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38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas – Best Balayage Highlights

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Many hair-color trends change before you even get your hair colorist and that’s why it’s so important when one is a long-lasting trend. Balayage hair, which first gained popularity at the beginning of 2014 and remained this way since–is believed to be among the. In fact, this technique is the most iconic hairstyle in the last decade, and is responsible for the effortless, beachy hairstyles that are everywhere on the red carpet and Instagram. It’s easy to see why it has gained popularity, it’s totally natural, and a great refresher for your hair and an excellent option to increase the amount of time between appointments. Here’s why. In simple terms, balayage can be described as a method of highlighting that does not use foils. Instead the hair colorist will apply color by hand directly to your hair, creating a more natural blends, sun-kissed colors. Despite being a softer effect, it also allows your colorist more control, and it’s crucial for creating all those blended-drink-inspired hues like brown ale and raspberry bourbon. “My preferred feature of Balayage is that it can be subtle and soft, or you can amp it by bold and vivid coloring, and all while creating a universally pleasing result,” says celebrity colorist and Matrix brand ambassador George Papanikolas. Along with its versatility, balayage is adored by colorists and customers alike, as it not just is more easy to style, but requires less effort than conventional highlights. “Balayage is known to provide an extended period of growth,” says Nikki Lee the co-owner and owner of L.A.’s Nine Zero One salon. “Whereas an average highlight client may need to touch up her growth each eight weeks or so, you could extend the time until 12 weeks or more by using the balayage.” The balayage color is widely regarded as the most popular style of color in the world today. Into it? We’ve collected a few some of our most loved examples of the technique below. Explore the top Balyage hair styles to experiment with this year.

#1: Red Hair With Highlights


Hazelnut and chocolate tones, paired with penny and copper shades will give your hair a gorgeous shade. The balayage technique gives your hair the sun’s rays that shine through your hair. There’s no way to tell the number of people who will be captivated by the look at first sight.

#2: Rose Gold Balayage


Balayage can be used on any hair shade. A thing to keep in mind is that you must choose the perfect shade to match your natural hair and give you the style you’re looking for. For instance the rose gold shade definitely brightens her dark hair shade.

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#3: Upgraded Balayage


This hairstyle gives your locks dimension and depth because it melts all the shades wonderfully into one another and seamlessly mixing the colors. The blonde hue is well paired with darker shades. The layers of wavy hair help showcase this stunning style.

#4: Warm Caramel Balayage


If you’re looking for a subtle color, choose this warm caramel Balayage! You will never be disappointed with it. Furthermore, this shade goes best with long beautiful waves. It also creates a feminine appeal to the overall appearance. It’s going to make people insane!

#5: Sprinkled Chocolate And Caramel Balayage


Colorists can paint stunning honey tones through your hair, paying attention to the places where light naturally strikes. The two shades create sharp contrasts that is sure to draw admiring glances.

#6: Copper And Beige Highlights


This is yet another great illustration of a balayage hairstyle that employs shades that complement your skin tone and also blends high-contrast colors by blending shades like beige or copper. This looks great with the long wavy haircut and is a delight to the eye.

#7: Chunky Honey Blonde Balayage


It’s a lot of enjoyable to create the balayage hairstyle because it mixes a variety of colors to create a beautiful look. For instance, if you request your stylist to mix brown and blonde shades one , you’ll achieve this stunning hairstyle.

#8: Dark Blonde Balayage


Highlights are great for any hair type you’ve got Particularly on messy hair texture like this. The highlights are blonde and make up for dark base. It is possible to use a purple shampoo at least once a week to rid your balayage from brassy tones.

#9: Honey Balayage With Flashes Of Blonde


If you’re not certain about the most suitable balayage colour for you, you can try this. The perfect blend of blonde and brown. It can be altered to fit all. Get your stylist to offer you a fantastic haircut that will go with the gorgeous shade.

#10: Golden Blonde Highlights


Balayage can also be great for short bobs such as this one. A mixture of light, dark brown and golden shades will show off how beautiful this look. In addition, the shorter bob with a curved shape and the lighter shades on the tips can be helpful in creating an interesting contrast.

#11: Brunette With Blonde Highlights


The blonde balayage accents and highlights the structure of the gorgeous waves, and gives the already full-bodied hairstyle more depth. Who wouldn’t want to try this new and refreshing hairstyles? Look around and discover a fresh you!

#12: Icy Ashy Blonde Balayage Highlights


The technique of balayage makes hair look like a piece that is full of detail and stunning colors. This balayage-inspired collage succeeds in attracting the attention of others. Nearly everyone can’t shift their attention away from this gorgeous hairstyle!

#13: Dark Brown With Platinum Blonde


Dark brunette blended with platinum blonde can be another popular choice. The lighter hair strands brighten the overall appearance and introduce distinct features to the hair. In addition this gorgeous mix is unquestionably elegant.

#14: Silver Gray Balayage Ombre Hair


Balayage is great for straight hair as well. A professional stylist is adept at mixing silver brunette, grey and silver the other, creating the amazing effect you see below. It’s absolutely stunning and it’s no surprise that a lot of young women are drawn to this stylish shade.

#15: Platinum And Golden Ribbons


This is a beautiful Balayage because the different shades blend perfectly with one another. The use of a warm tone, such as gold or platinum is a refreshing touch to the overall appearance.

#16: Ash Blonde V-Cut


This shade is guaranteed to never go wrong since those platinum highlights match the dark brown hair perfectly and create a romantic girl-next-door look. In addition, it is particularly well with fine hair as it creates a dimension to the overall appearance.

#17: Dimensional Ash Blonde


Balayage is the rage, as Ash gray gets more and more sought-after. It is also great for thin hair because it gives it the volume and depth. It isn’t necessary to dye it often when you have darker hair coloring.

#18: Brown Highlights


The brown wavy look is stunning and sexy. It creates a feminine appeal to women of different age groups. The brown highlights enliven the look which makes it lively and refreshing. While the curls on the ends finish off the look by increasing the volume.

#19: Ombre Hairstyles


This brown wavy design is amazing and stunning. It is feminine and attractive to women of different age groups. The brown highlights enliven the look creating a vibrant and refreshing. The curls at the ends complete the style by boosting the volume.

#20: Pink Highlights On Brown Hair


This pink balayage appears fresh and lively. The curly curls naturally fall down the face, revealing the eyes and enhancing your feminine look. The side part of the hairstyle also frames your face, making it a great haircut for ladies of all age.

#21: Rose Gold Balayage Hair


A lot of women love rose hair since it appears elegant and shiny, however the typical rose hue is often dry and unnatural. If you apply balayage technique, the hair will appear shiny and sparkling like this.

#22: Copper & Blonde Balayage


This unique hair color will entice anyone with its first glance, isn’t it? The gradation of color from the top to edges contrasts beautifully, which makes it easy to attract attention every time you step out.

#23: Light Brown Balayage Hair

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

Blonde-brown is an iconic style that’s suitable on women of every age groups. Cut your hair into an average length, and then leave the curly curls angled to build into the volume to generate motion. This style is elegant and offers elegant appeal.

#24: Purple & Pink Balayage


Purple is a symbol of mystery, and also reveals your individuality and strength. The balayage of pink and purple is so appealing that many people are noticing it. Get your stylist to offer you beautiful curls, too to add that added feminine glam.

#25: Rainbow Balayage


Have you ever dreamed of having hair with rainbows but aren’t sure if you is possible to achieve the desired effect? Here’s a case study which will demonstrate its amazing impact. You will be able to draw attention whenever you go out. Of course, it’s an advantage for the bald person.

#26: Medium-Length Balayage

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

How can you make a medium length hairstyle stand out? Cut layers and textures in your hair to begin. Then, add the trendy blonde balayage color to show off the layers. Not to mention do not forget to make numerous loose waves to finish the appearance.

#27: Rose Gold Balayage

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

This hair color employs the skill of balayage to allow rose gold to melt into the brown color of hair naturally. Roots are dark brown, and those at the tips are rose gold. Do a middle part, and then create large waves with a loose style. Let the hair flow over your shoulders naturally.

#28: Short Balayage Curls

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

If you opt for a shorter hairstyle, then highlights are a must to make short hair stylish and beautiful instead of dull and boring. Make this hairstyle look stunning And remember that you’ll need highlights that are 2 shades darker than the hair’s base shade. Finally, you can create cute curls.

#29: Burgundy Balayage

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

Have you got any ideas for your next hair shade? What about this one from the picture? If you’re wearing short hairstyle, consider something unique. Most of the time, warmer-toned hair colors are more pleasing. However, you must ask your stylist about which color will most flatter your eyes and your complexion.

30: Blonde Balayage with Twisted Waves

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

These hair twisted locks are stunning! Cut your hair shorter with a few shaved edges and messy layers. Try a straightener method to make the twisted sections. Blowing dry your hair, after which you can twist it in various directions, in sections. Make sure you keep hair’s ends straight. The blonde balayage adds a beautiful look to the waves.

#31: Light Blonde Balayage

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

We’re betting that the person who noticed this beautiful combination of blonde shades will inquire about the number of your hairstylist. The technique of balayage is incredible. If you’re a natural light hair This hair color is the perfect one for you. Dark roots plus blonde balayage.

#32: Beige Blended Balayage

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

One of the benefits in balayage is you will not have to worry about our matured dark roots while still looking stunning. Right? It’s a great present for those with normal, long locks. In addition, when your hair starts to grow out and becomes lighter brown, the two colors will blend in even better.

#33: Subtle Balayage

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

If you prefer gentle balayage rather than a lavish ones, you can rock this look in the picture. For this style it is just a matter of feel the light blonde a bit without experimenting with intense highlights. The naturally curly locks create a frame for your face and provide enough of an update to your look.

34: Girly Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

This blonde lob with layers can completely show off your feminine side. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it! We’ve said it before dark roots are the latest style. It’s not only stylish but also simple to style when your hair gets longer. All you need to do is to make your loose and big hair sexier and more sassier to attract more attention.

#35 Blond Balayage and Purple Gray

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

The gray hair color is not a exclusive right of older women. For girls in the early years with gray hair, it’s popular as a hair color with balayage being a particular highlight. The balayage shown in the picture begins in a traditional blonde. It then fades into a gorgeous purple-gray shade you have to be able to rock.

#36: Free Balayage

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

If you’re one of person who isn’t following the typical template you must definitely explore this balayage for the fun and excitement. It is a blend of purple gray and platinum blonde. It can also be layered with any hair color you prefer. The secret to this beautiful Balayage is to create it in a free-flowing manner rather than following a similar routine.

#37: Neutral Brown Balayage

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

The majority of balayage colors come from that brown pallet. There is also the option of adding reddish hues as well as golden hues to the look to add variety. If you’re looking to experiment with something more neutral then you could rock a look like this. In the case of the underlayer you can try dark brown. It’s then a transition between medium brown and light ash shades. Finally, you can sprinkle brown-blonde ribbons over the entire look.

#38: Art of Brown And Blonde Balayage

38 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

Brown balayage is a technique that is blend blonde and brown hair colors in a chic manner. Like we said earlier dark hair color is an increasingly popular style. why? The dark roots as well as the light ends make the look of the lock longer by drawing the eyes downward. It is also the perfect method to increase the length of the round shape of a face.

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