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28 Medium Length Layered Hairstyles To Try

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Hairstyles with medium lengths will never fade out of style and that’s just one reason why we enjoy these hairstyles. Hairstyles that are layered in length of medium length are easy to keep elegant and stylish, and fit a selection of facial styles. Consult your stylist about one of these hairstyles the next time you go to.

#1: Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights and Lowlights layered hairstyle

Make your layered look have the illusion of more texture by adding highlights that complement each other and lowlights. This new style of coloration is stunning when paired with a messy cut.

#2: The Wavy Weave Medium Hairstyle

The Wavy Weave black layered haircut

If you have your hair naturally relaxed or weave it in the same way, it’s not a matter of. The bangs are long and thick, making this an ideal style for those with thick hair.

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#3: Fiery Temptress Medium Layered Hairstyle

Fiery Temptress Red Medium Length Hairstyle

These hairstyles that are inspired by the 60’s are way too hot to bear. Mix copper tones in a variety of ways for an striking look. the ideal medium length layered hairstyle

#4: Choppy Layers

Choppy Layers blonde hairstyles

This messy layered look like the 90’s however, it is making a huge return. The seemingly random layers allow you to create an opulent top layer and thins towards the lower part. The layers are pushed out slightly to showcase the design.

#5: Straight and Sleek Haircut for Young Girls


Hairstyles with layered lengths of medium length look fantastic when they’re straight and stylish. You can opt for a slide-parting that has the long fringe to give an additional dimension to your look and ensure that the attention is attracted by your face’s features.

#6: Loose Waves With Medium Hair Length


This style of hair can be worn to work or going out at night. A side parting with loose waves can provide the look with a contemporary touch.

#7: Bed Head Shoulder Length Haircut


This seemingly effortless appearance suggests you came straight from your bed looking like this. Apply a small amount of hair conditioner through your hair every day to define your layers.

#8: Punk Rock Princess

 Punk Rock Princess red layered hairstyles

The punk rock look can be easily achieved with moderate layering. The short, chunky layers on top , with thinner layers underneath that are more long an amazing, fashionable variation on the Mullet.

#9: Layered Lob

Layered Lob blonde hairstyles

The long, layered look (“lob”) frame your face beautifully, and it’s a fantastic look for those with smaller “pixie” facial features.

#10 Face your face with a frame


Chin length layers in the front, paired with longer layers on the back will help create a frame for your face. This look is perfect for an “everyday simple” style, but still distinctive.

#11: Thin Hair


Create thicker hair from thin hair with a mix of highlights and lowlights and subtle layers. The fluttering at the end of your layers can increase the thickness.

#12: Dark Beauty


For a darker, medium-length hairstyle that is layered, add some exuberance with delicate touches of copper.

#13 High Volume Hairstyles for girls with mid length Hair


When your hair is already a bit bulky, lots of volume, try layering to create a manageable but stylish hairstyle. A side-parting and loose curls can be an appealing touch to your larger hair.

#14: Smoking Eyes

Smoking Eyes medium length red hairstyles

Layers of different lengths will make you stand out (or to) specific areas of your face. Highlight your cheekbones and eyes by creating a fringe that is swung under your eyes.

#15: Signature fringe


A long, sweeping fringe is a great option for a striking appearance. The addition of choppy layers aid in enhancing the romantic windswept style.

#16: The Rachel

Rachel was the Queen of the medium length layered look and Rachel cut was one of the more popular hair cut for six months during the 90’s. Take your style to the present day by selecting the cut you prefer with the classic Rachel style.

#17: Wet Look

Wet Look red hair hairstyles

Cool off in the summer months with this gorgeous wet style. The product is brushed through your hair in a way that every single length of your layer is highlighted.

#18: Vampire Slayer

To get a fashionable look that will make you look a king at the mall, pick an outfit that is more long in the front than in the rear. A sweeping fringe (both long and broad) will draw attention to your stunning eyes. Include a splash of color to make it a killer punch.

#19: Back in Black

Back in Black long layered hairstyles

Long hair of medium length appears stunning in a thick, luxurious black look. Make sure to frame your face by putting layers on the front, and make it longer in the back, so you are able to show off your shoulders while out and out and about.

#20: Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet blonde hairstyles

This short-medium-length layering style is perfect for those with thin hair. Fine and thin layers are able to make your hair appear “light” and easy without appearing unkempt and thin. A flowing side fringe can complete the appearance.

#21: Face Framing Bob


Make sure you frame your face in the best way by creating chin length layers at the front and slightly larger layers as you move back. To create a frame effect on your face make sure the layers are at shoulder length, and make them slightly swivel toward the side to follow the natural curvature the jaw. Gorgeous bangs enhance your eyes, too.

#22: Everyday Easy


If you want a simple look that can be easily changed in the event of an important event, pick an easily manageable style that looks stunning no matter what configuration it is in. Layers that frame the face as well as a diagonally sloping parting assist to make the easy to wear. For a touch of elegance to the look, add a few loose curls to a few of the layers on top.

#23: 70’s Glamour


Revive the 70’s with large hair and lots of layers. Apply a feathering technique that is light to remove the layers of your face. Make your hair curlier instead of flicking it in order to create a contemporary twist. The short layers that are close to the crown of your hair contribute to the distinctive, retro style.

#24: Spanish Fire


Make dark hair look more soft with caramel highlight that compliment your natural skin tone as well as dark eye. Side-swept bangs with a heavy twang can transform a plain layering style of medium length into one that is red carpet-ready!

#25: Sleek Bob


A hair that isn’t not in place! Just add a few layers to in front of the hairstyle and let the rest hang long. Straighten your hair so that it looks smooth and flawless. For those with a face with a long form, stay clear of styles similar to this.

#26: Thick Hair


This medium-length style is a great option when you have hair that is thick. Include a medium-length fringe that swoops outwards to highlight the cheekbones, and then brush through your layers to increase your natural volume. It can be sported up while at work, and then worn off in the evening to create effortless elegance.

#27: Casual Cool

Casual Cool medium length layered hairstyles

To create a casual, but stylish style, wrap your hair on top of your face and add an elongated side fringe. This is a true girl next door style.

#28: Beautiful Bob

Beautiful Bob medium length layered hairstyles

A shaggy bob that is short to medium length is a stylish and modern style for those looking for simple and beautiful glamour at once. Cut short layers on top and the chin length layers under and then run a bit of products through the hair in order to create loose curls out.

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