Popular Blunt & Choppy Haircuts

Hairstyles that are choppy for women are ideal for occasions. If they are done correctly they will impress. If you’re searching for a new look or want to make yourself an icon of your night There is a trendy style to suit your needs. We’ve gathered 22 different cut-offs and styles to look over. They range from pretty and tidy to wild and shocking. When you bring some imagination to your hairstyle it is possible to make a truly stunning masterpiece. Do not settle for less than the best!

1. Blunt bob cut

blunt cut bob for women

If your hair is curly you are likely to find them difficult to manage. It is possible to forget about the visible layers or sleek haircuts. By cutting off the ends to make your hair the look you’ve always wanted , without additional hairstyles.

2. Blunt layers

layered choppy hairstyle for girls

Give your basic bob a boost with a sculpted top of it using sharp layers. The bottom portion stays straight and tidy. If you’re looking for more oomph all you need to do is apply some vibrant colours.

3. Blunt fohawk

Blunt fohawk hairstyle for stylish women in 2018-2017

Mohawks and fohawks are created to create a bold appearance. Make use of this trendy hairstyle for women if desire to appear stunning. Think about dyeing the layers with to different shades.

4. Blunt cut, sharp with sharp ends

Sharp ends hairstyle for women

This gorgeous pixie is accessible to women who have straight hair. Apart from cutting off your ends off, you have to arrange them so that the result is obvious. If your locks appear slightly messy, this design isn’t for you.

5. Long bangs with a long bob.

Choppy bob with long bangs hairstyle

Let yourself look gorgeous by sporting a long choppy hairstyle and long side-swept bangs. This easy-to-style hairstyle is precisely what you want to be the queen of the evening, week or even a whole month.

6. Separate the strands


You can add some extra volume to your hairstyle with a choppy look with two hanging hair strands to the bob’s shorter length. The haircut will immediately become longer, without any effort. This is a fantastic way to go!

7. Long A-line bob

Long a-line bob hairstyle for girl

A-line bobs are extremely benefited by the choppy look. The choppy haircuts for women can give an impressive impression when they are neat. The distinction between the layers is lost when you have messy hairstyles.

8. Go blonde


Blondes in different hues look fashionable in any hairstyle you select. Get your hair to shine and attractive by mixing a variety of blonde hues. Platinum and yellow blonde is a great option.

9. Asymmetrical chop

 Asymmetrical chop hairstyle for girl

You can add the symmetry of your haircut through creating layers of choppy hair along the sides. To make them even more distinctive, by coloring them all an entirely different shade. Get creative and make some dazzling highlights.

1o. Curly curls that are choppy

Choppy curls hairstyle for girl

Curly hairstyles are difficult to style attractive and choppy because the curls can visually conceal the chopped ends. If you’re still looking to showcase some choppiness, you’ll need to be mindful of how you style it.

11. Cut the ends


This is the easiest method to make a sleek cut for women. All you have to do is create layers of bobs and cut the back. This is a great option for women who have wavy hair as well.

12. Classic chop

Classic chop hairstyle for young girl

This hairstyle is the most popular method to create an angular haircut. You can make it no matter what hair’s type. Curls and waves can be beautiful If you’re cautious when the layers.

13. Beautiful and long

Long and beautiful Blunt and Choppy hairstyle

Long bobs appear attractive when their ends are cut. It is possible to contrast the rough ends with subtilly styled side-swept long bob. Be wary of this style when you have a shorter neck and faces that are round.

14. Chopped top


Contrasted layered hairstyles are fantastic choice for girls who have hair that is thin. This style adds volume to the top and allows you to cut off some long hair strands. The ends of the layers are cut.

15. Eye-covering bangs


However style of women’s hair you pick, you are able to experiment with your bangs. They’re usually designed to stand out against the cut ends, however, you could also consider some choppy fringes as well.

16. Chop’em


If you’re struggling with waves, cutting off the ends will help to make your hairstyle tidy and attractive. There is no need to create layers or make hairstyles that are unique. Cut off the ends and observe how it appears.

17. Stacked Pixies

Stacked pixies hairstyle for girl

Stacked pixies could be transformed into stunning choppy hairstyles for women when you decide to have your back cut. You’ll have to increase the length of your hair slightly for the ends that have been cut to be clear.

18. Asymmetrical and choppy


If you are looking for hairstyles with a line, especially when your hair is curly There is no need to create obvious layers. A slight symmetry in the back , complemented with sharp hair highlights are all that you require to make a hairstyle that is unique.

19. Ombre

Ombre hairstyle for girl

Whichever hairstyle you prefer You can enhance the look of the curly edges by making an ombre. When you make the bottom portion the hair lighter you can draw attention away from the roots that are growing.

20. Hair cut into a swath

Chopped bangs side-swept hairstyle

The bangs tend to be straight or side-swept when it comes to hairstyles for women with choppy styles There are certainly exceptions. If you’re not afraid of your daily style, opt for the asymmetrical, choppy style.

21. Simply chop it up.


Hair that is unruly can be shaved by a hairdresser who knows how to cut it. Do not worry about split ends and hair that is wavy. A shaved bottom cut will instantly give you a an attractive look.

22. Chop the bob

Chop the bob hairstyle for girl

Long asymmetrical bobs that are chopped in asymmetrical fashion are extremely stylish and it’s difficult to stay away from the sight of these beauties. Whatever kind of hair you’ve got it’s worth trying cutting your hair into a hairstyle. It’s definitely worth the trouble.


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