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31 Flattering Medium-Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair to Look Fuller

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Hairstyles with a medium length work perfect for thin hair since the length can be easily blended and textured without weighing the hair down or having hair that is too short. If you’re looking for hairstyles suitable for medium-length thin hair , or fine hair, take into consideration your face’s shape and style routine. In general, hair of mid-length requires less time for styling. However, if you’ve got thinner hair, it will have to spend longer working on your hair to give it more volume. A face with a longer length will be more beneficial with bangs. Consult your hairstylist about the density of your hair and the amount of time you must style your hair each morning to determine whether bangs might be an alternative for you. The purchase of high-end hair products made specifically for thin or fine hair is essential. Regularly trimming to keep your hair at shoulder length will help your hair to grow healthier and give the appearance of fullness. When you are planning your next haircut go through these images of the most beautiful medium-length hairstyles suitable for thin hair.

1: Layered Brunette layered with Wispy Fringe

Medium-Length Layered Brunette with Wispy Fringe for Fine Hair

Get a brunette with layers and a wispy fringe to enhance your fine hair and keep your length. One of the most effective methods to add the appearance of volume to your long hair is to add layers. Request your stylist to offer you a long shaggy cut that has hair that is wavy.

#2: Mid-Length Layered Hair for Added Volume

Mid-Length Layered Hair for Added Volume

Long layers are an excellent alternative for medium-length hairstyles that are suitable for fine hair since the layers removed remove your hair’s natural weight. This lets it be more airy and fuller-looking.

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#3: Short Layers and Face-Framing Highlights for Fine Hair

Short Layers and Face-Framing Highlights for Fine Hair

This new version of a graduated bob was developed by Extension expert and color expert Sadie Curtin of Costa Mesa, CA. “Its texture and new balayage style give this shoulder-length haircut an updated take on the classic look,” she states. If you’re thinking of medium-length hairstyles that work for thin hair, it is possible to include side bangs to enhance the shape of your face. It is possible to introduce a new product into your routine or curling iron in order to you achieve the look you want. “Sitting in a chair as the procedure is taking place is the ideal opportunity to request a stylist’s brief instruction on how to style your new look,” adds Curtin.

4. Long Bob with Angles Bob With Curled Ends

Long angled bob with curled ends

A long angled bob that has curly ends is a fantastic design to modernize the hair, especially for those with thicker hair. The length getting longer as it flows over shoulders creates a curved shape which keeps the fullness of your bob while also keeping it current. When you need more style, try curling your ends to give an extra texture and the fullness of your new hairstyle.

#5: Medium Braided Pompadour Hairstyle

Medium braided pompadour hairstyle

A medium-length pompadour with a braid is a stylish look that can be an excellent choice for days with a lot of humidity. This extravagant hairstyle has one massive braid as well as the low bun. These is a perfect hairstyle for various social occasions.

#6: Medium Cut using V-Cut Layers

Medium cut with v-cut layers

Make a medium cut by using V-cut layers if like to alter the look of your long hair , without cutting it off. The v-taper is interesting and is best suited to straighter hair. This style needs trimming at intervals of 8-10 weeks, to ensure it stays fresh.

#7: Messy Updo for Medium Cut

Messy updo for medium cut

A messy and messy look for medium-cut hair is the most popular hairstyle for those who want to look fabulous at your prom. Hairstyles that are a bit messy involve curling your hair using the curling iron prior to placing it in. Once you’ve got those curls, it’s much easier to twist them, and then put them in for a gorgeous, romantic tousled look.

#8: Modern Mid-Length Shaggy Bob

Modern mid-length shaggy bob

A contemporary mid-length shaggy bob is trending. A shag cut has a lot of layers, and it looks amazing however, make sure you’re prepared to plunge into that swoop. This cut is great for curly as well as straight hair. If you’re looking to do minimal work to achieve a natural look, this is the cut best suited to you.

#9: Jennifer Aniston’s Medium Face-Framing Cut for Straight Hair

Jennifer Aniston's medium face-framing cut for straight hair

Jennifer Aniston’s face-framing style with a medium length for straight hair radiates elegance. This cut can be accomplished by using a few leave-in conditioners. They provide thermal protection. This ensures longer-lasting styling and protects hair from damaging damage that is not desirable.

#10: Feathery Cut for Medium-Length Hair

Feathery cut for medium-length hair

A fluttery cut for medium-length hair that evokes 80s-inspired vibes. Layers of face-framing with an angular brush style provide the perfect amount of softness and fullness to really highlight the face shape.

#11: Waves on Blunt Lob for Women Over 40

Waves on Blunt Lob for Women Over 40

If you’re looking for beautiful shoulder-length hairstyles as well as cuts that are suitable for thin hair, a blunt cut such as this is an excellent choice. It frames the face and emphasizes the bone structure. Make your hair look more voluminous and with different highlights. You’ll definitely feel a lot of movement with blunt medium-length haircuts for hair with thin.

#12: Trendy Wavy Mid-Length Lob Haircut for Thin Hair

trendy wavy mid-length lob haircut for thin hair

Cut your hair short by cutting thin hair to mid-length, and then opt for the contemporary waves hairstyle for a truly flexible style. With these medium-length, angelic waves are the perfect combination of both styles. The platinum style is guaranteed to be a perfect match for razored ends, giving a more smooth appearance.

#13: Collarbone-Length Edgy Razor Cut

Collarbone-length edgy razor cut for medium length hair

A sharp, collarbone-length cut is fashionable. The cut that is frayed in medium hair make those with thin hair appear more contemporary and adds soft volume to hair.

14: Sleek long inverted Bob with dark, fine hair

Sleek Long Inverted Bob with Dark, Fine Hair

Take advantage of your fine straight hair by opting for a medium-length inverted bob cut and simple brunette balayage to match the season! Medium-sized inverted haircuts with a smooth texture such as this one make for a striking hairstyle for thin hair. The hairstyle is symmetrical, making it easy to maintain , but it doesn’t make it less fashionable.

#15 Brown Choppy Lob with medium-length layers and highlights

Brown Choppy Lob with Medium-Length Layers and Highlights

With chocolate chestnut hair This cut that is shoulder-length is easy and efficient to give your hair beautiful thickness. The layered ends make an elegant choppy lob which adds a feminine cut for those with brown, fine hair.

#16: Cute Cut for Straight Fine Hair

Cute cut for straight fine medium hair

A stylish cut for fine straight hair is effortless elegant. A sleek lob can be an excellent medium length hairstyle suitable for women with hair that is thin. Be sure to apply the protection of a heat source on your hair prior to flat ironing. Add some hair serum to control the flyaways as well as to boost shine.

#17: Collarbone-Length Shaggy Cut

collarbone-length shaggy cut

In the case of medium haircuts for hair with thin hair, it’s impossible to get a better shag! The shag haircut is back , modernized and updated with sexy layers and sharp ends making the perfect shaggy hairstyles for women with fine hair. Wear it with blonde hair and it’s elegant. For styling apply a mousse to damp hair to achieve a more tidier result.

#18: Tousled Medium-Length Haircut for Fine Hair

Tousled Medium-Length Haircut for Fine Hair

Get involved in “Team Tousled” with this beautiful example of medium layered haircuts that are perfect for thin hair. bring an exciting new look for your locks. The mix of highlights and waves makes the perfect eye-catching and stylish look that is suitable for hair with medium layers.

#19: Medium-Length Bangs

Medium-length hair with bangs for fine hair

Medium-length bangs, which were popular since the 90s are making a comeback. Medium-length bobs are paired with long bangs that brush under the collar bone. Perfect for square-shaped faces, with no layers or edges that are textured to smooth the line.

#20: Perfect Long Bob for Black Women

Perfect Long Bob for Black Women

A lob is a stylish and easy option for medium hairstyles that are suitable for short hair that is thin over long braids for ease of maintenance. It’s a great choice for black women most! The shoulder-length hairstyles that are suitable for fine hair are flirty and look great with round , small faces, particularly when styled with a central part.

#21: Messy Choppy Layers for Mid-Length Hair

Messy choppy layers for fine mid-length hair

The messy, choppy layers of medium length hair are a great option. Hairstyles with medium lengths that are suitable for fine hair add volume and depth. For this, you can throw layers and incorporate razor cuts and slicing out the ends to create motion. Layer it all up starting from your cheekbones and down, then include some flowers to frame your face.

#22: Modern Choppy Hair Cut for Finer Hair

Modern Choppy Hair Cut for Finer Hair

A cool shade to wear with a mid-length , choppy cut for hair with finer texture will give you an amazing atomic blonde to give the perfect definition. The loose and messy waves create an edgy look and make it adorable and extremely easy to style. With the form of medium-length, layered hairstyles it is impossible to go wrong. It’s almost perfect for any facial shape. According to the face shape you might need to alter some aspects (length and fringe, for example). The ideal hair kind for messy lobs is medium to fine hair. A wavy-style base is the perfect choice. When blow drying, you can use a thickening spray prior to style for a few minutes, to give the hair some strength as well as a little bit of fullness. After drying, make use of an GHD Platinum Styler to add some waves if required. For a final touch you can apply a styling product to define and control.

#23: Easy Layered Cut for Round Faces

Easy layered cut for mid length fine hair and round faces

An easy cut that can be layered for round faces is perfect to be paired with medium-length hairstyles that are suitable for hair that is thin. The hair with the most fine texture tends to lie flat on the face of a round one, giving it more widthand complimenting each other very well. Medium-layered haircuts alter the overall appearance without going too extreme.

24: Long Messy Bob with Choppy Layers for mid-length hair

Long Messy Bob with Choppy Layers for Mid-Length Hair

This medium-length style for fine hair is multiple-dimensional shades that pop against broken, rough, and smashed layers. It was developed by barber and stylist Melissa Fraitag of Scarsdale, NY. “You can effortlessly change the look according to your mood. Whatever you do with this haircut, it appears effortless elegant,” she states. “Medium-length haircuts for thin hair are the perfect choice for the quick-paced, get-up and trend-setting event. An elegant silhouette with a edge is simple to create. Utilizing any product that can be used to texturize (putty dry texturizing spray or even your favourite dry shampoo! ) A quick twirl and you’re all set to conquer through the streets of the world. The majority of hair types can be carried this style , provided you have the right product and personalization,” says Fraitag.

#25: Mid-Length Curly Hair

Mid-Length Curly Hair

The mid-length curly hair is feminine and soft. It was developed by the curly hair expert Elena Adamova of Washington, DC. With this length of the collarbone hairstyle, you have two options opting for a larger hairstyle that is smaller in back and and longer in forward (A-line perimeter) or the reverse one, which is longer in the back as well as shorter in the area around your face. Wavy, curly medium-length hair always needs moisture! It is in need of organic, natural products that are water-based. When you select a shampoo, conditioner, creams, cleansers, gels, etc It is crucial to determine before purchasing if it contains water! If it’s a mixture of silicone or oil – avoid buying as it can dry your hair for a long time. Applying too many oils to hair isn’t recommended because they coat the hair’s shaft and blocks moisture from escaping. “Especially during winter months,” she says, “I recommend conditioner cleansers specifically for the scalp. So, when you rinse the hair, all natural oils that are present in the scalp are transferred to the mid-shaft and then ends. After that, simply the hair with conditioner. If the conditioner you use is water-based you don’t need to rinse it out completely. You can keep some of it in the hair.” “Also apply your styling products to hair that is very damp and don’t dry it prior to that. Then, scrunch it until you can make the curl come out and then scrunch it using an emollient towel to get rid of any water that is able to get in. Allow it to air dry. A cotton t-shirt should suffice. The idea is not to get rid of any extra moisture or water. A normal towel has more texture, which absorbs more and squishing with it can result in frizz.” she says.

#26: Light Layers and Side-Swept Bangs in Mid-Length Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Light Layers and Side-Swept Bangs in Mid-Length Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Stylist Laurel cut thin layers on thin , medium hair to create an all-over volume look. Opt for a long side part as well as long bangs for the curtain in order to create medium-length cut styles on thin hair. This will give an illusion of volume to the crown.

#27: Low-Maintenance Cut for Medium Fine Hair

low-maintenance cut for medium fine hair

This low-maintenance cut suitable for medium fine hair is a triangular, textured long-bob with layers that are long with a soft, smooth perimeter. This style is suitable for females with longer hair seeking some change, but aren’t ready to cut their hair short. The style is just beyond the awkward length, when hair flips towards the shoulder, which means it’s not a tense time to lengthen it again. It can be styled in a bun or ponytail. To style medium hairstyles that are suitable with fine hair, such as this one, it’s going to be great air-dried using a styling cream, then blown straight using smoothing spray or created with beachy waves with texture spray to create.

#28: Medium A-Line Bob for Oval Faces

Medium A-Line Bob for Oval Faces

This shoulder-length hairstyle suitable for thin hair is an A line bob cut split to one side, creating an appearance of volume at the hair’s roots. The hairstyle was developed by hairdresser Jamie Thurlow of Lansing, MI. “This cut is full of flexibility and a variety of styles to choose from,” she says. “It can be styled with natural curls/waves or straight hair or curled using an iron. It can also increase for women who want to keep their hair off their faces from time to time.” In the event that you’re thinking of this hairstyle, Jamie says, go for it! It’s extremely versatile. You can style it in a variety of different ways to appear professional, fun or casual. and so on. It’s also flattering on all face shapes. The texture of your hair will determine the appearance (natural curly or curly, vs. straight, etc.) similar to most styles it’s necessary to apply the right tools and products. When it comes to styling, she advises, “first, use a detangler/conditioning spray to comb out your medium-length cut. Then, apply the volumizer as well as a styling cream to give protection, body and shine. Blot-dry it rough until it’s at 80% dry, then divide it into four sections. Make use of a large round ceramic brush to create motion and body. Use a flat iron on the top layer of hair and then spray it with a hairspray that can be moved to complete the appearance.”

#29: Layered Shoulder-Length Bob

Layered Shoulder Length Bob

“This is a shoulder-length layered haircut that’s simple to recreate at your own home,” explains style creator Stephanie Garcia of Chino Hills. “Shoulder-length haircuts that are suitable for short hair are great for ladies who aren’t able to come in for regular hair touch-ups every four to six weeks.” Stephanie adds. Stephanie believes that this cut will be an ideal “power haircut” for all the sexy women who are constantly in motion! “No fighting with long blow-drys curling irons, curling irons, and a myriad of products for your beautiful locks and shoulder-length cuts!”

#30: Long Straight Bob with an Intermediate Part

extra long straight bob with a middle part

If you’re a medium-length, fine hair and want something that will impress, consider the middle section of an lengthier straight hair bob. Straight hair reflect light and creates a dramatic effect. The blunt look of your hair is a fantastic way to create the illusion of thicker. It is easy to maintain and simple to maintain.

#31 Straight Face-Framing Layers using Bangs

straight face-framing layers with bangs

If you’re ready to freshen up your medium-length hair, you can try straight face-framing your layers with bangs. The face-framing of layers and bangs can provide a great amount of fashion medium hair, without losing length. Ask your stylist to slant the front beginning at the chin, and then work downwards into the length. Long bangs are an excellent addition that can be styled straight or brushed sideways. The face frame can be a great option to alter your style while still having stunning mid-length hair.

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