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48 Stunning Chocolate Brown Hair Ideas

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Chocolate brown hair is a brunette hair color that looks like colors of candy chocolate. Gorgeous, smooth, luxurious delicious chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolate? In terms of hairstyles, if you’re brunette, then you’ll have a variety of colors to pick from such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cocoa, hot chocolate, and even colored with raspberry. When we consider natural hair colors dark chocolate brown hair appear in our minds. Beautiful, radiant and stunning chocolate brown is one of the most popular choices for brunettes who are aspiring. It is distinctive due to its natural beauty while keeping a smooth and glossy look on all hair types. Find out how you can wear this gorgeous shade in a variety of ways, just like a real model below!

1. Medium Chocolate Brown Hair

Medium Chocolate Brown Hair

How better to kick with a dark chocolate color that’s suitable for all? This is a delicious color medium-chocolate brown because it’s neither too light neither is it too dark.

2. Chocolate Brown Balayage

Chocolate Brown Balayage

In many cases, you’ll find chocolate brown in melting hairstyles. We have many ideas for ombres to offer us, we’d like to stop and take a moment to admire this amazing balayage. We’re in awe of the delicate color melting!

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3. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Color

But, if you wish to show off your mysterious side, go for a dark brown. It’s romantic and makes up part of an earth tones palette. If you want a natural appearance it is possible to choose the dark chocolate shade.

4. Chocolate Brown Ombre Hair

Chocolate Brown Ombre Hair

As promised, here’s our first attempt at ombre using chocolate brown. Both colors are within the same space, except that the first one is darker. The second shade we’d like to emphasize the warm and intense brown.

5. Rich Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Rich Chocolate Brown Hair Color

If you’d like to see people wanting to rub their fingers across the hair of yours, any dark chocolate hue can do the trick. To achieve that velvet look it is important to be aware that a little red is a good addition to your hair color.

6. Light Chocolate Brown Hair

Light Chocolate Brown Hair

However lighter chocolate locks are equally appealing. It is the perfect option for those who are thinking of changing your hair color in summer. However, it works like an ideal glove for women with the skin that is tanned.

7. Naturally Curly Chocolate Hair

Naturally Curly Chocolate Hair

Afro-textured hairstyles are popular among women. surely choose chocolate brown to compliment the hair’s texture. In this image you will see how a more intense brown shade looks amazing on the stunning curls of corkscrews.

8. Honey Tips on Chocolate Brown Curly Hair

Honey Tips on Chocolate Brown Curly Hair

A great alternative for curly women who are outgoing, is to experiment with different colours. It is possible to keep your dark brown hair color, but add some color to your hair tips. This will highlight your curls in a beautiful way. We also suggest the hairstyle that is layered.

9. Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights

Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights

If chocolate brown isn’t shining enough for you, enhance the shine of your natural color by adding some highlights. If you want to keep it simple we suggest trying brown highlights that are slightly lighter than the color you’re using as your base.

10. Reddish Chocolate Color

Reddish Chocolate Color

Mandy Moore proves that a flash of red in your hair can make a noticeable change. If you’re hoping for a dark brown shade All you have to do is consult with your stylist about getting the reddish brown hue.

11. Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

But, it is also possible to highlight your hair in a distinct shade. A well-known highlights options to highlight brown hair is blonde. To maintain the natural appearance you can lower the blonde hue to a warm caramel shade.

12. Bangs with chocolate hair

Bangs with Chocolate Hair

Contrary to what some believe the haircut of a certain hairstyle can influence the hair’s color (and reverse). For example, hairstyles that have and without bangs look totally distinctive, regardless shade. You can be sure that brown and bangs make ideal partners.

13. Cafe au Lait Hair Color

Café au Lait Hair Color

You can go lighter in that chocolate-brown shade till you achieve this cafe au lait-like shade. The literal translation is “milk coffee”. It’s the lightest shade of chocolate brown that is striking stunningly.

14. Deep Chocolate Brown Hair

Deep Chocolate Brown Hair

It’s hard not to be attracted by the looks of celebrities while researching the latest hairstyles. Kendall Jenner, for instance was a huge hit with us with her striking dark color that is chocolate-brown hair. If you’ve got dark brown eyes then this color should absolutely be one of your choices.

15. Warm Chocolate Brown Hair

Warm Chocolate Brown Hair

Get a little sunshine wherever you go by wearing this warmer version of choco brown. This is not only an attractive color to wear however, it can also highlight the bright shades in your eye. You can effortlessly wear it regardless of your face’s appearance.

16. Reverse Chocolate Brown Ombre

Reverse Chocolate Brown Ombre

To keep our ombre concepts to take a different route by using reverse ombre. That is you can pick dark colors for the secondary portion that you ombre. In this instance we chose chocolate brown as the base color and extremely dark tips.

17. Chocolate Brown Hair with Lowlights

Chocolate Brown Hair with Lowlights

Lowlights are an excellent alternative if you’re looking to add just a touch more shine and shine beautiful locks. This is a great option for women who don’t wish to be over-the-top by adding highlights but instead appreciate a subtle glow on their natural hair shade.

18. Mocha Chocolate Hair

Mocha Chocolate Hair

We all know and love Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries However, we should take a moment to discuss her stunning style. The blonde beauty chose dark chocolate for her hair. It was right for her dazzling eyes.

19. Chocolate Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Chocolate Brown Hair with Red Highlights

If highlight highlights in brown hair You should be aware that blonde isn’t the only alternative. You can make yourself stand out by choosing red over the standard selection. You can simply sprinkle red streaks through your hair and be proud of them!

20. A Chocolate-colored hair with a Tan skin

Tan Skin with Chocolate Hair

There are many instances of chocolate brown hair with pale skindue to the attractive contrast. However, this does not mean that this gorgeous hair color isn’t awe-inspiringly beautifully with dark or tan skin tones. This is a great example to prove our argument.

21. Chocolate and Platinum Mix

Chocolate and Platinum Mix

Highlights will be the focus for this article because of the stunning mix. With this haircut you’ll be able to enjoy the equal amount of highlights and chocolate in a stunning piece of hair coloring.

22. Milk Chocolate Brown Hair

Milk Chocolate Brown Hair

Another vibrant color that gets our hearts racing is this stunning milk chocolate color. Although it’s a little lighter than typical chocolate brown, it creates an unforgettable impression with its natural shine.

23. Chocolate Brown Hair with Green Eyes

Chocolate Brown Hair with Green Eyes

We love to suggest hairstyles and colors that reflect shades of the eyes or skin tones. For chocolate brown eyes, the green eyes are an ideal match. The contrast is not only stunning and striking, but the two distinct shades are a perfect match.

24. Choppy Chocolate Hair

Choppy Chocolate Hair

What haircuts can you wear to show off those chocolate curls? Although brown is a earthy tone but you can change it up by sporting a trendy haircut. You can consider any cut with a bit of attitude.

25. Pixie Cuts with Chocolate Brown Color

Pixie Cut with Chocolate Brown Color

Anne Hathaway is another celebrity we admire for the way she looks with her chocolate brown locks. Whatever she does, wearing long, thick waves or a chic Pixie haircut, she definitely is a master of chocolate brown hair.

26. Chocolate Brown Hair on Dark Skin

Chocolate Brown Hair on Dark Skin

Dark skinned ladies are stunning with chocolate-colored strands. One of the reasons is because it shows the deep shade that their complexions. It is possible to follow Kelly Rowland’s footsteps and shine like an a-list fashion-forward diva.

27. A Short, Chocolate-colored Brown hairstyle, with Highlights of Blonde

Short Chocolate Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Another adorable combination to consider is a slender haircut with highlights and chocolate hair. The nape-length hairstyle looks stunning with a vivid brown color, and the subtle highlights in dark blonde bring the hairstyle to life.

28. Pale Skin and Chocolate Hair

Pale Skin and Chocolate Hair

We’ve already talked about Emma Stone when talking about auburn hair colors however, she’s also added chocolate brown hair to our list as well. In this photo you can see how her pale skin tone contrasts her dark hair tone.

29. Turquoise Lowlights on Chocolate Locks

Turquoise Lowlights on Chocolate Locks

We’ve spoken about the natural ways to style chocolate hair However, how do you think outside the box? If you’re comfortable with some color, try mixing the natural color with one that is striking like turquoise.

30. Iced Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Iced Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Kristen Danyal proves that an Iced chocolate brown is something to keep in your list when you decide on your shade. The effect of ice is so subtle, but it can have a significant impact to the style of your hair. It is evident that the difference lies in the small details.

31. Chocolate Pink Ombre

Chocolate Pink Ombre

If you’re not a fan of turquoise, but would like the chocolate brown to pop, consider adding some pink. If you choose pastel pink or a bright magenta it is possible to use this color for an ombre that is unique.

32. Hair with Highlights and Deep Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights

Deep Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights

Combining chocolate brown shades could result in hairstyles you’ve always wanted. In this image for instance you will see the subtle blend of dark brown and lighter highlights in brown. It’s enough for making the appearance unforgettable.

33. Brown Amethyst

Brown Amethyst

Wow It’s amazing! Brown amethyst certainly is an amazing hair color that aren’t likely to see on every other color. Even though this stunningly discreet shade is difficult to achieve We recommend working together with professional hair stylists to achieve an amazing result.

34. Chocolate Brown Hair with Blonde and red Highlights

Chocolate Brown Hair with Blonde and Red Highlights

We’ve talked about red or blonde streaks to spice up the chocolate, however what happens when you mix these two? The result brings your entire design to life! Additionally, you’ll be able to see some violet hues, due to the color choices.

35. Rose Gold with Chocolate Tint

Rose Gold with Chocolate Tint

Similar to brown amethyst the chocolate rose gold shade is extremely innovative. It’s not just beautiful and feel fantastic and luxurious, but it’s also a part of the most popular hairstyles this year. You can alter the lightness or darkness of this shade depending on your preferences.

36. Pastel Brown Ombre

Pastel Brown Ombre

In terms of the big trends for the year, let’s speak about pastels. Whatever they are, whether lavender, blue, pink or even green fairytale-like hues are everywhere. We should not overlook that blue hairstyles that ombre are very fashionable this season.

37. Chocolate Cherry Brown Hair Color

Chocolate Cherry Brown Hair Color

A touch of red can go an incredible way to make any hairstyle that is part of an normal color pallet. In this case you can add a touch or red in a brown base for stunning results. This is a fantastic way to rock the burgundy hue in a subtle , impressive manner.

38. Blonde and Chocolate Brown Hair

Blonde and Chocolate Brown Hair

If you’re more of a blonde hair kind There are many chocolate choices to choose from. It is possible to mix the two variations to get a warm, warmer base color or choose highlights or Balyage. No matter which style you decide to use it will be stunning at the end.

39. Charcoal Chocolate

Charcoal Chocolate

Although this one is pretty close to the taste of iced chocolate it stands out as an intriguing color of chocolate with a charcoal hue. For the sake of simplicity the dark brown color has a general charcoal grey hue. We like the look!

40. Chocolate Brown Hair with Red Undertones

Chocolate Brown Hair with Red Undertones

Are you not a fan of red highlights? You can go with the subtle method of adding the red hues of your locks of chocolate brown. Although the red accents aren’t overly noticeable however, they can be noticed from a distance.

41. Sunny Chocolate Hair

Sunny Chocolate Hair

Another hairstyle you can experiment with is this gorgeous Balayage. We’re amazed by how the result resembles beach hair, a style which is featured in all of the most popular list this year. You are free to play around with it to create your next style.

42. Chocolate Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Chocolate Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

If you’re unable to find enough chocolate brown, try mixing it in all directions. If your natural hair color is dark brown, you could rock some highlights in milk chocolate. You can also go opposite if you have naturally lighter brown hair.

43. Green and Brown Combo

Green and Brown Combo

Similar to turquoise an ombre of green featuring chocolate brown hair certain to stand out in a fashion-forward way. It may not be suitable for an office setting however it’s great for boho-loving, free-spirited women.

44. Chocolate Ash Brown Hair

Chocolate Ash Brown Hair

Both ash brown and blonde are big trends this year as well. If you choose to go with Ash Brown it is possible to enhance your look to the next step with a warmer brown to a degree. It’s a stunning design that is suitable for all seasons.

45. Light Brown Undertones

Light Brown Undertones

If you’re sporting blue, green and generally lighter-colored eyes you might want to think about the solid chocolate brown as your hair’s color. The best thing you could do is can be done is to enhance the shade with discreet undertones that are similar to the base.

46. Brown and Ash Blend

Brown and Ash Blend

Are you not a fan of an all-over ash brown hue? You can have a beautiful gradient using a chocolate brown Balayage. Begin with the darkest shade at the top , and work until you get an ash that is light at the ends. The chocolato brown will look amazing when it reaches the transition.

47. The hair is black and Chocolate Brown Highlights

Black Hair with Chocolate Brown Highlights

Do you have a naturally brunette who is looking for a chic new look? You can opt for a subtle approach by adding subtle chocolate brown highlights. You can also opt for a natural balayage to achieve the same effect in your final appearance.

48. Chocolate Brown Hair with Auburn Lowlights

Chocolate Brown Hair with Auburn Lowlights

If autumn is a part of your heart everywhere you go, you’ll be able to look it up in your hair effortlessly. Lightening your hair with a gentle auburn can make a huge difference to your hair’s brown color, particularly when they’re dark. Think about an accenting technique in the front , to make your eyes appear more defined.

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