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40 Gorgeous Wavy Bob Hairstyles with an Extra Touch of Femininity

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Medium length and wispy textures are the best trends in hairstyles for women. In this regard the wavy bob hairstyles are the most popular choices for every day wear as well as for special occasions. In reality it is viewed as feminine and that’s the reason why a lot people love wearing these romantic wavy hairstyles every day or at the very least every now and then. We’re eager to provide you some ideas for wavy hair! Check out this article and you’ll discover new ideas on how to cut bobs and wavy hairstyles…

Cute Wavy Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles to Try This Season

Gradually graded, stacked, or A-line-style bobs are for you. Choose the cut that best suits your hair’s type and length. Each of these cuts is able to be styled straight or wavy.

#1: Shoulder-Length Spiraled Bob

Long Wavy Bob With Bangs

If having curly hairstyles with straight hairstyles can be considered an offense but it is a great option for shorter hairstyles because it allows to blend layers. Straight, straight pieces at the front define the facial features and do particularly well for slimming cheeks that are chubby.

#2: Neck-Length Razored Wavy Bob

Choppy Wavy Bob With Midshaft Bents

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Try the contemporary hairstyle with a wavy bob and midshaft bent. The blonde hair is light with highlights of ash blonde all over and the middle part frames the face stunningly. This is a feminine cut however the choppy ends create a sporty look.

#3: Wavy Choppy Ash Brown Bob

Choppy Cool Brown Balayage Bob

There’s something in the soft waves of an angular bob with a short chop that creates a lovely feminine look. The dark brown angled cut is fresh and simple and has a feeling in fullness and volume. It’s an ideal choice for women with hair that is thin or flat sometimes.

#4: Light Lob with large, messy waves

Tousled Wavy Blonde Lob

Do you have the skills to pull off a gorgeous long, wavy hairstyle? Beautiful blonde, beautiful, and flowing, it will hit your shoulders and runs. Easy and easy to wear, you can head to bed with a few snazzy braids. Then in the morning, let them loose and you’re all set to go to the beach!

#5: Messy Wavy Brown Lob

Chocolate And Caramel Balayage With Black Roots

Dark shinning, shoulder-length, and smoldering This isn’t your grandma’s Bob hairstyle. In reality, it’s nothing other than traditional! The natural brown hue accented by rusty red tones brings out the exotic beauty that lies within every confident woman. Another benefit? The long, messy waves are easy to maintain and style.

#6 Angled Bob and Beach Waves

Angled Wavy Blonde Bob

You can think about having an inverted, angled , angled bob hair cut to show the best in those beachy locks. Dark roots add volume and depth to the various shades of blonde, while the long, white pieces at the front emphasize the face. Split it to the sides to showcase the different layers and the texture.

#7: Autumn-Ready Stacked Scrunched Wavy Bob

Layered Stacked Wavy Bob

Sleek and feminine, this hairstyle is layered and inverted, giving plenty of texture and an elegant shape. The layered top and the tousled back allow it to be easy to keep and style, while the locks that are chin-length frames the face with a chic fashion.

#8: Rounded and Feathered Bob Haircut

Medium Wavy Caramel Blonde Bob

Are you in search of a smooth shorter wavy bob to look great both inside and outside in the workplace? Try the feathered and textured hair cut to the size. The bob is positioned just below the jawline the thick layers are great for all facial shapes. The distinctive strawberry blonde hue draws the eyes whether you’re heading or going.

#9: Feminine Peek-a-Boo Bob

Asymmetrical Bronde Messy Bob

Are you feeling sensual and mysterious or shy and unassuming? Whichever mood you’re in there’s one thing you can be sure of that you’ll feel sexy by having a more voluminous hairstyle. Keep your friends guessing as they “peek-a-boo” in the shadow of that sexy swoop the wavy blonde hair, which is placed just on top of the eyes of one of you.

#10: Cute Shaggy Wavy Lob

Wavy Brown Lob With Highlights

A wavy-lobe is an ideal choice when expanding your bob. When it is at those shoulders, your curls are long enough to create contemporary loose hairstyles. The delicately blended highlights on chocolate brown hair makes the shade truly stunning.

#11: Straight-Cut Lob , with waves and Textured ends

Wavy Brown Lob

If you’re young and want a trendy and comfortable hairstyle, a sleek shoulder-length lob is the ideal choice. You can try a blend of warmer and cool-toned highlights to create a modern attractive and interesting look.

#12: Edgy Bob with Barely-There Waves

Uneven Choppy Bob For Wavy Hair

A bob that is suitable for wavy hair could be medium, short or long. If you’d rather style your hair loosely and fashion it quickly, consider medium-sized bobs with unbalanced ends that are choppy. The babylights provide a beautiful shine to the dark hair.

#13: One-Length Beachy Textured Bob

Choppy Wavy Blonde Lob

A slight movement in your bob could transform your style from traditional to wild. Hair with wavy layers is hot this year. Combine darker roots with super blonde balayage and you’ll be able to create a cool hairstyle that’s voguish. The beachy vibe is achieved through textured, smooth hairs.

#14: Loosely Curled and Tousled Lob

Messy Curled Brunette Lob

A fantastic option for outdoorsy and active people The loose, midshaft-to-ends curls from the tousled lob appear amazing when they flow easily and softly meet the collarbone. The long chocolate brown curls and the traditional center line indicate that it is able to be pulled into a bouncy ponytail during exercise or taking a walk.

#15: All-Blonde Bob with Layers

Tousled Blonde Balayage Bob

You will look stunning with this light blonde hairstyle that is wavy. This style creates an adorable graduated effect, accentuated by the wild look of waves that are beachy. A shoulder-length bob looks stylish, attractive and easy to wear. Create those sleek strands when you curl the outer layer of your hair using an iron that is flat.

#16: Chin-Length Frizzy Wavy Bob Crop

Chin-Length Wavy Bob With Bangs

Hairstyles that are all-one-length bob with a textured texture and showcase your beach-girl glam waves. The shaved ends and hairstyle with bangs that are tucked in do an amazing job of giving an extra lift and the appearance of flat fine hair. With dark brown roots, blonde highlights look youthful and summer-ready.

#17: Loosely Curled Bronze Balayage Bob

Brunette Bob With Golden Blonde Highlights

If you’re someone who is juggling a busy social and professional schedule and you love how the balayage bob that is curly can be incorporated into your hectic life. In the day, it’s elegant and stylish for business spaces, and the copper-bronze streaks are fun enough for evening drinks with your colleagues!

#18: Long-Layed Bob Caramel Ribbons

Wavy Brown Lob With Caramel Balayage

This wavy bob is current and is a style that can be worn easily. The soft wavy locks look the most attractive when worn in shoulder lengths like this. The wavy hairstyles of all kinds look stunning with balayage The blended dark caramel highlights give stunning natural beauty and help the waves fall in a beautiful manner. The perfect choice for an intimate date night or a ladies’ night out.

#19: Delicately Waved Short Blonde Bob

Chic Wavy Blonde Bob Haircut

Be inspired by 1940s ‘ glamour and try the short wavy bob hairstyle. The jaw-length waves and the added touch of bombshell blonde are simple but stylish. A style that anyone can achieve.

#20: Uneven Piece-y Wavy Bob

Choppy Brown Bob With Chunky Blonde Highlights

Sexy and blonde There’s plenty to praise women who sport the wavy, wavy hairstyle that is sexy and elegant. Voluptuous and full of volume, highlights shine through the wavy bob’s choppy texture; ideal for a night of dancing in your favorite club. These uneven edges that connect at the neck offer the most unique thing to see.

#21: Casual-Chic Medium Messy Bob

Tousled Wavy Brown Bob

Medium wavy bobs with a wavy texture that have a summer vibe in their highlights genuinely are begging for natural flowing and disheveled style. The above-the-shoulder cut that has edges that are textured gives the appearance of a lighter look and easy movement. A casual chic look for everyday wear. A fun, happy style for hair with wavy.

22: Angled Choppy Bob with Edges that are jagged Edges

Tousled Wavy Brown Bob

The ideal of both worlds. the short, textured locks fall into ever longer, bright blonde waves that accentuate the collarbone. A curved choppy bob that is angled is ideal for women who love the attention of others although the ends appear jagged with uneven edges, it’s definitely not the typical hairstyle that you can find with a long shot.

#23: Ash Blonde Wavy Lob for Fine Hair

Textured Lob For Fine Hair

If your hair is prone to lying flat, you can style it with a smooth, piecey curls for fine hair. Divide it as you prefer and then comb it with your fingers to reveal your natural curls or style your bent hair by using straighteners. A lob is a great medium hairstyle when trying to transform shorter hair into longer hair.

#24: Long Wavy Copper Blonde Bob

Medium Wavy Bob Hairstyle

A waved lob that is wavy lets your medium length waves fall on the shoulders’ top. The glowing copper blonde balayage looks natural sun-kissed and gives your hair a glossy, healthy shine. The curly hair tendrils appear slightly lighter at the front to brighten the appearance of the.

25: Black Curly and Messy Bob with Bangs

Short Wavy Bob With Bangs

Sexy and full of sass The face-framing, short wavy bob is great choice for women with curly, thick hair. The squared shape of the chin length provides the cheeks a slimmerand more youthful look.

#26: Beautiful Waved Lob with Partially Highlights

Side-Parted Lob For Wavy Hair

If you’re in search of waves that aren’t too excessive, but still has a distinctive style, think about adding some shade. Front pieces of blonde or copper can be a wonderful addition to an otherwise “standard” side-parted hair lob. Give it a little an awl for a fun appearance and then comb it to create some extra height.

#27: Natural Looking Bob

Long Wavy Brown Balayage Bob

Sometimes , it’s recommended to stick to the tried and tested when you’re the styling of your long wavy hair. Natural hues that work well with one another will look great in a variety of occasions and will easily take you from night to day without having to alter your look.

#28: Chic Windblown Short Bob

Strawberry Blonde Wavy Bob

The wavy, layered strawberry hairstyle has incredible volume due to the cut. The softly layered pieces are styled with a fun swirling motion. Each strand moves and curly, revealing its individual mood. The light cut, sexy, and short hairstyle is also unique due to its light-reflecting, warm shade.

#29: Short Choppy Bob with Dimensional Waves

Golden Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

If you’re in a workplace or in an art gallery, you’ll get the attention of the spotlight whenever you experiment with a chocolate and gold blonde smooth bob. The stacked , dimensional waves have barely a bend and the rounded form is broken which gives the perfect edge.

#30: Long Disconnected Wavy Bob

Ash Blonde Choppy Lob

The icy blonde hair with the thin golden highlights gives this cute hairstyle such a luscious beachy look. The length of the extra length makes it possible to throw it in an updo but we’d advise you to don’t hide the slightly textured waves or the sharp ends of a regular ponytail. It’s a shame!

#31: Full-of-Movement Brunette Bob

Wavy Collarbone Bob With Swoopy Bangs

A tiny bit girly opting for a curly hairstyle with bangs is the perfect way to draw attention to your feminine self-confidence. The rich brown tones sparkle in the sun, even if it’s a solid shade. It’s a retro style that’s slightly 70’s that is perfect for naturally thick and curly hair.

#32: Shaggy Highlighted Brunette Bob for Thick Hair

Black Wavy Bob With Copper Highlights

Did somebody say: “brunette bob shag”? A great choice for women struggling with hair thickness issues; a long, curly bob is the best method to utilize the hair you have. Dark browns are accented by copper highlights on the ends. Your hair that’s difficult to manage has been made a lot easier!

#33: Bob with Large Dimensional Curls

Brown Bob With Chunky Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Soda-can-sized curls offer a distinct retro-style that is reminiscent of Hollywood stars of the 1940s. Of course, when they were in the 1940s they didn’t come with the range of colors that Balayage has nowadays. The chocolate-brown color, accentuated with the strawberry blonde hues makes you feel like you’re walking on the red carpet (even when you’re in the grocery store)!

#34: Choppy Wavy Angled Bob for Fine Hair

Messy Wavy Bob For Fine Hair

If you’re having trouble livening the look of your thin and flat hair, we may have the hairstyle that is perfect for you. Turn your head upside down make sure you scrunch your hair using a little hold styling mousse, and it will remain light and full all day long. Tone of bronde that is classic of medium wavy bobs give the illusion of volume and lift . It can also help to counteract flatness.

#35 Wavy Bob with layers Bob with Flicks

Layered wavy bob hairstyle

A rounded, medium length and layers are another fantastic idea for an appealing style for hair with thick layers. If your hair is curly in nature and you’ll be able to get those gorgeous curls with no styling. If not, you can use an iron with a big barrel to form the ends.

#36: Cute Coffee-Colored Bob

Dark Brown Wavy Bob

Dark hair is attractive for many reasons . It is healthier looking and reflect shine more effectively. This is just one reasons. The downside to having dark hair and an wavy bob is that it may appear like it is a bit too thick. The best method to lighten it up is by adding highlights in lighter shades that give it more dimension and cut the wavy.

#37: Sexy Black Bob

Long Wavy Brunette Bob Hairstyle

Hair texture may not be naturally wavy, but it doesn’t mean that sexy straight waves can’t be created using the help of a curling iron. The key is to wrap hair in different directions, starting from the middle of the hair strand, to prevent the hair from spiralizing into curls.

#38: Long Blonde Wavy Bob

Blonde Balayage Lob With Dark Roots

The messy long hairstyle is all the rage in the present and this one is stunning. The softly waves that are highlighted are loosely curled with an S-pattern. The hair is cut in order to cover the shoulders , creating voluminous layers. The hairstyle is lavishly smoothed and tangled to create an air-blown look that is fashionable.

#39: Straight Cut Wavy Bob

Wavy Hairstyle For Choppy Bob

If you’ve got thick straight strands of hair, it’s crucial to eliminate any extra weight, especially when it’s a blunt cut. This look of texture was made using the Donald Scott Carving Comb that produces a fun, razored look effortlessly and quickly.

#40: Ash Blonde Spirals

Blonde Wavy Bob

Create a wavy bob that is that is your own by using an professional color that is suited according to the skin color. This stunning balayage is a great match to her slightly bronzed skin since the ash shades make a great contrast, and don’t cause any redness.

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