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Short strands have taken over women’s hairstyles and certainly aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Where once were long glamorous waves, there are now chic bobs and lobs reigning supreme. From edgy crops to beautiful layered looks, these statement styles are perfect for hitting the refresh button on your hair. So if you’re ready to make the daring choice to chop off your long locks, here are the most stylish bob and lob haircuts for your inspiration.

1. Choppy Bob

Keep your layers thin and uneven for a choppy, cool new look. Wear with a dark turtleneck to draw attention to your unique locks.

Choppy Bob Haircut

2. Blunt Bob

Blunt edges tucked away to highlight a bare, dewy face make this bob perfect to achieve the off-duty model look.

Blunt bob

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3. Angel Bob

Remember Cameron Diaz with a gorgeous short blonde bob dancing around in the opening scenes of Charlie’s Angels? Want to look like that? This hairstyle is for you!

Angel Bob

4. Fairytale Bob

This curled and coiffed bob will transport you to an era of grand balls and decadent gowns. Wear it to your next evening soiree like a queen.

Fairytale Bob

5. Super Fringe

Tip the scales of proportion with an epic fringe and short, cropped bob for a sultry, fun new look. This hairstyle is perfect for drawing attention to the eyes.

Super Fringe

6. Dishevelled Bob

The great thing about a bob is that it can look stylish even while dishevelled. Go natural with this effortless cropped look.

Dishevelled Bob

7. Bombshell Bob

This striking, elegant style will expose the cheekbones and show the world a new side of your confident personality.

Bombshell Bob

8. Catwalk Bob

This style is pure high fashion and isn’t for the faint-hearted. It is categorised by the short fringe that merges into the bob. Add a head-turning colour for the maximum impact.

Catwalk Bob

9. Sci-Fi Bob

Curl a heavy fringe inwards and keep your edges sharp for a futuristic, sci-fi look. Go icy white or fiery red to elevate this look even further.

Sci-Fi Bob

10. Layered Bob

Dreaming of a white Christmas? A soft, gradual side fringe and smooth layers will create the perfect warm look to relax by the fire.

Layered Bob

11. Bob with Bouncing Curls

A heavy fringe and plenty of curls will reinvigorate your hair, creating a glamorous, new look. This style is best suited to girls with long or heart-shaped faces.

Bob with Bouncing Curls


12. Wispy Bob

A wispy fringe and a thinned out bob are all that’s needed to achieve this dainty and stunning look. This hairstyle is perfect for blondes. Pair it with a lace or blush pink dress for your next garden party.

Wispy Bob

13. Winter Bob

As Winter approaches dig out those wool accessories you’ve been dying to wear all Summer. Pair your new bob with a cute beanie for an easy, charming outfit upgrade.

Winter Bob

14. Windswept Bob

This wild and windswept bold look will bid goodbye to flat hair. Use texturising spray to add volume to your bob then hit the streets with your best leather jacket.

Windswept Bob

15. Wet Bob

Channel your inner ocean goddess and be bold at your next event with a sleek, wet bob. Contoured cheekbones, a sultry smokey eye, and your best hair-gel will ensure you remain exquisite all night long.

Wet bob

16. Tousled Side Part Bob

Fit for any occasion, this tousled side part can be instantly taken from day to night with the addition of a statement necklace and feline winged eyeliner.

Tousled Side Part Bob

17. The Tuck

Can’t quite commit to the chop? See if the bob/lob look is for you with a figure-hugging turtle-neck and sneaky hair-tuck into your collar!

The Tuck

18. French Bob

Look like a Parisian local with a dark brushed out bob and waves sweeping across the forehead. Simply curl the ends slightly inwards and order yourself a croissant to go.

The French Bob

19. Textured Bob

Not sure what to do with these thick locks of yours? Tousle them up and back-brush your thick bob to create a textured and alluring look.

Textured Bob

20. Sporty Lob

For girls on the go, this sporty lob requires minimal effort to keep you looking your best. Shorter layers delicately frame the face but can still be easily tied up when its time to hit the field.

Sporty Lob

21. Soft Lob

In search of that ultimate dreamy bob? Ask your hairdresser for a soft layered lob and natural wave.

Soft Lob

22. Harajuku

This elegant and distinctive hairstyle is sure to set you apart from the crowd. Combine it with your own unique, quirky style to create the ultimate air of mystery.

Harajuku Lob

23. Slicked Back

You know the scene: A beautiful girl emerges from the ocean, her wet hair pulled perfectly off her glistening face. Channel that glamour by using gel to slick back your bob and expose your face’s natural contours.

Slicked Back Bob

24. The Rachel

Lost for inspiration for your next new hairstyle? Get your friends around and flashback to Rachel Green’s reign of the 90’s. Your new bob will thank you

The Rachel Bob

25. Short and Sweet Bob

Searching for that laid-back look for your new haircut? Keep things sweet and simple with a natural bob and a sweeping fringe.

Short and Sweet Bob

26. Sleek Bob

Keep your look sleek by pinning back one side of your bob. With your hair out of the way, play with your makeup to enhance your facial features.

Sleek Bob

27. Sandy Fringed Bob

Update your bob this season with a heavy fringe and sandy blonde highlights. A stroke of eyeliner and bold red lips will add instant refinement to this beautiful look.

28. Rockstar Bob

Gain instant backstage access with a shaggy, deep-set fringe and dark tousled bob. Add retro sunglasses to complete this edgy rock and roll look.

Rockstar Bob

29. Quirky Bob

Long rounded bangs that skim just above the eyes and a straight-edged bob combine to create this quirky look.

Quirky Bob

30. Caribbean Cruise Bob

Want to look like you’ve just returned from a luxury cruise around exotic islands?Opt for a slick, icy bob and juxtapose with a new, bronzed tan.

Caribbean Cruise Bob

31. Glamour Bob

Think Marilyn Monroe with a hair straightener. A straight-edged blonde bob and statement blow-out will create instant Hollywood glamour.

Glamour Bob

32. Classic Lopsided Bob

Girls with longer hair aren’t the only ones who can rock the lopsided trend. Try something new and turn heads with this sharp-edged look.

Lopsided Bob

33. Bob with Heavy Fringe

If there’s one thing guaranteed to draw people’s attention more than chopping off your locks, its a new fringe. Go bold and embrace both for an edgy, stunning new look.

Bob with Heavy Fringe

34. Grow-Out-A-Fringe Bob

Growing out a fringe can make any girl instantly camera shy. Embrace this transition with a short blunt bob and weave your long fringe back into your new do.

Grow-Out-A-Fringe Bob

35. Glamour Bob

Think Marilyn Monroe with a hair straightener. A straight-edged blonde bob and statement blow-out will create instant Hollywood glamour.

Glamour Bob

36. Dark Hair Glamour Bob

Attention dark-haired beauties, this style is for you. Combine textured waves and a statement side part with a bold lip and earrings for sultry, red carpet glamour.

Glamour Bob (2)

37. Flaming Fringe Bob

Turn up the heat and get red carpet ready with an eye-catching fiery bob and sweeping side fringe.

Flaming Fringe Bob

38. Fairy Bob

This playful and charming fairytale bob will have everyone certain that fairies do exist. A side part, tousled blonde curls, and hairspray are all that’s required to create this magical hairstyle.

Fairy Bob

39. Snow White Bob

Take on the persona of the doe-eyed and demure Snow White with this charming, quirky style. Combine a dark bob with a deep-set heavy fringe and rosy cheeks.

Snow White Bob

40. Deep Side Bob

A deep side part is one way to create a fresh new look without spending hours at the hairdressers. Experiment with which side best suits your face shape!

Deep Side Bob

41. Curly Bob

Are you shying away from trying a bob because of your locks natural, bouncy curls? Stop right there. A flirty and playful curled bob is the ultimate in laid-back beauty.

Curly Bob

42. Cropped Balayage Bob

The balayage trend lives on! Draw attention to your newly cropped hair by casting it into the light with some gradient colour this season.

Cropped Balayage Bob

43. Criss-cross Bob

Figuring out what to do with hair partings can be trickier than it sounds. Try something different by ruffling up your bob and criss-crossing your roots to create a playful, new look.

Criss-cross Bob

44. Corporate Bob

Looking for a style that transforms you from a corporate power-house by day, to a mysterious, cocktail-drinking beauty by night? Tuck your sleek bob behind your ears and wear a dark-toned lipstick, then prepare to stun any crowd into silence.

Corporate Bob

45. High Volume Bob

This look takes advantage of high volume for high impact. Use pins and hairspray to tuck and weave your bob to create this bombshell look.

High Volume Bob

46. Braided Bob

From feminine braids and soft tousles to sporty boxer braids, this classic technique will instantly save you from a bad hair day. When in a rush, weave a thick braid across one side of your hair using pins to secure it in place.

Braided bob

47. Short Shaggy Bob

Draw attention to strong cheekbones and bright eyes with a bold, short bob. Keep it shaggy and cropped close to the ears to add softness to this edgy style.

Short Shaggy Bob

48. Bedhead Bob

Get that effortless ‘I woke up like this’ charm with a little help from your curling iron. Aim for thick, loose curls, then run your fingers through your bob for the best results.

Bedhead Bob

49. Beach-hair Bob

Chopped off your locks just before Summer? Don’t fear, a dip in the ocean (or a little help from some texturising hair salt spray) is all you need to achieve this natural, wavy look.

Beach-hair Bob

50. Bang Bob

This untamed bob and the no-nonsense fringe is perfect for those adventure-loving girls, ready to conquer whatever challenges they encounter.

Bang Bob

51. Bambi Bob

This dreamy style is the epitome of soft femininity. Create it for yourself by parting your hair in the centre, then use a hairdryer and a rounded brush to gently curve your hair’s ends inwards at the chin.

Bambi bob

52. Arty Bob

Channel your inner ‘artiste’ this season with a dark, cropped bob and an eye-skimming fringe. Wear a beret and striped t-shirt for true Parisian allure.

Arty bob

Lob Haircuts

53. Straight Lob with Part

Straight to the point, team your sleek lob with a centre part to project a refined, modern edge.

Straight Lob (2)

54. Rebel Lob

With your hair brushed back off the face, show the world your rebellious side with this edgy style.

Rebel Lob

55. Straight Lob

Perfect with face-framing layers, a freshly straightened lob is the go-to style for a brunch with the girls or a visit to the city.

Straight Lob

56. Casual Lob

For a low maintenance, gorgeous style, let your lob flow in soft loose waves around your face. Brush your hair back over your parting to compliment this soft look.

Flowing Lob

57. Blow-Out Lob

Evoke all the glamour of a Hollywood siren with this knockout look. After washing your hair, use a dryer and cylindrical brush to create blow-out curls. Finish with a little spray and a lot of attitude.

Blow-Out Lob

58. Lob with Soft Waves

For a feminine and classically beautiful lob style, use a curling iron to create loose waves that frame the face.

Lob with Soft Waves

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