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Red and Black Hair: Ombre, Balayage & Highlights

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Hair that is black and red is the case when black hair is dyed red, but leaving some part of black hair visible. The most popular methods to dye black hair red is through highlights, ombres and the balayage. This style of coloring is a completely new and innovative way to transform a plain black hairstyle. All women around the world use this contemporary shade to create an elegant and dramatic style with incredible clarity and depth. All you require is the red-streak patterns or a multi-colored scarlet ombre to create an edgy or soft style dependent on the way you style this mix. Don’t forget to choose a color that is suitable for your complexion and be aware of the care and maintenance that reds require! Before you go to the salon for your next appointment go through these stylish pictures of black and red hair color options!

jet black and red ombre on mid-length hair

#1: Jet Black and Red Ombre on Mid-Length Hair

If you are naturally darker and would like to bring fire into your hairstyle This black and red hair melt is perfect for you! This hair shade is very simple to keep if it is kept down as well as close to your end.

black hair with red dip-dye

# 2: Black Hair with Red Dip-Dye

This hair color that is black and red dip-dyed hair looks gorgeous! Women with warmer and neutral skin tones are able to rock this hair shade. Make sure to keep in mind that the red hair needs a little attention, particularly if the locks are straight. The ends can be styled with waves and curls can help.

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Black with red streaks for curly hair

#3: Black and Red Streaks for Curly hair

Black streaks of red for curly hair provide the most striking contrast. If you opt for a darker ombre base and a lighter red streak, you can enjoy the ease of maintenance and bright color at the ends. But the initial color treatment may require bleaching. Celebrity Luxury’s Viral Colorwash provides high-end red shampoos. They can be used to maintain the vibrant red every single week. The more you make use of it the brighter it stays.

red and black split dye for Long Hair

#4: Red and Black Split Dye for Long Hair

You can try a black and red split dye to create an interesting look! Black as well as red hues work well together. A style like this isn’t the best for women who aren’t comfortable having to go back to the salon. It needs a touch-up of the roots to keep the funky look.

half red half black hair on straight hair

#5: Half Red Half Black on Straight Hair

Do you like this unusual half-black, half-red hair? If yes, you’re probably into cool, unique fashion trends too! This shade, regardless of the style it’s paired with, will make an impact with its eye-catching look. Make it a statement with braids to create an amazing look. The half black half red is a fun shade, designed by stylist Oksana from New Zealand. It’s ideal for women who are unable to pick the color they like best. Keep in mind that you can alter the style of your parting however you like for a new style each time! This style is suitable for all women. “However this style is not recommended ideal for women with naturally light regrowth because the growth out will be more harsh. A good color-saving shampoo and treatment can help. Make use of heat protection with heated tools to preserve the color.” Oksana advises.

Brown Red and Black Hair

#6: Brown Red and Black Hair

This is a feminine rendition of pretty rosy red highlights with dark, black hair. Take note of how well the highlights of the hair are red and brown, which match the black color of the base. They also highlight the waves, creating a appear elegant and soft!

Beautiful Rose Gold Highlights on Black Hair

#7: Beautiful Rose Gold Highlights on Black Hair

Are you looking to amp up that medium-black hair by adding highlights? This stunning blend of super dark dark base with handmade rose gold pieces that are hand-painted makes the hair pop with the contrast and depth. The red-black hair is an extremely easy look to replicate and keep.

dark red highlights on black hair color

#8: Dark Red Highlights on Black Hair Color

If you want to keep your natural hair, but add an the edge, you could consider applying a few pieces that are dark-red hair dye over. They may not be obvious at first, but they are definitely efficient in highlighting your curls and adding a bit of brightness to black hair by adding highlights of red.

Dark Black Hair with Bright Red Highlights

9: Dark Black Hair with Bright Red Highlights

Applying fiery red highlights can create an incredible effect with the dramatic contrast it provides. It’s a great way to experience the redhead lifestyle without having to do excessive work to maintain it.

Intense Black with Auburn Highlights

#10 Intense Dark Black, with Auburn Highlights

Sometimes, going for a more subtle black and red ombre hairstyle is the method to go! Gorgeous streaks of a brunette reddish or dark brown shade can lift the hair to create a lively appearance.

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