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40 Amazing and Inspiring Asymmetrical Bobs

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Blunt symmetrical bobs are a classic however they can appear too common for women who want an added amount of style and glamour in their daily lives. A asymmetrical bob haircut gives an unpretentious look to the traditional style, and is a possibility to modify by adding curls and different colors. Check out our top 20 styles below – they’ll fit any woman’s need for confidence in herself.

Asymmetrical Bobs

In order to make an impact for a good impression, asymmetry in the bobs needs to be noticeable. When one edge is identical to the other, it’s likely to not be noticed. These are the top examples of modern-day asymmetric cut bobs.

#1: Sharp Choppy Bob

mid-length asymmetrical bob

This cut is the perfect low-maintenance style with its muddled-up bedhead style. This cut is perfect for people with wavy hair, or even fine straight hair. It requires almost no styling every day, which makes an easy maintenance. A night of soaking wet hair and waking up has never been so beautiful.

#2: Lavender A-line Look

Asymmetric gray bob with temple undercut

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Lavender can be a very appealing alternative to silver or gray hair, if you’re looking for something that has a bit of colour. It’s a great choice because it works with a range of skin tones and hair textures. It’s appealing on the majority of the hair types.

#3: Shaggy Uneven Bob

long wavy asymmetrical bob with balayage

Beautiful and feminine The angled bob that has its delicately tangled waves is beautiful in any color however, it is especially appealing with the honeyed highlights shown here. A deeper side section gives it a touch of mystery style, while the darker sublayer brings depth and drama to these gorgeous beach waves.

#4 Blunt Bob With an Angled Front

short asymmetrical bob with cropped bangs

Short bangs have their day however, to keep it fresh, try to transform a bowl into an angle-skewed bob on one side for the most edge that is symmetrical. Layering and angling make the anti-mullet cut very fashionable and create a distinctive androgynous appearance.

#5: Deep Red Half Pixie Half Bob

shaggy asymmetrical pixie bob

This gorgeous color of hair provides the perfect foundation for the short asymmetrical hairstyle. Its sharply angled side, it provides the ideal spiky hair that you can create by using a pomade or a texturizer. Simple to wear and style, all you need to do to get this look perfect is to run your fingers along your ends and creating the cool pieces.

#6: Stacked Haircut for Thick Hair

Layered asymmetrical bob with side bangs

Cutting your hair from length to shorter is a significant commitment however, it’s well worthwhile, especially in the event that your hair is making your face look heavy. Face-framing layers can enhance smaller face shapes , and also add the structure of a previously dull fashion.

#7: Fiery Red Angled Bob

red asymmetrical bob with side bangs

This cut that is layered and angled is what makes the girl’s distinctive coloring to be more exciting and lively. The artistic angling of this red bob reveals the contrast between the darker roots and more luminous ends giving it depth and easy and playful movement to give a striking appearance.

8: Curly Bob, with highlights

Symmetric wavy bob with dimensional highlights

Women with hair that is thin need to add layers to their asymmetrical style to give it more volume. This style also incorporates highlights that have darker roots to give the illusion of depth and curls that spiral to increase the volume. Like the first look matching your makeup with the shade of your hair–this time using eyeshadows is a fantastic way to create a coordinated appearance.

#9: Short Layered Bob

asymmetrical bob for wavy hair

The blonde babylights that adorn this bob’s graduated layers create a fun look and hint at sun-kissed beach waves. Sharp angles, the choppy layers, and straight nape line make this hairstyle feminine and masculine perfect yin and Yang combination.

#10: Classic Straight Black Bob

cute side-parted asymmetrical bob

This bob blends of two popular lengths for bobs: length of the chin on one hand and the collar bone on the other. The asymmetrical bob is reminiscent of the roots of the bob in the 20s and is characterized by its straight appearance and rounded edges so that they frame the face gently.

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