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40 New Pretty Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Rapunzel was the perfect choice. Being a woman with gorgeous long hair has a way to make people feel princess-like even if you’re stuck in an imposing tower and haven’t realized that you’re there. However, long hair can also be difficult to manage. You know how numerous times has your arm begun to hurt while doing French weave your hair? I’m not even able to keep track of the number of instances I’ve given up creating a hairstyle midway through and threw my hair into simple buns due to this exact reason. The good thing is that I’ve been through the agony of searching the web for the most appealing hairstyles for you to put the perfect long tresses so that you don’t need to! And I’ll say that this list of the hottest hairstyles suitable for long hair hits the jackpot. Check the styles yourself!

40 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair

1. Blunt Bangs

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Blunt Bangs

Taylor Swift did it. Kim Kardashian did it. Hell, even Michelle Obama did it! Straight cut bangs obviously. The blunt bangs earned their way to fame a few years in the past. Add a few hairy bangs that are blunt on the front and cover your entire forehead. A striking fringe can transform a normal hairstyle into an attractive and stylish one. It also hides an overly wide forehead, and also highlights the cheekbones.

2. Updo

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Updo

Do you wish you could cut off your hair each summer when it gets hot? Then the hairstyle will be your new most trusted companion! The updo is among the most stylish hairstyles that you can experiment with. A properly-designed updo can be an eye-catching style that will make women shiver in jealousy. You can wear it with pride to show the beautiful woman you are!

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3. Bangs With Waves

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Bangs With Waves

Anyone who has made the decision to grow bangs will change their life. They also look stunning with a sexy curl of hair. They add a touch of glamour to the mane which gives it an ultra-chic style.

4. Sleek and Shiny

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Sleek and Shiny

When I first started to straighten my hair I was I was a completely different person. Straight hair can change your appearance from dull to stunning. It is possible to experiment with different shades, colors and hairstyles when you sport this style. A proper blend of low and highlights will enhance the hair’s texture.

5. Side Swept

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Side Swept

You’re aware of what’s getting your hair wrong? You’re not doing it right. If you’re worried that your hair makes you look dull and older than you are You’re likely splitting it in the middle. The solution is simple in fact. It’s as simple as with a side-parting. Parting your hair in the middle of each eyebrows helps create symmetry within your face, which results in flattering facial angles. It’s also a great method to draw attention and enhance your appearance.

6. Straight Hair With Layers

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Straight-Hair-With-Layers

“Rachel” haircut “Rachel” haircut remains an extremely sought-after haircuts on the planet for reasons. Jennifer Aniston, in Friends taught us how to create an elegant, layered cut that frames your face. The world of hairdressing was forever altered.

7. Simple Braid

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Simple Braid

Do you remember how much you hated it when your mother braided your hair tight to make sure that it didn’t become dirty or tangled when you were out playing? Looks like she was on to something! An easy braid could create an interesting, but cute appearance. In addition to being trendy, they’re easy to style and wear.

8. Fishtail Braid

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Fishtail Braid

Are you fed up of looking Plain Jane with your simple braid? Fishtail braids are a great option to tie your hair and give it some relief while still looking elegant and stylish. All you have to do is apply a crisscross method.

9. French Braid

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - French Braid

What’s more appealing than a single French braid? Three French braids, of course! Try this unique nautical braided look that’s practical, but maintains your style and is chic and enjoyable.

10. Waterfall Braid

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Waterfall Braid

The braid that falls down looks as stunning as it is. The majority of your hair is free, and you’ll be able to showcase your beautiful hair and length (if you’re sporting hair that resembles Rapunzel!) or even go for a punk style (if you prefer your hair to be messy) with the same amount of enthusiasm.

11. Perky Side Pony

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Perky Side Pony

Are you an Barbie girl within this Barbie world? You should try this adorable Barbie hairstyle! This side ponytail is unique flair on the traditional ponytail. Tie the hair in a ponytail and tease it to create the ponytail in a messy way. It is possible to accessorize the hairstyle with a shimmering hairband.

12. Boho Braid

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Boho Braid

Do you think you’re as a free spirit? Do you wish to show it off in your hair? The boho braids are made specifically for you! Boho braids are hairstyles which is popular for women, celebrities and not-so-popular alike. They’re beautiful to look at and are easy to make.

13. Flirty Ponytail

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Flirty Ponytail

Girl, I’m sure you’d like to be an affluent babe. This hairstyle will assist you in that. Try experimenting with your parted hairstyle to test out different styles such as this. This distinctive twist on parting will make your ponytail look more attractive and adds a little extra oomph in your ponytail.

14. The Pouf

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - The Pouf

It doesn’t matter if you spell it “poof,” “pouf,” or simply ‘pouffe’ the one thing we can recognize is that this is a style that has been in use for a long time. It might take longer for you to learn and master this elegant beauty, but it’s worthwhile.

15. Messy Bun

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Messy Bun

These are romantic. They’re elegant. They look gorgeous. Buns have been in fashion for college and school girls for a long time. Whatever hair-related issues you have to face the messy bun can save your hair!

16. Sleek Knot

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Sleek Knot

Make yourself look like a queen Feel like royalty by wearing this sleek knot that is stunning. Whatever the occasion you wear, a bun with a high cut is always in fashion. It is considered to be one of the most simple hairstyles. It’s not only professional but is also fashionable too.

17. Half-do

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Half-do

Do you want to keep all your hair loose or tied? The half-updo is the perfect solution. It’s chic and flirty. Simply pull hair at the top of your hair and tie it in a knot and let the rest of the hair fall free. It is always fun to play with your hairstyle and give new twists.

18. Cinnamon Bun

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Cinnamon Bun

No, this isn’t the way you think. It’s not an actual bread roll is being discussed. It’s the Cinnamon bun is an popular hairstyle that is popular with hairstyling enthusiasts. If you’re a girl who is a fan of experimenting with buns, you should try this beautiful hairstyle. All you need are Bobby pins to achieve this style.

19. Knotted Ponytail

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Knotted Ponytail

Normally, you wouldn’t have knots on your hair. But this hairstyle that specifically demands one. The knotted ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyle you can come up with. It is also one of the most beautiful hairstyles available.

20. Side Bun

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Side Bun

If anyone has experienced the pain of styling your hair each morning to work I do. Trust me when I say that this side-bun is a lifesaver. In addition to being super easy to create and looks stunning adorable on anyone!

21. Braided Ponytail

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Braided Ponytail

Who wouldn’t like to dress like a princess from the past? I certainly would. This hairstyle will take the one-step closer achieving your dreams. The tiny braid weaved into a larger braid provides the most magical feeling to this hairstyle.

22. Princess Jasmine/Bubble Braid

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Princess Jasmine Bubble Braid

With her almond-shaped eyes and her thick bubble braid The princess Jasmine from the film Alladin won all the attention of millions of people around the globe. The iconic bubble braid could easily be recreated by using some hair elastics tucked in your ponytail.

23. The Braided Headband Or Milkmaid Braid

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - The-Braided-Headband-Or-Milkmaid-Braid hairstyle

Are you planning a great time in sun? Take a look at this hairstyle that you can match with your adorable sundress. Simply tie your hair into two braids, then put them over the hair’s top for this style. Aren’t these hairstyles adorable?

24. Voluminous Curls

 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Voluminous Curls

Are you tired of your boring straight hair? It’s time to buy a professional curling iron. Bouncy and large curls look flirty and girly and flirty, to say the minimum!

25. Voluminous Top Knot

 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Voluminous Top Knot

If you’re anything like me have a habit of spending a lot in time using Tumblr and Instagram all daylong, you’ll realize that there’s an aesthetic and art to the messy knot style. With adorable baggy clothing and large sunglasses, you’ll soon be leading the fashion scene with your most messy top knot.

26. Finger Waves

 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Finger Waves

The retro hairstyle of the 1920s is among the very few classics that are timeless. Finger waves are simple to make and give your hair a bounce.

27. Bed Head Curls

 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Bed Head Curls

The bed head curls look gorgeous when paired with long hair. Make ringlets with your hair and comb your fingers to recreate this gorgeous hairstyle.

28. Pinned Back Hair

 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Pinned Back Hair

It’s possible to think about making the hair loose for more volume and tying the sides back. Look at Victoria Justice doing complete justice to this haircut No pun intended (or may be it is!). Whatever the case she’s gorgeous.

29. Sassy Side Part

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Sassy Side Part

Reverse comb the hair to smooth them out after which you spray the hairspray. This hairstyle is very definite and looks fantastic when done properly.

30. Slicked Back

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Slicked Back

A hairstyle that is simple to make, slicked-back hair looks very elegant and can make the wearer feel like a famous.

31. Beachy Mermaid Waves

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Beachy Mermaid Waves

The mermaid waves of the beach have always looked stunning. For a hairstyle that is similar simply drape a few hair sections over a curling iron, then spray them in place. Then loosen the curls with your fingers and voila! you’re all set.

32. Side Braids

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Side Braids

Side braids look so chic. Try it and you’ll be amazed why it’s a top choice of ours!

33. Curls that have Straight Bangs

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Curls with Straight Bangs

Curls are stunning when teamed with straight-face frames and fringes that are clumpy.

34. Scarf Updo

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Scarf Updo

The scarf-style is an extremely well-known hairstyles from colonial Europe. But, it appears to be making an appearance. We are very grateful!

35. Low Knot

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Low Knot

The low knot looks well on all kinds of hair. It looks quite cute. If you’re looking younger, this is the style you need to choose.

36. High Ponytail

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - High Ponytail

A ponytail with a high volume is a symbol of elegance and class. The first step is to apply a volumizing mousse , then draw the long hair up to create a ponytail that is tight. Then, you can use a large curling wand for adding bulk and volume to the. After that, spray with a little hairspray to make sure the flyaways are tame.

37. High Bun

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - High Bun

However hairstyles, high buns is always in fashion. It is considered to be one of the most easy hairstyles for round faces.

All you need to do is pull your hair out, make a bun with it, twist it and secure it by using the elastic band.

38. Tight Curls

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Tight Curls

This stylish hairstyle is an instant hit. Hair appears more thicker since the curls add lots in volume and weight to the hair. Hair cut dry to get the optimal results.

39. All-Around Layers

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - All-Around-Layers hairstyle

A more casual style, however, it’s not less elegant. The all-around layering gives you an exuberant youthful look and can be worn for any event.

40. Cascading Hair

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Cascading Hair

It is a sought-after hairstyle for women who have long hair. Make sure to highlight your hair to increase the punch.

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