Ash blonde has become one of the most popular hair colors because it feels edgy and modern. It is a light blonde with silver and grey tones and no brassiness. The cool hue works best with those who have naturally light hair and cool, light complexions. However, it can be adapted to suit your preference and added to the hair in various ways. If you prefer a subtle approach, balayage or babylights are ideal, or you can get adventurous, mixing ash blonde with bright hues like lilac and blue. There are various shades to choose from, including darker ash blondes that often have a more natural finish to light colors that demand attention, lighten your hair, and brighten your appearance. What is not to love about this gorgeous color? Keep reading to become inspired for your next trip to the salon.

What is Ash Blonde Hair?

Ash blonde is a shade of blonde with silver and grey tones. They can vary from darker colors to lighter ones, but the appeal is that it is a cool hue. It often works best with light hair colors and suits those with lighter complexions, but it can be added to the hair in various ways and adapted to suit your preference.


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Ash Blond Hair Color

1. Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash blonde is a cool shade of blonde that can be added to the hair in various ways. If you want to update your naturally light hair and make it feel more modern or wish to give darker hair greater depth and dimension, you can do this with ash blonde balayage. Balayage is a coloring technique that hand-paints highlights onto the hair. The result is a much more natural-looking appearance than traditional foil highlights. It is also less time-consuming and is lower maintenance as you do not have to worry about root regrowth. If you want to achieve a subtle, sun-kissed glow, it is best to opt for a color that is only a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color.

Ash Blonde Balayage

2. Ash Blonde Highlights

Ash blonde is a blonde shade with silver and grey tones. The cool hue is incredibly flattering on those with cool skin tones, but it can also be tricky to get right and can make you appear washed out. For this reason, a more subtle and wearable option is to add the color to the hair with highlights. Ash blonde highlights will give your naturally light hair a modern update. It is also great for lightening and brightening your appearance. You can place the color toward the ends or focus them around the face for a framing effect.

Ash Blonde Highlights

3. Dark Ash Blonde

There are several different shades of ash blonde, from light to dark. Dark ash blonde is a cool hue flattering on most skin tones and is easier to wear and more subtle than the lighter shades. The color is great for adding depth and dimension to naturally light hair. Or you can add it to dark hair to brighten it and make it feel fresh and modern. The color feels edgier than your average dark blonde, making it an appealing choice for those who want something different.

Dark Ash Blonde

4. Pale Ash Blonde Hair

A pale shade of ash blonde appears more muted, with only a hint of silver and grey tones. It may look similar to platinum blonde but is more wearable and versatile. Ash blonde is a cool hue that works well with light brown or blonde hair, but it can also be added to dark hair if you want to create a high-contrast appearance. This can also be achieved by pairing the color with darker roots. Pale ash blonde is a shade that complements women with cool complexions.

Pale Ash Blonde Hair

5. Ash Mushroom Blonde Hair

Mushroom hair color is a neutral shade that combines brown and grey. Mushroom is a cool shade and you can add ash blonde to the color to lighten it. This will create an interesting blend of highlights and lowlights that gives the hair depth and dimension. You can also focus the ash blonde on just the ends, creating an ombre or balayage effect, which is low-maintenance and gorgeous. It is also the ideal option for women with naturally darker hair to try out ash blonde without the hassle of coloring their roots.

Ash Mushroom Blonde Hair

6. Light Ash Blonde

If you prefer brighter colors, opting for a light ash blonde is the ideal choice. This gorgeous hue contains silver and grey tones and is especially flattering on those with cool skin tones. To keep the hair color from looking dull, you can add depth and dimension with highlights or lowlights. You can also find interesting ways to introduce it to the hair, like focusing on just the ends or opting for statement highlights that frame the face. Also, consider that the light ash blonde may require you to change your makeup, opting for a look that is more vibrant.

Light Ash Blonde

7. Lightest Ash Blonde

There are various shades of ash blonde to choose from, allowing you to find the color that best compliments your skin tone. It could be a darker hue, or you could opt for the lightest shade of ash blonde. You do not have to opt for a full head of ash blonde and can add it to the hair in an ombre effect or try the balayage coloring technique. Leaving your roots dark will also create dimension. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate the color, it will brighten your appearance and draw attention to your hair, highlighting your texture.

Lightest Ash Blonde

8. Medium Ash Blonde

If you want to try out ash blonde but feel that the lighter hues are too bold, then a medium ash blonde is a great alternative. It has all the benefits of the lighter hues, still having cool undertones, but because it is not as bright, it appears more subtle and can complement a greater range of complexions. It is also less likely to make you appear washed out. The appeal of this color is that it feels fresh and modern and is an interesting alternative to standard blonde tones.

Medium Ash Blonde

9. Ombre Ash Blonde Balayage

Ombre and balayage are both coloring techniques that can give the hair depth and dimension. Balayage is created by hand-painting the color onto the hair which creates a sweeping effect, giving you a very natural appearance. Combining it with ombre makes the color look more noticeable, as ombre blends two colors, one light, and the other dark, starting around the middle of the hair and lightening toward the ends. These coloring techniques are low-maintenance as you do not have to be concerned with root growth. Ash-blonde is an exciting alternative to the warmer blonde hues, and the cool undertone gives the hair a silvery appearance. It is an excellent way to lighten and brighten dark hair without being too harsh.

Ombre Ash Blonde Balayage

10. Ash Blonde Ombre

Ombre is a great way to draw attention to the hair, especially the ends. It is a coloring technique that blends two tones, one light, and the other dark. It can be created in various colors, including using ash blonde. For the best results, you want to add ash blonde to a darker base color, lightening the ends of the hair and giving it depth and dimension. Your hair color should be only a shade or two darker than the ash blonde for a natural result. If it is darker than this, you can achieve a high-contrast appearance that can be edgy and cool. Ombre is incredibly versatile and low-maintenance, making it a popular option for when you want to change your color.

Ash Blonde Ombre


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