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29 Coolest Long Shags with Bangs for a Trendy, New Look

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An long shag with bangs is multi-layered hairstyle with fringes to frame or add an aesthetically pleasing face. Canadian stylist Melissa Rose adores how easy-styling and easy-to-maintenance this cut is. “You can style it with your natural curl or curl it using an iron to create an all-over beachy look,” she states. One aspect to take into consideration before purchasing a shag is your way of life. This includes how much hours you’ll invest into the styling. In the consultation bring a photo or two. The model should have similar hair texture and type as youdo it is important to keep that in your thoughts. When you decide on the look, talk with your hairdresser about what appearance you’d like to achieve. Discuss the maintenance requirements and learn some tips for styling. “Be willing to purchase products such as a texture spray in order to make the most of the potential of your hair. A small amount of effort and product will go a long ways with the cut.” Rose points out. Although this is an wash-and-wear cut, remember that bangs are an obligation. They should be cut no more than once every four weeks to maintain the shape and length. Opt for long bangs or layers when you’ve never tried an elongated fringe before and are unsure about this big shift. People with pin-straight and finer hair should avoid having a long shag. Rose says, “Adding lots of layers and texture to this type of hair can make it appear thinner than it really is.” Check out the hairstyle that is never out of fashion. See these photos of the most sought-after long shag with bangs hairstyle ideas you should test!

Long Blonde Shag with Bangs for Thick Hair

#1: The Long Blonde shag with Bangs for thick hair

Opt for a long and thick hairstyle with a blonde texture and bangs. One of the most effective methods to lighten your hair that is thick is to add lots of texture using long layers. By adding texture with a razor, you will create a more polished appearance that creates the illusion of layers. Beware of a sharp cut which makes your hair appear like it’s thicker.

Beautiful Long Brunette Shag with Soft Bangs

# 2: Beautiful Brunette Shag With Soft Bangs

Soft bangs can really make a statement when they’re paired with a stunning brunette shag. If you’re seeking something different shags can bring an extra dimension to long locks, without compromising length. Ideal for medium to thick hair as it can remove a significant amount of weight off of your hair, however, it is able to be altered to fit thin hair. A hairstyle that is soft is a wonderful method to highlight your eyes and provide you with an updated appearance.

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Long Shag with Fringe for Fine Hair

#3 A Long Shag with Fringes for Fine Hair

The long shag with fringe is an excellent option to add body and volume to fine hair. With hairstyles with texture and face framing layers you can make an impressive volume. Add some volume spray, and you’re all set for your day!

Funky Long Razor Cut Shag with Curtain Fringe

#4: Fun Long Razor, Cut with Curtain Fringe

Let go of long boring hair and go for an exciting long-shaved razor. A cut with a razor will encourage natural movement and create the appearance of shaggy hair. A fringe of curtains incorporated in the side will give a more interesting cut and will enhance your cheekbones. It is easier to style with a scrunch or air drying using an amplifier for curls, so you don’t need the round brush.

Extra Long Shag with Middle Part Bangs

#5 Extra Long Shag Middle Part Bangs

The latest trend is the long shag with middle part bangs. An long shag is perfect for hair that is thick. The long and short layers allow for the break-up of the thickness , creating an attractive shape. The middle part of the bangs form an attractive curtain bang which blends in with the shorter layers. The styling process can be accomplished with texture cream, dry air, or by a few curls added. The best shags will not be excessively styled or overdone.

29 Coolest Long Shags with Bangs for a Trendy, New Look

#6 Jet Black Shag With Wispy Fringe

A fringed shag gives the appearance of a luxurious and sensual style. The silhouette appears full of the density, while also allowing for movement in the layers. It is best worn with wavy or curly hair to create a sleek and low-maintenance look. Kristen Ess, an accessible hair care brand, comes with an assortment of air drying and styling tools that can help create the look of a natural-looking style.

Long Wavy Layered Hair with a Fringe for Shaggy Thick Hair

#7: Waved Layered hair with a Fringe to make Thick Hair

If you’re looking to look trendy but are afraid to do a completely shaven. Hair with fringe that is wavy and layered for women with thick hair could be styled more shaggier, but it is not always cut shaggy. Different length layers can be achieved the long shag with bangs if properly styled.

Soft Shag Haircut with Thin Bangs for Longer Hair

#8 Haircut: Soft Shag with thin Bangs

Shaggy haircuts are among the most sought-after trends moment and they come in a variety of variations. Modern shag hairstyles with bangs that are thin is the most flexible easy to maintain and hairstyled choice. It is suitable for all faces and hair kinds.

Long Shaggy Layers with Blunt Bangs

#9 Long Shaggy Layers topped with Blunt Bangs

The trendy hairstyle of thick shaggy layers, and blunt bangs is the perfect choice for women who wish to catch the eye’s attention. The bangs rest just below or beneath the eyebrows, and longer hair extends to at the bottom of the back. Shaggy layers frame the face, creating an oval-shaped shape.

Shaggy Bangs on Long Layered Hair

#10: Shaggy Bangs on Long Layered Hair

Shaggy bangs that are layered on long hair look absolutely gorgeous for the finer hair styles. Shag styles help to increase volume while keeping length.

Long Tousled Shag Cut with Fringe Bangs

#11: Long Tousled Shag Cut

Shaggy cuts are endless in their range of possibilities. A long , tousled shag cut is perfect for medium-to-fine hair types. The shorter layers give more volume , which creates an illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

Razored Shag Haircut with Bangs for Long Hair

#12: Razored Shag Haircut

If you’re looking for long shags or cuts that have fringe, a razored cut is a sexy and trendy hairstyle for women with round faces. The curly face-framing bangs with the short layers of razored give volume to the crown region, which makes it appear longer on the face. Make a style using a soft curl tong using GHD Spray with hairspray and play around with fingers.

Long Low-Maintenance Shag with a Face Frame and Bangs

#13: Low-Maintenance shaver with Frame. Frame

A shag cut on long hair doesn’t need to be cut frequently to look good. A beautiful, low-maintenance shag with face-framing comprises of only enough layers to give the “shag” appearance, but it develops seamlessly.

Multi-Layered Long Shaggy Cut with Middle Part Bangs

#14: Multi-Layed cut featuring Middle Part Bangs

Most of the time is whenever you see “shaggy haircuts” you’re thinking super-short layers, but that’s not always the situation. Multi-layered cuts with middle-part bangs is an alternative to long layers. Shaggy haircuts can be adapted to your preferences.

Long-Length Wolf Shag with Bangs for Women Over 40

#15: Long-Length Wolf Shag for Women Over 40

A long-length wolf shag suitable for women over 40 with brow-length bangs looks trendy young, stylish, and youthful. The long shag with fringe can be styled to suit a variety of face forms and hair types. consult your stylist about how long the layers you have to meet your requirements.

Very Long Modern Shag with Wispy Bangs

#16: A Very Long Modern Shag , with Wispy Bangs

Shaggy hairstyles do not have to be long. A modern, long shag with wispy bangs enables you to maintain your length while creating the illusion of having hair that is fuller.

Longer Wavy Shag with Face-Framing Bangs

17: Wavy Shag with face-framed Bangs

A wavy shag that has bangs that frame your face is an easy long haircut that works well with naturally wavy hair. Like all cuts that have bangs, this long wavy shag is stunning when tucked into either a ponytail or bun. A couple of wispy pieces along with fringe make a lovely face frame.

Long Shaggy Hair with Beach Waves and Fringe

#18: Long Shaggy hair with Beach Waves

Long shaggy hair that has beach waves is an amazing hairstyle that can be worn for any occasion. Long shaggy hair is a great choice for numerous choices, it can be styled with a dress or down and look stunning on a variety of facial shapes.

Long Blonde Shag with Long Bangs

19: Long Blonde Shag With Long Bangs

A blonde shag that has long bangs is the ideal cut for women who want to style their hair in a long length and want some volume and movement. The shag for long hair is suitable for every face shape and hair texture and is extremely flexible and easy to style and wear.

Long-Length Shaggy Mullet with Heavy Bangs

#20: LONG-LENGTH Shaggy Mullet with heavy Bangs

The long-length mullet with thick bangs is a hairstyle hybrid which combines a longer shaggy haircut and a mullet. It’s a great option for thick , wavy hair that requires lots of weight shed to simplify the process of managing it. Make use of a deeply moisturizing masque such as Pureology Strong Cure Restorative Masque.

Long Shagged Haircut with Short Bangs for Thin Hair

#21 Shagged Haircut with short Bangs for thin Hair

The shagged haircut that has short bangs can be a striking and trendy hairstyle that has fringe, perfect for ladies who have thin hair and are looking to stand out. It’s easy to maintain and develops perfectly. This is the perfect long hairstyle if you plan to go to the salon just once per year.

70s Shag with Soft Layers and Bangs for Long Hair

#22: 1970s Shag soft layers and Bangs

A 70s shag that has smooth layers and bangs is the hairstyle with long layers that made the rounds again. It’s a simple and untidy hairstyle that is perfect for women who are looking for flexibility. In case your hair falls thick the stylist can trim away some weight to make it easier to manage.

Long Straight Wispy Shag with Curtain Bangs

#23 Straight, Wispy Shag With Curtain Bangs

Straight, wispy shag cut with bangs on the curtain is an excellent choice for women with long flat hair that wants to appear more and more textured. The shaggy short layer can be cut using the help of a feather razor to create a more wavy look. In the case of the curtain fringe, a razor is the tool that you choose to add bulk and lightness to the long shag.

Long Curly Shag with Feathered Bangs on Women Over 50

24: Curly Shag with Feathered Bangs on women over 50

The curly shag that has feathered bangs is perfect for women who are over 50 and have faces that are round. The shag hairstyle increases the volume at the top of the head but less on the sides that creates the illusion of having a larger face. Make the curls squirmy using a little oil and mousse and then diffuse.

Textured, Choppy Layers with Bangs on Long Hair

#25: Textured, Choppy Layers on Long Hair

What’s not to love about the textured, choppy layers on a long-haired. Combining an long shag haircut with bangs can give you a look that is perfect for every facial shape. Spray some hair spray that is texturizing or dry shampoo to get that second-day messy hair.

Long Messy Shaggy Hair with a Fringe

#26 Messy Shy Hair and Fringe

The messy, shaggy hair with fringe is a versatile hairstyle that is easy to maintain and wear. Long shag hairstyles work for all face forms and hair types that add texture and volume to straight, flat hair. Request your stylist to add some highlights around your face to highlight your face features, such as your cheekbones or eyes, to create a sense of depth.

Long Wavy Textured Haircut with a Shaggy Fringe

#27: Wave Textured Haircut that has Shaggy Fringe. Shaggy Fringe

A haircut with bangs hairstyled with curls or waves and twirled to create volume, is a gorgeous shaggy wavy look. A wavy-textured hairstyle with shaggy fringes is the latest trend and is suitable for all face forms.

Long Shaggy Hair with Disconnected Layers and Bangs

#28 Shaggy Hair with Layers Disconnected

Shaggy hair that is separated from layers can be a plethora of options. Shag hairstyles are great with curtain bangs or fringe giving a more full and extravagant appearance.

Long Shaggy Natural Curls with Bangs

#29: Long Natural Curl Bangs

Natural long curls that have been shaped into a shaggy, long cut with bangs are a great method to control curly hair. The hairstyle will appear in its most shaggiest shape when dry-brushed quickly, but when it’s blow-dried smoothly it doesn’t appear like shaggy. Be sure to let your stylist know that you’re planning to keep natural curly locks straight. This can alter the way that your haircut is done.

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