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40 Best New Long Pixie Hair Ideas For Women

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An long pixie cut is a short-length cut in which the hair is longer than the traditional cut pixie. Long pixies tend to be shorter on the sides and back and they are longer on top, with long hair. This is the perfect hairstyle for women looking for an easy-care, short haircut which isn’t overly short. Long pixie hairstyles can be stunning ways to dress short hair. Numerous celebrities are wearing this style, because the perfect pixie hairstyle can be elegant, glamorous and classy. The stylist from Minnesota Torrie Rinehart likes this type of cut that can aid women with thin or thin hair. “If you’re unhappy with the volume of your hair or the fragile texture, cuts such as the long pixie are ideal. It’s only effective when you commit to applying the right products” She says. What’s wonderful about long pixies is that they offer chances to play with the design. Explore different colors and add certain details such as a fringe or undercut. “You can always change your hair in case you feel it’s not suitable to you” Rinehart assures. The sculpted, short haircuts can cause to make it appear like your hair tresses are growing quicker. Particularly on hair that is thicker it can feel as if it begins to poof out when it expands. Rinehart recommends “getting weight regularly removed from your hair. Make a trip to the salon at least every 6-10 weeks to maintain its form.” Consulting with a professional can be beneficial in all cases. Your stylist may have thought of hairstyles you’ve never even thought about. They’re aware of what fits you hair’s type facial form, lifestyle and routine of products the most. When you are planning your next cut go through these top pictures of long pixie cut ideas and save your favourite ones!

Beautiful long-length Pixie

Stunning Pixie with Long Bangs

I enjoy asymmetrical long pixie haircuts. This is the perfect option to get an edgy short cut, without having to sacrifice the length of your hair. If you’re looking to cut short but not look too masculine this is a fantastic alternative. There’s a lot of versatility in this style. It is elegant and polished style hair, with lots of texture and tangled, or with side-swept bangs. This is a fairly easy to maintain long pixie hair cut without needing the “look” at it. It is a low maintenance style.

Pixie with Long Fringe that is suitable for straight hair

Pixie with a Long Fringe for Straight Hair

You can consider a pixie with an extended fringe to straight hair for a boost in volume and draw attention to the eyes. The long pixie haircut is achievable by cutting the hair at the back down to the nape length and leaving it longer towards the front. Your stylist can modify the length of this pixie to fit every face shape.

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Choppy Silver Pixie for Women Over 60

Choppy Silver Pixie for Women Over 60

The choppy, silver-colored pixie that is suitable for women over 60 is the popular choice for those with natural fine hair. The long pixie cut compliments any hair type, but is particularly effective when you’re creating a style that draws attention to the face. You can request a point cutting during the final stage of the haircut to ensure a low-effort style.

The Feathered Long Pixie Bob

The Feathered Long Pixie Bob

A hairstyle with feathers long pixie bob has been an iconic choice for women who like to remain flexible and unconstrained. You can request an long pixie haircut with shorter and disconnected sides to get the desired pixie haircut. Straighten it, blow it out, and then blow it out. it, and enjoy all the fun you’d like!

The Low-Maintenance Pixie

The Low-Maintenance Pixie

Low-maintenance long pixie is perfect for busy women. The long pixie hairstyle is cut in a specific fashion using the triangular form, meaning that the hair is swung from an earlier back and a wider front, and swaying towards the eyes. This is a great choice for women with any hair type that wants an elegant, easy-to-style cut.

Layered Pixie Bob for Naturally Wavy Hair

Layered Pixie Bob for Naturally Wavy Hair

You can try a multi-layered to create naturally wavy hair. A long wavy pixie cut is popular among women with hair textures which can be controlled with a little styling cream and a touch of fineness. This medium-length pixie cut is the ultimate hairstyle!

Red Long Pixie with Bangs

Red long pixie with bangs

Red, long pixie with bangs could be the one you’re looking for if you’re looking to spice up your locks. The vibrant red color makes this cut pixie style as fierce as fire. This long-cropped hair cut is flexible and is easy to cut and style. Try using a dry spray to highlight the texture!

Balayage Pixie for Women Over 60

Balayage pixie for women over 60

Consider the Balayage long pixie for women over 60 years old if you are looking for an easy-care color but still would like to highlight those additional textures. This is an excellent method to add dimension and depth to a length pixie style. The color is flattering to anyone’s skin tone!

Blowout for Long Pixie

Blowout for long pixie

An air blowout to long pixie cuts has endless possibilities. A pixie cut will typically be shorter on the sides , and longer on the top. Mid-length pixies generally work best with smooth layers, more texture and volume.

Long Pixie with Layers of Swoopy

Long pixie with swoopy layers

The long pixie hairstyle with swoopy layers is perfect for ladies who prefer a relaxed cut that’s stylish. It is a great choice for women who wish to emphasize the eyes and cheekbones, while leaving the face more open.

Feathered Pixie Bob for Women Over 50

Feathered pixie bob for women over 50

Consider the pixie bob with feathers for women who are over 50 for an elegant and easy-to-maintain style. This lengthy cut is perfect to trim it every two months, to make it neat and with a polished look.

Long, undercut Pixie with waves

Long undercut pixie with waves

A long pixie cut with waves is an attractive option in case you have shorter hair that has the top being long. A wand with soft waves are a lovely addition to a pixie that is long-side swept. The undercut helps remove some of the weight off the shorter end of your cut and provides a neat style. It’s a very feminine look that you can put it behind the ears to show off your cut sides. There’s a time frame of 4-6 weeks maintenance on this lengthier pixie.

Inverted Pixie Bob

Inverted pixie bob

A pixie bob inverted is a cut shorter than an hairstyle that is stacked. If you’re looking to spice up your look, this could be the right choice for you. Make sure you have some feathery, soft pieces cut across the facial area to soften the look and stack the back for texture and volume. It is possible to wear it curly or straight, this cut is perfect for any hairstyle. A cut undercut highlights the inverted stack on the back and contrasts with the cut.

Side-Parted Long Layered Sliced with Layers of Choppy to create Round Faces

side-parted long layered pixie cut with choppy layers for round faces

This long-layered face-shaped pixie is focused on texture. Asymmetrical long bangs look great on wide faces and make them appear slimmer. To achieve a smoother and more attractive look for long pixies add waves or keep it smooth (as illustrated). Layers of choppy hair make this an extremely long-textured hairstyle. The layers give flattering choices for short hairstyle, and for females who do not feel comfortable with shorter lengths.

Long-Length Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Long-Length Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Women who wish to maintain their natural hair but showcase an interesting round pixie this is the perfect style ideal for you. The unbalance of this asymmetrical long-length Pixie hairstyle, along with the natural texture each of them is great for accentuating and balancing the facial shape.

Choppy Pixie With Side Bangs For fine hair

long choppy pixie with side bangs for fine hair

Who wouldn’t want to cut off their hair to appear like this sleek and stylish long-layered hairstyle? The style is commonly known as an Twiggy haircut. Hair that is long over the top and has long bangs gives room to be flexible in the styling of the long pixie with a choppy style for delicate hair.

A Long Pixie With Razored Crown Layers

Long pixie with razored crown layers

Its long pixie with razored crown layers is wonderful since it has the greatest hair growth and isn’t too bulky. Hair that is short with long front pieces is great on women who have natural texture to their hair. Hair stylist from Utah Whitney Kilmer did a full razor cut to achieve this appearance. “The razor can be employed to cut hair without leaving sharp lines, and it also removes excess weight from the head,” Kilmer notes. When it comes to styling, Kilmer suggests applying a good root pump or moose to hair that is still damp.

Sassy Blonde Pixie Style For Thin Hair

sassy blonde style for thin hair

This is an long pixie haircut with a concealed undercut. It’s a blonde beige color with dark roots and has been gaining popularity. It can be styled in a straight or wavy style, alter your parteing or tie it behind your ear to create an Asymmetrical cut. Hair that is thin and short does not have to be boring! Keep it soft by using a the smudge of your roots after adding the blonde highlight to your light blonde pixie. You’ll give depth to your short hair. If you’re looking for a fresh take on your shorter hair that is not boring the square cut is perfect for you! To keep the blonde shade make use of violet shampoo in the wash of your locks.

A Textured Pixie Long Top that has the short shaved Side and the Fringe

Textured Long Top Pixie with the Short Shaved Side and a Fringe

This long-length pixie isn’t typical. It’s slightly stylish and still feminine. The longer top and longer bangs gives this cut an edgier look, and the hue screams feminine. The most edgy aspect of this shaved-pixie is at the back. It has an undercut (from sides from front to sides) which sculpts the hairline to form the shape of a “V” form. Hairstyles with long pixies look amazing with a sleek and sleek look or even with texture! Dang says that maintenance for this style and color will last for about 8 weeks. Since the length of fringe is greater, it may be suitable for round faces! It is suitable for all faces. It’s an excellent cut for women who already have a hairstyle who are looking to switch the look. Many people believe that you can’t do as many things with short hair, however this isn’t the case!

Fun Pixie with an Undercut

Long pixie with undercut

A fun pixie that has an undercuts is a great option for a playful contrast to the side. A cut that is undercut is an excellent choice for ladies with thick hair who requires weight for added texture their hair.

Cool Long Curly Pixie Cut

Cool Long Curly Pixie Cut

A sassy and daring long curly pixie hairstyle for women with naturally curly hair. The focus is on the texture and the definition. The texture and definition of a long pixie hairstyle like this is great when you leave some long pieces in front of you to add a flirty flair!

Modern and contemporary Shaggy Pixie with long side-swept bangs

modern shaggy pixie with long side swept bangs

The greatest aspect of having adorable and shaggy pixie cuts that are short are that it doesn’t have to do a lot of work creating them. A well-groomed urchin cut suffices to look stylish! This long pixie that has an angled fringe on the side is ideal for a modern woman who has thicker or curly hair.

Tapered Long Pixie With Bangs

tapered long pixie with bangs

A cut this beautiful and trendy only happens when you’re confident enough in this edged long pixie cut with bangs! The long, face-framing hairstyles and wispy bangs make this cut stylish.

Long, messy Pixie Bob Haircut and Long Side Bangs

Messy Long Pixie Bob Haircut with Long Side Bangs

Go for an interesting long pixie bob with long side bangs when you’re seeking to refresh your look. Longer cut pixies are an excellent option if you’re shy about embracing shorter haircuts. The longer lengths around your ears make this pixie cut looking soft. If you’re looking for diversity, go for the long bangs arranged to either side. This is an all-win!

Cute Black Pixie for Naturally Curly Hair

Cute Black Pixie for Naturally Curly Hair

Pixies with longer lengths, such as this cute pixie designed for natural curly hair require little maintenance with an interesting appearance. The stylist Angel Jenkins of Cary, NC designed cuts that leave curly hair with a bit of length to make them more stylish. Make use of the dry cut method and curl by curl to create the curly pixie style. “Layer on the hair using turning the shears downwards, and cut the curls exactly where they are,” says Jenkins. “Diffuse the curls while styling to increase the volume of hair.”

Feminine-Looking Long Pixie for Black Women

Feminine-Looking Long Pixie for Black Women

You can try this short hair cut with a longer the top, if you don’t have black hair. This is a great growth cut if you have an extremely short pixie and are looking to transform it to the long pixie haircut. You can keep it short, but longer in the bangs region. This will work best if have large hair that is loosened. Try it using dark brown hair by using Pravana Chromasilk 3N. It’s dark and natural looking. For women who are at long pixie haircuts, ask your stylist to take a look at your face, head shape and hairline.

Silver Pixie for Older Women

Silver long pixie for older women

A silver pixie that is suitable for women over 50 is a elegant look. It is a long pixie on short hair has a variety of precisely cut layers. They are usually shorter at the back and longer on the face. Grey pixie cuts allow women to show off their natural hair color and wear it in an attractive style.

A Long Androgynous Pixie

Long androgynous pixie

A long androgynous pixie style is ideal for women of all ages. Long pixie hairstyles are popular and can be made into a variety of different ways. Longer hairstyles with short sides is always trendy and look stunning on all faces.

Long Pixie For Thick Hair

Long pixie for thick hair

Try using a long pixie for thick hair to keep your hair looking neat and sharp. It’s a long pixie hairstyle for thick hair can help prevent the hair from expanding excessively when it’s cut short. The medium length of pixie that lies between two bobs and pixies adds some weight in order to allow hair to have more sleek lines and, consequently it will be simpler to keep.

Textured Pixie that has V-Cut Layers

Textured pixie with v-cut layers

Create an edgy pixie using V-cut layers for an easy and simple hairstyle! The style Creator Michaela Lanphear of Alabama advises this style for women who prefer low-maintenance. Lanphear utilized a scissor over comb technique to get the perfect tapered look. She adds, “I also recommend point-cutting to create a textured piece. This produces wispy pieces on the fringe and around the ears.”

Long Pixie Haircut with Bangs

long pixie cut with bangs haircut

Extra Long Pixie, with Wispy Ends.

extra long pixie with wispy ends

A long pixie haircut with wispy ends offers the pixie cut look and the ease of length over the face. Wispy ends can be created by adding the texture of both ends of the cut. This style is perfect for fine to medium hair texture.

Pixie Mullet Hairstyle

pixie mullet hairstyle

The pixie mullet is an updated version of a traditional Pixie. Its lengthening back allows you to experiment with an entirely new style with minimal effort.

Fiery Long Shaggy Pixie Cut

fiery long shaggy pixie cut

A fiery long, shaggy cut is the perfect cut for women who want to hide fine wrinkles and lines that appear around the eyes and forehead. Textured layers provide effortless styling, quick drying and a low-maintenance look. To style, spray a tiny quantity of sea salt on hair that is damp and blow dry your hair in every direction or air dry. After drying, apply the pomade in a small amount and rub the pomade between your hands. apply it to your hair where you desire a smooth, textured style.

Black Wavy Lixie

black wavy lixie

A dark and curly long pixie hairstyle is a perfect cut for stepping into the shorter side of the spectrum without losing length on the top. The soft and textured bangs soften the face and lengthens the neck due to the sides that are shorter. A simple style that is perfect for ladies with wavy hair. Apply a small amount of leave-in curl crème into hair that is damp or diffuse it at a low speed with low heat to improve the natural hair texture.

Platinum Long Pixie that has an undercut

platinum long pixie with an undercut

Try an platinum long pixie with an undercut to get a quick haircut, but still desire a fun haircut. The platinum blonde color adds an feminine look to a simple cut. An long pixie cut is great for fine hair, giving the appearance of fullness.

Jet Black Long Pixie Cut with Side Burns

jet black long pixie cut with side burns

A trendy and edgy style is an all-black long pixie cut with sideburns. With a cropped top and smooth sides the cut is guaranteed to bring out the confidence you’ve been looking for. The best hair kind for this cut is medium-to thick hair. Cutting the sideburns out to create softness around your face provides this haircut with the distinctiveness and beauty that is required for any facial shape.

Stunning Long Pixie Before and After

Long pixie cut before and after

The before and after photo of the long pixie hairstyle is stunning. The transformation proves that sometimes you need a little boost! This length is very low-maintenance and easy to fashion. Before blow drying, massage an amount of dime-sized Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue into your hands and spread it out evenly for extra gloss and softness.

A Long Pixie for Women Over 70

A long pixie for women over 70

Over 70-year-old women should try the long pixie cut a try. The youthful look will leave you looking fresh and young and fresh. The textured cut can be enhanced by flat ironing the edges to create an even more shaggier look.

Dry Razor Cut Lixie

Dry razor cut lixie

A lixie with a cut with a dry razor is among the popular looks for women. The softness and softness of this cut is unrivaled and very low maintenance. It takes just about a minute to style each morning, it doesn’t get more simple than this. Apply a nickel-sized portion of Redken Aerate into your hands, and spread it evenly to give you a more even volume and texture.

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