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40 Inspiring Best Long Hairstyles for Women 2023

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Don’t think about cutting your hair long just because you’ve been told it’s no longer fashionable! Mermaid locks will be hot in 2023. So all you’ll need to do is get your hair in a pleasing shape. This is our top selection of hairstyles for long hair, accompanied by stylist’s tips to aid you on the path to your hair desires.

Inspiring Long Locks Ideas for Different Hair Types

The texture of hair is most important aspect to be considered when deciding on hairstyles for ladies who have long hair. For those with thin, transparent hair, Arsen Gurgov, a famous hair stylist who counts Emmy Rossum among his star clients, suggests bangs for a longer, more thick style, while staying clear of thinning shears and preferring straight cuts made with regular scissors. In contrast, hair that is thick can benefit from taking off some of the weight by thinning. What happens if you’ve natural curls, like those of Rossum? Request longer layers! “They will enhance the hair’s thickness and avoid the common “triangle shape” that may occur when hair is only one size,” tells Arsen Gurgov in his remarks on Today. This is how.

Long Curly Caramel Balayage Hair

The gorgeous model has a curly hair with an odd middle section and caramel balayage. It brings out the adorable pattern of her ringlets that are playful.

Blonde Ombre For Fine Thin Long Hair

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The gorgeous ombre that fades from dark roots to champagne blonde ends adds an extra dimension to fine, thin hair. The feathered layering creates a lively and exciting feeling.

Haircut With Chunky Layers For Thick Hair

With a series of chunky layers thick hair appears lively and full of motion and also displaying the amazing artwork of the painted blonde.

Long Wavy Layered Hairstyle

The hairstyle has voluminous waves that are cut into hair, which are both thickly layering and brightened by smooth color transitions.

Feathered Red Hairstyle For Thick Hair

A hot red hue! Get the idea of the color to your thick straight strands and the fluttery look.

Long Looks for Different Face Shapes

Bone structure is another factor to consider when selecting between various long length hairstyles. There are a variety of ways to make your face look more balanced through the style. If you’re a heart-shaped person choose deep side parts, big ponytails or buns, lots of pieces of braids beginning at the hairline in front. If your face is round, you can request thick bangs and textured layers you can side-swept or wear a ponytail with a high-profile for an lengthening appearance. Girls who have an inverted triangle must embrace half-ups and half-downs. “I like half-updos especially for women who have inverted triangle-shaped faces. A half-updo can narrow the forehead while also enhancing the shape of your jawline and cheekbones. It’s a pleasure to create illusions!” writes Kristin Ess hair stylist of Lucy Hale and other celebrities in her blog. Check out other facial shapes depicted.

Elongating Long Hairstyle For Round Faces

Follow the example of this woman, who knows what works best for round faces. She has a flirty strand of hair in the ear area with multiple angles through her ‘do, and a long line running across the face.

Long Hairstyle With Layering For Oval Faces

To prevent pulling an oval face down add some texture and volume to the face using layering and highlights that are contrasting.

Face-Framing Layers For Heart Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped women have the ability to visually narrow their foreheads, while softening their jawline by wearing flattering facial frames.

Layering For A Long Face

This layering process begins from the collar bone to give an extended face. Then, there are some layers at the bottom to add some dynamism.

Hairstyle With A Side Part For Square Face

From the right portion, a gentle diagonal line that runs across the face of the square breaks its angle before it melts into textured waves.

Banging Long Bob Alternatives

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to expand your hair or are looking for something that is less stressful to maintain than waist-length hair, the bob is definitely a style to think about. Its length at the shoulder qualifies as the length of a long-haired style, and it’s easy and quick to style as compared to shorter lengths. “The hairstyle is well-liked because it’s an eye-catching appearance, but it doesn’t require you to commit to wearing either long or short hair. It’s manageable and offers ample space for various styles and looks” claims Earl Simms, who styled celebrities from the A-list like Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Jourdan Dunn, for Glamour. He suggests beginning with a central part to give you the ability to switch your hair around to whatever side you want or requesting a long messy fringe. Look through pictures in the slider to see beautiful examples of contemporary hair lobs.

Highlighted Natural Hairstyle For Black Hair

This bright and bouncy hairstyle is one of our top hairstyles that are natural black and has every aspect from the texture, vibrancy as well as bounce and sleekness.

Polished Weave Lob

If you prefer weave hairstyles then be inspired by this stunning sleek and polished lob highlighted by a few stray blonde streaks.

Shaggy Razor-Cut Bobs With Bangs

Shaggy bobs that have bangs have something extremely French to them, don’t they? This razor-sharp ‘do paired by a delicate and delicate balayage an excellent illustration.

Messy Angled Long Bob With Bangs

The angled bob is an unintentionally longer length with long, messy bangs as well as trendy texture waves.

Sandy Blonde Long Bob

This sand-colored blonde cut is a traditional take on the long bob. It features bangs that are side-swept and layered into short, round-brushed layers.

Many different Long Hairstyles with Layers

It appears that layering is the most popular of all recent hairstyles, as upon closer inspection, nearly every hairstyle that appears to be unnatural are actually layered. This is because layering offers an array of possibilities to customize based on the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. Layers can give bounce to thin locks , without affecting the density. They can also reduce bulk in thick hair, but not sacrifice the length. In her post on Allure, Kattia Solano, creator of the NYC-based Butterfly Studio Salon and stylist to Blake Lively, Olivia Palermo and Rose McGowan, recommends a layers-based look for curly hair who have medium-to-thick hair. She said that the layers will take what’s already dense and push it into something even more.

Hairstyle With Bangs And Long Layers

This natural balayage haircut is worn with bangs which are arched towards the sides to create an edgier look, and long layers give bounce.

Piece-Y Shoulder-Length Bob

If you’re looking for a shorter and more easy to style, opt for a shoulder-length style with a chunky texture and layers around the border.

Long Curly Mane With Shiny Highlights

Layering provides the appearance of a long curly mane. It also makes the ringlets sparkle with shining highlights.

Layered Hairstyle For Long Thick Hair

The cascading waves, infused with lighter streaks give a zing to these locks that keep the depth, but also let go of the bulk.

Bangs and Classy Long ‘Dos

The addition of bangs is an easy method to change your hairstyle, and also their capacity to even out features of the face and alter your perception of the density of your hair. Bangs can be used to frame different facial types and can be used on any type of texture (yes they can be curly too!) and the primary goal is to adapt the look to suit your personal. A long fringe that sweeps towards the sides is a good choice, as it’s simple to put it behind the ear, or extend to the side in case you are bored of it or you want to alter your look. But, there are other extravagant styles available and we’re going to take a look at a few of them.

Long Sliced Silver Blonde Hairstyle

This hairstyle in silver blonde is very edgy, especially with long bangs with a side sweep and sharp ends that are cut-off ends for added texture.

Long Layered Bronde Hairstyle With Bangs

The bronde look is heavily layered in the bangs and on the face. It draws the attention with its cool , flipped out style.

Layered Brown Hair With Curtain Bangs

The bardot-styled curtain bangs look perfectly with this softly layered brown hair, and offer plenty of styling freedom due to the cheek-grazing length.

Long Shag With Short Layers

This amazing texture is revealed by using short layers that start at the top of the face and moving all the way to the bottom. The straight fringe is blended perfectly.

Long Curly Hairstyle With Bangs

We love these short and soft curly hairstyles that are longer towards the temples and blend into the side tresses. They blend well with the long hair ringlets.

Chic Long Hairstyles for Black Women

The cool braids are the best option to Afro American women with long hair because their design can help manage hair that is long while achieving stunning looks and also reducing time spent on hair styling. “Consult to your hairdresser regarding whether braids that use synthetic extensions work with your hair. Discussion of previous chemical treatments about the health that your hair has is a good starting point. Consider what length and size of braids is most suitable for your needs. If the braids are large as well as long they can cause damage and breakage in your hairline because of the weight and tension of them.” suggests Gemma Moodie, UK-based 2017 Natural Stylist of the Year to Cosmopolitan. You don’t have to use braids there are other options available.

African American Dutch Braid Pigtails

If you’re looking for an innovative alternative to braids you can think of beautiful Dutch-braided pigtailsthat look more beautiful when lengths are added.

Big Natural Hair With Highlights

Make sure your hair is large, but make sure it’s perfectly shaped and defined like the model does. A few strands of highlights around the face can help to bring it in focus.

Long Weave Hair With Waves

And why not utilize weave hair to achieve this amazing deep-wave hairstyle? It will surely catch everyone’s attention by its bounce, volume and the softness.

Clip-On Braided Ponytail

Make sure you have a neat and high-pitched ponytail that you can braid with clip-on hairpieces to create a striking, yet stylish style.

Cute Box Braids With White Strings

We can’t leave out our most loved box braids, and especially this adorable ‘do that is fancifully decorated with white strings.

10 Best Long Hairstyle Ideas Based on the Hottest Trends

We have various hairstyles that can be customized to fit your individual style What are the most stylish methods to achieve this? “The 80s are returning with a bang. This means big blowouts and hair accessories” says famous hair stylist Andrew Fitzsimons, who works with Kourtney as well as Khloe Kardashian, as well as Byrdie. The stylist also believes that the bedhead trend will continue throughout 2023. He recommends taking note of loose hair with textured, wavy and curly tresses. In that sense, 90-style loose wavy hairstyles with a few pieces left in are officially returning, while hairstyles that follow the “go natural and large” trend has a head start on the trend when it comes to black hair. Let’s look at some other hairstyles that are trendy that work well with long hair.

Cute Messy Bun Updo

This adorable hairstyle is romantic and relaxing thanks to its messy twisted and tucked strands that are twisted into a bun. It is then adorned with whimsical loose ends and tendrils.

Prom Side Bun Updo

To get a more sleek prom hairstyle, have your locks combed back and pulled back for an elegant side bun that has big hair loops.

Long Ash Blonde Hairstyle For Year Old Woman

The hairstyle with two layers of ash blonde is an excellent choice for a women over 50 since it frames your face attractively while concealing the graying.

Pretty Layered Hairstyle For Long Hair

This gorgeous layered on the lower part of the ‘do is noticeable thanks to its delicate feathered finishing and vibrant color change.

Homecoming Ponytail Updo

With this amazing ponytail, there’s no need for another look for your next homecoming Ask your hairdresser to create a unique combination of curls and braids such as this one.

Professional Low Bun Updo For Long Hair

Low buns are one of the most popular choices when you’re trying to achieve a professional appearance. Be inspired by this gorgeous and soft, yet classy and elegant hairstyle.

Long Shag With Arched Bangs

A contemporary shag is a must this season, so pick one with arched bangs and thick layers. Make sure to include colors to give your hair a natural, vibrant color!

Long Hairstyle With A Layered Fringe

This gorgeous hairstyle shines with its seamless balance and sharp, piece-y layers We also love its long and hairline that’s layered.

Feathered Brunette Hairstyle With Highlights

Highlights aren’t just for blondes! Check out this brunette wearing her loose layers, highlighted and feathered.

Vintage Hairstyle With Pinup Waves

The red color is meant to be paired with vintage waves for modern interpretations of a pinup-style. The hairstyles that are suitable for girls who have long hair are easily achievable at home or in a local salon, which means you don’t require a beauty team to achieve the perfect look to suit your preferences. Take any of our images to the salon, and discuss with your hairdresser about how you can alter the style to suit your personal style. Best of luck in your next hairstyle and don’t forget to share your results with us!

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