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36 Instagram-Famous Ways to Rock Long Hair with Bangs in 2024

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We are of the opinion that long hair with fringes make a good combination. Long hair with bangs looks sharper due to this striking contrast when there is a noticeable disconnect between the lengths, or because of the cascading effect we like when it comes to hairstyles that feature face-framing layers. In any case, a fringe can be an absolute game changer and we’ll demonstrate how to wear it in 2024.

Exploring Types of Bangs

So, what kind of bangs do we need to be looking for when visiting an salon? “I have found that most of my clients like longer bangs because they’re stylish as well as easy to manage, which is crucial. They can be swept back, or push them up, you choose,” says Anthony Nader who runs RAW salon in Sydney and hairdresser to famous people like Miranda Kerr and Cate Blanchett as well as Harpers Bazaar. It’s logical to pair long bangs with long locks to create an even look and also to enjoy the flexibility of hairstyles. But, long hairstyles that have bangs can be more dramatic in the event that a opposition is in play. This is why we’ve compiled an assortment of short, long, broad and full bangs to help you to choose your ideal appearance.

Long Choppy Hair With Side Bangs

The cascading hairstyle has side bangs that look stunning accented to create a flare around the face . They are also extremely cut to match the overall choppy style.

36 Instagram-Famous Ways to Rock Long Hair with Bangs in 2024

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Wispy fringe adds a soft, delicate touch to long brunette hair. This style beautifully frames the face while maintaining a natural, effortless look.

Long Messy Rooty Blonde Hairstyle With A Fringe

Attracting attention with its cool and dark shade, this chunky mane is embellished with a thick and long fringe that is as well as shagged to go with the messy style.

Cropped Full Bangs For Long Hair

What an amazing visual contrast when long , textured locks are coupled with full cropped bangs!

Long Layered Hairstyle With A Blunt Fringe

It is possible to get a more softer feel by adding a blunt fringe to a hairstyle that is layered. Be sure to emphasize the straightness of your hair against shaggy and wavy hair.

Short Point-Cut Bangs For Long Straight Hair

This gorgeous beauty has shorter, pointed bangs that are slim because of the light color streaks and relaxed separation.

Choosing Hairstyles for Your Hair Type

As is in the past, most important thing to consider when picking haircuts that work well for long hair with bangs is the hair’s texture. It’s not the case that having a fringe is a major no-no if your hair is curly or thin however there are some styles that work well for the particular type of hair. The bangs that are a curtain style are ideal for fine and thin hair, bringing some volume at the front and concealing the lack of volume. Curly manes appear more lively with front spirals that are different lengths. “I like cutting small pieces that are shorter around the face rather than an overly massive straight-across bang. It’s great with any curl pattern as it gives motion and dimension,” Shai Amiel, the “Curl Doctor” who takes charge for Logan Browning and Tia Mowry’s curls, tells Refinery29. Let’s take some more looks at hair textures and bangs.

Long Curly Shag With Bangs

Do you require any additional reasons to believe that bangs work to curl hair? We’re in love with this stunning shag that has scattered, messy curls on the front.

Cute Straight Long Hairstyle With A Fringe

The straight hair shines with an attractive balayage piece work. It looks airy thanks to pieces of hair on the bottom as well as an adorable wispy fringe.

Long Wavy Hairstyle With A Piece-Y Fringe

The wavy style is great with straight bangs like this jagged fringe that brings the style together while increasing its color contrast.

Thick Long Hair With Layers And Bangs

This hair is thick and bounces in layers. The feathered bangs are great for doing a good job of framing the face while eliminating some weight.

Long Layered Hairstyle With A Fringe For Thin Hair

The tousled style adds volume to hair with thin tresses. A layer of fringes can give even more depth to the look.

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