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35 Cute Medium Haircuts to Fuel Your Imagination

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Most of the time, we think about changing something in our appearance. It’s astonishing how drastically women’s appearance can alter after having her hair cut in a different method. Most of us are anxious to make this drastic step towards a fresh image, as we’re uncertain if it will be an effective move or not. Sometimes, we don’t know which haircut we should choose. You’ll be shocked, but the reality is that you already know the answer. You just need to ask your gut. It will help you decide which styles you feel most comfortable in. We are also going to give you ideas and inspiration by offering a stunning gallery of pictures that showcase the most stylish styles for mid-lengths.

Trends in Haircuts 2021

  1. Pixie haircuts
  2. Original Bobs with angular edges
  3. The central separation
  4. Side swept bangs
  5. Choppy layers of graduated and choppy
  6. Clean lines

Cute Medium Haircuts that stand out from the crowd

Now let’s look at how they look on photographs.

#1: Lots of Layers

This is the best haircut for hair with thin layers since it employs two distinct cutting techniques to give fullness: layers and angles. The angles in this bob add thickness, and the layering creates the illusion of movement and an amazing shape.

chin-length layered bob

#2: Perfectly Undone in Purple

Waves that are loose work well for oval faces since frames the facial features but without creating a longer look. The purple-reddish shade is a great match for every skin tone. It is able to pick up the subtones of a warm complexion, and contrasts well with cool tones.

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messy wavy bob with marsala balayage

#3: Choppy Shoulder-Length Style

Are you looking to cut years off your appearance? Try a youthful and choppy hairstyle that’s adorable and chic. It’s great for everyone and appears fresh, but such a trendy style is perfect for casual events.

chopped medium haircut

#4: The Perfect Flip

Have you ever thought that the right hairstyle can create attractive angles for faces with round faces? The back layers that are flipped over frame your face beautifully and provide the perfect edge to your appearance. The light strips of color cut through the denseness of hair that is thick, making it to appear lighter.

medium layered hairstyle with highlights

#5: Shaggy and Beautiful

Even if you’re wearing an abundance of texture in your medium length hairstyle doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to rock sleek bangs. This style is a good example since it has an unruly texture towards the end, which suggests that blunt bangs are able to be incorporated into the overall hairstyle.

shaggy blonde bob with bangs

#6: Simple Cut with Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

The glasses you love will require a stylish medium haircut to go with. Because you must be able to seeclearly, ensure that your hairstyles are not too high just above that bridge. The hairdo with a few layers look great with heart-shaped faces since they bring attention to the and pointed cheeks.

medium haircut with bangs

#7: Wind-Swept Medium Chestnut Hair

Bring some warmth to your adorable medium hairstyle. Try a soft reddish brown shade that gives the haircut some depth and bring out the best in it. Everyone can go with the flow and choose a brunette or blonde however, it’s a brave woman to step up and go for a more sexy chestnut shade.

Medium Messy Side Part Hairstyle

#8: Medium Length Shaggy Bob

Choose a cut that is close to that “short hair” category. The fashionable shaggy bob style is misleading – it appears to be an elegant, cropped ‘do and still has length. A short-to-long hairstyle allows the possibility of a variety of styles which is always a positive thing.

Long Blonde Balayage Bob

#9: Layered Medium Length Locks

If you’re in need of cuts that work for your hair’s thickness layers are the best option. Layers of mid-length hair with layers of choppy hair can be used in two ways They give your hair an appealing look and shape, as well as making it less heavy and manageable.

Medium Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

#10: Medium Mermaid Hair

Cute medium hairstyles have just become better with the help of the fun fairy-tale-like hair colors. The purple and silvery blue locks create a beautiful Iridescent effect that looks elegant. With bright-colored hair trending at the moment, this look is definitely in fashion.

Mid Length Pastel Blue Hair

#11: Short to Medium Bobbed Hair

The choice of middle hair isn’t a requirement that that you need to opt for a cut that is only one length. You can try a style that’s cut quite small in back (just above the neck’s nape) and gradually increases in length toward the front. You can add curly strands and you’ll get a style that’s unique and unpredictably and just like you.

Angled Wavy Bob

#12: Retro Mid-Length Cut

Of all the adorable haircut styles that are out there, a short, sassy blonde bob is always able to be noticed from the crowd. Medium-rounded hairstyle with a touch of pink shouts “adorable” through every hair strand. When it’s blow-out with a full, thick style will take any outfit to new heights that are irresistible.

Layered Blonde Bob With Side Bangs

#13: Medium Shaggy Blonde Ombre Bob

Are you looking for cut-offs to medium length hair? Consider a shagged-up style with layers of long, razored hair with wispy bangs in the to the front. The layers add an extra body and a statement look and straight fringes are optional.

Golden Blonde Layered Bob With Bangs

#14: Purple Brown Mid-Length Shag

Are you unable to do anything with your mousy brown hair that is fine? Try adding some colour and shape! Try a chic elegant, trendy look, and then cover your locks in highlighter highlights in matte lavender. You can add some feathered layers and you’ve taken the locks you have been wearing to the next level, from “blah” into “beautiful.”

Brown Layered Bob With Purple Balayage

#15 Medium Length with highlights of copper

A bob with layers is stylish sufficient on its own however, a layered copper-colored bob can be a true sexy delight. The glossy reddish brown color is the perfect color when it comes to a moderate cut because it gives it a lot more life and energy. Who wouldn’t like this?

Reddish Brown Angled Bob

#16: Medium Auburn Mane

Modern, cute hairstyles for medium hair tend to be shaggy and uneven. The beachy waves look stunning on shoulders-length hair that is choppy and makes your look effortless stylish. Create the perfect style when you curl your hair using an iron, but make sure to not let the iron sit in your hair long. Simply holding the curl for several seconds will result in loose waves that appear natural looking.

Mid-Length Chestnut Brown Shag

#17: Wild ‘N’ Free Mid-Length Curls

Contrary to what many people believe Medium strands are very low-maintenance. This is particularly so if you’ve got the perfect curls. The beauty of naturally curly bob is in a cut that is layered and a minimal style using some crème or curling mousse. It’s as simple as letting dry your hair completely then blast it off with your blowdryer and you’re good to go.

Medium Curly Hairstyle

#18: Lovely Layered Medium Length Bob

Fine hair of medium length shouldn’t be left to an uninteresting and lifeless state. Consider investing in a root-lifting spray or spray to apply after showering. Blond dry your hair like you normally but pay particular attention to the hair’s roots. Hair will not be the same again.

Layered Blonde Balayage Bob

#19: Bubbly Blonde Medium Bob

Of all the adorable haircuts for mid-length hair with the entire hair of fluffy, soft curls is as gorgeous as you can get. Alongside being cute, this style is simple to maintain and manage if you maintain it correctly. Make sure you have moisturizing shampoos and conditioners aswell in curl-enhancing styling products and you’ll enjoy beautiful rings all day long.

Curly Blonde Bob

#20: Layered Medium Length Strands

Do the thought of hair that is mid-length bring back memories of the ’90s mom haircuts? Get rid of those images out of your mind and try a the opportunity to try new shoulder-length cuts. Bangs and layers that are angled can take you beyond your “mom zone” and put you in the fashion-forward territory.

Medium Blonde Layered Hairstyle

#21: Chopped Medium Cut

A loose bob that grazes shoulders is great for people who have face shapes that are round. The layers that are long frame the face beautifully and can help to lengthen the face. Request your hairstylist to trim the ends of the hair with sharp scissors for a more shaggier look.

Choppy Brown Bob

#22: Medium Silvery Shag

Modern, cute medium length haircuts require worthy hair coloring solutions. Make sure to shake your hair up to add a flash of color that is unexpected. Although grey hair has traditionally been associated with old women, today silver is being used as a bold shade. Get your hair in shape and opt for an ashy color that’s tres stylish.

Silver Blonde Layered Lob

#23: Short and Simple Mid-Length Style

Simple and simple don’t necessarily mean “plain”. When properly styled the shoulder-length hair can look striking and gorgeous even without much effort required. It’s as simple as curling a few pieces of hair using an iron for curls and applying a gentle comb will have you looking stunning within a matter of 10 minutes.

Curly Bob With Side Bangs

#24: Blown-Out Medium Bob

Nothing is better than a great blow-dry, and nothing will show off your new style more than it does. When you blow-dry your hair using an oval brush take the roots up and turn the ends inwards. This gives your hair plenty of body and shape , and give it a more lively look!

Medium Layered Haircut

#25: Medium Twist out Bob

Cute medium length hairstyles like this rounded bob work well when you wish to keep your hair loose. A twist-out can assist in fighting frizz and puffiness that is excessive for natural hair of medium length.

Mid-Length Curly Natural Hairstyle

#26: Loose Sexy Waves

A very well-loved styles for women of color is the wavy bob. It’s been embraced by all of the stars all the way from Gabrielle Union to Beyonce, it’s a popular style due to the fact that it’s polished and elegant yet flirty and fun.

side-parted black wavy bob

#27: Blonde Dip Dye for Brown Hair

A olive-colored skin tone can work well with all hair shades, however caramel and chocolate are the top choices in medium hairstyles for women. The rich dark brown shows the healthy strands of glistening shine and the blonde ends add some glam to your face.

medium hairstyle with curled ends

#28: Levels of Curls

Even if you’re not a huge fan of length doesn’t suggest that you shouldn’t add some drama in your haircut for medium-length hair. Combining a sharply cut that is angled, a bold contrast colors and layers that give you a strong hairstyle that works in a variety of styles.

two-tone curly bob for black women

#29: A Sharper Image

If you’re looking to change your gorgeous bob and transform it into an sexy bob All you need is a sharp haircut and a striking black shade. With sharply pointed edges, this look can make it clear that you’re an attractive woman who has an edge.

angled bob haircut

#30: Sunset Curls

Beauty lovers love to draw inspiration from nature to design beautiful colors to add some spice to their hairstyles for medium-length hair. The stunning shades in this image resemble the colors of a stunning sunset with the enthralling shades of orange and red gradually fading into the dark purple. This is the perfect style to be a style setter with a unique style.

medium curly hairstyle

#31: Extreme Ends

Don’t settle for standard side bangs. If you cut your front hair to the extreme they not only lengthen your facial features, you make yourself stand out from the others sporting straight bangs. This is the perfect style for women who wishes to keep her traditional look however with a modern twist on the well-known style.

bob for thick hair

#32: Fantastic Fringe

Are you looking for an adorable look for your short hair? This is a windfall style due to the fact that it has layers of hair around your face for frame or define the face, with fewer layers on the rear to make the hair look larger. The streaks of blonde throughout the base of the hair give an appearance of more depth.

medium layered haircut with highlights

#33: Itty-Bitty Bangs

A chin length hairstyle could get old-fashioned with little options for hairstyles. Do not fret, super short shaggy bangs that slant upwards and thick layers can be the basis for the perfect medium length cut that is pretty amazing with little effort. The hair can be styled straight like the image or in a wavy style to create a flirty, nonchalant style.

edgy bob with short asymmetrical bangs

#34: High-Low Hairdo

Learn from the latest the latest fashions to incorporate these into your medium-length hairstyle for ladies. High-low hems can be seen all over everything from skirts to tops to dresses and caps. The concept is a good one, and it can be a dramatic accent by incorporating hair.

black bob haircut

#35: Mid-Length Maven

If there’s a style that is timeless and chic, it’s the classic, blunt shoulder haircut. Its simple and straightforward approach to layering and add-ons makes it ideal for women with straight, sharp style and personality. The subtle highlights add dimension to the uniform cut.

dark brown asymmetrical bob with highlights

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