Blunt symmetrical bobs are a classic however they can appear too common for women who want an added amount of style and glamour in their daily lives. A asymmetrical bob haircut gives an unpretentious look to the traditional style, and is a possibility to modify by adding curls and different colors. Check out our top 20 styles below – they’ll fit any woman’s need for confidence in herself.

Asymmetrical Bobs

In order to make an impact for a good impression, asymmetry in the bobs needs to be noticeable. When one edge is identical to the other, it’s likely to not be noticed. These are the top examples of modern-day asymmetric cut bobs.

#1: Sharp Choppy Bob

mid-length asymmetrical bob

This cut is the perfect low-maintenance style with its muddled-up bedhead style. This cut is perfect for people with wavy hair, or even fine straight hair. It requires almost no styling every day, which makes an easy maintenance. A night of soaking wet hair and waking up has never been so beautiful.

#2: Lavender A-line Look

Asymmetric gray bob with temple undercut

Lavender can be a very appealing alternative to silver or gray hair, if you’re looking for something that has a bit of colour. It’s a great choice because it works with a range of skin tones and hair textures. It’s appealing on the majority of the hair types.

#3: Shaggy Uneven Bob

long wavy asymmetrical bob with balayage

Beautiful and feminine The angled bob that has its delicately tangled waves is beautiful in any color however, it is especially appealing with the honeyed highlights shown here. A deeper side section gives it a touch of mystery style, while the darker sublayer brings depth and drama to these gorgeous beach waves.

#4 Blunt Bob With an Angled Front

short asymmetrical bob with cropped bangs

Short bangs have their day however, to keep it fresh, try to transform a bowl into an angle-skewed bob on one side for the most edge that is symmetrical. Layering and angling make the anti-mullet cut very fashionable and create a distinctive androgynous appearance.

#5: Deep Red Half Pixie Half Bob

shaggy asymmetrical pixie bob

This gorgeous color of hair provides the perfect foundation for the short asymmetrical hairstyle. Its sharply angled side, it provides the ideal spiky hair that you can create by using a pomade or a texturizer. Simple to wear and style, all you need to do to get this look perfect is to run your fingers along your ends and creating the cool pieces.

#6: Stacked Haircut for Thick Hair

Layered asymmetrical bob with side bangs

Cutting your hair from length to shorter is a significant commitment however, it’s well worthwhile, especially in the event that your hair is making your face look heavy. Face-framing layers can enhance smaller face shapes , and also add the structure of a previously dull fashion.

#7: Fiery Red Angled Bob

red asymmetrical bob with side bangs

This cut that is layered and angled is what makes the girl’s distinctive coloring to be more exciting and lively. The artistic angling of this red bob reveals the contrast between the darker roots and more luminous ends giving it depth and easy and playful movement to give a striking appearance.

8: Curly Bob, with highlights

Symmetric wavy bob with dimensional highlights

Women with hair that is thin need to add layers to their asymmetrical style to give it more volume. This style also incorporates highlights that have darker roots to give the illusion of depth and curls that spiral to increase the volume. Like the first look matching your makeup with the shade of your hair–this time using eyeshadows is a fantastic way to create a coordinated appearance.

#9: Short Layered Bob

asymmetrical bob for wavy hair

The blonde babylights that adorn this bob’s graduated layers create a fun look and hint at sun-kissed beach waves. Sharp angles, the choppy layers, and straight nape line make this hairstyle feminine and masculine perfect yin and Yang combination.

#10: Classic Straight Black Bob

cute side-parted asymmetrical bob

This bob blends of two popular lengths for bobs: length of the chin on one hand and the collar bone on the other. The asymmetrical bob is reminiscent of the roots of the bob in the 20s and is characterized by its straight appearance and rounded edges so that they frame the face gently.

#11: Wavy Side-Parted Bob

asymmetrical bob for thick hair

The beautiful caramel highlights of this hairstyle highlight the natural, loose waves. It is possible to create this long asymmetrical bob by using a small amount of mousse and curling your locks, or creating really loose waves using the large-barrel curling iron.

#12: An Angled Bob Very Short Layers

Stacked angled asymmetrical bob

Another way to bring life into thin, lifeless hair strands with artistic layers. The stacked cut adds an illusion of volume, without the need for curls, simply by adding thin, spunky layers across the crown. It’s a perfect everyday style that can maintain its shape with minimum maintenance. It is a great choice for women who are always in motion.

#13: Twist on the Inverted Bob

short red wavy bob with bangs

Make sure to go all the way with this bold color and cut You’ll be pleased with the result. With the hair stacked backwards and angled to the side into the chin-length cut the daring cut is finished off with a straight, short fringe, which is a stark contrast to the extreme hair’s waves and angles. With a focus of naturality, the style can be worn with hair of any type of texture, from straight and light wavy to curlier.

#14: Stacked Bob

short asymmetrical bob for fine hair

The gorgeous auburn shade is enhanced by the striking angles in the cutting. The stacked bob provides maintenance-free upkeep. Simply add a little mousse to add texture, then comb your locks, and then go!

#15: Descending Corner

layered asymmetrical bob

A great spin on a traditional haircut that’s nearly uniform throughout and with a bit of rock-and-roll at one point. The reverse of this cut is reminiscent at Anna Wintour’s classic well-coordinated bob, but isn’t the standard in its obvious symmetry.

#16: Lopsided Lob with Diagonal Bangs

asymmetrical bob with undercut

Asymmetry is taken to the top of the line, this hairstyle is a mix of extremes. A well-cut lob mostly low maintenance, and you might only require some straightening you have curly hair and are looking for a straight look or a short session with an iron for curls to achieve the effortless waves.

#17: Layered A-Line Cut

Layered Asymmetrical Brown Bob

We love this slightly rough cut, especially when it is paired with the deep, dark brunette hair color. Layers on the surface help thick strands and reduce the bulk. It is evident that the side layer is a great fit with lengths that are uneven. If you’re a fan of straight hair This is the perfect combination.

#18: Side-Tucked Blonde Bob

Blonde Side-Parted Asymmetrical Bob

If you don’t need to have a look that’s always off An asymmetrical bob could be created of an angled bob by an easy side sweep and tuck. By wearing one side forward and folding the other back behind the ear you’ll make a sultry–and temporary–asymmetric look. Highlights on the top will make it easier to disconnect.

#19: Tousled Pink Crop

Pastel Pink Messy Ombre Bob

This gradual change of pastel rose to fuschia is in line with the progressive diminution of weight, resulting in optical harmony. It is evident this medium bob has soft edges that are attractive on jawlines that are strong. A sloping part adds to the casual look.

#20: Classic Chin-Length Bevel

Asymmetrical Honey Blonde Bob

In this photo the long side of the hair is lower than the jawline, and is grazing the collarbone. Then it naturally, it turns in. If you’re looking for a subtle style, this is charming classic, timeless, and irregular in a flattering manner. A light-colored piece across the front of the piece highlights the long side, creating an attractive frame to the face.

#21: Shoulder-Length Ombre Bob

Black To Brown Balayage Asymmetrical Bob

On dark hair, caramel-colored pieces hand-painted by artists smooth the sharp edges of this long asymmetrical hairstyle. Growing longer as the shape moves forward gives a swingy look. This is a great option for those who like the style but aren’t looking to go too short.

#22: Pastel Lob with Waves

Choppy Asymmetrical Pastel Pink Bob

The soft texture and beautiful pink hue here make an ultra-feminine look. A cut that is textured and made with messy undulations makes the most of thin and fine hair. To create a shape, you can make use of a curling wand, or iron in the middle of the hair, and then rub it through using your fingers.

#23: Bob with Swing Bang

Tousled Light Brown Balayage Bob

We love the motion created by this eye-grazing flicked fringe. There are feminine touches like champagne ribbons with a bright shiny shine and blurred edges. With bangs and vibrant color the overall look the cut has becomes more flirty. Cute ends diminish the strong geometrical shape, and tucking in one side in creates stark contrast against the volume.

#24: Asymmetrical Plum Shoulder-Duster

Long Asymmetrical Purple Bob

It’s not necessary to cut off the entire thing to remain trendy. The long, asymmetrical bob provides the appearance of a crop but retains the ponytail’s ability. The dark roots provide depth and ground the vibrant purple color. The length added makes an ideal canvas to showcase the dramatic irregularity.

#25: Beachy Bronze Clavicut

Asymmetrical Brown Balayage Lob

The collarbone’s shape oozes an easygoing, confident style. Do you like elegance that is casual? Balayage is a technique to effortlessly blend the nuances of colors. The loose sea-salt waves are made using a curl-enhancing spray as well as diffuser. The rough texture and uneven edges give the waves a relaxed look.

#26: Rooty Blonde Peekaboo

Blonde Balayage Choppy Asymmetrical Bob

For women with an eclectic sense of fashion, an unruly haircut is a stylish choice. It has an artistic look to the odd proportions that just work If you’re looking for something completely imperfect. The flicked tips and the dramatic light-to dark fade are custom-made features.

#27: Asymmetrical Femme Fatale

Black Asymmetrical Lob For Straight Hair

Are you looking to bring to mind the powerful female protagonist or comic book heroine? Make sure you add Sharp tips, smooth surface and a ebony-colored hue to an asymmetrical Bob. Straightening it with an iron enhances the look; A side split reduces the any severity. The result is attractive and powerful, and is sure to increase confidence.

#28: Grungy Side Sweep

Short Choppy Hairstyle With Swoopy Bangs

This is a realistic take of Kristen Stewart’s famous hairstyle. Its cool grungy appearance is a result of sporadic splashes with warm brown, layered ends and a low-pitched part. The vibe is live-in and even a bit punk, yet elegant. The shape is difficult to define, so be sure you send pictures of your hairdresser.

#29: Flame-Colored Swoop

Orange And Yellow Asymmetrical Bob

Nothing draws attention as strongly defined lines and vibrant shades. This flame-inspired fade intensifies the flowing of the cut with a an array of gold and red shades. A simple shape with symmetry at the front makes an ideal foundation for intricate tone designs. The nape is slackly cropped to eliminate weight and increases the swing.

#30: Futuristic Blonde Chop

Asymmetrical Blonde Bob With Cropped Bangs

Keep in the forefront of fashion by showcasing this impressive short Asymmetrical Bob. This modern-day style utilizes a micro-fringe as well as sharp angles to create maximum impact. The champagne blonde with silvery highlights has an ethereal metallic sheen that reflects space and a crystal-clear sparkle. Keep it shiny and smooth with light oil (like argan) and an elongated brush.

#31: Silver Sophisticate

Brown Bob With Silver Blonde Balayage

The cool taupe clouds, pewter and cloud gray shades here bring to imagine a stormy night sky. Selecting a sophisticated yet youthful palette is refreshing and brings life to the traditional form. It’s especially effective for blue eyes. The choppy layers are customizable to reduce the weight, as well as give volume to the eyes for maximum flexibility.

#32: Asymmetrical Golden Girl

Tousled Asymmetrical Honey Blonde Lob

What’s more romantic than this bob’s long, soft light blonde hues, loose curly curls and a flurry of bright hair? Lift your hair at the root when you flip your hair over to the opposite of your normal hair. Flip your hair upside down, and then spray with a spray that can be worked into to shave.

#33: Textured Chop

Short Razored Bob With Asymmetrical Bangs

For curly hairs, varying lengths are essential. Layered asymmetrical haircuts for bobs such as this one eliminate the weight and create asymmetrical curls and swirls. The V-shaped fringe highlights cheekbones, and the contrast is with the coils. The mix of pomade and gel gives definition. Apply it when dry, then rinse with an air diffuser.

#34: Angled Asymmetrical Bob

Brown Asymmetrical Bob With Side Bangs

Slanted lines flatter the face by creating a face-slimming look. This must-have style features an eye-catching gradient and an elongated front that emphasizes the cheekbones. It’s easy to style using brushes or fingers it’s the ultimate dream for those who don’t have a lot of time to maintain their hair.

#35: Daring Undercut Chop

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Undercut

Are you looking to keep in the loop? Be progressive and create an elongated silhouette by combining the smoothness of a curtain overlay with sheared lengths beneath. By putting one side in reverse, you can see the dazzling design. This bob cut undercut is a dream for coarse and thick hair. It also helps to neutralize the unruly cowlicks on hairline.

#36: Glossy Ebony Bob

African American Asymmetrical Bob

Do you want a look that balances style and professionalism? For women who work this is a stylish and sophisticated style to wear. The natural dark brown shade shows the smooth contours and is subtle. The strands that are pressed and oiled give hairstyles with symmetry that have a mirror-like look.

#37: Edgy Shoulder-Length Cut

long straight asymmetrical bob

With ombre-colored tips as well as an elongated side part This long asymmetrical bob is a radical departure from what is considered as a “bob. It’s longer than the average bob, this particular one pushes the boundaries of its angles and daring dyed tips. Also, it’s an excellent choice for black women who have relaxed hair. If you’re looking for something that is at least a little dramatic This is the style for you.

#38: Sleek Medium Blonde Bob

asymmetrical bob for fine hair

Do you want something slightly different but still keeping with your usual style? This bob is straight, uneven and could be the perfect choice If you’re looking to mix the look of your hair without becoming too extravagant. With a polished and slightly wet appearance this particular cut is perfectly symmetrical, and it hits just below the cheek on one side and at the corner of the jaw in the reverse.

#39: Cotton Candy Bob with Shaved Side

pink asymmetrical bob with undershave

A naturally thick, healthy hair provides the perfect foundation for the asymmetrical bob haircut. Pink is always shocking and works best when done to the extreme, like in this picture. The dramatic swept-forward side bangs, when combined with the buzzed sides that reveal the natural hue of the hairstyle provide an eye-catching contrast.

#40: Wavy Side-Swept Bob

side-swept wavy bob with highlights

Waves that are loosely combed one side , giving this bob an updated look, and the blonde pieces emphasising the unevenness of their choppiness. If you’re looking the same like the woman in the picture (a lower in contrast to your facial and eyes) and you have exposed roots, this can prevent a washed-out appearance with this type of style.


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