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When it comes to hair colors, balayage has been the biggest trend of recent seasons, and it isn’t over yet. The technique, which involves highlighting hair by hand-painting sections against a backing board, is set to be bigger than ever in 2017 with more options than before. No matter if your locks are blonde, brunette, black or red, there’s a chic balayage option to suit you. Perfect for creating a graduated and natural-looking style, balayage leaves ladies with dimensional and radiant-looking hair. So, what are you waiting for? Just click through to find the best new balayage option for you.

Balayage Hair Color

1. Ash Purple Balayage

This awesome ash purple balayage is edgy and bold. Pair it with a rebellious attitude for a super stylish look.

Ash Purple Balayage

2. Babylight Balayage

Babylight balayage is a great way to lighten and brighten hair in a natural-looking way. The delicate highlights create a gorgeous, youthful and dimensional appearance.

Babylight Balayage

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3. Balayage Blonde

This sandy blonde balayage has a great “beach babe” feel. The warm ends add a certain radiance to the naturally blonde base.

Balayage Blonde (1)

4. Balayage Brown

Painting “bronde” strokes through brown locks is a great way to lighten a dark head of hair. While traditional highlights can also work, balayage often has a more natural appearance.

Balayage Brown

5. Balayage Brunette

This wonderful brunette balayage look features honey highlights. When placed around the face, light strokes, such as these, have a lovely framing effect that brings out facial features.

Balayage Brunette (1)

6. Balayage Highlights

Balayage is a great way to create natural-looking highlights. Just ask your colorist to hand-paint the colour on strands where the light naturally hits your hair to make it appear as if it were highlighted by the sun.

Balayage Highlights (1)

7. Balayage Highlights Brunette

Balayage highlights don’t have to be bold to have a great impact. Sometimes, all you need is just a few face-framing pieces to recreate your whole look.

Balayage Highlights Brunette (2)

8. Balayage Long Hair

Long hair can sometimes appear too striped with bold highlights. Instead, opt for a stylish balayage like this wonderfully blended example.

Balayage Long Hair (1)

9. Balayage on Black Hair

Instead of completely lightening black hair with an all-over color, try utilising some balayage instead. By adding warm brunette pieces, your dark locks will instantly appear brighter and more radiant.

Balayage on Black Hair

10. Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown hair looks great with both light brown and dark blonde balayage. Consider trying the former in winter and latter in summer for a seasonally appropriate style.

Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

11. Balayage on Light Brown Hair

This gorgeously subtle balayage look is perfect for light brown locks. It features blonde strokes delicately blended into brunette strands for a naturally highlighted appearance.\

Balayage on Light Brown Hair

12. Balayage Red and Brown

This red and brown balayage style has a lovely sophistication. The mixture of tones creates a chic, auburn appearance that’s both rich and vibrant.


13. Balayage with Ombre

Also known as flamboyage, balayage and ombre combinations are set to be incredibly popular this year. The technique, which blends the two coloring methods together, creates a brightened yet natural appearance.

Balayage with Ombre

14. Black Hair Balayage

One of the best ways to breathe new life into black hair is to add some balayage. The addition of lighter hues, such as warm brunette tones, will transform your color without completely changing it.

Black Hair Balayage

15. Black to Blonde Balayage

While blonde highlights can often appear too contrasting on black hair, blonde balayage can blend perfectly. Opt for a look that transforms from black roots to blonde ends for a chic style.

Black to Blonde Balayage

16. Blonde Ombre Balayage

A fantastic way to transition darker roots to blonde ends is to utilise both ombre and balayage techniques. The combination is perfect for hiding where one color ends and the next begins.

Blonde Ombre Balayage

17. Brown Balayage

Balayage doesn’t always have to be bold or two-toned. By simply opting for a hue around two shades lighter than your base color, you can create a chic look.

Brown Balayage

18. Brunette to Blonde Balayage

Want your hair to appear as if it naturally transitions from brunette roots to blonde ends? Try this stylish balayage look.

Brunette to Blonde Balayage (1)

19. Caramel Balayage

Caramel balayage is warm, radiant and beautiful. If you’re a brunette with a warm complexion, this look is for you.

Caramel Balayage (1)

20. Caramel Balayage on Black Hair

As well as looking great on brunette hair, caramel balayage is also a good option for ladies with black locks.

Caramel Balayage on Black Hair (1)

21. Chocolate Balayage Hair

This chocolate balayage look also has an ombre effect, transitioning from richer roots to lighter ends.

Chocolate Balayage Hair (1)

22. Cool Blonde Balayage

This cool, blonde balayage look features icy strokes of color on an ash blonde base. It’s perfect for natural blondes looking to embrace a bolder hue or light brunettes seeking a drastic contrast.

Cool Blonde Balayage (2)

23. Copper Balayage

Copper balayage is a great way to update brunette locks in 2017. The result is an on-trend, warm red-brown hue.

Copper Balayage

24. Dark Balayage

This deep and dark balayage look is rich and sultry. It features just a couple of golden brown highlights concentrated around the face to add lift and define features.

Dark Balayage

25. Dark Blonde Balayage

This golden balayage contains a lovely hint of honey hues. Its warm tone can be used to lighten either dark blonde locks or light brown hair.

Dark Blonde Balayage

26. Dark Brown Balayage

This dark brown balayage is so subtle that it appears completely natural. With but a shade of difference between the base and balayage, the look gives a lovely sun-lit touch to dark strands.

Dark Brown Balayage

27. Golden Balayage

Adding just a touch of golden balayage to dark strands can have an incredible effect. The hit of light colour can instantly brighten your overall appearance for a sophisticated and stylish look.

Golden Balayage

28. Grey Balayage

Grey hair is set to be one of the biggest trends of the year. If you like the look but feel apprehensive about going grey all over, try a chic balayage style, such as this, instead.

Grey Balayage

29. Light Blonde Balayage

Monotone blonde appears flat and dull. To give your light locks some more life, consider trying a balayage look such as this.

Light Blonde Balayage (1)

30. Light Brown Hair Balayage

If you have light brown hair, blonde isn’t the only type of balayage you can try. This gorgeous rose-tinted look makes an excellent fashion-forward alternative.

Light Brown Hair Balayage

31. Pink Balayage

Go bold and try a balayage look out of the ordinary such as this stunning pink style. The look can work on any shade of light blonde hair but appears particularly striking on platinum strands.

Pink Balayage

32. Purple Balayage

Purple can also create an incredible balayage hair colour. If you have dark brown or black hair, try a vivid shade of violet to create the perfect level of impact.

Purple Balayage (1)

33. Red Balayage

Balayage isn’t just for blondes and brunettes. It can also add a gorgeous natural-looking dimension to red hair colors. For the most realistic results, start with a warm base of auburn or chestnut and add balayage in lighter tones of strawberry and toffee.

Red Balayage

34. Subtle Balayage

Add light brown balayage to medium shades of brunette for a wonderfully subtle appearance. The result will appear naturally sun-kissed and not at all fake.

Subtle Balayage (1)

35. White Balayage

If you’re looking to take the balayage trend to the next level, consider trying a white version. The light hue will appear completely striking when applied to darker base colors like brown.

White Balayage

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