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38 Stylish Choppy Pixie Cuts 2024

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Pixie cuts are short hairstyles with layered sides and a longer top. Originating in the 1920s with the rise of Bob haircuts, pixies gained popularity thanks to icons like Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s and continue to be favored by stars such as Twiggy, Madonna, Emma Watson, and Katy Perry. They remain popular due to their versatility, enhancing facial features, boosting confidence, and offering an elegant look. Whether you opt for a strong fade or a pixie-bob, there are many variations to suit your style. Pixies are practical, low-maintenance, and perfect for everyday wear, with longer versions offering more styling options. Explore these trendy pixie haircut ideas to inspire your next bold move!

#1: Blonde Textured Pixie

Blonde Textured Pixie

The hairstyle is a smooth style through the use of layers that are textured and of different lengths. It also has a new look to the top that appears stylish and chic. When you match it with the right color for your lips, you’ll be shining right away.

#2: Disconnected Pixie Cut

Disconnected Pixie Cut

Contemporary pixies are typically coupled with long side bangs or shorter side fringe that is enhanced with choppy, spiky layers and cut-offs. This pixie is in line with the guidelines previously mentioned and is clean, chic, and delicate. The dark-colored roots are perfect for to the layers of platinum.

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#3: Layered Pixie Cut With Balayage Highlights

Layered Pixie Cut With Balayage Highlights

This hairstyle with long straight side bangs appears elegant and chic. The delicate wavy layers give the illusion of a fuzzy feel, and also give a feminine touch to the entire style. Highlights from Balayage make hair absolutely gorgeous.

#4: Broux Tapered Pixie

Broux Tapered Pixie

Broux is gorgeous, elegant and chic and is perfect with this high-pitched bob. It gives an energizing style. You too can be part of the elite fashionistas by using a few contemporary coloring techniques.

#5: Updo Pixie Cut

Updo Pixie Cut

It’s not every girl who has the face that is suitable for this cut. It’s not a perfect fit and it’s definitely amazing. The cut can be angled applying some styling products and then use the fixed bangs to show off your own beauty.

#6: Two-Tone pixie with Long Side Bangs

Two-Tone Pixie with Long Side Bangs

Cuts to the sides and long fringes on the sides help define a feminine face. The subtle waves create the impression of a shaggy look and makes the appearance more lively. The gray hues blend nicely and gradually fade from beginning to the top. The entire look is perfect.

#7: Layered Cuts and Side Bangs

Layered Pixie Cuts with Side Bangs

If you’re blessed with thin and soft hair, try this timeless, trendy layering pixie cut. The hair is made of feathers, which makes it natural and loose, and the ivory shade keeps pace with the latest trends. It’s also low maintenance. Simply comb it through your fingertips every day to keep it bouncy.

#8: Long Curly Pixie

Long Curly Pixie

It’s a truly unusual hairstyle that blends the bob and pixie cuts. The curly side bangs flowing to the top are trending and it’s an exciting hairstyle for women who have an adventurous streak.

#9: Rose Gold Soft Pixie Bob

Rose Gold Soft Pixie Bob

Cuts that are short can appear too clean or polished for a woman looking to stand out, but not this: A pink graduated pixie that has an unruly top fringe and cut-off. Long hair adds mystery to your appearance and the gorgeous hue definitely makes you appear more attractive.

#10 Tapered Pixie wearing Dark Roots

Tapered Pixie with Dark Roots

If you are a fan of simplicity and don’t wish to be too absorbed in fashions, then opt for this pixie that is tapered that has dark, soulful roots. It’s not just a way to show the elegant side of you and is also fitting with your beauty. And, the best part is that it doesn’t require you to keep it in your closet for long periods of time.

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