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80 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair Trending in 2024

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If you are looking for a fresh change of look but don’t have time to go to the salon, you can try to braid your hair employing different methods to create different hairstyles. The braided hairstyles for long hair lists showcase both simple and intricate braids that you can attempt at your home.

I. Fishtail Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

1. False Fishtail Styled Braid and Hair Scarf

To make a fake fishtail braid, you’ll need divide the hair in two long hair strands. Choose a thin strand from the left side, then join it with the right side. In this particular hairstyle it is also necessary to add a hair scarf to begin by tying it to the nape with the form of a knot.

Faux Fishtail Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

2. Half Fishtail Braid for Long Multicolored Hair

For this particular half-updo attempt to create two sections of looser material from your front and back sides before connecting them together in a central braid.

Half Fishtail Braided Hairstyles for Long Multicolored Hair

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3. Half Fishtail with small side plaits for long wavy hair Blonde Hair

Two strands of hair from your temples, and bend them slightly, and bring them back to the rear part of the head. Begin braiding the fishtail. include a few side plaits to make the perfect summer hairstyle.

Half Fishtail Braided Hairstyles with Small Side Plaits for Long Wavy Blonde Hair

4. Double Back Braided Fishtails Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair

Make a smart choice using two fishtails that are swept across your back and equally separated. Make sure to secure them using two elastic bands.

Double Back Braided Fishtails Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair

6. Classic Single Fishtail Braid for Long Straight Hair

A slight tilted angle to the fishtail but braided in a traditional fashion This single braid in black appears very feminine, but is also an ideal option for hectic days.

Classic Single Braided Fishtails Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

8. Dutch Fishbone Braided Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair

This dutch fishbone braided braid is made up of strands that are separated from one place to another through strangulation. The same hair strands , which create the appearance of a distinct feature.

Dutch Fishbone Braided Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair

II. Mermaid Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

9. Mermaid Tail Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair

There’s nothing as a thick messy mermaid tail that will draw your gorgeous, healthy hair into the spotlight. Separate your hair into three sections and then begin to intertwine the three parts.

Mermaid Tail Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

10. High Mermaid Braided Hairstyles for Long Dark Hair

The appeal of Mermaid Braids lies in the messiness and the distinctive look which emerges from every hair. In this instance the braiding process begins on the back portion of hair’s crown. It holds all hair in place with a dazzling pattern that appears simple and classy.

High Mermaid Braided Hairstyle for Long Dark Hair

11. High and Thick Mermaid Braided Hairstyle for Balayage Hair

With numerous hairstyles that are pulled out and twists this mermaid braid with two colors creates a hairstyle that is more voluminous and more full.

High and Thick Mermaid Braided Hairstyle for Long Balayage Hair

12. Mermaid Style Messy Braid for Brides

A beautiful, twisty braid of mermaid hair with many Topsy-Turvy spins The bridal hairstyle is put together manually to achieve the perfect edges. It is then decorated with hair accessories, that create the perfect outfit for the holidays.

Mermaid Style Messy Braid for Brides

III. Pull Through Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

13. Pull Through Pigtail Braids for Long Blonde Hair

It’s not a braid at all instead, but a pull-through These cute pigtails look chic and girly!

Pull Through Pigtail Braided Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair

14. Pull-through braided hairstyle that has Scrunchies

As elegant and buoyant it appears, so simple it is to create this ponytail long with the pull-through strands. Begin by cutting your hair into one ponytail, then separating the lower section to place the ponytail in it. Before pulling itout, place the scrunchie on top of it.

Pull Through Braided Hairstyle with Scrunchies for Long Hair

15. Single Braid for Long Hair with Pulled Out Strands

On the other end in the braided spectrum we can see this braid that is pulled-out to create an extremely messy effect. After braiding, begin drawing out, though not completely small tendrils in order to achieve this look. Apply hairspray to secure the entire look.

 Single Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair with Pulled Out Strands

16. Braided Pigtails that are pulled-out with a few Strands of hair

Now, split the hair into two equal sections and tie two pigtails that are classic. Then, take the hair strands and press them together to create this messy, flattened appearance for braids.

Braided Pigtails Hairstyles with Pulled-out Strands of Hair

17. The Double Pull Through Braid

A new challenge to your braiding abilities, this braid is twice as hard but the reward will be twice as great!

The Double Pull Through Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

18. Three Strand Pull-Through Braid

Combining a French-style braiding technique pulling through braids using three strands rather than two.

Three Strand Pull- Through Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

IV. French Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

19. The thin French Braid with free falling hair

Split two tiny bits of hair along each face with an incredibly thin comb. Make three-strand tails of hair and secure them using the elastic band. The rest of the hair untangled.

Thin French Braided Hairstyles for Long Free Falling Hair

20. French Style Space Buns with Ribbons

It’s so feminine and fun The braid is perfect for layering hairstyles since the braiding begins right at the nape, and moves up for a reversed french-style braiding. Let half of the braids free to form them into ribbons instead of traditional space buns.

French Style Braided Space Buns Hairstyles with Ribbons for Long Hair

21. Messy French Braid For Long Hair

The braid is designed to look like a mermaid’s braid, with the exception that the strands of braid are apparent and the messy look can be achieved by pulling a little from every section that is braided.

Messy French Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

22. Swept-aside French Braid that has Free falling Long Hair

To recreate this look, start by separating your hair, and split a small piece to make the three strands required to make this french braid.

Side-Swept French Braided Hairstyles with Free - falling Long Hair

23. French Braid with Woven Ribbon

Make a small cut from the top of your head, and wrap a scarf or ribbon around it. This will form the central section in your braid.

Choose a section each side of middle one. Add your scarf’s ends to the outside sections. Then, begin French braiding around half way down your hair, then you can continue to with a normal braid until the hair’s ends.

French Braided Hairstyles with Woven Ribbon for Long Hair

V. Dutch Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

24. Side-braided Dutch Braids with the side part for long free falling hair

This braid is Dutch-style instead of braiding across the strand as you usually do in it being a French braid, you’ll have to cross the two strands below.

Side-braided Dutch Braided Hairstyles with Side Part for Long Free Falling Hair

25. Wrap-around Dutch Ribbon Braid

To make this unique dutch braid, you can use hair scarves or a simple headband to attach to the high point of your hair. Then apply it to your braiding in three strands.

Wrap-around Dutch Ribbon Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

26. Double waterfall, with a Side Dutch Braid that has 2 three Strand braids twisted

It’s a Waterfall Braid with a side dutch braid and two other braids braided in, definitely isn’t easy and not suitable for novices. Before you attempt to recreate this look , make sure you go through a video tutorial about braids that fall in the waterfall and then examine how you can mix it with different types of braids.

Double waterfall With A Side Dutch Braid with 2 Three Strand Braids Twisted in

27. Half Dutch Braids with Hair Scarf

The look is actually two braids on the sides which are joined by hair scarves tied with the back with a ribbon to create a chic style.

Half Dutch Braids with Hair Scarf

28. One Dutch Braid with Ribbon

Create an enormous oval at the back of your head from the crown up to the nape. Cut the two front portions away from the front. Dutch braid the middle section to the nape. Secure it by using an elastic.

The front and back sections should be pulled back to create a ponytail (with the braid) at the nape of your neck and secure it with another elastic.

Single Dutch Braid with Ribbon

VI. Unique Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

29. Infinity Braid for Long Hair with Colored Hair Piece

Like the technique of braiding fishtails Infinity braids make the perfect summer hairstyle because of the sleek and tight braid.

Infinity Braid for Long Hair with Colored Hair Piece

30. Waterfall Braids for Long Hair

These microscopical, tiny braids that fall in the waterfall create an optical illusion. They appear as if the braiding technique was employed but it’s actually beginning with thin strands of hair which will fall in the process and replace with a fresh strand following the braiding process.

Waterfall Braids for long Hair

31. Dragon Braid with Free Ponytail

This wavy, ridged and wavy look like the skin of a dragon was made using a specific braiding technique, and then finished with loose curly hair and a low ponytail.

Dragon Braid with Free Ponytail

32. Josephine Knot Low Ponytail

It is named after one of the wives known as the wife Napoleon Bonaparte, this knot originates from the Orient and is macrame-style and braiding technique. It is fascinating and intricate however.

Josephine Knot Low Ponytail

33. Half free Half braided Long Hair with Low Ponytail

A mix with textured and smooth looks on hair. Half braided and half-free updo is made up of four braids that are thin with an a half-section in a ponytail with a single low twist.

Half-free Half braided Long Hair with Low Ponytail

34. Chain-Patterned Braid for Long Hair

As complex as it might appear, this chain-like braid is made up of a basic three-strand braid which you later weave with four strands in order to make the final product.

Chain- Patterned Braid for Long Hair

35. Boho Braids with Messy Bun

The chic messy hairstyle we all want these boho braids paired with loose, messy buns at the back creates an elegant updo suitable for any event.

Boho Braids with Messy Bun

36. Scissors Braids for Long Ashy Balayage Hair

Similar to Waterfall Braids, but a bit more intricate These thin horizontal braids require both expertise and commitment since they require time to master the appearance.

Scissors Braids for Long Ashy Balayage Hair

37. Celtic Knot Braided Hairstyle for Long Blonde Hair

This particular braiding technique, that is influenced by the art of insular is one of those items which appear more complicated than they really are. Perfect summer half-up and half-down style!

Celtic Knot Braided Hairstyle for Long Blonde Hair

38. Side Braids with a Voluminous Ponytail

Half-braided and loose half-braid hairstyle is the perfect most appropriate way to style your everyday hair. This style requires some patience and a few Bobby pins to hold the side braids to the rest of hair.

Side Braids with Voluminous Ponytail

39. Cage Braid with Hair Accessory

Another hairstyle with intricate details The cage braid requires no skill and looks fantastic when combined with bright color accessories.

Cage Braid with Hair Accessory

40. DNA Shaped-braid for Long Hair

This complex hairstyle requires a lot of dedication and persistence to create. The final style should mirror the structure of DNA molecules.

DNA Shaped-braid for Long Hair

41. Topsy- Turvy Tail Braids for Long Blonde Hair

Different from the usual braided pigtails. These adorable and soft Topsy braids are a great method to highlight your makeup and outfit.

Topsy Turvy Tail Braids for Long Blonde Hair

42. Beach-style Braids with free falling hair and Shell Accessories

If you’re looking for outfits This beach-themed braid half-up Half-down, half-up look will require around 6 hairpins with the shape of a shell to finish your braid horizontally.

Beach-style Braid with Free Falling Hair and Shell Accessories

43. Twisty Double Buns

The most straightforward method to put your hair up is to use this hairstyle that requires you to cut your hair into two equal parts , and then gradually begin to twist them into two braids which you later tie into an elastic bun that is secured with hairpins. Let the front parts hang free.

Twisty Double Buns

44. Topsy Tail Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair

Moving on to a elegant, well-combed hairstyle This Topsy hairstyle was braided with a woven technique that’s not suitable intended for lefties!

Topsy Tail Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair

45. Braided Elements on The Back of The Head and Fishbone Braided Bun

Begin by separating your crown hair into braids in a French style and tie it back together with a short fishtail that’s twisted on the bottom of the nape to create an elaborate braid.

Braided Elements on the back of the head and Fishbone Braided Bun

46. Twisted Low Ponytail for Long Balayage Hair

This simple twisted ponytail can be made with a basic low ponytail. Then, it is separated into two strands which are twisted and weave to make this gorgeous, voluminous twist ponytail.

Twisted Low Ponytail for Long Balayage Hair

47. Ladder Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair

It is named that way because it looks like an elongated ladder, this intricate hairstyle requires a lot of work to master this style.

Ladder Braid Hairstyle for Long Hair

48. Milk Maid Braid With a Hair Tie Braided In

The Milk Maid Braid with a twist requires you to attach an extra hair scarf to your braid’s three-strands to create this vibrant feminine style. It’s perfect for adding dimensions and volume!

Milk Maid Braid With a Hair Tie Braided In

49. A messy double braided hairstyle to wear for Long Hair with Flower pins

For those with long , full hair or hair extensions Double braids are designed to give you the perfect holiday style with hairpins that are floral as well as a loose braiding technique.

Messy Double Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair with Flowerpins

50. Bridal Braided Hairstyles with a Low Bun

This elegant hairstyle begins with an easy side braid which will be later incorporated into the full head braid, and then tie them into an oblique bun. Make use of a little hair mousse to achieve this clean, sleek look.

Bridal Braided Hairstyle with Low Bun

51. Half Updo that includes Two Dutch Braids in a Bun

Half-feed-in braids provide extra inches and style to your usual half-up half-down braid and also require little effort to make.

Half Updo with Two Dutch Braids into A Bun

VII. Caucasian Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

52. The Simple 3-Strand Braid Hairstyle

The first section of this list of braids hairstyles suitable for long hair is the most simple of them all, and the only braiding style that everybody will discover or at least know! Take a single hair strand, cut it into three pieces, then tie the leftmost hair strand over the central one and then the rightmost locks over the central ones, then repeat the process, and you’re done!

Simple 3-Strand Braid Hairstyle - a woman wearing a black hooded jacket

53. French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

We’ve now had the first taste of braiding hair and understood the fundamentals and techniques, we can proceed to the well-known French braid. Although it may appear more complicated than the typical 3-strand braid, it’s relatively simple to create and is based on. You’ll need to cut off one of the thicker hair strands and then start braiding in the traditional method. But after several rows, you’ll start adding the hair that is free in the French braid, too.

French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair - a lady wearing a turtleneck top and is wearing a ribbon

54. Dutch Braid Hairstyles

The more intricate-looking Dutch braid is just as easy to create after you’ve learned this French braid. Why? because you’ll be using the same braiding method, however instead of braiding the strand, you’ll cross the two strands. It is also known as the Dutch braid. Dutch braid can also be known as “the opposite of the French braid” for reasons that are easy to grasp once you’ve mastered how to make the Dutch braid.

Dutch Braid Hairstyles - a woman wearing a red shirt and a black hooded jacket

55. Reverse Braid Styles

The eyes aren’t fooling us since it is, in actual an actual Dutch braid, however this kind of braid is often called”reverse braid “reverse braid”. Reverse braids are typically created using French as well as Dutch braiding methods, however certain people have tried reverse fishtails too like.

Reverse Braid Styles - a woman wearing a black salon's cape

56. Fishtail Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Fishtails may be the perfect braid hairstyles for long hair that will save your time on a busy morning when the locks don’t look as fresh as you’d like them to be. As anyone can agree, messy look is part of the beauty of a braided fishtail.

For a fishtail to be created, you’ll need to split the hair in two large hair strands. Take a thin hair strand of the left then cross and join that strand into the left. Repeat the process with a fine right-hand strand taken to the left. Keep alternating sides until you’ve reached the final that hair.

Fishtail Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair - a woman wearing a gray spaghetti strap sando

57. Pull Through Braid Hairstyles

It’s easier than a pull-through, which will show you that it does not require any actual braiding. The braid will consist of several high ponytails. Once two are set, you’ll be required to separate pony 1 in two sections and then drag ponytail 2 through the two sections. It seems a bit difficult? There are a lot of tutorials and step-by step guides to help you master the pull-through braiding process.

Pull Through Braid Hairstyles- a woman wearing a sports bra

58. The 4-Strand Braid Hairstyle

After several simple, quick and quick braiding techniques We are now presenting you with a style of braid that requires a little more skill and patience. A four-strand braid is type of braid called a ‘weaved’ to create it. You are weaving a single hair strand over two hair strands.

In simple terms After separating four hair strands choose the rightmost one then crossing it across the inside of your right hand, and then cross it under the left strand that is innermost and keep it there. Repeat the same process however, from the left side to the right.

4-Strand Braid Hairstyle - a woman wearing a red long sleeve glittered top

59. The Rope Twisted Braid Look

As we move on to more intricate braids hairstyles that are suitable for hair with long lengths (at least , in terms of appearance) make sure you know how the twist rope or rope braid may be a gorgeous choice for ladies with bangs as well. It is recommended to reserve some time to test it and taking a look at a rope braiding tutorial (such like this).

Rope Twisted Braid Look - a woman wearing a white sweater and has an earrings

60. The Dragon Tail Braid

The name itself is obvious, However, before you become terrified of it, remember that the”dragon tail” braid actually is based on the pull-through method. The style hasn’t quite achieved the popularity that many expected, but it definitely has an interesting appearance that is ideal for any special occasion.

Dragon Tail Braid - a woman with brown eyes

61. Braided Pigtails

In the final, but not least, in this segment this section, we’re wrapping up by giving a peek at the next chapter. In the end braided pigtails can bring the beauty in braids and are one of the easiest and most beautiful hairstyles from childhood hairstyles: braided pigtails. However, today you can wear hairstyles with pigtails even (or particularly) when you are an adult.

Braided Pigtails - a woman wearing black top and skirt

VIII. African American Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

62. Cornrow Hairstyles

We’re now entering the amazing world of Afro-inspired braids for long hair. The first post must be on cornrows. It is a complicated braiding method that offers many advantages. Cornrows can be a fantastic way to protect hair when it’s growing out, and can help hair to recover after damage from heat. Did you know that they’re attractive and stylish too?

Cornrow Hairstyles - a woman wearing a black salon's cape

63. Box Braids Hairstyles for Long Hair

Box braids are an very practical and stylish hairstyle for protection that has seen a fashion revival and comeback. Be aware that they’re made by using extensions for hair and we suggest seeking professional assistance. Also, you can read articles to learn everything you need to learn about them, particularly in the case of the first time testing this style of hair.

Box Braids Hairstyles for Long Hair - a woman wearing a gray sweater

64. Yarn Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

You see (and the information you read) will be what you receive and, as the name implies that they are in fact braids that are made of yarn. In addition to being safe, one thing that is cool about them is that you don’t require hair extensions in the first place. Since they’re constructed from yarn, these braids can be as vibrant as you’d like them be without damaging hair!

Yarn Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair - a woman sitting in a salon's chair and is wearing a cape

65. Goddess Braids

Goddess braids hairstyles that work well for long hair are an essential hairstyle. One among the very first aspects you’ll learn is they can be worn with natural hair as well as Wavy hair. The other thing to note is that they’re cornrow-like braids as well, since they are styled near to the roots However, they’re generally larger than cornrows. Similar to their sister braids, they also are able to be styled different ways.

Goddess Braids - a woman wearing an animal printed top

66. Ghana Braids

Ghana braids can be referred to by a variety of names. You can see them listed in straightbacks Cherokee braids or Banana braids. They are typically made with hair extensions to increase the thickness of the braids. This is among the major distinctions between them and the traditional method of cornrows used in making these.

Ghana braids are renowned for their long and rich history in their past and were typically created straight. However, today they are also available braids in zigzag or curly patterns, such as.

Ghana Braids - a woman wearing a gold earrings

IX. Braided Updos Hairstyles for Long Hair

67. Crown Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

After you’ve looked at the various braiding styles, it’s the an ideal time to have a close look at some of the best braided updos to wear with longer hair. This is the stunning and normal crown braid. There are numerous ways to create a beautiful crown braid and we suggest trying them out to determine what you like the most.

Crown Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair - a woman wearing a black shirt

68. The Milkmaid Braids Style

A braided, braided look that’s seen a revival Milkmaid braids are so well-liked that they’ve been featured on the Red Carpet! Simple and intricate hairstyles, you’ll have split two hair sections and braid them. You can put them at the crown of your hair and then pin them one beneath one. Once you’ve learned how then you can attempt to make double ‘crowns’.

Milkmaid Braids Style - a woman wearing a sky blue off shoulder

69. The Braided Bun

Make the traditional bun go up one notch with braids! There are many options to do this. You can decide to braid all of the hair, and then style it into an elegant bun. It is also possible to begin with a ponytail base, then braid it according to the method you prefer and finish it with an bun.

Braided Bun - a woman wearing a knitted gray sweater

70. Braided Space Buns

We’ve talked about braided pigtails before but what about space buns braided? Another hairstyle that has gone between festival excitement and regular pleasure. One of the greatest aspects about it is that it’s as flexible as you can get and is also extremely rapid. Like the hairstyle above, you could braid the buns only or begin braids from which are then styled to create Double space buns.

Braided Space Buns - a woman wearing a sunglasses and earrings

71. Bun and Braid Hairstyle

The braid-updo hairstyles for long hair above were more about enjoyment and games This braid and bun hairstyle is all about class and sophistication. This style combines a beautifully executed French braid that is styled in a crown-like style with a sleek and low nape-level bun. The hair’s thin, face-framing, strands help to complete the style.

Bun and Braid Hairstyle - a woman wearing a stripe blouse

X. Half-Up Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

72. The Waterfall Braid Look

In this fourth and final segment we’ll show you different half-up, half down hairstyles that of course include braids. This is actually the very first kind of style (and one that is impossible to overlook one). There are numerous tutorials and guides that will guide you to make the waterfall braid. It is a romantic, yet easy appearance.

Waterfall Braid Look - a woman wearing a black salon's cape

73. Half-Up, Half-Down Braided Crown Look

Once upon a time, the crown braid was a symbiosis of all hair, over the past few years hairstyles tend to be more loose messy, casual, and messy side. This is why we have the more common variant of the crown, hairstyles that are half up. The model in this picture is sporting a messy , but gorgeous double Dutch braided crown. The rest of her hair is flowing loosely to her rear.

Half-Up, Half-Down Braided Crown Look - a woman wearing a gray sweater

74. Half Updo using 6-Strand Braid

You’ve seen the 3-strand braids in 4-strands but what are they different from 6-strand braids? Yes, this picture will not only show an elegantly loose 6-strand but it also shows the way it can be worn as an updo that is half-up. After you’ve learned the braiding process for a six-strand, you can play around with it!

Half Updo with 6-Strand Braid - a woman wearing a gray sweater

75. Loose Boho Braids

Long hair and braids are traditional elements associated with boho and bohemian hairstyles. This photo illustrates one of the gorgeous ways of combining the two. The French braid is so messy and loose that it could just be classified as a half-down look.

Loose Boho Braids - a woman facing the curtain

76. Half Braided Ponytails

Why braid all the hair when you can just stop in the middle and have completely different look? Instead of braiding all of the hair according to the method you prefer, simply end the braid when you’ve reached the neck . let the rest of your hair fall freely, ponytail-style.

Half Braided Ponytails - a woman wearing a black facemask

77. Side Braids Hairstyles

Although many people think of braiding their hair all over or playing with braided hairstyles for long hair, or half-up braids. However, you should consider that you could incorporate thinner, slim braids in your hair. Consider this woman, as an instance, as she proudly wears wavy and messy hair that is styled using just one braid on her left side of her hair.

Side Braids Hairstyles - a woman wearing a white striped blouse

78. Braided Top and Loose Hair

Braided hair pigtails are one thing but why not just braid the hair at the highest point of your head? After braiding the three braids that are on top then join them to create an extremely high ponytail over the top of the head. The pony should be tangled up for some extra volume, and leave a few loose strands for a fake-messy appearance.

Braided Top and Loose Hair - a woman wearing a sexy tube top

79. Braided Fauxhawk Look

The fauxhawk is a great option for women who want to create a mohawk look but aren’t willing to shave sideburns from their faces. Make it a level and braid your fauxhawk as finely as you can See how this will show the various highlights in hair!

Braided Fauxhawk - a woman in a salon wearing a black cape

80. The Mermaid Braid

It’s so complicated, but very simple! In order to make a mermaid hairstyle at first, particularly the first couple of times, it will require patience and time, but it will become easy once you get the grasp of it. This hairstyle is a single ponytail, while the rest are just twists and ponytails!

Mermaid Braid - a woman wearing a white sando top

81. Braided Half Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Hair

Similar similar to the half braids that we showed earlier however with a major differentiator: the half-up hairstyle. The pull-through half braids finish at the neck, however, unlike their hair-covering counterparts, the remainder of the hair is free and curly with this hairstyle.

Braided Hal Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Hair - a woman wearing a polka dot blouse


They are just a tiny portion of all the Braided Hairstyle for long hair the world offers. It is important to train and begin with the easy ones like double braids, traditional fishtail braids before moving onto more intricate ones like waterfall Braids as well as Braided Space Buns. Whatever you select, your efforts are sure to be noticed!

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