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28 Celebrity Lob Inspiration: Find Your Perfect Cut

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Ditch the Dating Drama, Embrace the Lob

Forget who dated who! The lob (long bob) is the real star of the show, and it’s taken the celebrity world by storm. But unlike fleeting flings, the lob offers a universally flattering style that transcends trends.

This article will guide you through a variety of lob styles to inspire you, while also helping you find the perfect lob for your face shape and hair type.

Finding Your Perfect Lob:

  • Face Shape:
    • Long Face: Blunt lobs with textured ends balance a long face.
    • Round Face: Angled lobs with side parts create an illusion of length.
    • Heart Face: Layered lobs soften a pointed chin.
    • Square Face: Wavy lobs add softness to strong jawlines.
  • Hair Type:
    • Thin Hair: Choppy lobs with layers add volume.
    • Thick Hair: Blunt lobs with minimal layering tame thick hair.
    • Curly Hair: Textured lobs enhance natural curls.
    • Straight Hair: Wavy lobs add movement and dimension.

Lob Inspiration for Every Style:

Classic Lobs:

  • Blunt Lob: Bella Hadid’s blunt lob accentuates her sharp features.
  • Choppy Lob: Selena Gomez’ wispy layers offer effortless volume.
  • Put-Together Lob: Carrie Underwood’s lob showcases the versatility of natural curls.

Edgy Lobs:

  • Flipped Lob: Kendall Jenner’s flipped lob is a chic and trendy twist.
  • Bleach Blonde Lob: Julianne Hough’s platinum lob is a bold statement.

Romantic Lobs:

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  • Messy Long Bob: Nina Dobrev’s textured lob adds depth and a touch of effortless beauty.
  • Flipped Under Lob: Hailey Baldwin’s classic lob with flipped ends evokes a timeless elegance.
  • Beachy Lob: Sarah Hyland’s beachy waves provide a relaxed and sun-kissed look.

And More!

The lob offers endless possibilities. Explore subtle waves like Jessica Alba’s, bold copper tones like Emma Stone’s, or add bangs like Kerry Washington for a touch of personality.

Bonus: Finding Your Lob Stylist:

  • Consult with a stylist who understands your face shape, hair type, and desired style.
  • Bring photos of lob styles you love for inspiration.
  • Discuss maintenance needs to ensure your lob fits your lifestyle.

With the right lob and a touch of confidence, you’ll be turning heads in no time!

1. Blunt Lob

Bella Hadid debuted a blunt bob at Burberry

Bella Hadid

The blunt lob barely touches Bella’s shoulders yet looks stunning with her sharp, angular facial form.

2. Choppy Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Selena Gomez Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Selena Gomez

Selena’s wispy layers have the perfect volume. A side note: could someone show us how to capture a photo this flawlessly?

3. Put-Together Lob

17 Times Carrie Underwood Gave Us Major Hair Inspiration

Carrie Underwood

Carrie typically wears uber long hair extensions. However, naturally her hair is curly and delicate. Despite that, she is able to look absolutely perfect.

4. Flipped Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Kendall Jenner Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Kendall Jenner

We weren’t quite sure what to do when we were shown Kendall cut off seven inches off her locks. After a couple of minutes, we realized that she was a beauty queen and we realized that we love her more because she has given us new hairstyles to save on Pinterest.

5. Bleach Blonde Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Julianne Hough Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Julianne Hough

It’s possible that she’s an actual redhead but we’ll be fans for bleach blonde Julianne and her blonde lob.

6. Messy Long Bob

ICYMI, Nina Dobrev Debuted a New Haircut at the 2017 Oscars | Glamour

Nina Dobrev

Julianne’s BFF looks stunning with her long, tumbling locks however, she’s also a Vampire Diaries star is also adept at rocking the lob fashion. Instead of relying solely on highlight and shadows, she blends turbulent waves and flip tips to add depth and texture.

7. Flipped Under Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Hailey Baldwin Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Hailey Baldwin

Does anyone else thought Hailey thought Hailey channeled this clip of her friend Rachel Green? Don’t be embarrassed, Hailey. We’ve all have channeled our inner Rachel in some way or another.

8. Beachy Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Sarah Hyland Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Sarah Hyland

Sarah isn’t able to waste time arguing between her new boyfriend and Modern Family. We have to say we love the natural appearance at the red carpet.

9. Subtle Wave Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Jessica Alba Lob Haircut | Hairstyle on Point

Jessica Alba

This gorgeous lob cut is perfect for hot summer day and looks classy on the Hollywood actor.

10. Wavy Lob

30 Chic Celebrity-Inspired Lobs | Chrissy Teigen Lob | Hairstyle on Point

Chrissy Teigen

If she’s not in the bed with John and carrying a baby with her on the hip, Chrissy spends five minutes on her lob before walking out the door looking flawless. Sigh.

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