gorgeous cut for women older than 60 who have a round face. This hairstyle that is cropped for more than 60 women is easy to maintain and has a sexy look. It’s among the most sought-after short hairstyles with a textured and short length for round faces with thin hair. If you’re looking for a short haircut for women who are over 60 , that’s easy to style and maintain take a look at this. It’s perfect!

The Short A-Line Bob that Frames a Round Face

#28: The Short A-Line Bob

The A-line bob’s short length is an angular cut that is dramatic and has low graduation. This is a cut for a round face created by stylist from Texas Emily Hamilton. Keep the cut lower than the chin lengthens the neck and face. Hamilton states that it’s an “great length that you can be flexible with.” Another important aspect to take into consideration with this style is the maintenance. Hamilton informs us that “you’ll probably need to see your hairdresser at least each 6-8 weeks.”

Modern Graduated Bob with Glasses and a Round Face

#29 Modern Graduated Bob in Glasses

Ideal for round faces This short cut that is short in the back, and longer at the front, has the effect of slimming naturally and adds dimension to the short, graduated hairstyle. Straightening it and straight provides that gorgeous shine is easy to create at your home.

textured pixie with side-swept bangs for round face

#30: Textured pixie with Side Bangs

The Davines ambassador and master stylist Sarah Krook created this textured Pixie that has side-burns. With the appropriate amount of texture the hair will shine. Krook believes the best hair products include “Bedroom hair” created by Kevin Murphy and “This is a dry, strong wax” by Davines. “This is a fantastic look for women with small faces and by adding texture, it can help create an illusion of volume and increase the height of your face,” Krook says. The shorter cuts such as this usually require a re-cut every 5 to six weeks. The color is extremely versatile, as the mix of colors work well from spring through winter!

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