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50 Shades of Burgundy Hair Color for 2023

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Burgundy (dark dark red a red wine hue) is widely used to dye brunettes’ hair. Blondes and women who have medium brown hair may use this high-end shade to appear brighter, and well more brighter. Some redheads will even try some shades that remind of the burgundy color, but tending to warmer hues, with an mix of cinnamon. Traditional, vibrant or old maroon, burgundy or Oxblood… So, what color should you pick? Here are 50 illustrations of ways to use the dark red shade to dye your hair or refreshing it using colors that you can create. It energizes your locks and adds an undertone that is mysterious or, in the opposite, it’s the most vibrant shade you can imagine on your own. Burgundy adapts to your normal hair color and helps you get your desired results. Do you wish to be the forefront of focus? Create a smart retro look? Include a splash of color to your autumn season that looks at ease with the changing seasons? Introduce some spice tint and shimmer for your brunette locks? Don’t worry, just browse through the images below and pick. At first, the burgundy shade was considered to be the ideal brown hair color for brunettes. Nowadays, even blondes are daring to be that bold and eye-catching. If taking a leap towards vibrant vinous shades is difficult for you at the moment however, if you’re attracted to try something different try ombres with purple and red tones using demi-permanent dyes. They are washed out after 24 shampoos, meaning you’ll never be bored by your dazzling ends. This look is pretty stylish with medium brunette hair for example. Vinous highlights, a option for compromise, are perfect for dark brown, black as well as medium-brown hair. Let’s take a look at some images.

#1: Dark Red Velvet

Dark Burgundy Hair With Highlights

These red velvet cupcakes you love eating are now available through your hair and the result is just as delicious. Select a dark hue of burgundy that is a perfect match for an attractive balayage style. Do you think, “yummy?”

# 2: Dark Chocolate Hair with Burgundy Balayage

The deep burgundy color in highlights of balayage shines and sparkles. To make the beauty of the shade more apparent, you can add long layers of low maintenance that ensure your hair stays beautiful and beautiful.

Dark Burgundy Balayage Hair Color

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#3: Bright Burgundy Locks

Showing off the burgundy hair that you have put into it is much simpler than you thought. You can give yourself a sleek hairstyle that is silky and smooth, with the dye that will truly shine. Use an oval or paddle brush and pass it over the hair in a damp section before completing the process by blowdrying it.

Long Straight Burgundy Hair

#4: Deep and Dark Purple Hair

Dark red and violet locks are the most natural-looking hair as you’ll achieve, but without being natural. Consider a hair color that features subtle purple hue which isn’t too obvious… up until you are in the sunlight. Then, observe the sparks go off.

Dark Burgundy And Violet Hair

#5: Dark Purple Loose Locks

The color purple often conjures images of bright violet locks. Take a different route and try deep dark hair that is dark. This style is fantastic because the deep shade can be worn from summer to autumn effortlessly.

Very Dark Burgundy Brown Hair

#6: Bright Black Raspberry Hair

It’s possible that you’d like to make the darker hair pop. Make it a bright, burgundy red, the color which you rarely see nowadays. With half-updos, your roots will be revealing and highlighting the vibrant lengths. Gorgeous in soft waves, curly curls, or straight hair strands.

Dark Hair With Bright Burgundy Red Highlights

#7: Soft Cinnamon Brown Hair

The dark red hair color that is associated with cinnamon spice is the hairstyle dreams are made of. It can make your long hairstyle unique one of a unique. If you wear it straight or curly and with a simple central part, it’ll appear stunning.

Long Red Brown Hair

#8: Gorgeous Dark Burgundy Hair

The gorgeous Burgundy hair color is a great hair color for brunettes. It complements all skin tone. The color of your hair is ideal in this situation however, you can choose to play using subtle babylights or highlights.

Solid Burgundy Hair Color For Brunettes

#9 Espresso The hair is highlighted featuring Red Wine Highlights

It is easy to achieve an edgy look by adding highlights of red wine in an espresso base. This produces a gorgeous color that appears amazing when it is caught in the light.

Burgundy Highlights For Black Hair

#10: Barely There Burgundy Tint for Brunettes

If you are a fan of your dark brunette hair but want only a little red wine hair dye to your hair, there is no need to go for an all-burgundy hue. Add some subtle highlights of balayage to make your hair look more distinct and vibrant rather than neutral. This subtle color is gorgeous all year long with almost every complexion and colors.

Subtle Burgundy Highlights

#11: Wavy Lob with Reddish Brown Color

If you aren’t able to decide between red and brown hair colors, you can play around with the two shades and opt to the ideal burgundy color it’s absolutely stunning! It’s stunning when worn with a curly hairstyle.

Dark Chocolate with Burgundy Highlights

#12: Dark Maroon Locks for Olive Skin Tones

The maroon shade is an absolute attraction for any true fashionista! If you choose to use it as a the primary color of your hair, or you have your locks highlighted with this shade and style, it will help you make an impression at any event! You can pair your dark maroon hairstyle with a bob that is short and loose long waves.

Juicy Burgundy Hair Color

#13: Burgundy and Scarlet Highlights

Use a burgundy hair color over black hair and mix it up by adding highlights of scarlet to create a gorgeous blend that people will admire you. The soft waves make the overall style romantic and feminine.

Burgundy Hair With Scarlet Highlights

#14 Balayage: Bright Burgundy with Black Roots

Two-toned and slightly more unique black hair offers an intriguing contrast for bold and adventurous people. For a more unified appearance, combining the two colors you can opt for the balayage style.

Glossy Black And Burgundy Hair

#15: Subtle Lavender and Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy color paired with a soft violet color is an interesting and captivating combination that will please everyone. It’s a great option to black hair!

Burgundy Balayage With Violet Babylights

#16: Plum Burgundy Hair Color

This wine shade with magnetic appeal will be a hit everywhere you travel! Inspired by Merlot the color is designed to bring attention to your appearance and style. Additionally, you can create these gorgeous curls with a wand, or curling iron give more texture and depth on your locks.

Cherry Chocolate Hair with Burgundy Roots

17. Burgundy Hair with Cherry Highlights

Another great illustration of how deep shades of burgundy could be incorporated into darker hair. The vibrant burgundy hue gives off an intense, modern look that makes your style look more sophisticated. An ideal shade for true connoisseurs of Bordeaux Clairet.

Burgundy Hair with Copper Money Pieces

#18 Medium Black Hair with a Purple Tint

A subtle burgundy look for those who already have black hair that has an added twist. The shade of purple is subtle yet stylish. It typically takes longer to the ends of your hair, creating darkening appearance at the root that slowly fades as it goes down to the ends.

Subtle Black Purple Hair

#19: Soft Burgundy Highlights for Black Hair

Some women are hesitant to use the dark burgundy shade when selecting hair dyes because they envision something outrageous. However, dark red hair colors is often “calm,” elegant, and decent , like this stunning color with scattered cherry accents.

Red Burgundy Highlights and Black Lowlights

20: Dark Chocolate Hair with Cherry Highlights

A completely different look to brunette hair that has highlights of burgundy The dark cherries and chocolate hues make delicious combination that is a delight to the eye. Consult your hairdresser about subtle cherries for dark hair to create hair that is fun and unique.

Subtle Red Highlights For Brown Hair

21: Black Hair with Dark Burgundy Highlights

For shoulder-length black hair let your stylist add rich burgundy highlights to make your hairstyle otherwise dull stand out.

Deep Burgundy Highlights For Black Hair

22: Burgundy Red Waves with Money Pieces

Are you looking for a bold shade that will contrast with your black hair’s natural color and compliment tones of fair skin? This burgundy red shade is a great choice! Request your hair colorist to apply some fashionable highlighters to make your hair’s black and burgundy color into a stunning glam.

Vivid Burgundy Root Fade with Lowlights

#23: Dark Hair with subtle Burgundy Highlights

If you are required to adhere to the strict dress code for work, you can try dark brown, black or maroon hair that has subtle highlights of burgundy. It’s professional and visible, but not distracting. It won’t need much effort for it to look nice.

Instagram / @ALIRAEHAIRSTYLISTBlack Hair With Maroon Highlights

#24: Subtle Merlot Balayage Wavy Hair

There are instances where brown and burgundy make the ultimate power combination and this is definitely one of the examples. Include some soft merlot-like tones towards the ends, and with some well-defined curves made using the curling iron for the most adorable wave-like balayage look.

Burgundy Balayage For Thick Black Hair

#25: Mysterious Mahogany Balayage

If you’re looking to highlight your feminine nature and passion go for a deep mahogany shade like in the image. It’s gorgeous on long curly locks! Do not forget to use professional hair products for dyed hair in order to preserve the shine and color of your locks.

Sophisticated Burgundy Brown with Caramel

#26: Elegant Purple Balayage for Black Hair

It’s easy to get subtle purple ends by using the balayage method for black hair. More natural and soft than an all-over shade This style is a symbol of elegance and class while not being typical.

Black Hair With Subtle Purple Balayage

#27: Shiny Purple Brown Hair

Are you a fan of purple? Display your long, layered hair in your most desired shade. Wear it either way this is a stunning hairstyle you’ll be able to love.

Dark Purple Layered Lob

#28: Elegant Burgundy Balayage with touches of Copper

Modern updates for the brown hair color You can add a touch of copper to make the perfect maroon-purple Balayage. Maroon hair is particularly stunning for those who naturally have dark hair with dark blue, green, or brown eyes.

Long Bright Burgundy Hair

#29: Layered Maroon Mane

While pastel, cotton-candy-hair is trending at the moment, don’t undervalue the elegance of dark brunette hair. If styled and layered to perfection, it’s exactly as striking and as captivating. Therefore, you can ditch your hair dye of pink and switch it to an intense crimson shade.

Medium Layered Hairstyle For Thick Hair

#30: Berry-Beautiful Highlights

Bring out the vibrant colors in dark hair by opting for bright burgundy highlights. For a great way to highlight them, try pairing them with a sleek, simple straight hairstyle which lets the hair color speak for itself (and it’s declaring “Berry gorgeous !”).

Black And Burgundy Bob

#31: Black to Deep Burgundy Makeover

Are you looking for an exciting and beautiful alteration to your hair’s dark color? This dark-burgundy transforms your long hair from dull to gorgeous. You’re going to work? Dress it up straight or with an elongated ponytail to showcase the vibrant hue. Are you going out for an evening date? With voluminous, lush curls, you’ll make an impressive first impression.

Dark Burgundy Balayage

#32: Flirty Chocolate Mauve Curls

If you’re a lover of dark brown hair colors you’ll be over in love with the rich brunette hair color from the first glance! This fluttery shade is ideal for neutral and warm skin tones as well as all hair textures. We suggest winding your hair for full, bouncier locks.

Chocolate Hair with Burgundy Tint

#33: Plum and Burgundy Highlights for Brunettes

The plum shades of burgundy make an ideal complement to the rich, rich base color. They will make your hair look polished and shiny, especially when you apply haircare products that enhance the shine of your locks. Keep your dark roots in place and make a smooth transition from your natural hair shade to more striking dark burgundy hues with an ombre or balayage method.

Burgundy Hair with Plum Highlights

#34: Burgundy on Fire

Take a closer look at this burgundy hair shade and you’ll be able to see tiny glimpses of blonde visible through. The babylights set the burgundy hue into ablaze and the messy cut with different lengths only adds to the flamed appearance.

Instagram / @Wavy Layered Burgundy Lob

#35: Sangria Contouring for Black Hair

The hair colors that are inspired by wine always look sophisticated and sexy and this color is no exception. This shade will enhance your hair and create a more interesting style. The crimson-colored purple hues be perfect for women with a light skin tone.

Sangria Contouring for Black Hair

#36: Chocolate Cherry Curls

A perfect illustration of brown hair with a burgundy hue These gorgeous curls could originate from the chocolate bowl and cherries to dye the hair and look so delicious we’d like to take a bite.

Wavy Brown Bob With Burgundy Highlights

#37: Eye-Catching Dark Cherry Hue

Prepare to be asked a lot of questions on how you came across this captivating shade, because this dark burgundy hue is an absolute stunner! This color is a perfect shade for all skin tones. Maintain a sophisticated look with an angled part on the side and effortless beautiful waves.

Natural Burgundy Brown Root Fade

#38: Bright Fiery Burgundy Hair Color

The burgundy hair that has highlights is gorgeous, without doubt. If you’ve got an obsession with vivid red shades it is possible to adopt this concept for your next hair shade. It is beautiful in both an uncolored color as well as Balyage.

Ruby Red Ribbons on Burgundy Hair

#39: Mahogany Mane

The long, glossy, and bouncy locks – this gorgeous hairstyle was enhanced by a deep mahogany color. The best thing about burgundy hues such as this is they’re appropriate to be used at work, yet unique enough to make you make a statement.

Long Burgundy Hair With Root Fade

#40: Burgundy Ombre

Two different colors in one. the dark mane was transformed into red brown hair by the touch of a skilled stylist. The ombre effect creates a appear as if the natural dark locks are melting into an enchanting burgundy pool and we’re ready to swim into the water!

Black Hair With Burgundy Highlights

#41: A Classic Hue With Subtle Auburn Highlights

The hair of Burgundy looks chic with black outfits and accessories. Choose a classic dark brown shade with delicate blonde highlights to create the most glamorous appearances.

dark brown burgundy hair color

#42: Exquisite Burgundy Tinted Brown Hair

A perfect, all-over burgundy shade hairstyle, these locks have been tinted with red brown hair that creates the perfect fashion statement. The good thing is that this shade appears distinct whether you have either long or short locks.

Long Curly Burgundy Hair

#43: Mulled Wine

Burgundy blends well with red maroon as claret and port mixed along with spice on a cold winter day. This intriguing coloristic concept is achieved using the technique known as balayage. the color is strategically placed over larger areas.

dark brown burgundy hair with highlights

#44: Burgundy Waves with Subtle Raspberry Highlights

The gorgeous color of hair in Burgundy is stunning in and of itself, but if would like to make it more striking request your hair colorist to apply a subtle raspberry highlight. Hair that is thin looks exceptionally full with this coloring, particularly when you curl your ends of your hair, as shown in the photo.

Multi-Tone Burgundy Balayage

#45: Chic Merlot Burgundy Hair Color

If you love vibrant colors which still appear natural, then you’ll be awed by this gorgeous and passionate dark burgundy color. Burgundy is a great match for straight hair, beach locks or more curly curls, which means you can play around with your hairstyle in as numerous trendy styles as you like.

Burgundy Balayage with Black Underlayer

#46: Very Subtle Burgundy Brown Balayage

If you’re new to the idea of burgundy locks, you could try first with brownish red hair. This is possible through, for example, simple balayage using small, delicate stripes of color that you apply to your original brunette shade with no bleaching prior to it. It’s among the top look for beginners to try a burgundy brown.

Black Hair With A Burgundy Tint

#47: Deep Violet Highlights

Give your hair with a purple-red hue the ethereal and dreamy feel by adding highlight highlights that are jewel-toned. The shimmering hair strands will be awe-inspiring and provide “unicorn hair” an entirely new meaning.

Black Hair With Purple And Brown Balayage

#48: Dark Violet Cascades

Have fun with your hair color by sporting maroon locks that are an impact. It’s not exactly red, and it’s not exactly purple, but it is absolutely captivating. Take a look and see if you’re not overwhelmed by compliments right away.

Long Burgundy Hair With Maroon Highlights

#49: Chocolate Meets Wine

The addition of burgundy to your hair is a bit intimidating however there is an acceptable middle ground, that this hue is. The transition from dark chocolate at the root to a soft burgundy at to the end is soft creating an burgundy brown color which is similar to two things that are the most loved by women of average age like wine and chocolate.

Black Hair With Burgundy And Maroon Balayage

#50: Glossy Burgundy Hair

Take a leap into a bold shade that is reminiscent of this coke cherry shade of burgundy for a make your style more striking and trendy! This shade will add the appearance of a tressed and will make your look more than a style that is high-end that is a desire of every fashionista!

High-Shine Deep Warm Burgundy Hair Color

We hope that you have found the perfect red wine tint that has warmer or cooler base that feels and tastes the most wonderful. Burgundy is a great match for every skin tone. It’s just important to pick the right shade.

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