Layered hairstyles for long hair are something that many of us are trying to attain. If you’re blessed with long hair, you can have many options to pick from, regardless of regardless of whether you’re wearing your own hair or extensions. Contrary to what many people believe the long hair style doesn’t have to mean a lot of effort or trouble. Look through these 55 images of gorgeous long-haired ladies which will inspire you to get your hair growing quick.

1. Long Ash Blonde Waves

The classic long-waves with the center section look gorgeous on women of all age groups. This color is gorgeous and is proof that there are gorgeous blonde hues that are not seen often enough.

2. Effortless Long Wavy Layers for Naturally Wavy Hair

People who are curious about balayage ought to consider it. Balayage color is expensive however, there’s a good reason behind this. Highlights painted by hand take longer than regular color. The color spreads out and blends into the hair. There aren’t any visible roots, so you’ll need shorter sessions.

3. Light Blonde Balayage

Light blonde looks best with a little effort to blend other shades. The balayage style is an excellent option to go with the bleached blonde style.

4. Messy Layered Blonde With Side Swept Bangs

This is a look inspired by the beach that will surely be a hit with the ladies. The layers and texture is the reason this style stands above other cuts.

5. Pretty and Simple Layered Hair

The way that the shades of this blonde blend together is just stunning. The flowing back and away look is beautiful and is a perfect option for women who like many different shades of blonde.

6. Long Red Shaggy Layers With Bangs

This shag in dark red is stunning. The copper highlights elevate this red to a new level. Shaggy hairstyles are a fantastic design that we like. One thing to keep in mind regarding red hair is if require dyeing your hair to achieve the hue, you must apply products that will extend the color as reds fade quickly. It is also possible to try vivid red hair extensions to increase your hair’s color as it disappears.

7. Short Layers in Front, Long Layers in Back

It’s a day where no one has to be scared of hot colors. This shaggy, choppy cut is lots of fun. And the streaks of blonde and red are trendy but beautiful.

8. Very Long Asymmetrical Lob

This is a particularly extreme cut that is not symmetrical. If, however, you’re interested in a longer cut, but are looking to cut the weight, this is an option to think about. A cut that is undercut can add an extra element of excitement to this long hairstyle.

9. Soft Feathered Dark Layers

The texture created by this cut is a testament to the kind of work a professional stylist can accomplish when they’re put to work. Feathered layers are one the most popular styles of the season and if your hair isn’t quite thick enough to support this look, you could make use of an assortment of clip-in hair extensions.

10. Cherry Coke Balayage

This dye job for balayage is a step above the usual. Red can be easily blended with darker tones to create this distinctive color.

11. Dreamy Chestnut Layers

Brunette beauty will be benefited by this style. Gorgeous chestnut layers that have subtle highlights are simple to obtain and always beautiful.

12. Penelope Cruz Long Caramel Highlight Layers

Highlights of caramel can be a big help with this style. Penelope isn’t afraid of large hairstyles.

13. Brown To Red & Blonde Balayage Layers

The color scheme shown here will tell the story.

14. Warm & Cool Brown Layers

Variation is essential to create an excellent layering color cut. Cool and warm go perfectly with this style. To give more depth to your hair’s existing shade without visiting the salon, you can try an ombre set or Balyage hair extensions.

15. Soft Layered Medium Brown Bob

Smooth and medium brown layers are impossible to beat.

16. Caramel Blonde To Brown Balayage Layers

Brown and multi-tonal blonde are the best choices.

17. Layers for Long Straight Hair

There’s a lot of hair dyes that claim that it is red-blonde and this image demonstrates what they are. This stunning color is enhanced by a well-crafted layers.

18. Very Long Feathered V Layers

This long V is cut in a stylish manner and shows off the gorgeousness of this woman’s hair. If you don’t have hair at the same length it is possible to recreate this style with a set of Clip-in hair extension clips.

19. Mid-Length Wavy Blonde Layers

Honey blonde locks are beautiful and romantic.

20. Big Blonde Layer Cut

The very long hairstyle is full of layers to it. It is a great look for women with long hair. The layer’s taper can be visible in this side view and is a good guideline for stylists to follow.

21. Middy Long Scene Choppy Layers

It is not necessary for all hairstyles in the scene to be wild. The dark brown shade frames the face, and the choppy parts add a stunning texture. All women can wear this look. And If you’re looking to make it your own you can add a few streaky highlights placed will look fashionable.

22. Frame Your Face With Long Layers

The very choppy look is hot at the moment This platinum shaggy cut should be on this list simply because of the quality of face framing the layers well-placed.

23. The Dark V

The darker shade of hair looks stunning with well thought-out layers that create a stunning V.

24. Ash Blonde Wavy Layers With Side Sweep

This image shows how stunning Ash blonde hair can be. The range of cool tones is stunning and is possible to achieve with this set of hair extensions.

25. Bottom Blonde Waves

Curls and waves on the bottom of the face help balance the face.

26. Black Feather Layers

Layers that flaunt out can be lots of fun and flatter your face.

27. Cheryl Cole’s Layers

Chery is a pro at rocking large hair. Her hairstyles with highlights are gorgeous. You can achieve the same look regardless of which color hair you pick.

28. Waist Length Medium Brown Layers

This clip illustrates how to get the length you want without the weight. The most efficient method to do this is to use an extension set.

29. Ultimate Choppy Texture Layers

This choppy and slick look is stylish and modern. Layers cut with razors are the most popular layer cuts in the world of women.

30. Warm Brown Highlighted Layers

The soft and silky layers are accentuated through the warm, brown tones that the hair has.

31. The Dark Curve Layer Cut

We love the way that each of the cut layers curve perfect frames of a stunning face.

32. Waist Length Dark V Layers

The length is amazing with layers making this cut amazing.

33. Strawberry Blonde Huge Curl Layers

The trend for strawberry blonde is hot and will remain.

34. Jennifer Aniston’s Layers

Jennifer is a master of layering styles. This blonde hairstyle has less layers than her usual style, but looks stunning.

35. Majorly Thick Shaggy Long Layers

The lady in question is fortunate to have such dense and gorgeous hair. There are lots of layers with this hairstyle, as well as the hair’s texture. amazing.

36. Long Dark Luscious Curls

The risk of doing curly is worth the effort.

37. Platinum Super Long Waves & Layers

The problem with this style is achieving the length and color you want without harming hair excessively. The platinum color is gorgeous, but the process of bleaching your hair is rough, so choosing an extension set to lighten your blonde is a fantastic idea.

38. Curly End V Layers With Flowers

If you’re a fan of flowers, why not put them in your hair? The delicately placed flowers are stunning with this cut.

39. Long Blonde Messy Layers

Layers do not have to be neat in order to appear stylish. In fact, many of the most popular designs are messy.

40. Sunkissed Razor Layers

This simple razor cut is elegant and chic while at the same time. This is a fantastic look when you’re looking for a low-maintenance.

41. Red Side Swept Layers

This elegant look is stunning in many ways. These layers make it easy to put on a stylish appearance every day.

42. Rock N Roll Hair

The long and shaggy haircut that has wings is exactly the thing you require for an update in your style. This cut is an excellent alternative to the typical scene haircuts, and is more retro-looking.

43. Ultra Long Wavy Messy Layers

44. Super Shiny Shattered V-Cut

This new version of the classic V-shaped cut with layers is stunning.

45. Side Swept Sandy Blonde

Sun-kissed blonde hair is one of the most natural-looking blonde shades you can find.

46. Ultimate Wave Layers

The before and post shots illustrate what a tiny amount of color can do to the appearance. Caramel’s lowlights and a more cool blonde toner removes the yellow hue that was noticeable prior to.

47. The Ultimate SWAG

The shaggy 70s-inspired cut is in vogue and for good reason. The textured layers and thick hairstyles appeal to everyone.

48. Just Past The Shoulder Shaggy Bob

The warm and inviting highlights of this bob’s shaggy style makes it pop. This style will be a great make a stylish choice for busy women from all ages.

49. Rounded Long Layers With Blunt Bangs

The cut isn’t exactly curly however the rounded layers make an ideal alternative for those looking for a curly style but don’t want to maintain.

50. Very Long Scene Hair

The hairstyles of the scene don’t have to be dazzlingly bright or excessively layered. A lovely long-layered razor cut looks lovely on a variety of women.

51. Violet Sterling Layers

The older ladies might want to try a pastel shade to give their look a fresh new twist.

52. Dark Shaggy Layers With Thick Bangs

53. Below The Chin Is Just The Beginning Cut

The layers begin quite lengthy compared to the majority of other long-layered styles. This length is perfectly suited to the style.

54. Kim Kardashian’s Major Volume & Highlights

Kim is a frequent user of hairstyles, but this massive volume layered style is among our top choices for hair with long lengths.

55. Miranda Lambert’s Side Sweep & Wavy Blonde Layers

Miranda remains true to her country roots and this side-swept blonde cut fits her perfectly. This cut, paired with a balayage hue could make her look even more stunning.

Long Hair Tips

  • Hair that is longer requires greater time and attention to a regular regimen of conditioning. Be sure to do at a minimum, deep conditioning your hair every week. If you do not use a separate conditioner each time you shampoo, you should you can switch to all-in-one formulation.
  • Regular trimming is essential to keep your hair in good shape. If you stop doing excessively, you could end up with breaks and split ends.
  • Color is an excellent option to liven up your appearance however, if you dye too long hair, it’s more likely to fall off. The professional you go to for touch-ups can reduce the possibility. Being a bit lighter than your natural shade is more harmful than going more dark.
  • Clip-in hair extensions are a great way to add plenty of extra length without difficulty if you have trouble getting your hair to the length you’d like. They’re a great option to add some shades of color without chemicals to dye your hair.
  • Be aware that you can sport long hair, no matter the age. The secret to beautiful long hair is having a well-cut cut that accentuates your individual beauty.

Choosing Your Style

The great thing about long layered hair is that it’s simple to alter the style in the event that you’re not happy. Layers also aid in reducing some of the heat and weight the ladies with thick hair must deal with.

As you can see that layered haircuts are quite popular, meaning that women who are creative are always creating new variations on the fashion. In the past, we’re certain that you’ll enjoy yourself with fabulous layered hairstyles.


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