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45 Hottest Layered Hairstyles and Haircuts for Long Hair

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There are numerous advantages when you add layers to your haircut, specifically long hair. Layering a layered haircut allows long hair to move more and have more volume. The layers of long hair take away just enough weight to allow the hair to move and volume, but and not make the hair’s ends appear excessively layered and sloppy. Long layered hairstyles usually are great for all facial types. Should you be a square face or a long one the addition of face-framing layers can aid in balancing your facial appearance. Prior to your next hair appointment go through these stylish images of the most beautiful long-layered hairstyles.

Long Dark Hair with a Sun-Kissed Balayage

#1 Long Dark Hair with a Balayage that has a sun-kissed look

If you are looking for a gorgeous hairstyle, choose long dark hair and an edgy balayage that is sun-kissed. Long-layered hairstyles are ideal for thick locks and give hair body and motion. Long layers look gorgeous and will give the life back to your hair that is weighed down.

Long Brown Hair with Caramel Balayage and Wispy Layered Ends

2. Long Brown Hair with Caramel Balayage and wispy Ends

Long brown hair with caramel balayage can be an exciting neutral to warm blonde. Caramel balayage is an excellent method to give the dimension of your hair with minimal effort. By balayage, you don’t have to dye all your hair for an impressive effect, only a few well-placed, hand-painted bits.

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Soft Brunette Swoopy Layers for Long Hair

#3: Soft Brunette Swoopy Layers for Long Hair

Try swoopy layers if have long hair and you’d like to keep your length but would like some change. Request your stylist to cut your hair by the center part of your face and make the layers around your face smaller, and then blend or angled to the length you desire. If you visit a hair salon, let your stylist demonstrate how to replicate this style at home. They might suggest using round brushes, a curling iron, blow dryer and Velcro rollers to gently curl your ends to create the swoopy appearance.

Long Volumizing Layers for Straight Hair

#4: Long Volumizing Layers for Straight Hair

Try out long layers with the straightest hairstyle is ideal when you’ve got locks of one length. Ideal for those with thick or medium hair, thick layers flatter your face and give it a more defined the shape. Take this photo of a reference to the salon you frequent for a trendy layers style.

Long Flipped Up Layers with Light Brown Tips

#5 Five: Long Layers Flipped Up with light Brown Tips

Long layers that have been flipped up are among of the most beautiful hairstyles for those with long hair. By adding layers that are longer to your hair allows you to draw your hair back and wear it down cut. If you have super long hair you’ll need to let your stylist blend the layers in your hair, without removing too much weight from your ends. This can be accomplished by cutting off your thinner layers first, then directing your length upwards to the layers that are shorter or even angled from the longest length to the most short length and then holding it in a straight line above your head. Long haired women tend not to cut their hair all the time is why it’s an ideal choice since it’s low maintenance.

Jet Black Tresses with Soft Layers

#6 Jet Black Tresses that have soft layers

A black and jet black layered haircut for long hair is gorgeous when worn by women sporting darker skin tones and longer hair.

Long Layered Hair with Side Bangs

#7: Long Layered Hair with Side Bangs

Long locks look great when face-framing layers are tucked to long layers toward the back. creating a shag invisible around the top of the crown. It can be worn naturally or hairstyled with the added “Bardot” Retro volume. Long brunette hair that has layers of texture has plenty of possibilities! It’s simple to style or not cut. It can be styled in an up-do or a low bun that has flirty bits that hang on the face to create long, layered bangs that are side-swept. It’s great for curly hair and hair that’s naturally dry or hair that loves to be blown up with plenty of volume and body.

Healthy Long Layered Brunette Style

#8: Healthy Long Layered Brunette Style

Let your gorgeous locks shine with a beautiful long, layered brunette look. No matter what length or shade of your hair healthy hair is one of the most beautiful looks. You should apply a conditioning treatment at least each week or once when you can, to ensure your hair stays strong and healthy. Always make sure to use a heat protector when working with hot tools in order to reduce damage to the minimal. Make an appointment with your stylist every 6-8 weeks for a clean-up. off dead ends, keeping hair healthy and looking fresh.

Gorgeous Jet Black Layers on Long Hair

#9: Gorgeous Jet Black Layers

long feathered layers

#10: Long Feathered Layers

Short layers of long hair gives you a feathered look that’s elegantly fashionable. This style is long hair that has shorter layers, rather than an extended layer cut. The greatest thing about this cut is the body and movement it offers while maintaining the length. Request your stylist to make the cut with a razor for much of the inner layeringand then clean the edges using the shears. The short layers of long hair work well for ladies with medium density and texture hair. This style is ideal for ladies with round faces due to its length. It makes the face appear longer. It’s also a great hairstyle if you love to experiment with your style. It’s perfect for long hairstyles and can look stunning in curls with the help of a hair wand.

Copper Long Layers with a Middle Part

11: Copper Long Layers with the Middle Part

Cooper long layers when combined with a middle section is a beautiful natural warm hue that you can appreciate. Make sure to curl it to show the different copper hues. This hair color is suitable for wearing at any time of the season!

Long Layered Straight Hair with a Side Part

#12: Loose Straight Hair with a Side Part

Make sure to experiment with long straight hair and a an asymmetrical part on the side to showcase your layers. Layers in long hair can add the appearance of volume and texture. The hair will not look dull when you try this hairstyle!

Lightly Layered Face-Frame

#13: Lightly Layered Face-Frame

Try a slightly layered face frame to give your face a fresh look this year. While it adds a bit of spice but it’s not a lot of work and is easily clipped back. The frame that this style makes to your facial features is very soft and pleasing.

Silver Long Layers with No Bangs

#14: Silver Long Layers without Bangs

Silver layers with bangs are beautiful for hair that is long and blonde. Consult your hairdresser to determine if the hair can be toned enough to silver. It may require a few sessions accomplish while keeping the health of your hair. Long, flowing layers always look stunning. make the look of bouncy blowouts using a round brush or using large hot rollers. Silver hair needs to be toned every 6-8 weeks. You can also use blue or purple toning shampoos every week at home.

Platinum Long Layered Hair

#15: Platinum Long Layered Hair

Extra-long hairstyles that have layers like this one have an eye-catching shadow root and platinum-colored hair.

Long Layers with Bangs

#16: Layers of Longness and Bangs

Long-layered hair with bangs is an amazing illustration of what you can make with extensions and scissors. Aren’t you awestruck by the gorgeous work of blending the layers and the many hues of gold brown? This is among the most beautiful examples of long-haired bangs you’ll see this season.

Platinum Blonde Layering

#17: Platinum Blonde Layering

Long layered hairstyles work great to reduce the appearance of facial features that are strong. The dark roots that melt into white blonde hair create a contemporary feminine layered look.

Shaggy Layered Waves With a Side Part

#18: Shaggy Layered Waves With a Side Part

The deeper side of this long-layered hairstyle will make for a beautiful fall style. Long layered shaggy haircuts are great for fall the long hairstyle offers plenty of dimension.

layered and long hair with curtain bangs

#19 The Layered and Long version has Curtain Bangs

A layered cut that’s long with bangs that are a curtain frame and enhance the face’s front especially your cheeks. Wear it with the golden brown hue, and you’ll get that gorgeous soft finish.

Long v-cut layers

#20: Very Long V-Cut Layers

Have a look at this hair style change that includes the cascade with long layers cut made using steps-cutting techniques. The trendy long-layered tresses such as this v-cut style on long hair will add dimension and shape, making them great for women with thin hair.

light brown locks with lengthy layers

#21: Light Brown Locks with Long-lasting Layers

The long layers of razored long-length hair offer the benefit of a cut by a razor, which means you don’t need to compromise length in order to move. The wispy layers remain longer so that the top line doesn’t appear too thin and gives the appearance of hair that is stringy. Cutting with a shaver lets the ends allow for a lot of movement when hair is blow-dried straight or curled.

layers for long straight hair

#22: Layers for Long Straight Hair

Long, dramatic tresses that are layered with a face-framing central part makes this the perfect straight long , layered cut that is perfect for ladies who have thick locks. The swoopy layers are delicate and feminine! This is a gorgeous sun-kissed style that is full of motion which can be styled in many different ways. Whatever ways you separate the hair or style long hair, the layers are always laid out elegantly. For long-layered hairstyles such as this, you must apply a quality conditioning product to ensure your hair stays looking healthy shining, shiny, and strong.

long shaggy layers

#23: Long Shaggy Layers

Opt for a gorgeous , long layered haircut that offers long shaggy layers that provide maximum flexibility and texture. The fringe of the curtain creates soft facial framing and is long enough to keep it out of the eye.

edgy wavy layered cut

#24: Edgy Wavy Layered Cut

Try a wavy cut with a thickly texture brown long layered braids, and long, beachy layers. Long layered hairstyles appear to give you that perfect beach-ready look. I can see a wash-and-go look that’s modern and trendy. I like that women with an easy-care style can be fashionable and is suitable for everyday life.

dark-rooted layered shag cut

#25: Dark-Rooted Layered Shag Haircut

A long-layered shag could provide a bit more edge than traditional shags. Joan Jett and Farrah Fawcett were iconic 70’s stars who rocked this style in full glamour! Long hairstyles with long layers of tousled hair are perfect for thin or fine hair. It provides extra volume and texture , and creates a contemporary appearance. The shag can be styled in a variety of ways. For a more sleek appearance go for applying an oil or serum once it is it is almost dry. For a more polished worn look, you can use an untextured mouse after it has been damp, and then use some dry shampoo once dry, then open those windows slide down.

Long Blonde Layered Hair

#26: Long Blonde Layered Hair

This is a long, blonde, layered hairstyle which is gorgeous and easy to maintain. It’s one of the hairstyles that look even more attractive when worn using beach-style waves.

waist-length texturized choppy layers

#27: Waist-Length Texturized Choppy Layers

A waist-length hairstyle that is layered is described as unfinished and hair that is texturized with beachy locks. In terms of these messy layers, long hair offers it an effortless and natural hairstyle that is trending right now. To styleit, take an iron that is 1 1/4 inches long and curl a random section of hair to create the unfinished waves. After curling, apply Milbon Texturizing Spray to give the body as well as softness.

loose wavy layers for fine hair

#28: Loose Wavy Layers for Fine Hair

This hairstyle features loose wavy layers of delicate hair, giving you more texture and motion. The best part about the layered hairstyle is that it allows you to keep your appearance while gaining the mid-length of your chop. Long layers of delicate hair will also be sure to improve your warm blonde hair.

Curly Layers for Long Curly Hair

#29: Curly Layers for Long Curly Hair

Long curly curls with curly layers is a popular haircut that spreads volume across your locks. Long layers cut in this style enhance the curls and adds motion. You can try curly long hairstyles that are perfect for women who prefer a soft and lively look.

long choppy layers with rooted sombre

#30: Long Choppy Layers of Sombres Rooted

Take a look at long straight hair with soft layers. It’s the perfect combination of natural hair or long to light blonde. The combination of babylights and balayage highlights make it appear effortless. It can be worn for months because of the roots of the hairstyle that is sombre. This style is ideal perfect for women who have coarse or fine hair. It’s an easy style for women who would like their hair’s natural color to be part of their Balayage. The brightness and face-framing can allow you to see any part of your face you think is shut off. The cut will also increase the color and create motion.

Long Layered Hair with Beach Waves for Over 40

#31″Layered” Hair With Beach Waves for more than 40 years

Long, layered hair with beach waves for women over 40 is a good illustration of layered haircut ideas to explore. Long hair can give an unpretentious look for women who are over 40. Bring modernity to the style by mixing it with bright colors.

Golden Blonde Long Layered Hair

#32: Golden Blonde Layered Hair

The golden blonde hair layered in layers is vibrant and full of sunshine and has an illuminating sparkle. With the addition of long layers and face-framing parts they add vitality and motion to long hair. Long layered haircut is sleek, but you can also enhance the texture and the long layers with a 1/2-inch curling iron. Leave the ends loose to create effortless waves with a beachy look.

Textured long layers

#33: Textured Long Layers

The already gorgeous long cut by adding layers and the warm balance. The long layers that are textured bring out the lighter color and add more dimension. To get healthier and more beautiful locks, rub a shine-enhancing oil to your hair.

long and layered shag cut

#34: Long and Layered Shag

Long , layered hairstyles can remove the excess weight from your long locks and are stylish. This is a long, layers shag which gives you an attractive and fresh look. It’s a solid example of the ways that the long layers of bangs, curtains and brunette shades work well together.

long face-framing layers

#35: Long Face-Framing Layers

Do not go for a boring and uninteresting style by wearing long layers of face-framing. The layers take away a lot of weight, and give your brown and black tresses an extra body and movement on the bottom. Long hair with layers requires trimming every 6 to 10 weeks to ensure it is in good health and with no split ends. A layered, tousled cut to lengthen hair can work wonders on smooth textures and fine densities.

layered and textured cut

#36: Layered and Textured Cut

Opt for cuts that have the flipping of layers to make long hair. This long layered style is perfect for women who want something different from the traditional layered haircuts that are suitable with long hair. This haircut is suitable for those who has medium to thick hair. The ends are more textured on hair that is thicker. Be careful not to cut it especially if you have thin hair or fine hair due to the strength that the hair layers. This cut will remove the weight too quickly.

low-maintenance haircut with subtle layers

#37: Low-Maintenance hair cut with Subtle Layers

The dark shade of long, ashy hair that has layers makes for a informal, yet stylish style! Long hairstyles with layers such as these are soft and natural. Long hairstyles that have layers like this are perfect for women who prefer something easy to maintain and natural.

Glamorous Blowout with Long Layers

#38 Glamorous Blowingout with long Layers

A stylish blowout using long layers will enhance hair’s texture locks. Long layers are great in adding volume. If you are looking for a flirty look, go for long hair that has layers.

Layered U-Shaped Cut

#39: Layered U-Shaped Cut

Opt for a U-shaped layered haircut for long hair to keep your hair bouncy while still retaining length.

layered wavy long hair

#40: Layered Wavy Hair

Long-layered wavy hair when worn with copper balayage creates an incredible style. This long hairstyle is styled with layers to add more texture to your ends. While styling, you should hold the flat iron vertically. Take large segments of horizontal space while curling your hair. In this way, you’ll achieve the look of wavy hair rather than the traditional curly curls.

textured layering for long thin hair

#41: Textured Layering for Long Thin Hair

A messy cut layered featuring a dark-rooted blonde as well as brown balayage can refresh fine hair! The perfect texture layering for long thin hair is available. This style for long hair can also be paired with a natural wavy style. For preparing long layered hair, apply dry texture sprays to enhance the body and the texture.

choppy layers for long, thick hair

#42: Choppy Layers for Long Thick Hair

A long-layered hairstyle that looks great with gold blonde highlights! The choppy layers of longer, dense hair provide plenty of texture and the volume you’ll be able to enjoy.

long brown hair with soft curls

#43: The Long Brown Hair with Soft Curls

Long brown hair that has soft curls a go for your next easy and romantic look. The softness of curls, when combined with the warm brown is a great way to soften rough features and add feminine look to your face. Brown tones are a good match very well with skin with pink undertones.

brunette long layered hair

#44: Brunette Long Layered Hair

The brunette layered haircut is ideal for women with long but straight hair. Long layers give dimension and movement, without diminishing length. For those with thick, long hair, this is an ideal option since it creates the volume.

beautifully layered long blonde hair

#45: Beautifully Layered Long Blonde Hair

A beautiful, long and layered hairstyle is very popular and a never-out of fashion haircut ideas. The amount of layers could be adjusted to suit you and your style So don’t hesitate to inquire with your stylist about the many options available.

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