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30 Hottest Long Brown Hair Ideas for Women in 2024

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Brunette ladies are always seeking ways to alter their long brown locks without cutting it off. Here are some fantastic ways to maintain your length, alter your look, and possibly move out of the comfort zone of your regular look. Before the next appointment with your hair stylist take a look at these stylish images of hair with long brown ideas!

Bouncy Curly Hairstyle for Brown Hair

#1: Bouncy Curly Hairstyle for Brown Hair

Beautiful curls that are warm brown make a gorgeous and easy to maintain style. Medium skin tones with warmer undertones make this color look great. Naturally brown hair can be used as a base for soft ombre highlights, which keep a warm light brown to create the glowing golden shine. The thick and naturally curly hair can be easily fashioned into this look, however straight or wavy hair can also be a part of it by doing a little more effort! Once hair is dry create small curls using an iron that is 1/2-inch in diameter. Once all the curls have cooled, squirt them to break them up but without altering the form too significantly.

Done-Undone Long Brown Hair

#2: Done-Undone Long Brown Hair

This hair, which is light brown, can be described as unfinished hair. If you’re considering extensions, it is important to think about the maintenance and care. If you are using clip-in extensions, make sure to be patient when taking them off or you could tear your hair. Extensions can change your life and can give women the confidence to tackle the world, but you have to be cautious! Beware of swimming in chlorinated waters as well as the ocean. You spend an amount of money to get hair and you must to ensure it is as healthy as you can to make it last for a long time.

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Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

3. Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Three cheers for the warmness of golden brunette hair with blonde highlights! Making your hair look natural will ensure that it lasts longer as you don’t have to fight unnatural hues. Long waves that are beachy can be worn for several days with dry shampoo between washes.

Long Layered U Haircut

#4: Mushroom Brown on Long Layered Haircut

As we get closer to cooler temperatures, you might want to consider the look of a dark brown with long, layered hair. These earthy hues look fantastic for darker hair shades. Be sure to leave your hair for at least a few days between washes to keep the tone of the mushrooms. Hair is finished with a large curling iron to create an elongated wave.

Attractive Brown Shag Hairstyle #shaghairstyles #shaghaircuts #mediumlength #hairstyles #brownhair

#5: Lengthy Brown Shag

A long brown shag is a great option when you’re in search of an elegant style and flexible. The layers will instantly add dimension and texture to your hair. Speak to your stylist if your ready for a bolder style!

Long Ash Brown Hair

#6: Long Ash Brown Hair

Think about long brunette hair with ash brown If you’re looking to add smokey tones your brunette, while remaining natural looking. The shades of cool and warm shades will provide you with stunning rich brunette. You can try a gloss color to add instant shine and shine!

30 Hottest Long Brown Hair Ideas for Women in 2024

#7: Chocolate Brown Layers

Opt for gorgeous shiny, natural chocolate brown hair that has long layers. Women appreciate how shiny and healthy hair looks with this color. It’s easy to maintain, but stylish! It’s ideal for all lifestyles and can be used for any hair type. If you’re a lover of long hair, then long layers can add a bit of motion. Everyone loves a little movement in hair. To style the hair with layers make use of a medium to huge round brush. Smooth the roots to the middle, and then give a slight bend to the ends.

natural and romantic-looking cool brown hair

#8: Natural & Romantic-Looking Cool Brown Hair

Cool brown shades can create a delicate, natural and romantic appearance. It’s extremely flattering on all skin tones since it’s delicate and neutral.

rich dark chocolate brown hair

#9: Rich Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

The hue is commonly described as deep dark chocolate. It’s a dark brown shade but not too dark! It’s a challenge to find a decent dark brunette that doesn’t look like an afro. The brown shade is always better when it’s fresh and fresh, so with that said, make the decision by investing in great products for your hair at home.

natural gloss on brown locks

#10: Natural Gloss on Brown Locks

Long, shiny brown hair will be a focal point for women and complement her attractive features. The subtle brunette is an extremely natural and sophisticated style that is suitable for nearly any skin tone. If you’re wondering whether this look and color be suitable for you and your hairstyle, ask your stylist which is the best color to complement your skin tone.

oak brown on long straight hair

#11: Oak Brown on Long Straight Hair

A dark oak brown shade on long hair is an organic look that is complemented by light skin tones. The most effective way to make yourself visible is to use colorful colors, and a radical change from the original style, but it won’t be natural. Reduce your hair color to a light shade. You can also apply some hair treatments so that your hair has the perfect healthy shine it. The treatment can also enhance the color and brighten up your entire face.

dark coffee brunette with honey caramel balayage hair

#12 Dark Coffee Brunette Honey Balayage Caramel Hair

You can achieve this hair color by blending the shade darker coffee brunette paired with honey caramel Balyage. The lighter and darker pieces really stand out and compliment one another. It’s easy to maintain if you’re brunette. The roots are dark and the color changes are blended so that there won’t be a distinct line where the color is fading. If you’re already brunette, it’s possible to get smaller pieces of caramel that can be painted on relatively quickly. In the event that your hair’s lighter and you wish to get darker at the roots and adding dimension, it’s contingent on the type of maintenance you’re prepared to undertake. A permanent dark shade over lighter hair is more difficult to maintain and is usually more costly. A lot of women opt for semi-permanent hair colors to ensure that their dark will fade slightly before it begins to grow out. This means that they don’t have to go in as often and don’t have to invest the same amount.

sun-kissed and tousled brown hair

#13: Sun-Kissed & Tousled Brown Hair

This hair color is a natural sun-kissed balayage shade which is styled with loose, tousled curls. A warm brown balayage colors are ideal for women who want an easy to maintain style. Balayage highlights don’t feature a sharp line as foils that are more traditional when they grow out, and especially in an ombre look. It’s the ideal style for the busy woman who’s not able to get to salons each four or eight weeks. It’s also a good option for brunettes looking to lighten their hair without sacrificing integrity. A few levels of lifting are required to get the appearance. Ombre and balayage colors are in fashion at the moment. Put on braids for the perfect boho-style look!

warm toasty brown balayage for long wavy hair

#14: Warm Toasty Brown Balayage for Long Wavy Hair

A brown balayage that has stunning warm tones goes perfect with many skin tones. It is possible to make it darker to make it easier to change and lighter according to the season. It is also possible to make the hair lighter or darker to match the skin tone of each individual. Long brown hairstyles such as this one are ideal for people who prefer a less-maintenance style! The subtle appearance of a balayage style makes the hair look natural. It also gives you low-maintenance hair that can have you coming to the salon as frequently or as often as you’d like.

long chestnut brown

#15: Long Chestnut Brown

It is an attractive chestnut brown hair color. Long brown haircuts are ideal for women who wish to increase their brunette natural color. The front part of the hair is highlighted on the hairline to create an impact to the money piece!”

lived-in dimensional brown hair

#16: Lived-In Dimensional Brown Hair

Go for gorgeous fresh, live-in beautiful, dimensional brown beach wave. The best part about this brown long hair is the way it melts color with the Balayage. This style is ideal designed for women who wish to darken their hair but are not a solid look. The color melted hair feels very fresh , without being too dark. Shades of skin that appear a bit cooler than warm are the best choice for this color. Beach waves, when using the right products, are possible with coarse or fine hair for those who like the relaxed look. This style is suitable for the lifestyle of women who don’t shower daily and just throw in a few dry shampoo or texture spray and be ready for just a few days!

Effortless Fall Ombre Brown Hair

#17: Effortless Fall Ombre Brown Hair

Choose a simple autumn ombre brown hair style from Giovanna Rita who is an expert stylist who hails from Astoria, NY. “I suggest this style to a lot of women. I suggest always getting a shade lighter than their natural hair color to give the appearance of sun-kissed brown hair,” Rita mentions. The great thing about having a long, brown hairstyle is that it’s a great choice ideal for anyone of any hair shade. It’s not just low maintenance as it only requires you to go to the salon at least every two weeks. It’s wearable all year round and it’s simple to care for and looks good with virtually any hairstyle.

toasted chestnut long brown hair

#18: Toasted Chestnut Long Brown Hair

Opt for a dark chocolate brown base, paired with an balayage that is chestnut-colored. To keep the shade, you can use products for hair care like the Redken Color Extend line. Prior to styling with heat, apply an heat protectant such as the Medium Control thermal holding spray from Redken to stop the color from discoloring. These brunette locks are ideal perfect for ladies having long locks who do not wish to visit hair salons every 4 to 6 weeks. It’s natural looking even after a whole year of not having the color done!

Long Chestnut Waves with Highlights

#19 Long Chestnut Waves and Highlights

You can try a foil-based balayage on locks with dark brown hair with Kevin Murphy Color. This idea comes by hair stylist Chris Brooke of Dulles, VA.From the Kevin Murphy styling line, Brooke utilized Body.Builder which is applied wet prior to blow-out. Brooke adds, “I then used Anti.Gravity prior to curling each part vertically around the mid-shaft only. I also sprayed my hair in three sections with Shimmer/Shine after which I used my hands and fingers to run through.” To take care of your hair at home for at-home care, a Kevin Murphy Hydrate Wash and Rinse is the perfect product to apply.

dark chocolate brown hair color for long hair

#20: Dark Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Dark brown-chocolate hue gives dramatic appearance, however it also adds an incredible shine and subtle balance. Skin tones that are light to medium with a cool, soft undertone are best suited to the chocolate brown hue. If you’re a woman with hair that is thick request your stylist to apply layers inside to reduce the bulk!

Curly Pompadour for Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

#21 Curly Pompadour for Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

A flash of bright red (or extensions) is a great method to bring brightness to your gorgeous lengthy dark hair, without going excessively crazy! The long dark hair is an ideal look for a night out with friends or a an event. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to make the decision to flash, pick up an extension clip that you can clip in and tease the hair to the roots, and secure it!

dark chocolate hair with caramel highlights

22: Dark Chocolate Hair with Highlights of Caramel

Brownish milk chocolate with a few streaks of caramel ombre at the ends is a fantastic way to soften the dark hair. With a few tight waves, you can take this color to a new level of enjoyment! Dark brown hair color with caramel highlights is a perfect shade for brunettes who is just beginning her journey to blonde! Every time you go to the salon, let your stylist add highlights in your hair and move them closer to the scalp for a slow but healthier way to lighten dark hair.

deep golden brown

#23: Deep Golden Brown

Bring your long locks to a new dimension with this rich and warm golden brown! It’s got the most subtle highlights that look like the sun created these highlights. Skin tones that are light and look stunning in warm reds, warm oranges and burgundy match the color beautifully, and hair with a medium texture and with natural waves will hold the wavy look best. For soft, curly curls on your dark brown long hair, you can curl it in 2 inches sections using a 1 inch iron or using a wand. Allow the curls to cool completely, and then gently move them through your hair. Make use of your fingertips to arrange them in curls and gently secure the sides. Make sure to finish with your favorite hairspray.

voluminous brown hair with mahogany accents

24: Voluminous Brown Hair with Mahogany Accents

Dark, rich hair with the soft mahogany glow paired with a stunning volume and texture will turn the heads in the room you walk into! Skin tones that are light to medium with cool undertones look amazing when paired with this dark brunette, while the hair is curly, wavy, or curly can be used to create this full-bodied look.

sophisticated wavy style for brown hair with highlights

#25: Elegant Hairstyle with Wavy to Brown Hair with Highlights

A timeless brunette beauty that has subtle highlights of brown and lighter brown make a look stylish and enjoyable! Skin tones that are light to medium are the best when paired with this gorgeous color. Locks with a moderate to light brown hue can be a good start to get this hue. If you are adding light brown and soft red highlights to this shade Don’t overdo it! There are occasions where less is more.

Dark Brown Hair with Face-Framing Contrasting Highlights

#26″Dark Brown Hair with highlights that frame the face.

The dark and radiant hair, paired with blonde face-framing highlights add an interesting texture that is fun! Skin tones that are medium to dark which look good in warmer hues are able to wear this dark brown hair style with highlights extremely well. Hair that is thick to medium that has soft curl or curl can assist in creating this curly hairstyle.

long dark brunette hair color

#27: Long Dark Brunette Hair Color

A rich golden brown shade is gorgeous when combined with thick, voluminous waves! And the greatest part about it is that they’re simple to achieve! Anyone with any skin tone can be able to pull off the gorgeous brunette hue when paired with long hair! Hair naturally thick and curly or wavy can be easily fashioned into this kind of look. Maintaining long, colored hair healthy is essential to make it last. Be sure to apply an intensive conditioner every week such as Pravana’s NEVO 60 sec deep treatment. In just 60 seconds it will give you smooth, shiny, and longer-lasting colour for your long hair.

long natural brunette hair with curtain bangs

#28: Long Natural Brunette Hair with Curtain Bangs

Natural-looking brunette brown hue and a long curtain fringe will take your girl-next door style to a whole new dimension! The most appealing aspect is that this style is simple to keep and will be noticed. Skin tones with light skin tone that have warm undertones make this natural-inspired brunette look great. Hair that is in good shape and medium in texture and naturally straight can allow you to achieve this look effortlessly.

long brunette brown hair with waves

#29 Brunette Brown Hair with Waves

The long brown curls, the rich colour, and striking makeup make this look stunning. What’s the secret to these stunning waves? Simply twist the centre of your hair, and then run the ends of an iron curler! Simple and gorgeous. Fair to fair skin tones with cool undertones go perfectly with this smooth brunette hair with a medium structure and natural straight can be the ideal color to make the waves. Hair that isn’t enough to reach these lengths? Consult your stylist for custom-colored extensions that will match your coloring. Consider clip-ins, so you can decide the time to wear them and remove them!

soft mocha brown mane

#30: Soft Mocha Brown Mane

The soft and sleek mocha brown hair comes with both! Tone-on-tone highlights that change in two different levels of darkness and light create beautiful shades. Skin tones that are light to medium which look stunning in violets, blues, and dark reds . colour beautifully. Hair naturally colored or with a medium brown shade will be in a position to create the tone-on tone highlights in brown easily. Hair that is healthy and well-trimmed will make this sleek and sleek look easy to achieve. Go to the salon each 6-8 weeks to get trimming to keep your hair looking nice. You can also use an intense conditioner every week to ensure that your hair is moist. The brunette with long hair has a lot of choices. Get out of your comfort zone and experiment with a new look or a different color or both!

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