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29 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs

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Do Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez have in their common? (Aside from winning the hearts of The Weeknd, of course.) These stars wanted to go short but not too short. So they went for the”lob. It’s not just the ladies who love The Weeknd that are all about this trend, but. Take a look at our top celebrity hairstyles that are stylish enough to not copy.

Blunt Lob

Bella Hadid debuted a blunt bob at Burberry

Bella Hadid

The blunt lob barely touches Bella’s shoulders yet looks stunning with her sharp, angular facial form.

Choppy Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Selena Gomez Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Selena Gomez

Selena’s wispy layers have the perfect volume. A side note: could someone show us how to capture a photo this flawlessly?

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Put-Together Lob

17 Times Carrie Underwood Gave Us Major Hair Inspiration

Carrie Underwood

Carrie typically wears uber long hair extensions. However, naturally her hair is curly and delicate. Despite that, she is able to look absolutely perfect.

Flipped Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Kendall Jenner Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Kendall Jenner

We weren’t quite sure what to do when we were shown Kendall cut off seven inches off her locks. After a couple of minutes, we realized that she was a beauty queen and we realized that we love her more because she has given us new hairstyles to save on Pinterest.

Bleach Blonde Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Julianne Hough Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Julianne Hough

It’s possible that she’s an actual redhead but we’ll be fans for bleach blonde Julianne and her blonde lob.

Messy Long Bob

ICYMI, Nina Dobrev Debuted a New Haircut at the 2017 Oscars | Glamour

Nina Dobrev

Julianne’s BFF looks stunning with her long, tumbling locks however, she’s also a Vampire Diaries star is also adept at rocking the lob fashion. Instead of relying solely on highlight and shadows, she blends turbulent waves and flip tips to add depth and texture.

Flipped Under Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Hailey Baldwin Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Hailey Baldwin

Does anyone else thought Hailey took this clip of her friend Rachel Green? Don’t be embarrassed, Hailey. We’ve all have channeled our inner Rachel in some way or another.

Beachy Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Sarah Hyland Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Sarah Hyland

Sarah isn’t able to waste time arguing between her new boyfriend or Modern Family. We have to say we love the natural appearance at the red carpet.

Subtle Wave Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Jessica Alba Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Jessica Alba

This gorgeous lob cut is perfect for hot summer day and looks classy on the Hollywood actor.

Wavy Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Chrissy Teigen Lob | Hairstyle on Point

Chrissy Teigen

If she’s not in the bed with John and carrying a baby with her on the hip, Chrissy spends five minutes on her lob before walking out the door looking flawless. Sigh.

Copper Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Emma Stone Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s dark copper hair is obvious. Her lob cut is elegant and simple and easy to maintain. to wear to the red carpet, or on a evening out.

Middle Part Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Jennifer Aniston Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer’s facial-framing layers are a regular feature of her look for a long time. When she decided to trade her long, super-long mane for this slender hairstyle, we gave her total agreement.

Lob Fake-Out

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Shay Mitchell Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Shay Mitchell

I’m sorry, Shay… we could tell your fake hair from a mile away. If only our eyes were this amazing. The stylist of the actress braided longer layers beneath and covered the braids with extensions in order to create this illusion.

Piecey Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Olivia Culpo Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Olivia Culpo

A former Miss Universe traded in her hairstyles for a less formal style, and personally we like this style more.

Blonde Bombshell Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Cardi B Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Cardi B

Cardi B’s hair never appears the same every day we can assure you. The blunt cut is striking however we’re not too surprised to see her trying out the latest shade of blonde.

Classic Red Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Jessica Chastain Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point More

Jessica Chastain

We’re big admirers of Jessica’s. She’s classy, as well as her distinctive copper locks appear to have were straight out of the screen of a Pantene commercial. We’re talking about… the sparkle is amazing.

Lob with Bangs

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Kerry Washington Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Kerry Washington

The chunky hairstyle is a fresh look for Kerry who typically wears an elegant ‘do that doesn’t even the DC wind can blow off-color.

Old School Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Taylor Swift Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Taylor Swift

Here’s the classic red lip style that we enjoy. Miley’s wavy, two-tone lob was dyed dip-dyed for her “Malibu” music video as she was unable to decide between brown and blonde. We don’t like making difficult choices as well, Miley.

Hippie Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Miley Cyrus Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa could have just come to the shore or Coachella but we’re not sure. This is evidence that an adorable hat with waves from the beach are the perfect combination.

Lob with Highlights from Face-Framing and Face-Framing

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Ciara Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point


This is a singer who hasn’t been shy about experimenting with highlights. However, this shade is the perfect combination of blonde to match her natural olive complexion.

Glossy Black Bob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Rihanna Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point


Do you know of a hairstyle that isn’t great on Rihanna? We love the way these sleek bangs emphasize her gorgeous eyes.

Tousled Blonde Bob

Rachel McAdams Bob | Rachel mcadams hair, Choppy bob hairstyles, Bob  hairstyles

Rachel McAdams

Rachel’s tousled hairstyle is full of volume and glam her hair. Her dark hairstyles blend seamlessly into a beautiful golden blonde.

Windswept Black Locks

Aja Naomi King Announces Birth of First Baby by Revealing Unedited  Postpartum Body — See Photos | Allure

Aja Naomi King

Aja’s almost black lob is perfect curled to create a glamorous gown and makes a refreshing contrast to the straight, sleek hair that we’ve been seeing from How to Get Away With Murder.

Asymmetrical Chocolate Bob

Kim Kardashian 💛 | Kim kardashian hair, Kim kardashian makeup, Brown wig

Kim Kardashian

Kim K is another celeb who’s hair varies from brunette to blonde and all between. We love this sleek hairstyle, but she’ll be platinum on the day we go We won’t be attracted.

Tousled Mahogany Locks

Contact Support | Auburn hair, Reddish hair color, Pale skin hair color

Demi Lovato

If she’s not whirling her massive ponies around in the pool of bubbles Demi has been seen sporting the shortest, most tidal hair lob. We love the caramel babylights that shine through.

Blonde Flipped Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

As Rosie’s love affair with the runway came into contact with motherhood, she traded her long locks to get the shorter bob.

Honey Ombre Locks

Image result for lucy hale hair | Hair transformation, Lucy hale short hair,  Lucy hale hair

Lucy Hale

Lucy’s adorable lob assists in emphasize the big, doe-like facial features that make her so memorable.

Tri-Toned Long Bob

Pin on Hair ideas


The curls of Adele’s are larger than her voice, and as soft as the way we feel when we listen to “Hello.” Certain individuals are blessed with flawless vocals and long beautiful locks…

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