Do you have a brunette who wants a beautiful blonde hairstyle? If you’re searching for blonde styles with dark bases and brown hair roots, then you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to look at some of the most beautiful and most trendy styles women can choose to wear. If you’re interested in rocking an attractive blonde hairstyle but don’t want to spend too much time or money to make it look better then you’re right where you should be. Read on to discover the perfect hairstyle below.

1. Who Should Go For This Hairstyle?

Women with naturally light brunette or darker brown locks can achieve blonde hairstyles easily and effortlessly. This is because it is possible to put the blonde highlight or dyes on top of your hair and effortlessly. People who wish to have fun and enjoy a refreshing fresh look that isn’t difficult to attain or requires a lot of maintenance will love this style.

2. How To Achieve Blonde Hair With Dark Roots?

Let your hair grow brown and showcase your roots as the years progress. When you reach your desired length, apply bleach and dye all over. This isn’t difficult to create, however ensure that you hire a hairstylist who is knowledgeable about how to style transitions and highlights in balayage to suit your needs.

3. Is This Look Pricey or Hard To Maintain?

It’s contingent on the result you’re looking for. Most times this color touch-up or switch-up could cost you anything between $150-$880. In terms of maintenance, all you need is a good shampoo and toner to fight this yellow tone.

Long Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

1. Voluminous Blonde With Dark Roots

Gorgeous dirty blonde style that you’ll love for casual wear or any kind of event.

2. Natural Brown Base With Highlights

Choose to add highlights of blonde on top of your brown base for this stunning look.

3. Long Blonde Hair With Natural Base

If your hair naturally is long, you’ll need to add highlights that are balayage or ombre.

4. Chocolate Hair With Blonde Highlights

Chocolate brown hair with simple blonde highlights will work well and look adorable on mature women.

5. Icy Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

This cool blonde is perfect for young women and those who enjoy trendy and fashionable designs.

6. Elegant Hollywood Waves Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

If you are looking for something elegant and formal, consider this look.

7. Blonde Hair With Dark Roots Blow-out

The dark brown color and light highlights can be used with any age and length of hair.

8. Blonde Wavy Hair With Dark Roots

Make your appearance more appealing to make your look more interesting by using this coloring technique.

9. Straight & Sleek Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

If your hair is straight, you’ll love these highlights that are atop the brown hair base.

10. Elegant And Wavy Blonde

Women who want to host the occasion of a birthday celebration or seeking an elegant look will love this stunning style.

11. Blonde Hair With Dark Roots For Everyday

You can add some blonde accents to to make it more appealing.

12. Natural Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

This style is for women in their twenties to the max.

13. Icy Silver Blonde Hair

Choose this blonde, cool silver look If you’re a fan of contemporary and snowy concepts.

14. Wavy Natural Blonde

Hair is brushed out to get this impressive amount of volume , and to relax and enjoy the cute loose waves.

15. Light Blonde With Icy Undertones

Make sure you tie your hair to the back and you’ll get this adorable semi-formal evening hair that is blonde with brown-colored base.

Short Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

1. Straight Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

If you’re naturally straight or bob hair, this style is for you!

2. Short Blonde Hairdo

Choose this light yellow undertone to show off the elegance of this look to wear everyday.

3. Blonde Hair With Dark Roots For Everyday Wear

A hairstyle like this one requires regular maintenance and coloring touch-up.

4. Low-maintenance Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

This hairstyle that features frontal pieces shows that color and hair can really frame the face!

5. A-line Bob Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

If your hair type is straight and dark brown, you can change it slightly by adding this highlights addition.

6. Straight Blonde Bob

Hair that is shorter and bob-like, as well as this blonde hairstyle looks great on women in their 30s.

7. Retro & Loose Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Choose these side-swept bangs when you are unable to make your mind about something different or if you want to make a change that is a good fit for your facial shape.

8. Straight A-Line Blonde Bob

Women in their 40s will love this style a lot.

9. Chopped Short Hair Blonde Look

You can add a little volume and showcase your adorable side with this fresh hairstyle.

10. Short Icy Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Hair with icy blonde highlights with the dark brunette base will appear like a Hollywood style. If you are able to keep this color, why not try it?

11. Ombre Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Get these cute curls and waves at the ends to add some spice to your hairstyles that are a regular highlight.

12. Short Balayage Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Women who like ombre or balayage hair with highlights will love this style the most.

13. Defined Bob Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

The cute, shorter blonde bob is pretty on women who like simple and easy-to-maintain styles.

14. Short Chopped Pixie Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

This haircut just shows how cute Pixie cuts can be sported in such a chic and modern style.

15. Short Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Women in their 40s or 50s are likely to appreciate this cute and stylish style the best. It’s flawless and easy to style and maintain on a regular basis.

Time To Experiment And Go Blonde!

What blonde hairstyle was your top pick of the bunch? Tell us if you’re willing to dye your brown hair and put some chic highlights. The natural brunettes as well as women that like a subtle changes will be able to be able to see their new look quickly.


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