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36 Trendy Short Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles

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The short bob has been in fashion in various forms over the years however, the contemporary Bobs are unique in their versatility and more edgy style. With their color, shape and size short bobs are able to be worn by anyone who wants to experiment with something different.

Short Bob Hairstyles

The following shorter haircuts are distinctive. It’s no longer a problem for modern women to be unique with a shorter haircut. Take a look.

1. Messy Blonde Bob with Lowlights

Tousled Blonde Balayage Bob

The hairstyles for short bobs of today aren’t the same as they were. The fashionable blonde has changed from a solid tone, it’s changed into a light ash blonde shade with low light highlights. So, a bob not just a bob anymore It’s messy graduated bob that has air in the strands and it’s stunning!

#2: Tousled Blonde Bob

Maintaining the edges of your cut even with sharper edges that are shorter and longer, choppy strands makes an elegant cut that is that is full of personality. The perfect method hairstyle it with casual, tucked-in hairstyle. Try to avoid the heat tool, and staying true to the natural texture of your hair and using sprays for bedhead style.

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Choppy Piecey Bob Haircut

3. Messy Blonde Bob with Thin Choppy Layers

There’s a lot of versatility with short bob haircuts. If you’re not a fan of long lobs or bobs, apply a variety of thin, choppy layers across. Not only do they provide lots of movement, but they also give more the body and texture to hair that is finer.

Layered Blonde Bob Hairstyle

4. Blonde Balayage Bob with Black Roots

Hairstyles that are short and choppy are chic and fashionable however, for some people they can appear plain. Balayage highlights and dark hairstyles helps to overcome this issue creating depth and depth even in sleek, straight hairstyles.

Jaw-Length Choppy Bob

5: Short Bob with Scrunched Waves

The loose, effortless style fits the shorter bob just right. With a curling wand, or other texturizing products, create some natural, shattered waves. Don’t aim to achieve perfection! A long side parting can be a good idea for these hairstyles!

Short Textured Bob

#6: Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

One of the most unusual forms of short hair cuts is asymmetrical, choppy hairstyle that is an ideal choice for the fashion-conscious woman on the go. If you’re going for a trip to the hair salon make sure to bring along images that show the exact amount of choppyness you desire.

Blonde Balayage Pixie Bob

#7: Choppy Stacked Bob

The choppy layers enhanced with a soft, playful color make this blond, pale purple hairstyle a beautiful beauty. Layers are well stacked and then brushed to create a smooth and carefree style.

Short Pastel Purple Bob

#8: A-Line Sleek Bob

The color Ombre style is perfect for those looking to add a funky hue to their bobshort hairstyles. The blue streaks that tiffany have on the sleek gray bob are stylish and add a an extra dimension to the look.

Gray Bob With Blue Highlights

#9: Short Beachy Angled Bob

This platinum blonde hairstyle featuring dark brown roots done by soft waves from the beach,, transforming the casual angled bob an amazing piece of sexually sexy summer glamour. It’s so attractive that it’s as if that she’s been born in it. Almost.

Blonde Wavy Angled Bob

10: Burgundy Bob with Orangey Highlights

Bob cuts for females allow us to play with different textures and colors even though our hair isn’t long but not too short; it’s fashionable and beautiful! Combine caramel and burgundy or golden blonde with silver or whatever combination strikes your imagination With shorter hair, it’s easier to wear bolder colors and the damage potential isn’t that important.

Two-Tone Wavy Bob

#11 A Tousled Short Bob featuring Pink Ombre

Do you like sifting through trendy short hairstyles? Are you looking you to be part of the Pink Hair club? This image could be yours! The nearly purple hue washes out of the pale pink jagged layers, creating a voluminous smooth texture that you’ll want to play with. This style is as trendy as you’d like it to be and as fun as you could imagine!

Shaggy Pastel Pink Bob

#12″Rounded” Brunette Bob with Volluminous Layers

Bobs are great on women at all stages of life as they exude a sophisticated but youthful look. Particularly striking in darker, deeper colors, it’s impossible to be wrong with a long, mono-length hairstyle that is solid and long. Layers can help lift hair roots and give it a ton of volume.

Straight Cut Bob With Layers

#13: Sassy Feathered Blonde Bob

Feathering is the best option when it comes to fine hair. Razor cutting techniques for bob cuts blend the the tips of the strands, creating the needed texture and volume. Swoopy and concave, and swoopy look enhances this cut the best.

Blonde Layered Bob For Fine Hair

#14 Blonde Bob With Bold Dimensional Waves

Pastel dyes are an alternative method to add more color to hairstyles with short bobs. Add a mix of shades like platinum blonde or dusty pink. Add your natural shade for an eye-catching display. In bold, bouncy waves, the dimensionality is highlighted beautifully.

Wavy Light Pastel Pink Bob

#15: Sassy Marsala Balayage Bob

For the sexy ladies in our lives A slender bob with a powerful the color of balayage makes a striking entry. While the cut itself is simple pick a bright tone that really stands out. Are you unsure of which shade to pick? It’s based on the undertone of your skin (warm cool, cool or neutral) as well as analyzing the colors’ complementing tones that can help your eyes appear more vibrant.

Side-Parted Sleek Burgundy Bob

#16: Glossy Brown Inverted Bob

Medium brown is a under-appreciated hair color. The undertones of this shade aren’t ashy or warm it’s a nice middle. It’s natural, which means your bob cut short will appear healthy and thick when it’s topped with a shine spray.

Shiny Angled Bob With Layers

#17: Curly Feminine Blonde Bob

A feminine ways to style your Bob is to style it with large loose curls. This can be achieved with an oversized barrel wand or an ordinary curling iron that has clamp. The curls will be twirled to make them fall more naturally.

Wavy Bob With Ash Blonde Highlights

#18: Short Messy Curly Bob

One of the most appealing aspects of Bobs is that they allow an opportunity to messy styling without appearing as if you’ve not put any effort into looking professional. Cutting off various layers creates a textured cut.

Jaw-Length Tousled Bob

#19: Shaggy Inverted Bob

We were very excited about showing you this bob inverted from the back because we love how easy it is to wear. Get messy chic, add the pea-sized amount of texturizer or moose to get an edgy style and have fun enjoying the sun with it!

cute graduated bob

#20: Full and Fiery Haircut

The cut is known as a stacked or stacked bob due to the fact that the layers that run from the top of the head down to that neck’s nape have been placed on top of one another. A bob that is inverted keeps the back layer shorter, and the front layer longer. This is great for women with thin hair since this cutting technique gives an illusion of fullness.

red inverted chin-length bob

#21 Long Inverted Bob Layers

Notice how multi-layered this style is? It works as an absolute treat with hair that is longer as the layers of feathers highlight the features of the face. Additionally it’s possibly the most simple style to maintain when hair has grown beyond the jawline.

long layered inverted bob

#22: Curly Bob for Fine Hair

If your bob inverted appears limp and you’re unable to set up appointments with your hair stylist One of the most effective methods to add volume is by curling it. Curly textures provide instant results and adds density and fullness.

curly inverted bob hairstyle

#23: Fringed and Feathered Inverted Bob

Here’s a different bob that’s inverted, with bangs. However, this one is more refined. The middle parting and the fringe that resembles a drape give a hint of retro style to the look. This makes it suitable to Zooey Deschanel wannabes and also for your mother or colleague.

cute layered bob haircut with bangs

#24: Golden Blonde Balayage Curls

A long, inverted bob is typically cut straight or Wavy. A lot of women avoid long curls as they might appear too heavy or overpowering. It is important to choose the right color to break down the volume to make the appear more light.

curly two-tone bob for African American women

#25: Sunset Strands

There’s a reason that people are attracted to the enticement of rising sun’s gorgeous hues! Highlighting hair in orange with highlights of red and pink produces a mix of shades that resemble the beautiful jewel-toned sunrise. This is a great look for females who has a sense of humor.

red inverted bob with highlights

26: Long Bob with Bangs

If you are feeling that the length of your bob is taking over your delicate face, switch out the side part and opt for something that frames your face without covering it. Fringe bangs are great for attracting the attention of your eyes So, make sure you add plenty of mascara or extensions.

collarbone bob with bangs

#27: Lush Inverted Bob Hairstyle

While the model is gorgeous and thick with long dark locks, this style is a cut that is great for hair with fine texture, as the cut itself is able to create the volume. To achieve the look, you’ll require medium length hair that can serve as a basis for your haircut as well as a touch of swagger for the sharply angled top line that this haircut has.

long inverted bob with a side part

#28: Short Red Bob with undercut

While the angle isn’t as sharp in the inverted bob but it provides the same lengthening effect. The bold hue can be exciting and will brighten warm skin tones. It’s a simple and attractive style that will be attractive to many women.

short red inverted bob

#29: Textured Blonde Lob

If you’re looking for an elegant and simple style, you won’t be wrong with this shoulder-length hairstyle that hits all the right styling notes. The shaggy layers look effortless and the thin blonde highlights are cute and elegant. This style is ideal for a woman who is looking young, yet still look appropriate for her age.

long blonde layered bob with subtle highlights

#30: Tousled Bob for Thin Hair

If you are a fan of flowing locks that are long but don’t want spend the amount of time required to keep them looking good the inverted bob style is the right choice for you. The loose waves are appealing and romantic, however, they won’t make you feel as longer styles.

wavy messy angled bob

#31: Sleek Angled Haircut

From the front, this could appear to be a standard bent bob, but the rear view is a different story. This is a stacked bob with a few pieces that are placed in front to create an appealing variation on the traditional cut. This is a great method to differentiate yourself from others.

stacked golden brown bob

#32: Wavy Bob in Auburn and Blonde

The quality of your cut is crucial for your brand new shorter bob inverted however, that does not mean that you shouldn’t use the the color’s potential to enhance your appearance. The combination of auburn red and cool blonde tones makes for a stunning hair shade that flatters but not over the top.

red wavy bob

#33: Voluminous Short Hairstyle

The saying goes: “the higher the hair is, the closer it is you are to God;” women who think that bigger hair is more beautiful will not have any concerns with this wavy, chin-length cut with a massive volume. The hair is high enough for the most dramatic effect, however the color palette is still conservative.

inverted wavy bob with balayage highlights

#34: Edgy Bob with Bangs

Are you interested in trying a classic Parisian style? Add a few finely chopped, short bangs to your hair. They’ll immediately bring you to the top of the sophistication charts. When someone asks what you’re wearing to style it just smile and respond with “Oh I rolled up looking like this”. You’ll be telling the real story!

short choppy bob haircut

#35: Inverted Cut for Brunettes

This look is perfect for the business casual look and can allow you to go to the club with your most stylish mini. Be aware that the side-parting that is seen in this look is one of the top hairstyles that are inverted for face shapes with round faces as it does an excellent job of framing the face of the wearer.

short side-parted inverted bob

#36 Bob with Bangs. Sharply-Angled Bob with Bangs

There’s a lot of vintage charm in this style with its straight, sharp fringe, to its curving line, as well as its curly inwardly sharp tips. Wear it with peeptoes or the perfect waist-length dress. get the town painted red!

angled bob with blunt bangs

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