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34 Volumizing Haircuts for Thin Long Hair (Before & After Makeovers)

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Hairstyles for thin and long hair cut particular method to increase volume. Long hair can add weight to thin hair and make it look dull, but with techniques like layering and cutting with a razor, it is possible for women with fine hairs to style their hair long without the hair appearing flat. Do you have thin, long hair? To enhance the fine texture of your hair, you’ll require the right mousse to volumize, thickening spray and dry shampoo. It isn’t necessary to apply all three products at the same time however any combination can keep your hair to not fall flat. Huge, beautiful curls and backcombing is an excellent alternative that can enhance your look. When you are getting ready for the next appointment with your hair stylist, take a look out these gorgeous photos of stunning and simple hairstyles for thin and long hair:

Low-Maintenance Face-Framing Layers and Side Swept Bangs

#1: Low-Maintenance Face-Framing Layers and Side Swept Bangs

The style features long layers, side-swept bangs as well as some face-framing layers, which are low-maintenance. The layers can provide women with thin, long hair a bit more movement and body without taking away all the weight on the ends, which you’d like to keep to add thickness. To style your hair in a way like this, you’ll need an iron that is 1 inch long, IGK Detox dry shampoo to act as a texture spray as well as a tiny amount of 10 magic Styling Potion to style the ends, as well as some hairspray! Curl your hair away from your face until you reach behind your ears, and then switch directions to create messy and unfinished appearance. To add body, keep the curls until the entire head is curled. Once that’s done, move your fingers through them and shake the curls out! Let a bit of the ends of the curls so that your hair will appear more unkempt and longer. Apply a styling spray that is texturizing!

Classic Long Blonde Feathered Layers for Thin Hair

#2: Classic Long Blonde Feathered Layers

Long feathered layers allow for an abundance of movement without losing dimension or length. The custom-designed layering options include the curtain fringe to side parts or face-framing. The time spent at the salon could vary from 8 to 12 weeks. This is a low maintenance option with this cut.

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Voluminous Long Waves with Side Part

#3: Massive Long Waves, with Side Part

The look of voluminous, long hair with a the side part is just one of the many methods to style fine or thin hair. For hairstyles that work well for thin, long hair isn’t easy. However, by creating the appearance of full and long hair, with gorgeous waves and adding volume by incorporating the side parting will always catch the eye.

Long length thin hair

#4: Long Length Thin Hair

It is possible to have a long length without appearing sloppy. When it comes to long, thin hairstyles be sure to consult your stylist about only a few layers and to maintain the cut blunt. If you’d like to have to add a face-framing element it is possible to add layers starting from mid-length down to create more motion and shape.

Long front layered cut for thin hair with wispy bangs

#5: The Long Front Layered With Wispy Bangs

A long front cut with wispy bangs that create more form, movement and body to your hair. Layers make hair appear more full and thicker and adds more appearance. When blow-drying and styling your fringe, apply moderate heat to help the style to set and blow-dry from one side of the hair to another.

Ponytail with a braid for long thin hair

#6: Ponytail with Braid for long Thin Hair

A ponytail that has a braid is best for hair that has been in the second day. This is because the hair has absorbed natural oils and is held more securely in place. To make a braid appear thicker, you can use a thickening product from Aveda. Next, gently tear apart sections to increase the size of the braid. Apply a light spray of hairspray similar to Aveda Air Control throughout for an added finish. This style is perfect for prom!

Soft half up updo for long thin hair

#7: Soft Half Up Updo for Long Hair

A half-up style with long hair can be an excellent option to alter your hairstyle without appearing too extravagant. Explore various braids or twists, and pull them out to create a more textured look. Allow some hair to fall over the face to add additional softness.

Flipped ends for longer hair

#8: Flipped Ends for Longer Hair

Flipping ends to create longer hair will bring new life into your finer locks. Hairstyles that give it a slight flip using the curling iron can create an stacked wave effect. The result? The hair appears fuller and wider. When styling, make sure that you add some heat protection like Aveda Shampure Dry Conditioner. It is suitable for dry and wet hair.

Messy bun for the wedding day for long thin hair

#9: Long Hair Messy Bun for the Wedding Day

Make sure you choose a chic messy hairstyle on your wedding day. This will remain timeless when you look back at your photos from the day. It’s so delicate and elegant with hair ribbons that wrap all over the face. The bun is arranged in a symmetrical way and is perfect with all dresses.

Brown Blonde Balayage for Long Thin Hair

#10: Brown Blonde Balayage for Long Thin Hair

You will be amazed by the dimension and structure a gorgeous bronze balayage adds the look of your hair! It’s one of the most simple ways to make your gorgeous brown hair look flawless all the time.

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