women who have round faces or chubby cheeks may feel they need to wear their hair in a long bob or use extensions to deflect attention from a chubbier face. However, all that hair can cause you to appear outdated. Bobs are certainly the style of the moment, particularly the ones that are shoulder-length that still provide length with a gorgeous silhouette as well as the attractive slimming effect. If you’re a brunette or blonde, with straight or wavy hair, there’s an bob haircut that doesn’t make your face appear too round. Explore our top 35 hairstyles below. If you are looking to appear more slimmer by using hairstyles that are bob, you should go no less than a little more than a chin length the front. It could be a stacked bob that has a smaller nape, more angled or graduated bob, or even a longer bobs or the lob. Pick an off-center or side part , they will not cause your face to look chubbier.

Best Bobs for Round Faces

#1: Classic Blunt Bob

layered bob with bangs for a round face

If you have stunning facial features and would like to make them the center of attention you should opt for a sharp cut. This will let your eyes to shine without distractions. A clean-cut length for the chin can be perfect for any event.

#2: Straight Collarbone Lob

Centre-Parted Creamy Blonde Lob

Who doesn’t love a super sleek bob cut? If you’re looking to give this a go consider a straight line that’s cut just over the neckbone. It’s a sleek, sophisticated look that’s also effortless to style. Just pick up a flat iron to straighten any unruly appearance. A sleek lob can reduce the appearance of the face, creating an illusion of a larger thin, more rounded face.

#3: Stacked Short Curls

short curly hairstyle for plus size women

It’s no secret that big rollers can offer shorter cuts that have the required volume and curly texture. Although the concept may appear outdated, you can give it a an innovative twist on it by adding some sultry side bangs. The caramel highlights are sweet and add a dimension and stop the style from becoming too full.

#4: Cute Warm Bronde Combover Bob

Cute A-Line Bob For Round Faces

The best haircuts for bobs for face shapes with round faces must be layered with the correct face-framing layer. In this image, they’re cut below the chin. A side part that is combover creates an additional volume on top that can be useful to fine hair. It’s a style that is sweet and enjoyable without being cute.

#5: Messy Jet-Black Curls

way bob with straight bangs

The shorter hair can be curled using the appropriate tools and styles. Make use of soft, finger-combed waves instead of curly, poodle-like curls for a look that’s contemporary and trendy. Also, it’s not in contrast with your fashionable blunt hairstyles.

#6: Wavy Mid-Length Shag

Medium Layered Hairstyle For Round Face

Lobs are among the most attractive face-slimming hairstyles for face shapes that are round. If the front parts are curled and styled with the messy style this hairstyle exemplifies it, you’ll have a mediumly large style that same at the same time, reduces your facial size.

#7: Tousled Grunge-Style Bob

Asymmetrical Ash Blonde Wavy Bob

Asymmetrical hairstyles are an ideal way to lighten the weight of heavy hair or to increase your volume with fine hair. With a side-part and one side being a little more than the other, you can use curling tools to create messy waves to create a sloppy look. Dip dyed tips showcase your imagination and also allow you to cut them off when hair grows out!

#8: Curly Brown Bob for Thick Hair

Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Naturally curly and coarse hair can be both a blessing and curse. While your hair’s volume is enormous however, they also come with excessive frizz. Our solution? Try adding large, swooping curls by using an iron that is large and smoothing serum or pomade. You can also scrunch your locks using the help of a curl enhancer to achieve natural curls that are free of frizz.

#9: Sleek Straight Collarbone Cut

Long Bob For Round Faces

There’s nothing more chic than an unpretentious, straight bob and it also helps to reduce the appearance of round faces. To get the appearance, you should begin styling your hair while it’s damp: comb it straight, then apply hair gel with a downward movement to hold the shape , and to add hold and shine. This is a great option for hair that is naturally straight.

#10: Disconnected Wavy Gray Bob

Curly Shaggy Gray Bob

Sometimes, the purpose of bobs that flatter round faces isn’t to make them slimmer or tone down, but rather to show off the youthful, bubbly look of your face. To accomplish this it is recommended to use a wavy and layered approach is recommended. Request your stylist to create separated choppy layers that can be curled without appearing too uniform. A lighter hair shade such as steel gray will bring out the fun, tousled texture.

#11: Blunt and Choppy White Blonde Bob

Straight Cut White Bob With Choppy Layers

Cuts that are choppy and soft are the ultimate chic-girl hairstyles. An edgy platinum blonde base with random layers is modern and edgy, the shorter pieces in front permit a few shaggy and glam bangs.

#12: Teased Deeply-Parted Lob

Asian Brunette Subtle Ombre Bob

To achieve this textured lob make the side part with a deep cut and curl large hair sections using the 1.5″ tool. Make sure you leave the ends of your hair free of the wand, and it creates a huge hairstyle that hits your temples, and then is sloping downwards, lengthening the face’s round shape. The top can be tangled to give an extra boost of oomph and the style is ready to go!

#13: Sexy Gray Peek-a-Boo Bob Style

Sleek Gray Bob With Charcoal Roots

Bob hairstyles that flatter round faces may be used to trim the shape of your face. Bangs with a dramatic side like those that are a peek-a-boo design make the face appear more slender by cutting the face’s visible area in half, creating a elegant and attractive features.

14th: Angled Brunette Bob With Bronze Highlights

Inverted Brown Bob With Angled Bangs

This basic bob is characterized by an a-line cut that is angled and has long side bangs that are feathered. Highlights in bronze add excitement to an otherwise plain cut that is classic.

#15 Short Haired Bob Curled with Layers

Warm Blonde Curled Bob Hairstyle

Curling a bob’s curly ends can alter the form of the cut. This is due to the fact that it can reduce length and create volume. The style has the middle section and big curls that begin at the midpoint of the shaft. To achieve the appearance, you can alternate the direction of each curl, either toward and away from the front of your face to ensure they remain separate and don’t become one single wave.

#16: Sassy Straight Copper Red Bob

Sleek Angled Copper Bob

A bob inverted for a round faces offers a sleek and slim appearance when hair is styled straight. Additionally, a striking hair color such as fiery red when paired with a classic cut changes the look making it look more modern. Make sure you keep it contemporary and use an iron with a flat surface to ensure all hair is straight, and then finish it off with a shine-enhancing product.

#17: Medium Brunette Shag Hairstyle

Shoulder Length Choppy Wavy Cut

If you want a saggy lob choose a middle or slightly off-center part , and loose, easy curls. Spray salt all over the hair to increase the texture. Curl the hair loosely to ensure that the ends remain straight and maintain their length.

#18: Dramatic Sideswept Bob

Asymmetrical Brunette Bob

The most appealing aspect of this asymmetrical bob the part on the side with amazing sweeps that offer just the perfect amount of sexy and flirty, and instantly thins the face.

#19: Sleek Midnight Black Bob

Angled Black Bob For Round Faces

We all know Victoria Beckham (or Posh Spice) who was the first to introduce the jet-black elegant a-line haircut (like the one featured below) in the latter half of the 90’s and the early 2000’s. Even though her face is a little narrower than this model’s, her appearance is stunning to anyone who is looking for a classy bob that flatter round face. Combine it with a dark, red lips to create a dramatic and modern style.

20: Asymmetrical Brunette Bob with Waves

Dark Brown Side-Parted Bob

Asymmetrical cuts of varying lengths are perfect for full-faced women. The model’s size of hair is moved to one side due to the long, deep part and the an incredibly sexy bang that covers the eyes. Hair is pulled outward with the barrel iron to create the most flirty, fun Farrah Fawcett-like appearance.

21: Choppy Lob with Bangs for fine hair

Straight Lob With Bangs For Round Face

Fine hair is great when cut to create appearance by layering them and a choppy, voluminous hairstyle does not require any changes to the shape of hair. A lob that lands just below the collarbone traditional straight-across bangs is most appealing without too much weight, which makes it the ideal choice for those with thin hair.

#22: Short Frizzy Blonde Bob for Fine Hair

Razored Blonde Bob With Dark Roots

A bob that is short for a round face that has an asymmetrical cut with edgy texture that is striking. Try a bleached razored look with dark roots and the use of texturizing pastes to highlight the volume. Embrace frizz and make your own unique style.

#23: Choppy Peek-a-Boo Bob

Wavy Chopped Honey Blonde Bob

Layers of choppy hair at the bottom of a regular bob add a unique twist to a regular cut, and a simple style like this is easy to create. After washing your hair and letting it air dry, you can let it dry completely and wrap the pieces between your fingers, twisting them in a circular motion, so as creating a gentle curl which doesn’t look overly stylized.

#24 Balayage Lob with soft curls

Brown To Blonde Balayage Lob

Are you looking to give your medium-length bob a little more movement and vitality? Soft, mid-shaft waves are the ideal solution. Balayage can help emphasize the flow of curls further and gives the feeling of depth to thin and thinner curls.

#25: Cute Side-Parted A-line Bob

Sleek Brunette A-Line Bob

A-line bobs are known for their classiness when worn with sophisticated style and subtle highlight, your cut is perfect and balanced. Spray a shine spray on your hair to increase the shine of dark hair. And when necessary, apply the flat iron to encase the famously twisted tips.

#26: All-Tubing Bob with eyebrow-skimming Bangs

Straight Choppy Brunette Bob With Bangs

A bob with bangs to match the round faces was created to keep things interesting and fresh. If hair is all one shade, the choppy layers add an interest, without drastically changing the shape. The tousled style is a style for waking up and going to work which is especially cute coupled with the flirty fringe.

#27: Textured A-line Burgundy Bob

Angled Burgundy Bob With Bangs

If your hair is naturally waves and texture and texture, request hairdressers to trim layers which are in harmony with the motion and not in opposition to it. The a-line bob is an elongated shape that zig-zags toward the front due to the sideswept bang , angled downwards and face-framing layers that extend toward the cheeks.

#28: Grunge-Style Charcoal Bob

Gray Wavy Bob With Black Roots

To get sexy, easy waves make sure you braid your hair prior to going to bed. Then, you can unwind the braids when you wake up. Shake it up for an appearance that has bounce without looking crimped or stiff. Dark roots look cool and grungy when the tips are kept light. Doing this in a black-to charcoal fade is a great punk rock tinge.

#29: Inverted Haircut for Round Face

stacked bob for plus size women

Women who are larger may feel like they aren’t able to wear short hairstyles because they highlight the roundness of their cheeks. However, that’s the reason these oversized inverted layers are so clever. The layers are stacked to provide a lot of volume in the back of the face to balance out the roundness of your face.

#30: Short Scrunched Bob

Razored Ash Blonde Bob

If a long, wavy bob for round faces doesn’t appeal to you Try something shorter and wispy. For a hairstyle that doesn’t look too elegant or over-styled apply mousse or cream instead of curling iron to whack layers into smooth waves. Dry shampoo may also be spritzed around the crown to give it more lift and movement.

31: Short Bob with Heavy Side Bangs

short asymmetric pixie bob for a round face

If you’re in the market for a cropped short cut, but you are concerned about it looking unflattering on your face This is the style for you. It gives you the appearance that a cut pixie has but the advantages of a face-framing Bob.

#32: Asymmetrical Bob for Round Face

blonde asymmetrical bob for a round face

A chin-length asymmetrical bob with the bright blonde shade is very sweet and stylish. It’s a perfect appearance for women who have an exuberant personality. The side piece can disguise a slender face.

#33: Edgy Violet Bob with Side Part

Layered Chin-Length Purple Bob

The art of achieving short hairstyles for people with round face types can be difficult. However, we’re here to help you when we suggest that the way to style your hair is in a concave style (meaning that your hair curves towards the back) could be precisely what you need when your cut is rough. A dark color such as red or violet could also make your face appear more feminine.

34: Bleached Bob with Red Root Shadow

Platinum Textured Lob With Reddish Roots

If you’ve not explored a root shadow previously it’s time to try. Although it’s typically found with brunette-to-blonde shades but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be able to incorporate more unusual shades. This red-to-silvery blonde combination is perfect with the long, textured haircut that is perfect for a round face.

#35: Short Side-Parted

Short Bob For Round Faces

This cut demonstrates that bob haircuts for oval faces are elegant and feminine, while also being trendy and cool. A little bit of purple can add a dash of modern flair to the style that can be described as classics. Razored layers add a touch of gentleness to the otherwise rough hairstyle.


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