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35 Insanely Popular Layered Bob Hairstyles for Women to Try in 2023

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The process of creating a layered bob by 2023 could be difficult. But the final result often surpasses expectations. The process of experimenting with bobs could start from long layered ones , and proceed to the shortest stack choices. The best bob to choose depends on the hair’s length and facial shape. Longer bobs are ideal for round and oval faces and shorter ones are ideal for triangular and oblong faces. Stacked bobs are an ideal choice for those with hair that is thick, while long layers are suitable for fine hair. Check out the bobs we’ve selected to assist you in your look. Consider the way each one will appear with your hair and face. You’ll be able to find one that suits your personal style.

1. A bob with a short layer for fine hair

layered bob hairstyles for women 1

This style is ideal for hair with fine texture. The layers aren’t apparent, but they add some volume, which makes the hairstyle appear more full. The side-swept bangs make perfect for any bob, especially when your hair’s thin as they can add even more volume.

2. Highlights

layered bob hairstyles for women

Highlights are an excellent method to make any hairstyle appear brighter. This is certainly the case for hairstyles with highlights. The right colors can give your bob with a certain brightness and really make it appear unique. There is no need for maintenance!

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3. A sloppy texture

layered bob hairstyles for women 3-min

The layered bob with bangs is great for women of all hair types. It can add bulk for thin hair and add fashion to long locks. The wavy bangs and highlights give this haircut a unique look. If you choose to wear this hairstyle, prepare to spend time the styling.

4. Long and windy

women layered bob hairstyles

Long bobs look great on blonde haired women. Windblown or messy styles are ideal for young girls. However, this style could be suitable for women of older age too, provided that the hairstyle is slightly neater.

5. The surface is textured and angles

nice layered bob hair for girl

Asymmetry is the key word! If you’re looking for a more textured style think about creating an arched hairstyle. The layers are cut in a chaotic fashion to create an edgy look that is a great accessory to any woman’s fashion. There is no need to be careful when brushing in this case.

6. Short and stacked

layered bob hairstyles for women 6-min

Stacked hairstyles look great regardless of the length. This layered bob is unique because of the strands of hair that are angled on the sides , and the top layer that is capped. The hairstyle can be quite difficult to maintain tidy. If you’re willing to try it, you’ll look stunning.

7. Medium Bob with layers

layered bob hairstyles for women 7-min

Medium bobs work well when you have straight hair. Consider this style with layered blunt ends. If you think the hairstyle is too easy to you, think about making some highlights. This hairstyle requires minimal maintenance and virtually nothing to apply hair cream.

8. Sexy auburn Bob

short layered bob hairstyle for women

In case your hair’s dark, opt for this gorgeous auburn bob cut to turn heads. The slack ends give this cut lots of fashion and layers on the back give the upper volume. All you have to do is to brush your hair on a daily.

9. Volume on top

layered bob hairstyles for women 9-min

This mixture of medium and short Bobs is created by putting layers on top of the head, and then leaving straight strands of hair down the neck. This is a great choice for ladies who have oval or oblong-shaped faces. Keep your hair tidy, otherwise the volume at the top will disappear and the mixture will turn messy.

10. Round Bob with wispy bangs

women layered bob brown hairstyles

This layered bob style is perfect for women who have a triangular, square, or oblong face shapes. The stacked hairstyle at the back gives a nice volume while the hair strands on the front encircle the face. Hairy, wavy bangs are an excellent accessory to this style, but it could look attractive with blunt fringe , too.

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