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35 Cute Short Bob Haircuts Everyone Will Be Obsessed With in 2024

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Blunt or inverted, stacked straight, wavy as well as asymmetrical, tousled and even shaving… Do we have lost any short hairstyles? While they’re quite limited in length, they can be cut to around the level of the chin (or shorter) they are very versatile and will suit your individual’s personal style. We’re excited to dive into the latest short bob hairstyles. Let’s roll!

Killer Short Bob Haircuts for Different Hair Types

“The shorter your hair is the shorter your bob ought to be,” says Matt Fugate who style Lana Condor, Katherine McNamara and Judith Light, to Allure. Does this mean that only women with thick hair have a lot to gain by opting to short bobs? Absolutely not! On the other side it is true that both fine and thin hairstyles look stunning when cut short as they are able to increase their density and volume after damaged ends are cut off and hair is cut in a flattering manner. However, on the another hand, a hair cut in conjunction with the undercutting process or layering can do a great job on thick hair too which makes them lighter and more manageable. Therefore, you can find an elongated bob cut precisely the way your hair needs to minimize its weak points and enhance the natural beauty of your hair. Check out our examples and discover what is the best option for your hair’s texture.

Short Curly Bob Hairstyle

Curly hair is shaped and bounce when it’s formed into a bob, with an undercut on the nape and slightly larger front rings.

Wavy Bob With Sliced Layers

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The wavy bob is a single length at the bottom, but perfectly sliced across the sides and back to add the texture and lift.

Choppy Bob With A Side Part For Fine Hair

Fine tresses appear larger when the tops are lighter than the ends and a side part can create an elevated bend to add dimension on the front.

Feathered Bob For Straight Hair

The straight hair is somewhat thick and feathered, creating some movement as well as an airy appearance.

Jaw-Length Bob For Thick Hair

The thick mane draws the eyes with its size and strength, but there’s always an opportunity to create texture with sliced and accented hair strands.

Cool Bobs for Different Face Shapes

Does anyone have a particular face shape that is specifically for bobs? Actually, yes. “Oval faces are the most popular for Bobs. There are a variety of styles to choose from blunt to long and it can be applied to any hair type.” Tommy Buckett, hairstylist behind Jackie Cruz, Elisabeth Moss and Amber Heard, tells InStyle.

If you’re happy with your oval face, you can do whatever you like, even the shortest bob hairstyles without second thought. However, that’s a far cry from saying that only perfectly-proportioned faces can pull off bob cuts. It’s more appropriate to claim that any shape of face can be balanced by the correct hairstyle. A bob with a soft, rounded shape that is slightly lower or higher than the jawline is a popular choice for square faces. Likewise, round faces can be framed by angles cut. Check out different examples of this from the slider.

Classic Bob With Bangs For A Round Face

This round face slays the classic bob style with smooth, round-brushed style with soft, bouncy bangs. They catch the eye. the eyes and add the French look.

Side-Swept Fringe For A Long Face

The side-swept fringe conceals the forehead, creating an angle to follow which balances the face’s long length.

Textured Parisian Bob For A Heart-Shaped Face

This gorgeous heart-shaped face looks stunning due to the elegant Parisian haircut that features short , curly bangs and side locks that are textured and angled to cheekbones.

Sliced Bob For A Square Face

The square-shaped face is softened beautifully by a face-framing design, and an elongation can be seen through the sloping top and cut pieces.

Centre-Parted Blunt Bob For Oval Faces

Oval-shaped faces can wear blunt bobs that have a central parted easily, as the hairstyle’s graphic design creates an appealing face-framing effect, with an unpretentious look.

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