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50 Stunning Burgundy Hair Color Ideas for Every Style

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Discover 50 stunning ways to incorporate the luxurious burgundy hair color into your look. Whether you’re a brunette seeking depth or a blonde craving vibrancy, burgundy offers versatility with its range of shades from traditional to vibrant. Explore illustrations showcasing how burgundy can energize your locks, adding a mysterious undertone or vibrant flair. From retro chic to modern elegance, burgundy adapts seamlessly to enhance your natural hair color and desired style. Whether you want to stand out, embrace autumnal warmth, or add a touch of spice to your brunette locks, burgundy has you covered. Dive into the images below to find your perfect look. Whether you’re a brunette looking to enhance your natural hue or a blonde ready for a bold change, burgundy offers a versatile option to suit your style. If you’re not ready to fully commit, try demi-permanent dyes for ombre effects or subtle highlights that wash out after 24 shampoos. Perfect for brunettes, blacks, and medium-brown hair, these options provide a stylish compromise. Explore the possibilities and elevate your look with burgundy highlights, ombres, or full color transformations.

#1: Dark Red Velvet

Dark Burgundy Hair With Highlights

These red velvet cupcakes you love eating are now available through your hair and the result is just as delicious. Select a dark hue of burgundy that is a perfect match for an attractive balayage style. Do you think, “yummy?”

# 2: Dark Chocolate Hair with Burgundy Balayage

The deep burgundy color in highlights of balayage shines and sparkles. To make the beauty of the shade more apparent, you can add long layers of low maintenance that ensure your hair stays beautiful and beautiful.

Dark Burgundy Balayage Hair Color

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#3: Bright Burgundy Locks

Showing off the burgundy hair that you have put into it is much simpler than you thought. You can give yourself a sleek hairstyle that is silky and smooth, with the dye that will truly shine. Use an oval or paddle brush and pass it over the hair in a damp section before completing the process by blowdrying it.

Long Straight Burgundy Hair

#4: Deep and Dark Purple Hair

Dark red and violet locks are the most natural-looking hair as you’ll achieve, but without being natural. Consider a hair color that features subtle purple hue which isn’t too obvious… up until you are in the sunlight. Then, observe the sparks go off.

Dark Burgundy And Violet Hair

#5: Dark Purple Loose Locks

The color purple often conjures images of bright violet locks. Take a different route and try deep dark hair that is dark. This style is fantastic because the deep shade can be worn from summer to autumn effortlessly.

Very Dark Burgundy Brown Hair

#6: Bright Black Raspberry Hair

It’s possible that you’d like to make the darker hair pop. Make it a bright, burgundy red, the color which you rarely see nowadays. With half-updos, your roots will be revealing and highlighting the vibrant lengths. Gorgeous in soft waves, curly curls, or straight hair strands.

Dark Hair With Bright Burgundy Red Highlights

#7: Soft Cinnamon Brown Hair

The dark red hair color that is associated with cinnamon spice is the hairstyle dreams are made of. It can make your long hairstyle unique one of a unique. If you wear it straight or curly and with a simple central part, it’ll appear stunning.

Long Red Brown Hair

#8: Gorgeous Dark Burgundy Hair

The gorgeous Burgundy hair color is a great hair color for brunettes. It complements all skin tone. The color of your hair is ideal in this situation however, you can choose to play using subtle babylights or highlights.

Solid Burgundy Hair Color For Brunettes

#9 Espresso The hair is highlighted featuring Red Wine Highlights

It is easy to achieve an edgy look by adding highlights of red wine in an espresso base. This produces a gorgeous color that appears amazing when it is caught in the light.

Burgundy Highlights For Black Hair

#10: Barely There Burgundy Tint for Brunettes

If you are a fan of your dark brunette hair but want only a little red wine hair dye to your hair, there is no need to go for an all-burgundy hue. Add some subtle highlights of balayage to make your hair look more distinct and vibrant rather than neutral. This subtle color is gorgeous all year long with almost every complexion and colors.

Subtle Burgundy Highlights

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