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30 Best Rooted Blonde Hair in 2023

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Dark roots on blonde hair is an hair color method that allows the natural brunette roots blended seamlessly into blonde hair. Also called the shadow root technique, this technique has eliminated the growing-out phase that is known to destroy freshly dyed light hair strands as well as the high-maintenance associated with it. Ashley Benson, Diane Kruger as well as Kristen Stewart ditched the full-blown blonde style and chose this affordable but totally fantastic hair dyeing fashion! It’s time to say goodbye to all the retouching and save your time and money without ruining your hair! The benefits of having rooted blondes do not end with easy maintenance. Maintaining dark roots gives an unnaturally cool contrast and dimensions and depth to the hair, which allows you to effortlessly style it! Some believe that a natural-looking hair color that has no visible roots is chic however, dark hair has been gaining popularity as a fashion and are a trendy solution. To help this happen, we’ve collected the most chic dark hair color ideas that have rock-chic style. Many women with dark hair do not like bright blonde due to the fact that they find it difficult and frustrating to manage the regrowth of their roots. If you decide to go in a blonde color with darker roots you’ll ignore this problem and create a gorgeous blonde hue that’s impressive in texture, is natural looking and is simple to keep in check. Explore these stunning suggestions to choose the most stunning look and then join the camp of blondes in 2023!

#1: Sassy and Delightful

This dramatic Bob is a true masterpiece! The cool blonde hair color and natural brunette roots make an elegant yet fashionable match. In addition this mix is low maintenance.

Short Platinum Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

#2: Long Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Make this beautiful romantic look to show off the gorgeousness of your thick locks. Layer your face-contrasting layers with gorgeous blonde shades and stun everyone around with your stunning new hairstyle.

Dark Roots Blonde Hair Layers Hairstyle

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#3: Blonde Balayage and Root Touch Ups

To get this beautiful champagne blonde hair you should ask your hair colorist to blend highlights with deep brown hair. Choose a colorist whom you trust for creating an amazing color transition from the natural requires expertise and skill.

Dark Brown Roots Blonde Hair Idea

#4: Natural Roots and Beige Blonde Highlights

By using this hair coloring method it is possible to forget about the traditional process of dyeing your hair, which is time-consuming. Mid-shaft highlights that have darker roots can help you stay clear of the hassle and maintain this appealing look for longer.

Medium Brown to Honey Blonde Hair Balayage

#5: Buttery Tones on Natural Brown Hair

Layers of wavy hair and soft blonde highlights work well one another! Make sure you tousle your hair to create a messy casual look like this and then fix it by spraying it with a texturizing agent.

Tousled Rooted Blonde Bob on Dark Brown Base

#6: Stunning Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

It’s hard not to fall for this appealing medium-length haircut that has large, bouncy blonde highlights! This light shade will match the natural hair; If you’d like to achieve a more soft and more warm look, you can add the light brown hue too.

Chunky Golden Blonde Highlights and Brown Roots

7: Dimensional Golden Curls with Dark Roots

You will impress everyone with your stunning golden curls! If you’re planning to go to a romantic dinner or have a meeting with colleagues, everyone’s attention will be on you because this hairstyle is designed to shine!

Naturally Curly Honey Blonde Hair with Root Shadow

#8 Ash Blonde Pixie with Dark Roots

Do you think of a cut that is more fashionable than this stylish blonde Pixie bob? Nape undercuts highlight the contrast between brunette hair with dark brown roots. This makes this appearance chic and trendy. Naturally, stacking layers adds hair volume and volume on top, while the long fringe on the side elongates the face.

Short Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

#9: Sassy Blonde Ombre

If you’re looking to bring some brightness to blonde hair you should consider using this beautiful blonde balayage style while making your hair’s roots darker. The look is very natural, delicate and elegant.

Light Brown Hairstyle with Warm Blonde Ends

#10: Long Shaggy Cut for Blonde Hair

This attractive shaggy cut with blonde balayage creates an ideal shape for your facial features. Apply a hair-styling product and backcomb your dark hair to create this light look on your hair.

Middle Length Shaggy Blonde Hairstyle with Dark Roots

11: Strawberry Blonde Hair with Shadow Roots

People will love this beautiful sun-kissed look paired with beach waves! Opt for warmer blonde tones and a the shadow of the root to add an extra dimension to the color and create this stunning look.

Strawberry Blonde and Root Shadow Hair Color

#12: Blonde Balayage Highlights on Wavy Hair

The most important thing to remember about beautiful balayage is that you pick different shades that complement one another. For instance, if have the light brown color as your base make sure you choose warmer blonde tones. This will make you look elegant and beautiful!

Wavy Creamy Blonde Hair with Medium Brown Roots

#13: Platinum Hair and Black Roots

A blonde bob is hairstyle that is quite versatile and can be tailored to suit any face shape and skin tone. Accentuate your black or brown hair by adding light blonde tones so that it looks stylish and easy.

Light Blonde Hair with Dark Roots Hairstyle for Black Hair

#14: Eye-Catching Blonde Root Smudge

If you are looking to lengthen your face the face-framing layers could effectively accomplish this goal. Layer your hair with darker roots with blonde highlights, to create hair that is look more full and smooth.

Ash Blonde Balayage with Bright Face Framing Highlights

#15 Platinum Blonde Hair with Root Shadow

The icy blonde shade appears stunning, but you need to be aware when choosing the hair color because it should be a perfect match for your skin tone such as this. Mix light highlights with darker hair to create stunning contrast.

Shiny Platinum Locks with Dark Roots

#16: Long Ash Blonde Waves on Dark Locks

Sexy and feminine This hairstyle is designed to make people go crazy! Longer ash blonde hair with darker roots add the texture and depth and make your hair shine and more attractive.

Ash Blonde Balayage for Dark Asian Hair

17: Bronde locks with Dark Roots

Blond strands of hair and dark roots create an ultra-chic style. You can opt for this long braided bronde to create an appealing smooth transition from lighter to dark colors.

Blonde Hair Color for Transitioning from Brunette

#18: Rooted Blonde Hairstyle for Black Women

Although you won’t surprise anyone with your balayage hair coloring in the near future the mix of blonde highlights that are sandy with natural, black hair look appealing, particularly for women of color. It will freshen up your look and draw more attention to your look.

Cool Blonde with Dark Roots for Natural Hair

#19: Blonde Balayage and Root Shadow Bob

This shoulder-length bob with choppy edges will give a feminine touch to your appearance, and allow you to appear younger. Darker hairstyles can not only make your hairstyle simpler to keep, but will also increase how much volume you have in your hair’s fine.

Bright Blonde Bob with Root Shadow

#20: Icy Blonde Style for Short Straight Hair

The sleek hairstyle is always chic and trendy, however you can always spice up the style with a striking white blonde color. If you have brown eyebrows and eyes, make sure to choose brunette hair that has dark roots to bring the look.

White Blonde Hair Color for Naturally Dark Hair

#21: Face-Framing Highlights on Dark Brown Base

Women who have warm skin tones need the same warm colors for their hair to match their looks. Select between caramel and beige shades to provide a touch of contrast to your brown base. It will also bring more dimension and movement to your locks.

Dark Roots Warm Brown and Honey Blonde Balayage

#22: Medium Blunt Rooted Blonde Hairstyle

If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintenance, stylish option for medium-length hair, you might like this blunt blonde haircut. Bring it to the salon and show it off to your stylist for repeating this amazing multi-dimensional balayage.

Straight Icy Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

#23: Smooth Dark to Caramel Blonde Hair Fade

If you’re looking to bring warmth on the dark brown hair of yours look at these shades of caramel blonde. They’ll freshen up your hairstyle and give your hair a look that is tasty. Make your hair longer in front to frame and lengthen your face.

Long Bob Ombre Hair Color Idea

#24: Low-Maintenance Blonde Balayage

You can enjoy the added volume and depth with the light blonde balayage which begins lower than normal. This trendy hair color reduces salon visits to a minimal and looks beautiful on straight and wavy hair, allowing you to wear it in any way you like.

Low Maintenance Blonde Hair Color on Long Brown Locks

25: Dark Blonde Hairstyle with Dark Roots

Look at this beautiful brunette hair! This look perfectly blends shades of brown and blonde and creates a stunningly blended balance. We are sure that no one will be able take their eyes off of you!

Blonde Balayage with Root Shadow for Black Skin

#26: Warmer Tones of Blonde and Dark Roots

Do your curls appear dry and dull and lacks volume? The lighter golden blonde highlights and money-pieces add definition and texture for your curls. They are a refreshing addition to your appearance and accentuating your face’s features.

Summer Blonde Highlights with Dark Roots

#27: Hairstyles for Long Blonde Style with Dark Roots

This hairstyle is a great illustration of how highlighted hair could be kept healthy. Hair dye using the method of balayage and shadow roots and then apply a high-quality conditioner to protect and moisturize your blonde locks from damage.

Straight Brown Hair with Blonde Balayage

#28 Lovely Natural Look with Dark Brown Roots

The ashy pieces of money are designed to compliment and enhance brown hair. It also adds thickness and volume to your hair. This is an excellent method for women who have thin hair types. It is possible to wear these loose waves anyplace, because they can be worn with any style.

Natural Blonde Hairstyle with Highlights and Lowlights

#29: The Platinum Pixie Bob With Dark Roots

This bob stacked is a great option for those with thin hair. Combining icy blonde hair and black roots that are jet black and blow-dry your hair on the other side and you’re good to go!

Short Platinum Blonde Hair with Cool Brown Root Shadow

#30: Honey Blonde Curls for Natural Brunettes

Why limit yourself to only one color when you can create a stylish multi-tone hairstyle with the technique of smudging your roots? Combining blonde locks with darker brown ones won’t just make the hair color more gentle on your hair’s texture, but it also gives you the perfect appearance for work or after-work celebrations!

Layered Golden Blonde Curls with Dark Roots

With this wide range of hairstyles You will surely have an idea of your next long-lasting blonde hairstyle. Make sure you give plenty of attention to your hair that has been colored and keep it in the perfect cool shade by using a purple shampoo.

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