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31 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas 2024

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The dark hair color is among the most sought-after fashion colors this season. More edgy and bold than normal red, this shade comes in many shapes. What exactly is dark red hair? These are the darker tones and shades of the broad spectrum of red. Auburn, burgundy as well as wine red, are just among the fans’ most loved colors! The reason colorists and women are falling for this rich red hue is the way it softens the facial features. The hair is given an ethereal look without going through a myriad of dyeing processes. Dark reddish hair allows you to maintain your hair’s health as well as allowing you to style your locks in a fashion-forward manner. Is dark red hair natural? Absolutely, it could be! Natural redheads have more pheomelanin which creates the hair’s red hue (source). For women who have natural red hair obtaining darker shades is more affordable and easier. If you’re brown and have less pheomelanin, and greater amounts of eumelanin (source) This makes it slightly more difficult and costs slightly more. If you also are blonde, this indicates that you have the lowest amount of eumelanin, it will be more difficult to your hair, and will end with a higher cost. Before you schedule your next appointment to color your hair take a look at these photos of the most sought-after dark red hair coloring ideas!

#1: Rich Dark Red

A rich, dark red could add a touch of red to your hair shade, in case you’re among the naturally redheads. It provides a deeper tone that is the most beautiful when paired with wavy and long hair.

Red Chestnut Highlights on Natural Brown Hair

#2: Red Chestnut Highlights on Brown, Natural Hair

Red highlights of chestnut red on natural hair with brown highlights can spice up a woman’s daily look! The subtle hints of reddish brown add the shine of dark locks. You can get this red hair color completed by asking for an balayage for the natural look of a red mane!

Dark reddish strawberry blonde hair

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#3: Dark Reddish Strawberry Blonde Hair

Dark blonde hair with a reddish hue is a warm hue that is perfect for light skin. “It’s trendyand every woman who is of any age can look the look,” says stylist Tori Skrot from Pennsylvania. “We employed Lanza to tint the roots and to pop lowlights with weaves and slices,” Skrot states. Skrot is also adamant that this red hair shade is extremely maintenance-intensive.

31 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas 2024

#4: Dark Auburn Highlights

Auburn red highlights make an amazing complement for dark hair. The effect is shiny and dimensional hair. This auburn-colored hair is the perfect tone for warmer skin tones. According to hair stylist Judy Salcido, “these dark auburn highlights make a great transition from a black box color to a fall auburn combination.” “Coloring one’s hair with a dark red like this color is ideal for those who want to gradually lighten your hair or for those who want an subtle change in your hair’s color. Hair with highlights that are dark red particularly with an auburn hue, is an easy to maintain shade,” notes Salcido.

31 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas 2024

#5: Dark Purple-Red Hair

Here’s a dark , reddish-purple shade you should opt for. The combination of red hairand dark roots and a refreshing look to the eyes. When you add red-purple curls to your long hairstyle The result is shining! It’s like red velvet cakes!

Shoulder-Length Dark Red Hair with Copper Highlights

#6: Shoulder length Dark Red Hair with Copper Highlights

Change your dark red hair by adding copper highlights to add an added punch of dramatic and various shades. The hues add a stylish dimension to match the length of your shoulder. The copper-red hair color is perfect for those who are trying to gradually lighten your hair or you are looking for subtle red hair color shift. “These auburn red hairs with highlights can be an easy-care color,” says hairstylist Nicole Janes. Janes best advice? “The deep red hue has to be refreshed every 5 to 6 weeks to maintain its vibrancy and also cover up any growth. Apply a red wash not later than once a day to maintain the color vibrancy.”

31 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas 2024

7: Red Hair with Dark Roots

Dark red hair makes a bright color, without leaving an unnatural growth line. If you’ve got long cut hair with a v-cut, you’ll enjoy this shade of red! Hairstyle your red locks with thick waves, and you’ll see the movement intensify the hue.

31 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas 2024

#8: Dark Ginger Hair

Isn’t that dark ginger hair amazing? With long, hair, dark hair, red locks, and a mix of old style middle-parts and Hollywood hairstyles is the best choice.

dark red highlights on dark hair

#9: Dark Red Highlights on Dark Hair

Highlights of dark red on dark hair won’t cause you to be in the wrong. The reddish hue is more brighter when styled with loose curls.

Black and Red Hair

#10: Black and Red Hair

The black and red hair color gives an interesting dark dark color that is perfect for the sleek and voluminous look. Make your hair look more stylish with the black red hair color and add an intense look.

dark plum red hair

#11: Dark Plum Red Hair

A hint of red plum shade can help keep the thickness of your black hair. This hair in a dark plum red is perfect to a straight, medium-length cut.

dark cherry red hair

#12: Dark Cherry Red Hair

What’s not to like about this red, dark cherry hair? The dark red hair is chic and attractive, with an attractive, flirty look. If you’re sporting a long hairstyle with sharp ends, style your mid-lengths using subtle waves to create an elegant move.

dark brown hair with red highlights

#13: Medium Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Make sure you spice up your dark brown hair with red highlights to give it an elegant look. The dark red curls stand out the look even more when combined with a shoulder-length bob which ensures that the curls are full. Spray an oil-based texture spray for dry hair for a finishing touch and highlight the movement on your red locks.

Short Dark Red-Purple Hair

#14: Short Dark Red-Purple Hair

This dark red-purple color is an easy method of spiceing your red hair whenever you’re in the mood for something exciting! Wear it with a perfect haircut and you’ll have heads!

Dark Fire Engine Red

#15: Dark Fire Engine Red

This deep fire engine red color is hot! This extremely hot and fiery red hair is sure to make one standout from the others! No matter what your skin color it’s possible to rock this hair provided you’re dedicated to keeping it!

Natural Red Brown Hair

#16: Dark Red-Brown Hair

This hair’s dark red-brown color is just gorgeous! Do you want a simple-looking spark to your locks? This is the shade that you should test. It might appear subtle at night, but it’s more shiny and more attractive in the daytime. This is the best way to color your hair red while maintaining its fullness.

Bold Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

17: Bold Red Hair and Blonde Highlights

The bold red hair highlighted with highlights of blonde is stunning! There’s nothing wrong with sporting vintage, chunky gold streaks on your auburn red hair and blonde locks. This fun style is perfect for women looking to brighten up the red of their hair.

31 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas 2024

#18: Red Wine for Wavy Dark Hair

Red wine for curly dark hair is the most easy dark shade naturally brunettes. Consult your colorist about the dark red wine hair shade to be a perfect match for your medium-length hair. Since your base hair color has already been dark adding the rich red shade takes your colorist less time , and less cost. Red wine shades can give you a the most sophisticated and appealing and sweet look! Great for short or medium length red hair that is easier to maintain.

Dark Copper Red Hair

#19: Dark Copper Red Hair

Dark copper-red hair is among the most attractive shades that match almost every skin tone. However, you benefit from warm red tones with a darker hue. This bold and vibrant hairstyle is extremely smooth for straight hair.

Medium to Dark Red Ombre

#20: Medium to Dark Red Ombre

This medium-to-dark red hair color “screams passion and fire,” says hair colorist Morgan Abernathy.

“This color has been carefully pigmented to highlight the most stunning color of red” the stylist adds.

Are you wondering how she got this shade? Abernathy explained that she utilized Pulp Riot color melting a 5-66 with a booster of -66 melting it into an 8-level Balayage. On top of the balayage the use of a fireball to create an overlay, bringing out the fire goddess in.

“The most appealing aspect of this dark red ombre is how intense it looks. It’s extremely versatile and stunning!” she remarks.

This dark red ombre blends with true red and more intense red. It’s stunning on different types of skin. Just think about the maintenance.

Abernathy claims that this color is for work and maintenance. “A innovative color such as this ombre can also be labor-intensive and requires maintenance. But, a good home care will keep you looking stunning and vibrant for a lengthy time.”

Dark Cherry Red Hair Color

#21: Dark Cherry Red Hair Color

The dark shade of red is mix that appears like an eerie black red cherry.

Hair colorist Luna Says “It’s an intense black color that has melting root that transforms into a bright and seductive red. It’s a fantastic fall style for people who want to add some spice to their look!”

It’s not possible for all skin types to do this. “A more warm (or more neutral) shade and color melt are an excellent option for those who are worried about wearing a bright shade. This red is ideal for brunettes who haven’t had hair dyed,” Luna explains.

Like any color of red hair you should use a deep conditioner. Luna recommends K-Pak by Joico.

Natural Dark Red Hair Color

#22: Natural Dark Red Hair Color

The authentic dark-red hair shade is beautiful, but bold. It’s certain to draw attention to eyes with green.

Based on the advice of the hairdresser Emily Chadwick, you should “ask your stylist to boost your natural red hair shade by using bright gold and copper tones” to achieve this color.

The best advice Chadwick can give you? “Use professional color-safe, color-safe shampoo and conditioner to ensure the color for a long time. For shine, use Verb Ghost Oil.”

Maroon Red Hair

#23: Maroon Red Hair

Maroon red hair can best be described as wine and red berries!

As per hair stylist Haley Banks, to get this maroon-red hair always begin with your natural hair color. Your colorist should suggest the most delicate lavender and then you can add more vibrant colors later.

Banks suggests women who are considering the color of this to remember that it’s a shift in colour and lifestyle. “If you’re someone who needs to wash her hair daily, this may not be the right color to go with,” she adds.

In terms of products? Banks suggests “using professional-grade products at home is essential. The red hair colors don’t last long with products designed to help them. Dry shampoo is the new most reliable companion for keeping your hair in a style that is wearable. If you’re thinking about the color of this one, bear in mind that it requires the highest level of maintenance.”

dark ruby red hair color

#24: Dark Ruby Red Hair Color

It’s all it takes to get a dark red hair shade to make you a stylish redhead. The shade of ruby-red appears more vibrant when straight locks are brushed over the shoulders.

Hairstylist Ayla Schepp describes it as a dense mulberry Bob with a slight curl.

Are you unsure of what you should ask your colorist to obtain this color? Schapp states that “there are three different formulas of color used to get this color. Level 5 violet, mixed in with 1/3 naturally level 5 utilized in the root to avoid the hot root. In the root area, melt the mid-end formulation (level five violet). It’s crucial that you leave an open on the crown. Make sure to use the formulas 1, 2 and 3 to create depth in the shade. The highlight below only shows its own form only when movement is present.”

“If you’re considering this dark red shade washing your hair, do it in cold or lukewarm water. Use a professional brand that is color-safe like Kevin Murphy,” she says.

Red Violet, red purple ombre hair, ombre red hair, red hair with ombre

#25: Deep Red Violet Hair

Get this rich violet hair in red, and be ready to rock! The tones blend effortlessly particularly when paired with waves. A serum or oil will surely make shine appear in your locks.

Dark red brown hair for older women

#26: Dark Red Brown Hair for Older Women

A rich dark red-brown coloring is often a way to make older women appear younger. The way to bring out youthful brightness is best achieved by incorporating the same softness and warmth to your hair.

Plum Red for Curly Hair

#27: Plum Red for Curly Hair

It’s a deep red for curly hair that is ombre. Do you not love how vibrant the shade was when it came out?

Long Beach, CA hair colorist Griffin Rangel says, “this is for women who are looking for something different and interesting. It’s not overly outrageous, yet will cause people to pay attention to you hair.”

Sangria Balayage Dark Red Color

#28: Sangria Balayage Dark Red Color

This deep red hue screams energy. The red hue appears different when illuminated and is bright and shiny.

This hair dye, which is dark red, is extremely maintenance-free. Make sure you use the correct product and shampoo to preserve the shade. This color/style can be replicated with any hair type.

Dark Red Hair with Highlights

#29 Dark Red with Highlights

Black roots and highlights in dark red provide sparkle and contrast.

“With multidimensional colors it is possible to lose vibrancy and you get an overall more blended color” says the color expert Devon Crawley of Columbus IN. “Doesn’t the richness of dark brown and red appear stunning? The red pops, and gives an obvious outline from the root all the way to the top. It’s also so shiny!” Crawley exclaims.

“Red hair colors fade in vibrancy when they fade,” says Crawley. “However when you’re wearing your natural hair base, it blends beautifully. This allows you to take for long periods between each session.”

Deep Auburn Red Hair Color

#30: Deep Auburn Red Hair Color

The deep auburn red hair color appears similar to dark mahogany.

The hairstylist Michelle Austin of Denver, CO states that “this colour of hair balances by an edgy red hue and warm highlights over an icy base. Do you find it reminiscent of flavors like cinnamon, clove or saffron?”

Austin suggests that if you’ve been a brunette for a long time rich reds or auburns can be beautiful ways to add color to your colour.

“A delicate cast made of copper burgundy hair can be easily maintained with regular treatments in the salon. Treatments for glossing add amazing shine. You can use at-home color depositing shampoos and conditioners such as Celeb Luxury,” she adds.

Deep Mahogany

#31: Deep Mahogany Red Hair + Dark Roots

Deep mahogany is a very popular dark red hair shade. It’s a stunning shade that’s usually achieved using the balayage method.

Hairstylist Jennifer Lopez of Brea, CA designed this stunning hair color. “If you’re looking for red hair tips this shade is an inspiration for the fall season. We can call it cinnamon spice. Nothing screams fall hair more than this transformation in red,” she notes.

Lopez suggests asking your colorist to mix a mixture of chocolate and mahogany both made by Rusk.

“Darkened roots that have a dark ash brown that is melting into the color look stunning,” she says. “Don’t think about whether your hair tone or skin tone is ideal for this shade. But, your stylist may require you for you to tone down your hair slightly to get this shade off. Don’t be afraid to go with it!”

Burgundy Red Hair

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