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29 Long Ombre Hair Ideas Blowing Up in 2024

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Long hair with ombre has been around for long enough and seems to not be going away anytime soon. It’s a hair color method that begins dark at the root and then gradually becomes more light towards the end. It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle, particularly when you keep your base color similar to your natural hair’s shade. This style of coloring looks stunning when you have long hair. Take a look at these gorgeous long hair ombre ideas and be motivated for your next trip at the hair salon!

Black to Silver Ombre on Long Hair

#1: Black to Silver Ombre on Long Hair

If you have super long hair, you can achieve the fifty shades of grey flawlessly! Grey ombre is one of the most popular fashion colors of the year, and it’s not surprising due to the coolness of this shade really is.

Very Long Caramel Ombre

#2: Very Long Caramel Ombre

Consider a very long caramel ombre if you’re looking for an easy-to-maintenance, natural-looking shade. If you’re a warmer complexion, this shade is perfect for you. Inform your stylist not to overlook the money piece on the front, to really enhance your face!

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Long Dark Copper to Light Copper Ombre Hair

#3: Dark Copper to Light Copper Ombre

Bright Orange to Bold Yellow Ombre for Long Hair

#4: Bright Orange to Bold Yellow Ombre

Pink to Green Ombre for Long Hair

#5: Pink to Green Ombre

Are you looking forward to rocking this color? Do you want to rock this shade? The melted color is a stunning representation of watermelon. Hairstyles that are wavy will showcase this gorgeous melted creation!

Blue to Pink Ombre for Long Hair

#6: Blue to Pink Ombre for Long Hair

Try a pink to blue long hair ombre If you’re looking to let your shining unicorn! Find a stylist that specializes in color melts. The colors that are fantasy are high maintenance, so be sure to limit your hair washing, and make sure you use color-safe products for after-care.

Sandy Brown to Dusty Pink Long Ombre Hair

#7: Sandy Brown to Dusty Pink Long Ombre Hair

What would you say about this? This ombre of dusty roses features the transition of the tone and level, and is extremely soft flowing from the top of it to the bottom. It has a warm, warm base that flows into a coppery-pink midshaft before settling into soft pink at the end. What’s your top tip? When you consult, make your stylist explain to you the maintenance of a hairstyle and color like this. The dusty rose hue would require regular maintenance to preserve the vibrancy and strength that ombre hair shades. A shampoo that is color-preserving and conditioner will help prolong the longevity of colors between treatments. This isn’t a color treatment intended for women who have no to low maintenance hair-care objectives. The time and financial commitments associated in the maintenance of long hair that has ombre coloring could seem too daunting for certain.

Long Black Roots to Violet Metallic Ombre

#8: Long Black Roots to Violet Metallic Ombre

What is the best way to describe this? The color is usually known as”Rooty Ombre” or “Rooty Ombre” it is a color melt that has roots. A few inches were left of the root. In this hair-color ombre growing out is smooth. When hair is growing out there’s no delineation line. One of the cool things about using colors/purples is that the fade out is stunning. The result is beautiful ashy beige blonde when the purple fades out of the hair dye ombre. What is your top tip? This method is great for women who aren’t at ease with bleaching the entirety of their head. It is also important to consider that the ombre-like fantasy colors such as these can be very demanding. For those who wash your hair daily or on a regular basis, you must reduce it to once or twice per week, otherwise the color will disappear more quickly. It is essential to avoid brands sold in the drugstore (Pantene, Dove, etc..) and begin purchasing professional color-safe shampoos to the ombre hairstyles. Dry shampoo is your ideal companion. Consider KMS Dry Shampoo – it’s the top of the line! There are colors depositing conditioners and shampoos available there to purchase in addition to home care. However, keep in mind that any shampoo with a color deposit is extremely drying due to the fact that it opens up the cuticle and allows it to release the color into your hair. Make sure to close the cuticle with a hair mask maintain your hair’s health. To make a hair mask go with Formula 18.

medium brunette to peachy pink ombre hair

#9: Medium Brunette to Peachy Pink Ombre Hair

This is a delicious peach shade. It has a natural look with your natural color as the base however, you still get the fun and creative aspect of the peach in the ombre. The ombre color is bleached for women of all ages. Also, colors that are vibrant and unique require shampoos and conditioners to help to prolong the life of the shade. Long hair with a peach ombre like this will require touch-ups to the color every four weeks, but you receive less maintenance from bleach due to the ombre! The majority of ombres last for a whole year without the need for a touch-up of bleach. Peachy ombres are suitable for many women as you will receive not just your natural color but fashionable and chic colors at the ends.

mocha brown to beige blonde long ombre hair

#10: Mocha Brown to Beige Blonde Long Ombre Hair

Long blonde hair ombre keeps length while maintaining the highest hair strength and. Most hair’s structure is damaged. This usually occurs at the ends because of the environmental conditions, excessive wash, coloring and damage from pro tools. Make a fresh style using Paul Mitchell Sky Lights and Olapex. Making use of the finest products can give the most beautiful results. If you choose the correct haircut and styling, you can highlight your hair’s ombre! Based on the texture of your hair as well as the pre-existing color, this could be the easy-maintenance, stunning hair color you’ve always wanted or a long and difficult journey. With the appropriate tools, you’ll be able to be able to replicate the look. Many women cannot handle the amount of light at their lives to accomplish this aim. If you have the right stylist/client relationship, the possibilities are endless and looks such as this gorgeous ombre color melt can be achieved!

Jet Black to Vibrant Metallic Blue Ombre on Long Hair

#11: Jet Black to Vibrant Metallic Blue Ombre on Long Hair

What do you think of this? Naturally dark brown/black Asian hair requires multiple sessions to achieve a smooth white base. Your stylist can create an elegantly light and healthy base that will ensure that any colorants applied will fade beautifully as time passes. This metallic blue is ideal to complement silver-toned undertones. Even though the colors from beginning to end are very bright they blend effortlessly into one another. What’s your advice? If you’re a woman who is attracted by this ombre-like color for hair with long lengths prepare yourself for a long session at hair salon (four up to 8 hours, depending on the length and thickness, as well as the condition of your hair). Based on your hair’s color or your current health, it could require several sessions to create this silver and black ombre. If you have platinum-fine, fine blonde hair, you might require a toner in order for this look. If you’ve got thick black hair, it may take a few times to get your hair lifted to the desired color. Consider investing in a good quality shampoo and conditioner for salon use to keep your hair healthy and strong. hair. Try Eleven Australia. The range is free of cruelty and has a wonderful scent! Avoid inexpensive hair products sold in the stores since they are often laced with silicone and other ingredients which coat and suffocate your hair as time passes. They can also cause hair coloring to be extremely difficult!. Make use of a purple shampoo every at least once or twice per week to eliminate any brassiness.

Long Violet to Rich Burgundy Ombre Hair

#12: Long Violet to Rich Burgundy Ombre Hair

What would you say about what you see? It’s a violet ombre that has the fiery red “camera flash” or “diffused” shine line. It effortlessly blends from an intense violet root to an intense fire red ombre and again into a violet towards the end. What is your top tip? Consider how much maintenance you’re willing to put into. If you have an ombre that is as trendy like this you’ll need to polish the red often because it’s likely to fade. The violets will turn brown too. To achieve this look make use of a high-quality product for volumizing your roots and an iron that is 1 inch in diameter. Make sure to curl all hair away from your face, and ensure you apply a quality heat-protectant prior to. The curls can be broken up using a sea salt spray and you’ll be ready to be successful! The best part about this long-layered style is that it offers an easily-attainable volume that is suitable for all facial shapes.

long black to amethyst purple ombre hair

#13: Long Black to Amethyst Purple Ombre Hair

Opt for an amethyst-purple ombre. The hues reflect a raw Amethyst stone that is caught in the sun. If you’re thinking about this color for your long hair, keeping the natural hue mixed within the root region creates a beautiful fade-out. Additionally, violet-based shades are great for women who want to fade with a bright shade. The color will eventually fade to soft and pretty blonde. To styleyour hair, apply a thermal spray applied to dry hair (like Aquage Beyond Body) and set it using the 1-inch styling wand. After your hair has been styled then use the hair rake to shake loose the curls.

Dark Red to Fiery Strawberry Blonde Ombre

#14: Dark Red to Fiery Strawberry Blonde Ombre

What do you think of this? This is a strong hot red hair color which is ideal for women who want to show their individuality without getting too wild. The shades speak for themselves , and the warm hues will be a bright addition to your day. What is your top tip? Make use of a recommended color wash and conditioner from a salon to keep the gorgeous and glowing tones that tend to fade with time.

Long Umber Brown to Caramel Blonde Ombre Hair

#15: Long Umber Brown to Caramel Blonde Ombre Hair

What do you think of this? This is a more contemporary style of ombre. When the first ombre appeared it was a striking contrast from dark to mild, with a sharp line between the two. Nowadays, everyone wants to have a smooth transition from their original color to a light tone. By leaving the brown hues at the ends of the ombre gives the ombre an authentic and more dimensional appearance. What is your top tip? This ombre-long hair is for women who don’t visit the salon often. Request your stylist to color your hair at least once every 4 to 6 months. Keep the ombre hairstyle attractive around the face, and keep the blonde centered towards the back towards the ends to guarantee a more lasting color. Also, make sure you use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, or something that can give your hair some extra moisture as lighteners are rough.

Long Ombre Jet Black to Coffee Brown

#16: Long Ombre Jet Black to Coffee Brown

What do you think of this? Women who are looking for a splash of color but with a low commitment, are the perfect candidate with this long, ombre. The most appealing thing about this particular long brown ombre style is how it shines and it is easy to maintain. What’s your most effective advice? This color is great for all skin types. It specifically adding color to fair skin tones and adds a glamorous shimmer to the hair of people with an olive-colored skin tone. If you’re thinking about whether to change your hairstyle the long ombre will be ideal for you. If you’re looking for an ombre of this kind and wish to keep the color between visits, it is essential to choose a shampoo that is sulfate-free and conditioner. Use the Redken Color Magnetics shampoo as well as Redken All Soft conditioner. Redken All Soft conditioner. You’ll get both nutrition and color protection you need for those dry strands following the process of lightening an ombre effect on hair with longer lengths!

Deep Cherry to Medium Red Long Ombre

#17: Deep Cherry to Medium Red Long Ombre

What would you say about this? The ombre you see is a deep cherry red that blends cool tones with red for the overall “berry” color. What is your top tip? If you’re looking for this particular color be sure that you’re a woman that regularly keeps their shade. To keep it as fresh and bright clean with cold water and shampoo that is free of sulfate.

dark to light ombre on long hair

#18: Dark to Light Ombre on Long Hair

This is a dark-to- light dark to light ombre. Aren’t you awestruck by the three distinct colors? It is amazing to see the change between a deeper brown medium brown, and then lighter blonde. Always choose a color-safe hair product! If you’re not sure what brand to pick consult your stylist. Make sure to use a high-quality conditioner as the ends are lightened. It is important to maintain their health. Make sure to deep condition them at least once per week, if it is possible! The great aspect of a long blonde hair ombre is the fact that it can be used for any hair type as well as hair colors and skin kinds. This type of ombre is perfect for people who cannot maintain a regular schedule and may not be the most effective for maintaining. The natural root allows for the hair to keep an organic growth.

Long Rich Brunette to Golden Blonde Ombre Hair

#19 Long Rich Brunette to Golden Blonde Ombre Hair

This high-contrast ombre begins with a dark brunette roots before transforming into golden blonde towards the middle.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Warm and medium in color with hair that naturally medium-colored and texture is perfect.


The ends of hair are the longest and the most fragile portion of the hair strand. If you are lightening the ends of your hair ensure that you consider this.

Ash Brown to Ash Blonde Long Ombre Hair

#20: Ash Brown to Ash Blonde Long Ombre Hair

This hair color ombre begins by revealing cool brown hair roots. It transforms into neutral blonde on the ends. Cool skin tones in a cool medium tone with hair that naturally dark brown with a medium texture is ideal. If you’re looking to try ombre, you should to keep your natural hair color for roots. This will save you from going for a visit to the salon for touches.

middle part brown to golden blonde ombre hair color

#21: Middle Part Brown to Golden Blonde Ombre Hair Color

This ombre starts off with a darker brown at the roots, and then turns to golden blonde at the ends.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

The warm tones of a medium-sized skin tone with hair that typically darker and has a medium in texture, are perfect for this hairstyle.


An ombre doesn’t need the curly look! An attractive ombre must look stylish and elegant when styled straight.

Long Light Brown to Cool Blonde Ombre Hair

#22 Long Light Brown to Cool Blonde Ombre Hair

This ombre appears natural. Its roots appear cool and light brown, which fade into cool blonde.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Cool light to medium skin tones that have hair that naturally light brown with a medium texture is perfect.


Ombre hair that isn’t creating too stark a contrast gives an organic, more contemporary look.

Black to Caramel Blonde Ombre Hair Colors

#23 Black to Caramel Blonde Ombre Hair Colors

This ombre with a high-contrast hue begins black before blending into an inviting caramel blonde shade.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium skin tones that are warm and warm with natural black hair with a medium texture is the best choice.


It is essential to do every week a routine of conditioning treatments to your hair to keep hair’s ends in good health.

Long Chocolate Brown to Dark Blonde Ombre

#24 Long Chocolate Brown to Dark Blonde Ombre

This ombre has only small amounts in medium-brown hair at its roots before it will blend into a lot of dark, warm, warm blonde.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium skin tones that are warm and warm with hair that’s natural medium brown, and smooth in texture are perfect for this shade.


Contrary to what you believe, the area that transitions the color to a lighter hue may begin at any point in the hair. It could be lower or higher!

Long Black Roots to Deep Red Ombre Hair

#25 Long Black Roots to Deep Red Ombre Hair

This is another high-ombre. It starts off with a black root and then changes to bright red.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Cool, medium skin tones that are cool and cool with hair with naturally black roots and is medium in texture is perfect.


There’s no need to visit the salon for retouches , if you maintain your natural hairstyle However, you might need to have your lighter areas to be toned. If this isn’t something you’d like to do frequently, be sure to inform our stylist in your appointment.

Brunette to Light Blonde Ombre

#26 Brunette to Light Blonde Ombre

The ombre starts as a light brown at the base and changes into lighter blondes around the eye area, accentuating the facial features.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Cool lighter to cool skin tones for hair that’s naturally light brown with a medium texture is perfect for this.


If you’re planning to create a strong contrast ombre, you should keep the lighter portion about a few inches lower than your eyebrows , so you don’t have to think about changing the color of your eyebrows.

long espresso brown to light brown ombre hair

#27: Long Espresso Brown to Light Brown Ombre Hair

The seamless, natural and beautiful ombre is espresso brown in the root and lighter brown towards the ends. Medium skin tones for hair naturally medium in texture and brown are the best. If your stylist asks whether your hair is natural it means that you have no artificial coloring within your hair. The fact that you have an artificial color which is similar to the natural color of your hair doesn’t make your hair completely virgin. Many women make the error of thinking their hair isn’t virgin due to the fact that it has been “colored” them back back to the natural hair color. This could lead the colorist to make a make a wrong decision, which could result in a grave color mistake.

Long Ombre Dark Chocolate to Deep Auburn

#28 Long Ombre Dark Chocolate to Deep Auburn

This stunning natural-looking ombre appears dark chocolate brown in the middle and then turns to a deep auburn towards the edges.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium skin tones that are warm and warm with hair that natural dark brown with a medium texture is ideal.


It is recommended that you have a trim done after having an auburn ombre. Make sure to talk with your colorist regarding all of your hair color options for ombre prior to. Mix and match the placements tones, shades and degrees of lightness and darkness to make the perfect ombre hair color for you.

black to emerald green long ombre hair

#29: Black to Emerald Green Long Ombre

You can try a long black emerald-green ombre to try for a bold hue without having to commit the entire length of the hair. An ombre is an excellent method to experiment by using trendy colors as it is the least work regarding hair placement.

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