Rapunzel had the right idea. Having luscious long hair has a way of making you feel like a princess, even if you’re trapped in a tower and don’t know it yet. But long hair can also be a pain to style. I mean how many times have your arms started to ache while trying to French braid your hair? I can’t even keep track of how many times I’ve given up on doing a hairstyle halfway through and throwing my hair in a simple bun for this very reason. Well, the good news is that I have gone through the pain of scouring the internet to look for the best hairstyles to do up those long tresses in so you won’t have to! And let me tell you, this list of the latest hairstyles for long hair hits the jackpot. Scroll on down and check them out yourself!

40 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair

1. Blunt Bangs

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Blunt Bangs

Image: Shutterstock

Taylor Swift did it. Kim Kardashian did it. Hell, even Michelle Obama did it! We’re talking about straight cut bangs, of course. Blunt bangs claimed their right to fame several decades ago. Simply add some blunt bangs on the front, covering the entire forehead. A bold fringe can completely transform an average hairstyle into a trendy and edgy one. The hairstyle also helps hide a wide forehead and highlights your cheekbones.

2. Updo

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Updo

Image: Shutterstock

Wish you could chop off your hair everytime summer comes around? Well, then the updo is going to become your best friend! Updos are one of the most elegant hairstyles you can try. A well-made updo is a head turner and can have other women seething with envy. So go ahead and flaunt it to look like the diva that you are!

3. Bangs With Waves

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Bangs With Waves

Image: Shutterstock

Trust me, anyone who has decided to get bangs is about to change their life. And they look even more amazing with some sexy wavy hair. They add a bit of glamour to one’s mane, giving it an uber-chic look.

4. Sleek and Shiny

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Sleek and Shiny

Image: Shutterstock

The first time I straightened my hair, I felt like a whole different person. Because straight hair has the power to transform you from drab to fab. You can play with different colors, shades, and placements if you flaunt this hairstyle. Appropriate highlights and low lights can add depth to the texture of your hair.

5. Side Swept

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Side Swept

Image: Shutterstock

You know where you’re going wrong with your hair? You’re parting it wrong. If you feel like your hair is making you look boring and way older than your age, you’re probably parting it down the middle. The solution is quite simple, really. You just have to start parting it on the side. Parting your hair right on top of the middle of either eyebrow helps in creating asymmetry in your face, resulting in face-flattering angles. It is also a great way to grab attention and enhance your features.

6. Straight Hair With Layers

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Straight-Hair-With-Layers

Image: Shutterstock

The “Rachel” haircut is still one of the most requested haircuts in the world for a reason. Jennifer Aniston, in Friends, showed us exactly how to get a layered haircut to frame your face. And the hairdressing world was forever changed.

7. Simple Braid

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Simple Braid

Image: Shutterstock

You remember how you hated it when your mom braided your hair tightly so that they wouldn’t get too tangled or dirty when you went out to play? Well, looks like she was onto something! A simple braid can give you an edgy, yet cute look. Apart from being extremely fashionable, they are fun to create and flaunt.

8. Fishtail Braid

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Fishtail Braid

Image: Shutterstock

Tired of looking like a Plain Jane with your simple braid? A fishtail braid is the perfect way to tie your hair up and get some relief, yet look classy and elegant. All you need to do is follow a criss-cross technique.

9. French Braid

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - French Braid

Image: Shutterstock

You know what’s better than one French braid? Three French braids, of course! Try out this cool nautical inspired braided style that is functional, yet keeps your style chic and fun.

10. Waterfall Braid

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Waterfall Braid

Image: Shutterstock

The waterfall braid looks just as beautiful as it sounds. Most of your hair is left loose, and you can show off your shiny and long locks (if you have Rapunzel-like hair!) or go the punk way (if you like your braid messy) with equal elan.

11. Perky Side Pony

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Perky Side Pony

Image: Shutterstock

Are you a Barbie girl, in this Barbie world? Then try out this cutesy Barbie inspired hairdo! This side ponytail gives a unique twist to the ponytail. Tease the hair and tie a messy side pony. You can accessorize this hairstyle with a glittering hair band.

12. Boho Braid

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Boho Braid

Image: Shutterstock

Do you consider yourself a free spirit? Would you like to let it show through your hair? Then, the boho braids were made for you! Boho braids are a hairstyle that are a huge hit among women – celebrities and non-celebrities alike. They are pretty to look at, and easy to create.

13. Flirty Ponytail

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Flirty Ponytail

Image: Shutterstock

Girl, I know you want to look like a futuristic babe. And this hairstyle will help you do just that. Experiment with your parting to try out new looks like this one. This unique twist at the parting spruces the ponytail up and adds a bit of oomph to your hair.

14. The Pouf

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - The Pouf

Image: Shutterstock

Whether you spell it ‘poof,’ ‘pouf,’ or ‘pouffe’, one thing we can all agree on is that this is a classic style that has been around since ages. It may take a bit longer to master and recreate this regal wonder, but it is worth the effort.

15. Messy Bun

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Messy Bun

Image: Shutterstock

They are romantic. They are classy. They are beautiful. Buns have been in vogue among school and college girls for a while now. No matter how many bad hair days you face, a messy bun can be your savior!

16. Sleek Knot

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Sleek Knot

Image: Shutterstock

Look like a queen and feel like a queen with this sleek knot bun that looks dazzling. No matter what, a high bun will always remain in vogue. It is counted as one of the easiest updo hairstyles. It not only looks professional, but really trendy as well.

17. Half-do

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Half-do

Image: Shutterstock

Can’t commit to having all your hair loose or tied up? Then the half updo is just what you need. It looks chic and flirty. Simply gather hair from the top of the head and tie it up, while letting the remaining hair free. You can always play around with your hairstyle to give it new variations.

18. Cinnamon Bun

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Cinnamon Bun

Image: Shutterstock

NO, it’s not what you’re thinking. This is not a bread roll that I’m talking about. The Cinnamon Bun is a hairstyle popular among hairstyling enthusiasts. If you are a lady who likes to experiment with buns, try this pretty hairstyle. All it takes is some bobby pins to get this look.

19. Knotted Ponytail

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Knotted Ponytail

Image: Shutterstock

Normally, you would not want knots in your hair. But this is a hairstyle that expressly calls for one. This knotted ponytail is the most convenient hairstyle that you can create. Besides which, it is one of the cutest hairdos out there.

20. Side Bun

Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - Side Bun

Image: Shutterstock

If anyone knows the struggle of styling your hair every morning for work, it’s me. And, trust me, this side bun is a savior. Besides being oh-so-easy to do, it also looks super cute on just anybody!


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