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40 Perfect Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair

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The medium length hairstyle is the most common one, particularly with regard to thin hair, and you can come up with a myriad of interesting hairstyles, even if you had hair that was more thick. They’re quite adaptable and include loose hairstyles on the base of bob haircuts and other updos using braids twists, ponytails or twists. If you’re not sure how to manage your hair’s fine texture pick an bob cut that is great straight and some teasing or curly. A more textured and messy style will help you in the midst of being in motion. These are the best visual ideas you can embrace.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

#1: Casual Braided Pompadour

Sometimes, beautiful hair doesn’t need to show through a cut. Instead you can think of innovative techniques to style and style your hair. For hair that is finer braided pompadours are always beautiful. Be inspired by the French braids from your childhood and only braid the top portion of your hair. It will add some volume and a punch and letting the rest flow freely.

medium braided pompadour hairstyle for thin hair

#2: Layering and a Headband Twist

This gorgeous, tranquil style is created by the layering collarbone Bob. A simple twist of the headband can serve as an aesthetic and practical one to keep your long bangs away from your forehead and delivering the appeal of this attractive hairstyle that is perfect for curly thin hair.

medium hairstyle for fine straight hair

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#3: A Flip of Blonde

Champagne blonde hair can be a gorgeous and fun alternative to regular blonde hues. If you’re searching for medium length hairstyles for thin hair be aware that the color you choose can make or break an appearance.

Medium Layered Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

#4: Angled Thin Hair

Smooth out thin hair and go with an angled bob to add the look and volume of strands that might otherwise slide down. Maintain it at shoulder length or shorter to ensure maximum control.

Angled Lob With Side Bangs

#5 Caramel Bob featuring Root Lift and Swoopy Bangs

A root lift can add overall volume, and is especially useful when you want to draw attention away from the thinness of hair. Caramel bobs radiate an airy, light and inviting style that is perfect for the warmer months. They are also excellent for brightening your skin and highlighting green, gray, blue as well as light brown and hazel eyes!

Bob Blowout For Thin Hair

#6: Medium Length Bangs

Medium hairstyles that are suitable for fine hair can look pretty chic. Although you may not be capable of achieving the hairstyles that curls and waves stay but you will still appear elegant and beautiful with long, straight layers and bangs.

Long Bob With Short Bangs

#7: Choppy Layers for Thin Hair

Hair that is fine always appears better when it has layers and colors – make your hair look more vibrant to look summery with a variety of colors of blonde. They are soft and flirty.

Medium Layered Cut For Thin Hair

#8: Honey Blonde Collarbone Bob

Collarbone bobs are simple medium length hairstyles for thin hair which look chic. If hair is styled straight, it’s guaranteed to make your morning routine less stressful and create a distinctive look. You can amp up the dimension of this cut by the balayage.

Blonde Balayage Bob With Swoopy Bangs

#9: Messy Updo for Medium Cut

Comb your hair into a messy bun ponytail to create a cute look which also increases volume. The messy style is “in” this season and is a great alternative if you’re between hair color appointments or expanding your hair.

Messy Blonde Updo

#10: Messy Blonde Lob

Thin hair looks fuller when it is styled in a twirly fashion. You can achieve this look by backcombing your hair from the ends upwards and gently teasing the crown too. If you’re a fan of this style color, balayage or ombre is perfect for this lob.

Shoulder Length Tousled Hairstyle

#11: U-Shaped cut with Curled Ends

A U-Shaped cut enables classic style (the 1970s-inspired wave) to be easily achieved. With the added energy at the end fine hair appears to be fuller and more dense. It can also be created by using a flat iron, when you twist hair towards the bottom. Utilizing a curling iron that has hot rollers or a clamp is just as effective.

Medium Bronde Hairstyle

#12: Choppy Inverted Lob with Balayage Highlights

The benefit of inverted medium hairstyles that are suitable for thin hair is added body and edge. Incorporate layers of choppy hair with subtle subtle highlight highlights from balayage and you’ll have a modern style that people want to emulate.

Long Layered Bob For Fine Hair

#13: White Hairstyle that has Swoopy layers

The swoopy layers of mid-length cuts are crucial because they are delicate enough to not overwhelm the fine hair, but they provide motion. This type of sway creates lots of dynamic, and is crucial when picking a shade, such as white, which could appear flat otherwise.

Medium Cut With V-Cut Layers

14. Brown Bob with Subtly Layered Ends

The trick to getting the perfect haircut for thin or thin hair is not to overwhelm locks with thick layers or cutting that is dramatic. Layers of lightness, when combined with subtle coloring can be flattering for the delicate hair type and will really help hair with thinner hair.

Layered Lob For Fine Hair

#15 Messy and messy Wheat Blonde Bob with Layers

Medium hairstyles with a messier texture to suit thin hair are among the most beneficial hairstyles. They are particularly effective for fine hair that is naturally straight which increases the body while changing the texture. Try loosely curling your hair while teasing it before setting it with spray. The use of volumizing products on damp hair can reduce the time it takes to style while giving you the messy chic look you’re looking for.

Choppy Blonde Bob

#16: Medium hairstyle with Feathery Ends and Bangs

The technique of feathering can be very effective for thin hair. The appearance of a fuzzy one is created by using razors instead of shears adding appearance to the mane. Texturing adds volume. Add a dreamy, sparse bang and you’ll have a gorgeous medium-length style that is suitable to straighten your hair.

Medium Straight Layered Cut With Bangs

#17: Angled Bob, with waves and Subtle Highlights

It’s impossible to be wrong with a cute , angled Bob! Highlights are displayed gorgeously on large, luxurious waves, which are created using a the large curly wand for barrels. Be sure that the curl does not appear excessively “done” with a little ruffling your fingers.

Wavy Lob For Fine Hair

#18: Sleek and Glossy Blonde Balayage Bob

Hairstyles with messy shoulder lengths for delicate hair are a great way for a more textured look, however for those who prefer pristine hairstyles, which is your style opt for an A-line elegant hairstyle. For styling, boost the shine factor with an oil spray for shine: it’s sleek and can make your hair appear healthier and more supple because of it.

Sleek and Glossy Blonde Balayage Bob

19: Blunt Blonde Bob With Layers

Sometimes, straight cuts of shoulder-length bobs may showcase the thickness and thin hair is, which might not be what woman with finer hair wants. Uni-length trimmings, however, can work for any person when there are a few delicate layers included in the cut. They provide volume and movement.

Choppy Blonde Lob

#20: Perfect California Blonde Bob

Pick a blonde that has undertones that complement the skin tone, whether neutral, warm or cool. Highlights can help increase the dimension of your bob regardless of the style – straight, curly or wavy.

Blonde Lob For Fine Hair

#21: Medium Length Angelic Waves

Hairstyles that look cute suitable for thin hair aren’t complicated. You can try large loose waves using the flat iron and hot rollers. They flatter medium-length hair, and are equally stunning in both updos and downdos.

Wavy Medium Hairstyle

#22: Adorably Poofy Pony

The hair can be boosted by gently teasing it is the most effective method of achieving additional volume quickly. Simple ponytails can become extremely boring. Do you want to spice things up a bit to give your outfit a more sophisticated look and stylish while still looking stylish? This adorable pony does the trick.

Ponytail With A Bouffant For Short Hair

#23: Smooth Thin Layers

The coolest method to make your hair look blonde is to use an ombre with a soft texture. This bob is a wonderful combination of balayage highlights and shades of ombre. The colors are blended well and easily faded, yet the hair has the hand-painted, custom-designed look. Shoulder hairstyles look the best when they’re shaved to the collarbone.

Smooth Thin Layers

#24: Curly Caramel Blonde Bob

Curls look gorgeous with the bob! Make sure to keep the curls close to your face and make sure that you keep them to the side to get the most attractive result.

Curled Bob For Fine Hair

#25: Chic and Sleek Side Parted Bob

The sleek medium hair style should be slightly teasing towards the root and twirled toward the end. It’s difficult to imagine a better haircut than this one body, symmetry smoothness, shine, and sleekness and just a little of the bedhead style. It’s a must-have.

Side Parted Blonde Balayage Bob

#26: Tousled Blonde Bob Hairstyle

It’s all about less Simple is better. Keep your hair simple by putting on a tucked hairdo. It doesn’t matter what your hair’s texture it is possible to spice up your hairstyle by separating hair in a deep side. It’s also a wonderful and artistic hairstyle for ashier hair tones, such as the highlighted shade of dishwater blonde.

Messy Bob For Straight Fine Hair

#27: Texture-Boosting Shag for Thin Hair

The texture is crucial in shoulder length hairstyles that are suitable for fine hair. Cuter layers around the face are a distinctive addition for this style, boosting the shag with volume while giving it a bohemian look overall.

Medium Choppy Cut For Fine Hair

#28: Perfectly Textured Thin Hair

A shaggy medium length hairstyles for thin hair are in fashion and why not try this choppy blonde hairstyle on your next trip to the salon? This hairstyle featuring thick layers that are volumized and layered with waves showcases every aspect of the hairstyle. The bright blonde highlights of balayage will stand out at any event!

Perfectly Textured Thin Hair

#29: Blonde Jagged Shag

Shags are typically more edgy than shoulder length haircuts, and they’re perfect for a thrifty and more rock-n-roll style well. You can pair this haircut to any other solid, or lightly colored hair color to get the most impact.

Choppy Messy Shoulder Length Cut

#30 Medium Blonde Hairstyle with Flicked Ends

Medium-length haircuts with layers of long hair are great for those looking to lengthen their hair and change between updos and downdos. You can smudge the ends of hair to add a zing to a straight hairstyle and add bounce that fine hair has.

Medium Blonde Hairstyle with Flicked Ends

#31: Choppy Shoulder-Length Shag

The chubby medium length haircuts for thin hair are very popular with young people as they provide the sought-after effortlessly chic look. The middle part is trendy and fashionable that works for all facial forms.

Choppy Shoulder-Length Shag

#32: Tousled Medium Length Locks

We must not overlook the advantages of staying simple. A simple, uncluttered style can instantly inject a amount of sexiness to your style. The trick to play up the volume of your hair is a rough texture. When you’ve finished blow drying your hair, you can add random waves and twists using an iron that is clipless.

Tousled Medium Length Locks

#33: Side-Parted Bob for Straight Hair

This cute look is elegant and attractive. The back part of the style creates the hair a shape, and the sleek layers at the front are feminine and straightforward. For a modern cut be sure to consult your stylist about extremely long bangs on the sides.

Side-Parted Bob for Straight Hair

#34: Short-to-Medium Blonde Waves

Medium hairstyles that suit thin hair must be light and airy – not weighed down. This haircut is perfect thanks to its gravity-defying waves and loose curls. Flipping the layers that are in the bottom (instead instead of growing them in) will also add lots of energy and vitality to your everyday hairstyle.

Layered Blonde Bob

#35: Cool Punky Side Braids

For hairstyles with unique styles that work with shoulder lengths, consider accents. In particular the braids that accent your hair. If the hair isn’t particularly long and isn’t a necessity to braid all of it up for an event. Instead, tiny braids and accessories will add some zing to your appearance while showing off your gorgeous cut.

Cool Punky Side Braids

#36: Beautiful Golden Curls

Curly curls that flow are the ideal hairstyles for fine hair that is thin. To maximize the volume-enhancing effect of curls, curl your hair in different directions. This lets you put the curls over the other and create a gorgeous large head.

Medium Curly Blonde Hairstyle

#37: Smooth A-Line Bob

Keep in mind that hairstyles suitable to wear shoulder-length hair do not require a lot of effort. Most of the time, the best option is to showcase your style. Straight hair looks great using an A-line haircut particularly when the layers are delicate and smooth.

Smooth A-Line Bob

#38: Medium Blonde Balayage and Jagged Layers

Blonde balayage is an easy method to bring out the huge blue eyes. It’s… it’s stunning! These highlights of the face frame are striking, yet their placement makes them look like they’re natural. It’s a chic fashion that is completely trendy.

Medium Blonde Shag Hairstyle

#39: Flowy and Voluminous Curls

To truly liven up thin hair, you need to create it as lively as you can. This is why big curls are crucial. Smaller curls may be flat, however large, whipped curls like these work beautifully to give a big, full appearance.

Curly Blonde Hairstyle For Medium Hair

#40: Mahogany Red A-line Bob

Medium length hairstyles are ideal for thin hair deserve a dose of colour. The brightening effect of carefully placed highlights can give life to thin hair. This beautiful red shade is the perfect option for brunettes.

Mahogany Red A-line Bob

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