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31 Flattering Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces in 2024

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In this article, you’ll look at the most popular suggestions for medium-length haircuts for faces with round faces. If you’re choosing a hairstyle for a round face you’ll want a style that smooths out the face’s roundness while also highlighting your lips, eyes and cheekbones. Medium is the most suitable length of hair for faces with round faces. Face-framing can be accomplished by layered tresses or bangs. These medium-length chubby facial hairstyles are fun and versatile and can be worn with nearly every hair texture if done appropriately. They are made to look more attractive on round faces through making the face appear larger in length, and framing important areas. Prior to your next appointment with a hair stylist take a look at these stunning pictures of medium-length hairstyles suitable for round faces:

#1: Curly Shag

Mid-Length Curly Shag for Round Faces

If you are looking for more of a balanced curly look to break away from the triangle-shaped shape, try to find a stylist that knows how cut shaggy layers into curly hair. Layering in a round shape will give you the perfect balance for your layers and make your hair look more attractive.

# 2: Frame Layers Face-Framing using Balayage

Medium Face-Framing Layers with Balayage for Round Faces

Consider face-framing your layers if you’ve played at the thought of having bangs. Have your stylist cut, slide or point cut your face-framing in order to blend and flow part of the hair. If you pair it with a bold balyage and money piece the face-framing layers will be more depth.

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#3: Blonde Medium-Length Shaggy Cut for Round Faces

Blonde Medium-Length Shaggy Cut for Round Faces

A medium-length shag can be an attractive haircut for women with round faces , as the layers make the face appear longer. It’s a versatile cut that’s highly recommended by professional. By putting on textured, shaggy layers and adding some waves give a stunning, lived-in appearance. I suggest spraying a little with AIIR Texture AIR texture spray to achieve the look of a retouch.

#4: Carefree Vibes Highlights Medium-Length Wavy Style

carefree vibes highlights with medium wavy style

Shoulder-length hair that is round in shape lets you wear it straight or wavy, smooth, or even glam. It’s simple to wear and looks gorgeous. The cut is slightly angled that always gives hair a distinct style regardless of the way it’s worn. Women of all ages can wear this look if they’re seeking a simple cut.

#5: Shoulder-Length Choppy Cut

Shoulder-length choppy cut

The great thing about the shoulder-length cut is that it is for every hair type and facial form. This cut, created designed by Atlanta-based stylist Alexis Taminna Allen, offers an authentic look, no doubt! Allen employed a feather plier razor for this cut. “I utilized it in gentle downward strokes, taking out the weight from each section. I cut off the perimeter and created a more broken appearance,” says Allen.

#6: Medium-Framing the Face hair with soft waves for a rounded Face

Medium Face-Framing Hair with Soft Waves for Rounded Face

A medium-length face-framing cut is perfect for an oval face shape. The middle is the one that provides the face the perfect balance. The face frame in medium-layered hairstyles appears better with curls, and provides an enlarge edge. It also makes a fantastic transition from shorter to longer hairstyles.

#7: Asymmetrical Bob Medium-Length Hairstyle

Asymmetrical Bob Medium-Length Hairstyle

Asymmetrical bob with medium length hairstyle is ideal for women who want to keep their length, but looking to add some style with the style. Asymmetry in cuts can be a wonderful method for women to get an idea of how shorter hair could look like , without having to commit to it.

#8: Shaggy Lob for Round Faces

Shaggy lob for round faces

Shaggy lobs that flatter round faces are the best option. The messy hair on the cheeks and chin gives a an appearance that is slimmer. A side part is also a great complement to this type of look. The best way to wear wavy hair is with a shaggy lob but for straight hair you can make movement using an iron.

#9: Medium-Length Angled Bob Cut

Medium-length angled bob cut

An angled, medium length bob is a perfectly straight and well-aligned bottom. The peak at the end makes it a lighter cut designed for round faces.

#10 The Bob with Side Bangs. Bob and Side Bangs

Long wavy bob hairstyle with side bangs

A long wavy hairstyle with side bangs is a fashionable cut for women who are seeking to modernize their style. Make a messy look by squishing this mid-length cut with a bit of gel. A long bob can be practical because you can keep it in place to work out. The soft waves on the face and the side bangs are great for faces with round shapes.

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