32 Bixie Haircut For Women To Consider in 2022

The bixie cut is a mix of a bob and a Pixie cut. This fashionable cut gives the fullness and sexiness of a hairstyle along with the power of the bob. The cut can be altered which makes it appropriate to women of all different ages. Teryn Tucker, a seasoned hairdresser who hails from Orlando, FL, who provides essential information regarding this style. In the beginning, Tucker suggests that you ensure that the cut is compatible with your hair’s texture and density. The most important thing is to find the right stylist to create an ideal bixie that fits your face, hair type and life style. If you’re looking for a modern hairstyle that is easy to air dry and texturize your hair, instead of cutting it sharply. “Release weight to make the form of the cut initially,” Tucker suggests. “This creates a natural texture and allows for the desired shape to emerge. The ideal length is defined when the movement and shape happen.” If you have hair that grows out prior to when it falls down request a longer the shape of a pixie rather than a bob. Tucker says, “The internal head-hugging shape of a pixie creates an attractive look.” If, however, your hair is growing with less natural lift, opt for a bob that has the long pixie. To style bixies, Tuckers advises, “Be open to styling your hair to complement your normal growth patterns. Learn to style your roots to enhance the shape, and mid-lengths to ends to add shape and body.”

Shagged-Out Bixie Cut with Wispy Fringe

#1 Shagged-Out Bixie cut with Wispy Fringe

Peach Razor Cut Bixie

#2: Peach Razor Cut Bixie

Consider a bixie that is razor-cut If you want an alternative to your hairstyle. In addition to this stunning peach color it’s possible to have fun with this hairstyle. With a little length at the bottom and a textured look across the top, you’ll enjoy making your hair look great!

Blonde Bixie with Choppy Layers

3. Blonde Bixie With Choppy Layers

A blonde bixie is an interesting cut that you can play with. You’ll be happy how you can maintain length , and also have plenty of layers that are choppy and textured. Texture products are your most trusted companion!

Bixie with Long Front Layers

4. Bixie With Long Front Layers

If you’re trying something new, try an afro cut that is long in the front layers. Ideal for women who desire an edgy cut but aren’t ready to let go of all their length yet. A long pixie is customized to fit any face shape to create a trendy, flattering style.

Feathered Bixie with Bangs for Women Over 50

#5 Feathered with Bangs Women over 50

A bixie trimmed with feathers is a stylish cut for women who are in their 50s. This cut offers you the option to dry it in air to create a style that is ready to blow it out to add style. Layers of feather-light hair allow this style to appear young for a woman who is older. A new style could be paired with a fresh color, or highlights that can enhance or alter the overall look.

Brunette Bixie on Fine Hair

#6: Brunette Bixie on Fine Hair

A bixie is an excellent option for women who is naturally brunette to give the depth. When paired with highlights, it creates highlights inside the layers can create the illusion of thicker hair. Hairstyles that are customizable can be incorporated into the neckline, fringe and even the texture inside the layers.

Layered Bixie with Face-Framing Bangs

#7 Layered Bixie and Face-Framing Bangs

A face-framing bixie that is layered with bangs can vary in density, length, and design. Locating a stylist who has this expertise will allow you to grow and adapt to the hairstyle as stylist’s options can alter the style , from the your preferred product to the tool of preference. This haircut is best for women with medium to fine textures.

Shaggy Bixie with Fringe Haircut

#8: Shaggy Bixie with Fringe

The shaggy bixie cut is a modern twist on the retro look. Straight or wavy textures can be incorporated by air drying or Hot tools. If you wish the fringe could be added to the design and the look is customizable.

Square Graduation Cut on a Bixie

#9: Square Graduation Cut on a Bixie

A bixie with a square graduation allows you to discover your own fashion. Leaning towards the longer side of a bixie provides the hair the flexibility to wear the hair in a smooth or textured way. A fringe can be tailored for a frame or tie it with layers.

Chin-Length Bixie with Long Side Bangs

#10 Chin-Length Bixie with Long Side Bangs

A chin-length bixie that has long bangs on the sides adds a touch of style to the traditional hairstyle. Layers can be cut short to increase volume. Long side bangs are carved in order to emphasize the facial features on the face. Smoothing iron that has a bend in the styling can make the layers pop.

Bixie Haircut with Wispy Layers

#11: Wispy Layers

A bixie that is cut in wispy layers is an excellent option for medium to fine hair. Feathered, light layers make fashion points which can be tucked behind the ear to create an elegant finish or accentuated with pomades to create a smooth appearance.

Bixie Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

#12: Bixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Bixie haircuts with side-swept bangs look edgy and trendy for women who is always on the move. The long, symmetrical look of this cut offers various styling options. Smoothed, tousled or curly!

Choppy Bixie with Thin Bangs

#13: Choppy Bixie with Thin Bangs

A bixie that is choppy and has bangs that look thin, but they look sophisticated and sultry according to how you dress it. Accent highlights in the form of points can give a different look to the haircut, or change of color to create the complete change.

Short Bixie Hair with Blended Layers

#14: A Short Bixie Blended Layers

A bixie cut short and layers of blended hair gives it a the appearance of a uniformed style. The style is flexible, but it best works with straight hair or wavy hair. Drying hair in the air using curling cream or blow-out by gel will help to create the foundation. Hairspray or pomade will help to lock in the look.

Side-Parted Wavy Bixie Hairstyle

#15: Side-Parted Wavy Bixie

A wavy bixie split to the sides is made when there are layers of longer length on the top and in length. This allows two times of twirling one 1.25″ up to 1.25″ barrel-wand. By leaving the ends free can help create the natural look of a hair pixie. After that, straightening the ends to give them an easy polish is not required particularly on hair that is second day.

The Airy Bixie Hairstyle

#16: The Airy Bixie

A bixie style that is airy is a fantastic option for medium to fine density hair. It’s ideal for women who desire for their hair to be full and full but with the air of a playful fashion. Light layers of feathers create hairstyles that can be put behind the ear to give a polished look or accentuated with pomades to create a smooth look.

Long Bixie with Crown Layers for Ladies Over 60

#17: Long Bixie for Ladies Over 60

A long bixie that has crown layers is an ideal hairstyle for women who are over 60. Crown layers can provide a contemporary twist while showing the potential of retro styles.

Tousled Layers on a Bixie Cut

#18: Tousled Layers on a Bixie Cut

When you layer layers of tousled in a cut bixie, you will add some elegance to the design. Layers pop when they are twirled with a wand or texture paste to create a sculpted look.

Bixie with Long Bangs for Thin Hair

#19 Bixie With Long Bangs thin Hair

When it comes to getting long hair on thin hair, this is the option for those who want to add style and convenience. the most elegant of both styles half bob and half Pixie. It’s an easy hairstyle that can be created from a dry to wet state , as your hands could be used as brushes to style your hair dry. Styling products such as Ouai Matte pomades can be added after the hair is dry in order to cut the fringe or layers. These products can also be used when your hair is shaped between appointments.

Stacked Bixie Cut with an Undercut

20: Stacked Bixie with an undercut

If you pile the hair and then cut it with an undercut, it can help distribute your hair’s weight for an elevated texture. Undercuts can be utilized to cut down on bulk, or to give a more edgy look to the bixie hairstyle. This can reduce the time between salon visits or it can be maintained throughout regular visits. If you’re styling, a double set of a paddle and small round brushes can assist in achieving a blow-dry look with mousse, and other products like and serum are a great complement to the style.

Messy Bixie Style with a Deep Side Part

#21: Messy Bixie Style with Deep Side Part

A messy bixie that has an elongated side is a gorgeous style that can be worn for the “undone” appearance. A quick spritz of the curling wand could assist you in achieving a natural appearance, paired with products such as Texture High Tide Texturizing Flexible hold hair spray from Sexy Hair to lock in the final hairstyle. The haircut is asymmetrical or balanced based on the style you prefer.

Side-Swept Bixie Hair cut

#22: Side-Swept Bixie

A bixie with a side-swept cut is trendy and trendy for women in motion. The long, asymmetrical design of this cut offers various styling options. Smoothed, tousled or curly! Images of your next appointment will assist in determining the best look.

Soft Bixie with Face-Framing Layers and Bangs

#23 Soft Bixie With Face-Framing Layers, Bangs

Layers with face-framing and bangs can be sported on the bixie to add softness. Cut your bangs in a variety of ways: full-length fringe or a wispy short fringe side-swept to the left or the right. The options are endless, and the great thing with a hairstyle like this is that bangs will grow every four weeks, and a style change can feel like a brand new haircut each time.

Sleek Bixie for Thick Straight Hair

#24: Sleek Bixie for Thick, Straight Hair

A bixie with straight, thick hair can be a wonderful change to your hairstyle if you want to be lighter in your style, routine and maintenance. For a smoother hairstyle during hair styling, make use of Drybar liquid glass magic smoothing sealant. It helps to maintain heat protection while bringing softness and shine.

Textured Pixie + Bob with Subtle Layers

#25: Textured Bob Pixie Bob using Subtle Layers

A texture-rich Bixie (pixie Bob) with subtle layers is a fantastic method to test this trend. Your stylist could employ a razor to cut the shape. When styling, a quick blowout can be achieved by using your hands to create directional styles or using a paddle brush. IGK Big Time Volumizing Mousse will give your hair body and eliminate frizz. It’s also a bonus is that it’s heat-activated to keep hair safe. Color can be a great complement to the style, or a single color can appear polished and playful.

Straight Bixie with Side Bangs

#26 Straight Bixie with Side Bangs

If you’re a straight woman Try a bixie style with side bangs. This is a simple style for women who have naturally smooth hair and prefer a wash-and-go look. The option of side-bangs adds personality to the look and bangs can be arranged to move to either side. Maintenance may include six-week hair salon appointments, blowouts, and the aid of an air dryer and products to smooth out the look.

Bixie Cut with a Fringe and Shorter Layers

#27 Bixie that has a fringe and shorter layers

If you’re considering having a bixie that has fringe and longer layers, the possibilities are endless to create a flirty and fun hairstyle. Fresh hair can be dried within 10-20 minutes using tools like diffusers, paddle brushes or even a hand to direct hair to the desired final result. A paste that is textured will give the desired direction, and the use of a styling cream can assist in smoothing the hairstyle.

Jaw-Length Bixie Haircut with Soft Layers

#28: Jaw-Length-Bixie with Soft Layers

You can try a jaw-length bixie made of soft layers. It improves the look of the face and gives the appearance of volume and. Blowouts can be combined with a heat-protection gel such as the Redken Big Blowout to smooth down the cuticle and block moisture while providing a cushioned and bouncy feeling.

Angled Bixie Undercut

#29: Angled Bixie Undercut

If you’re looking for an angled bixie that has an undercut, get your razor out because this style is sharp. This cut is a fusion of cool design and character. It’s very easy to maintain, but it’s also customizable. You can choose between an extended swing on your preferred side or combine the pieces to stability.

Textured Bixie Hair with Tapered Layers

#30 A Textured Bixie Hair with tapered layers

A textured bixie that has tapered layers is the ideal combination for a contemporary style that is sassy and classy. A custom length is possible with bangs, side-swept hair, or pieces of spiking. A color can be added for the desired dimension.

Ear-Length Bixie Cut for Thick Hair

#31: Ear-Length Bixie Cut for Thick Hair

A bixie-style haircut that’s ear-length suitable for hair with thick layers is a popular that you can choose if you want to get rid of all the hair’s weight. The bixie haircut, which is a combination of a half pixie and bob is a great compromise because it can be styled like blow-dried or air-dried. The trick to getting this to sit comfortably at the top of your head, is the stylist to break down and smooth.

Tousled Blonde Bixie with Wispy Bangs

#32 Tousled Blonde Bixie With Wispy Bangs

An all-blonde bixie style with wispy hair is a versatile method to keep your hair sexy and chic. This stunning style is perfect to take the next step towards short hair while still bringing the modern air. An active student, mom who is always on the move or someone who is looking to change their fashion would be a good option for this transition. Hair that is tousled can be created using a wand and coupled with Alterna My Hair my Canvas The spray can be used in any way.


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