An short blonde bob is a beautiful and fresh haircut that has bright yellow-ish tones. The great aspect of this style is that it can be customized. You can alter the cut to fit any facial shape, or alter the color to match any skin tone. You can count on the short hairstyle to appear years younger than you actually are. Blonde hair is a symbol of beauty and love and for reasons that are well-founded. For those who want to have a shorter and more blonde hairstyle stylist Sarah Krook from Victoria, BC has some tips to share. “Trust the stylist you trust.” Hair maintenance and styling choices are the most important things women need to be aware of when it comes to this style. To keep your hair looking good, Krook doesn’t suggest going more than five days between cutting. “The roots become very painful after four weeks.” “If there’s a reason you do not want to maintain such a hairstyle, I suggest some of texture” Krook adds. “A drop hair foil, or balayage, is an excellent option as well. Both offer a natural look and can last more time intervals between visits.” For styling, Krook points out that each hair type needs its own products. “For more fine hair, I like using Eleven Australia’s I Need Body Texture Spray. Spraying it lightly on the hair’s roots prior to blow drying gives an attractive texture that helps create the volume.” Krook continues, “for the more coarse or thicker blonde locks I like Liquid Spell by Davines. It helps to strengthen the hair and helps to give body, making the hair look more healthy, silky natural and shiny.” There’s a possibility of brunette-haired, long-haired women who contemplate changing their hairstyle. If you’re one of those, Krook suggests showing the stylist some pictures of the ideas. “Your concept of blonde could differ from a complete bleaching out to a subtle Balayage.” Prior to your next appointment with your hair stylist, take a look at these stunning photos of famous short blonde bob haircut ideas!

Choppy Bob and Ash Blonde Hue

Choppy Bob with Ash Blonde Hue

This is among many blonde bob hairstyles that everybody likes! This bob with a choppy look is attractive with curls that are focused around the mid lengths. The motion makes the ash blonde color an extra pop and is stunning. To create a stunning look that will last for a long time spray dry texture spray on the neckline of this cut.

Wispy White-Blonde Bob

Wispy white-blonde bob

A wavy white-blonde bob that is swathed an airy, soft easy-going look to your hair. For a feathered and multi-layered hairstyle, ask your hairdresser about the use of the feather blade razor to cut soft, blended layers of hair. It reduces the bulk and thickness while also adding the appearance of texture. When you’re at home styling using a round brush while blow drying, to get straight from the salon hair at your home.

Wavy Chocolate and Blonde Bob

Wavy chocolate and blonde bob

A wavy chocolate blonde bob is loaded with depth and texture. The short hair looks attractive and adorned with warm, soft highlights. Be sure to speak with your stylist about adding the dark and depth beneath your hair. You can also add caramel blonde highlights on at the crown of your hair, and also around your face. It helps the beautiful blonde streaks pop more.

Blonde Bob With Lowlights

Blonde bob with lowlights

A blond bob with lowlights that is ideal for women who want natural blonde tones with the perfect cut. Bob is a classic haircut that gets a natural growth when it is paired by subtle light highlights. Lowlights are great for women who want more depth in her hair color. They also make lighter parts of hair appear lighter and more vibrant.

Caramel Blonde for an Inverted Bob Cut

Caramel blonde for an inverted bob cut

Think about a caramel blonde to create an inverted haircut! Warm tones from blonde are perfect in this haircut. The variety of blonde shades highlights the textures and layers that this haircut offers. Hairstyle this style with a texture spray emphasize the texture even more.

Jaw-Length Honey Blonde Bob

Jaw-length honey blonde bob

A jaw-elongating honey blonde bob has always been an elegant cut. The honey blonde hues make it perfect for when you are looking to take a leisurely bath at the beach. This cut is so versatile, you can style it with a sleek look or with waves to create the perfect look.

The Curly Blonde Bob with Bangs

The Curly Blonde Bob with Bangs

Display your natural texture! Make a statement with a gorgeous style like the curly bob that has bangs that are a color that is light and strawberry-colored. Make sure you fine-tune your hair using an wand to curl your hair for more defined look.

The Short Bob Weave

The Short Bob Weave

This sleek blonde bob weave with longer hair strands that wrap around the face is an excellent idea to consider your next hair overhaul. Yes, you can experiment with a different shade without damaging your hair by using chemicals! The mane area near the root is dark in order to give a gradient. You can achieve this sharp and distinctive look by keeping the contour on the back more rounded and using more layers in the front.

Curly A-line Bob Cut with Blonde Streaks

The Short Bob Weave

Refresh your look with a striking hairstyle featuring an A-line curl cut which gives dimension when done on dark-rooted, blonde hair. When you’re out for a night out and a spritz from sea salt can enhance your curls’ natural beauty and their appearance.

A Short Blonde Bob featuring Beachy Waves

Short Blonde Bob with Beachy Waves

Are you looking for a cut to highlight your beautiful diamond natural wavy hair and blonde? This medium wavy hairstyle with the blonde highlight and babylights that defines modern glamour. This will allow you to appear more fuller as it is positioned at your shoulder. Hairy ends that are jagged will pop more if they’re styled with beach waves, without doubt.

The Messy Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Messy Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Do you want to ditch the trendy hairstyles because this could be your ideal time to experiment with an unusual one! You can style the messy bob, with a bright blonde shade, and you’ll become a show-stopper. This is a middle-parted style with the ends higher or to the jawline. If your locks are blonde and have their natural texture, great! If not, you can use a matte texture powder add volume and the volume of your locks.

The Short Asymmetrical Blonde Bob

short asymmetrical blonde bob

This is the asymmetrical haircut to provide your blonde with a distinctive look! Choose this cut for a more pronounced look. your cheeks, as it provides an angled fringe on the side. Try adding curls and texture, to add the final finishing touch.

The Dirty Blonde Bob

short dirty blonde bob

This might not be the most dazzling color of blonde but this is guaranteed to make your face appear more radiant! The dark blonde bob, which works as a magic trick with a touch of texture on a heavy hair density. If you’re looking for a sleek cut that gives you a fresh and breezy sensation, opt for an chin-length cut.

Retro Dark Blonde Bob

Retro Dark Blonde Bob

Would you like to incorporate a retro style in your entire look? If yes, then you’ll be happy to experiment with the darker blonde bob. It comes with shadow roots to give you a low-maintenance style. For a final touch make sure you curl the edges outward or towards your chin.

Bob with Side Fringe. Bob and Side Fringe

Short Bob with side Fringe

For those with straight and fine hairstyles that look like yours, you should try this style! This is a bob that’s short with fringe that compliments the shape of your face, whether it’s heart or oval. A warm and bright shade of blonde hue, in turn will not fail to increase your appearance.

The Graduated Bob Cut on Blonde Locks

The Graduated Bob Cut on Blonde Locks

Do you have straight, smooth hair? Would you prefer a lighter shade this time? This is the graduated bob also known as an inverted bob that is gorgeous with a golden blonde tone. You can request unattached layers in the back to add more volume.

The Layered Blonde Bob

The Layered Blonde Bob

It is the hairstyle with layers that looks amazing when it is paired with a rose-colored blonde. Although it is a great option for straight hair, a touch of texture can add an extra excitement to your hairstyle. With this layering blonde bob, a dry texture spray is your best friend!

Very Short Bob and Wavy Hairstyle

Very Short Bob and Wavy Hairstyle

A bob cut that is very short such as this, when paired with a platinum blonde color is all about class. Go for this stylish look If you believe it’s the longest and full side fringe you’ve ever wanted! To keep the shine of this color you can use a purple shampoo at your home.

Textured Shaggy Bob for Blonde, Thin Hair

Textured Shaggy Bob for Blonde, Thin Hair

You can’t refuse this gorgeous shaggy shaggy style with blonde highlights, perfect for fine hair! It’s perfect to give your locks a lot of wavy layers, for more full-looking results. A different, low-maintenance blonde is the one with diamonds and shadow roots.

Concave Bob with Cool and Warm Blonde Highlights

Concave Bob with Warm and Cool Blonde Highlights

For a fresh look to the straight hairstyle, why not attempt this concave hairstyle with blonde hues? The cut follows the lines of your jaw and exposes your shoulders and neck. The contrasting highlights of cool and warm blonde will surely add an attractive look.

Blonde Bob with Balayage Bob With Dark Roots

Blonde Balayage Bob with Dark Roots

This is a gorgeous neck-length blonde bob with dark roots to achieve your goal of becoming hot and blonde! The length and depth of the roots will allow you to expand your natural locks effortlessly. For this long bob to give the warm blonde balayage you desire, take note that this could require five hours at the salon.

The Edgy Platinum Blonde Bob

The Edgy Platinum Blonde Bob Cut

The secret to achieving this stunning cool, funky blonde style is on the type of hair you have, and hair’s texture. This Platinum blonde bob cut like this can be a great option if you’ve got an incredibly thick mane to style using the texture and volume. Its striking, solid color will surely match your style and style, so don’t hesitate to try it!

Short Blunt Cut for Blondes

Short Blunt Cut for Blondes

Here’s a trendy alternative cut that will spice up your blonde locks. Select the blunt-cut bob that accentuates your neckto show the full body of its appearance. It is also possible to have hair that is full to highlight your beautiful eyes. “This shorter blunt-cut bob cut is often described as shaggy bobs,” says hairstylist Erickson Arrunategui from NYC. “It is a piece-y look in the front, but it’s square and structured on the back.” Arrunategui believes that this haircut is perfect for any texture. “Make sure that you’re ready to make the decision to try bangs as well as some layers, but it’s very easy to style,” he adds.

Dark to Light Blonde Ombre Bob Cut

Dark to Light Blonde Ombre Bob Cut

This dark-to-light blonde ombre gives a distinctive and striking look on the short hairstyle. If you’re bored of your hair’s length and your old-fashioned color, here’s an idea to consider. Be sure to choose products for your hair that are free of sulfate to ensure that the color doesn’t fade.

The Ash-Blonde Bob

The Ash-Blonde Bob

The short-hair style with blonde hair is sure to make you want make appointments with your hair stylist as soon as possible! The ash-blonde hairstyle gives stunning dimension. The length at which it finishes near the neckline the perfect length to keep that fullness in your hair. Use your styling tools to make elegant curls for the final touch.

Honey Brown Bob with Blonde Highlights

Honey brown bob with blonde highlights

The honey brown hairstyle featuring blonde highlights great for women with thin or finer hair. The tones add volume as well as body and volume to hair. Casey Obrien of New York is the colorist behind this easy-care style. “For the hairstyle I made long layers, and then applied some texturing with my sheers to give movement to the ends. Then, I applied Wella Freelights along with 20 volumes, along with redken shades EQ Gloss to complete it,” Obrien explains.

Golden Blonde A-Line Bob

32 Best New Short Blonde Bob Hair Ideas For Women

Golden blonde hairstyles like the A-line bob looks perfectly with natural lighter hair colors. The stylist Samantha Lovier of Utah suggests this to women with brunette or dark brunette shade. If asked about how to achieve this color, Lovier says, “Do traditional highlights and apply a gloss to the hair using the Redken ShadesEQ10vv and 10gi. This will keep the blonde color shining.”

Straight Bob on Short Blonde Hair

Straight Bob on Short Blonde Hair

Straight bobs like this will give you with a beautiful and elegant appearance. Create a texture in this neck-length cut by opting for a rich blonde. The secret behind its stunning appearance is the layering of babylights and highlights. Colorist and hairstylist Madison Michael of Mason, OH made this sleek, soft cut that is a blend of light and highlights. “I like this style because it’s very versatile. create with it! The flat iron can be pushed across the ends following blow-drying to give a smooth look or go for large curls, and texture spray to create the look of a tousled, smooth texture,” says Michael. The stylist says “this is the ideal cut for women looking to cut their hair short! If you’ve always wanted for cutting your hair then try it! The cut is extremely flexible and low-maintenance.”

The Short Blonde Stacked Bob

The Short Blonde Stacked Bob

Rethink your hairstyling routine and get a trim and give your hair’s ash blonde an entirely new look! If you’re looking for a cut that isn’t too long for your neck, here’s an hairstyle that can be stacked. This will increase your hair’s dimension and will appear great with texture and volume. If you’re tired of the regular root touch-up, request to have a darker hair. “This is a style with texture of a stacked hairstyle with blonde highlights, designed for women with fine hair who wish to stay off the blunt look style with the typical hair color,” says hairstylist Claire Flegler of Cairns, FNQ. Flegler states, “the look requires as minimal styling as a wash and wear or hair styling with heat, based on your lifestyle and the amount of time you’re able to devote.”

The Short Blonde Pixie Bob

short blonde pixie bob

Get the short pixie cut in this manner and the growing-out process will never be a hassle ever again. The long side bangs are a great way that add excitement to your hairstyle. Choose some new highlights to add some the dimension of your locks! “This woman is transitioning between a short cut with a textured pixie cut, to a bob” stylist Beth Nuccio of Chicago, IL. “The appearance here is the long pixie/short-bob stage. I’ve kept some internal texture, and kept the neck clean and short as we increase the lengths of the front and top to make it easier to transition. I’ve kept the front clean and of the bob with soft sweeps which means that the style still has certain pixie characteristics, paired with a cropped look on the back.” For faces go, Nuccio states that it’s pretty versatile. “An oval or heart or square face is most appealing if it has the longer and rounded appearance. Pixies look stunning on faces with round faces too when they’re shorter and more streamlined on the sides and back.”

Blonde Bob with Bangs on straight Hair

Blonde Bob with Bangs on Straight Hair

This blonde bob with bangs and get that effortless look! It’s a cut that’s chin-length which is best when your hair is straight. In this color it is recommended to apply an apricot shampoo to combat and stop excessive brassiness. Hairstylist and stylist Tess de la Riva of Houston, TX says, “it requires a bit of sass to style the length chin-length hairstyle! The hairstyle is just one length that is super textured and smooth to give it movement which makes it incredibly easy to wear. We added a fringe, as well as a stunning bright blonde that makes her blue eyes shine.” de la Riva says that this cut is best for natural straight hair. de la Riva adds, “there are numerous ways that to personalize this style. Make use of smoothing products that don’t make it heavier and allow the hair to be able to move around freely. Use a gentle texture hairspray on the ends to enhance hair’s texture. It will also lend the hair some hold.”

The Short Angled Bob

Short Angled Bob

The angled bob cut is trendy and chic. It was designed by a master hair stylist as well as colorist Heather Ludlow of Avon, OH. “I created a very heavy highlight/babylight , and then gave some loose curls to complete the look,” Ludlow explains. Ludlow says it’s a breeze to wear. Ludlow states, “whether you want to wash it and go or just glam it up it’s stunning either way. You can straighten it or spray a texturizing spray into it, and then either fluff it out or curl it up in just a few minutes.”


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