30 Best Short Haircuts for Women of All Time


Maybe you’ve recently got tired of your long tresses, or perhaps you just like no-fuss and edgy shorter haircuts. That’s no big deal. The thing is, you want to go short and we’ve presented the window of opportunity for you! No matter what hair type you have, you’ll find exactly the spiritual hair guide here. Roll down to check out the best short haircuts for women who need inspiration!

#1: Layered Short Haircuts with Highlights



Thanks to the straight hair and blonde highlights, this short haircut is fresh and youthful. The dark roots pair with the highlights perfectly, resulting in a dimensional and voluminous style.

#2: A Cute Blonde Bob



How adorable! Chop your locks into a bob with layers and sweep most of the hair to one side, creating a round and cute shaped bob. The light blonde hue will bring a youthful air too. This ‘do’ is for women who are looking for a short haircut that can take years off their face.

#3: Pixie with Tints of Purple



This punk styled pixie is an extremely edgy cut with the cropped layers at the back. Add a purple tint to finish off the look.

#4: A Long Silver Pixie



If you want to go short but aren’t ready for a very short haircut, this one may be perfect for you. Trim your hair into a longer than normal pixie and leave the bangs of one side longer. A silver hair color is the finishing touch.

#5: One-length Short Haircuts



Tired of complex haircuts? Then, instead opt for a simple and clean one-length bob. To avoid being boring, add some blonde highlights.

#6: Grey Hair with Short Shag Haircut



Grey hair pairs perfectly with a short shag. The extremely choppy hair at the back makes the silhouette more dimensional. Women with fine hair should rock this edgy short haircut immediately.

#7: A Sleek Chocolate Bob



This sleek and clean straight bob haircut is yet edgy and fashion-forward. Choose the one-length cut and add chocolate brown highlights to finish!

#8: Fire-Inspired Bob



This choppy bob haircut is hot like fire. It is the right short haircut for women who are bold and creative. A cropped cu paired with a crazy orange color, together they result in a truly alternative style.

#9: A White Blonde Bob



A bob with wavy ends and white blonde color. What hairstyle could be sassier? This messy short haircut requires low maintenance. Just rock it.

#10: A Stacked Bob



Obviously, this stacked bob is the short haircut for women with thin hair. The layered hair at the back can boost volume, making the style look dimensional.

#11: Tousled Asymmetrical Long Pixie



This bedhead short haircut is alternative and easy to style. Create enough angled layers with your hair and choose an asymmetrical style. Blonde is the safe and chic hair color to try in this case.

#12: A Piece-y Short Haircut



To achieve this choppy style, the first thing to do is to cut your hair in a cropped style. Then, before you blow dry your hair, use texturizing products. Or, just use a curling iron to style.

#13: A Cropped Blonde Bob



With straight hair, you have many options. Choose a layered bob and a light blonde hair color. Once you’ve done that you’ve finished most of the work. Remember to tuck some strands behind your ears to showcase your personality and pretty face.

#14: A Rock ‘n Roll Pixie



If you prefer the rock ‘n roll style and are brave enough to try new things, this alternative pixie is for you. Keep the roots dark and add silver hair color to the midshaft and tips. With this short haircut, you’re sure to turn heads.

#15: Long Pixie with Glasses



This short haircut is perfect for women with glasses. With long side bangs and asymmetrical trimmed ends, this long pixie can take years off your face.

#16: Platinum Blonde with Tints of Pink



This fantastic short haircut is for fashion icons. Ask yourself, whether you are bold enough to try crazy hair color. If so, then just go ahead and try.

#17: A Punk Pixie



Layers are the key to this pixie haircut. With so many angled layers, the whole style looks dimensional and voluminous. If you like punk style short haircuts, consider this one.

#18: A Copper Blunt Bob



A bob is always a safe choice if you’re thinking of going short. Cut the ends clean and add a copper hair color to brighten the whole look.

#19: A Silky White Bob



A straight bob can also be voluminous like this one. Create layers to boost volume on top and cut the ends sharp, finishing this stylish short haircut.

#20: A Modern Long Pixie



Choosing a short haircut for yourself isn’t always an easy task. If you can’t decide, you can try this edgy long pixie. It is absolutely a safe way to start your short haircut journey.

#21: Feathery Rainbow Short Haircut For Women


This playful short haircut for women adds many different colors to the blue and white base. It’s like a piece of artwork and your colorist can paint anything onto it to create a masterpiece. If you’re a bold girl, why not try it? We’re sure it will bring your style enough fun.

#22: Side-Parted Pixie


This is one of the perfect short haircuts for women who have fine hair. The layers and side-parted style can make your locks look voluminous and dimensional.

#23: White Pixie With Dark Roots


Layers are always the trick behind every cool short haircut for women. The white hair color pairs perfectly with the dark roots.

#24: One-length Bob With Chopped Layers


One-length bob is always a sexy and timeless short haircut for women. When chopped layers are added, the whole style looks natural and eye-catching.

#25: Wavy Bob With Highlights


The large waves look chic and sassy. With the straight ends and brown highlights, this short haircut for women becomes fashion-forward.

#26: Messy Asymmetrical Bob


The layers make this asymmetrical bob messy and natural. Without crazy hair color, a bob can also be playful.

#27: Ash Brown Curly Bob


This ash brown looks soft and tender. Create some waves with your short hair and a gorgeous bob is here!

#28: Wavy Bob With Pastel Pink


With the pastel pink and tousled layers, this short haircut for women is edgy and sultry. If you also desire for normal hair color, ash brown or ash blonde can be the substitution.

#29: Inverted Bob With Root Lift


The layers give this short haircut for women movement and the lifted roots look dimensional and voluminous. It’s a chic alternative to normal bob haircuts.

#30: Caramel To Blonde Ombre Bob


Short haircuts for women with subtle curls often impress others as cute hairstyles. With the caramel to blonde ombre hair colors, the whole look is cool and dressy. The messy curly ends give movement to this style.


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