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35 Stylish and Sassy Bobs for Round Faces

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women who have round faces or chubby cheeks may feel they need to wear their hair in a long bob or use extensions to deflect attention from a chubbier face. However, all that hair can cause you to appear outdated. Bobs are certainly the style of the moment, particularly the ones that are shoulder-length that still provide length with a gorgeous silhouette as well as the attractive slimming effect. If you’re a brunette or blonde, with straight or wavy hair, there’s an bob haircut that doesn’t make your face appear too round. Explore our top 35 hairstyles below. If you are looking to appear more slimmer by using hairstyles that are bob, you should go no less than a little more than a chin length the front. It could be a stacked bob that has a smaller nape, more angled or graduated bob, or even a longer bobs or the lob. Pick an off-center or side part , they will not cause your face to look chubbier.

Best Bobs for Round Faces

#1: Classic Blunt Bob

layered bob with bangs for a round face

If you have stunning facial features and would like to make them the center of attention you should opt for a sharp cut. This will let your eyes to shine without distractions. A clean-cut length for the chin can be perfect for any event.

#2: Straight Collarbone Lob

Centre-Parted Creamy Blonde Lob

Who doesn’t love a super sleek bob cut? If you’re looking to give this a go consider a straight line that’s cut just over the neckbone. It’s a sleek, sophisticated look that’s also effortless to style. Just pick up a flat iron to straighten any unruly appearance. A sleek lob can reduce the appearance of the face, creating an illusion of a larger thin, more rounded face.

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#3: Stacked Short Curls

short curly hairstyle for plus size women

It’s no secret that big rollers can offer shorter cuts that have the required volume and curly texture. Although the concept may appear outdated, you can give it a an innovative twist on it by adding some sultry side bangs. The caramel highlights are sweet and add a dimension and stop the style from becoming too full.

#4: Cute Warm Bronde Combover Bob

Cute A-Line Bob For Round Faces

The best haircuts for bobs for face shapes with round faces must be layered with the correct face-framing layer. In this image, they’re cut below the chin. A side part that is combover creates an additional volume on top that can be useful to fine hair. It’s a style that is sweet and enjoyable without being cute.

#5: Messy Jet-Black Curls

way bob with straight bangs

The shorter hair can be curled using the appropriate tools and styles. Make use of soft, finger-combed waves instead of curly, poodle-like curls for a look that’s contemporary and trendy. Also, it’s not in contrast with your fashionable blunt hairstyles.

#6: Wavy Mid-Length Shag

Medium Layered Hairstyle For Round Face

Lobs are among the most attractive face-slimming hairstyles for face shapes that are round. If the front parts are curled and styled with the messy style this hairstyle exemplifies it, you’ll have a mediumly large style that same at the same time, reduces your facial size.

#7: Tousled Grunge-Style Bob

Asymmetrical Ash Blonde Wavy Bob

Asymmetrical hairstyles are an ideal way to lighten the weight of heavy hair or to increase your volume with fine hair. With a side-part and one side being a little more than the other, you can use curling tools to create messy waves to create a sloppy look. Dip dyed tips showcase your imagination and also allow you to cut them off when hair grows out!

#8: Curly Brown Bob for Thick Hair

Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Naturally curly and coarse hair can be both a blessing and curse. While your hair’s volume is enormous however, they also come with excessive frizz. Our solution? Try adding large, swooping curls by using an iron that is large and smoothing serum or pomade. You can also scrunch your locks using the help of a curl enhancer to achieve natural curls that are free of frizz.

#9: Sleek Straight Collarbone Cut

Long Bob For Round Faces

There’s nothing more chic than an unpretentious, straight bob and it also helps to reduce the appearance of round faces. To get the appearance, you should begin styling your hair while it’s damp: comb it straight, then apply hair gel with a downward movement to hold the shape , and to add hold and shine. This is a great option for hair that is naturally straight.

#10: Disconnected Wavy Gray Bob

Curly Shaggy Gray Bob

Sometimes, the purpose of bobs that flatter round faces isn’t to make them slimmer or tone down, but rather to show off the youthful, bubbly look of your face. To accomplish this it is recommended to use a wavy and layered approach is recommended. Request your stylist to create separated choppy layers that can be curled without appearing too uniform. A lighter hair shade such as steel gray will bring out the fun, tousled texture.

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