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46 Gorgeous Short Bob Hairstyles With Bangs 2024

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Long hair has an appealing romantic look, there’s something edgy and cute with shorter hairstyles with bangs. It’s for women that it’s a challenge to take the leap in cutting your hair down since it’s a bit male-centric. There’s nothing that is more feminine than feminine hairstyles straight across. Cute bangs or pixie cut hairstyles can be an excellent way to take all the hair’s weight off your shoulders while still looking elegant. In this post, I’ll show the top gorgeous photos of short bob haircuts with bangs. However, before that, there are some things to keep in mind. Making the switch to shorter hairstyles with bangs is an excellent way to completely change your look. You have plenty of time to give an overhaul for those who want to make a change in their appearance for the new year! One style that is frequently neglected is the bob with a short cut with bangs. Many women believe that there’s only one choice for wearing bangs in a bob, but as you’ll see in the following styles, there are a variety of alternatives. The blunt cut of a bob that’s cropped provides an edge that is sharp, whereas hair that is soft and feminine. The majority of short bobs with bangs are able to be kept in place with ease so you’ll have spend less time putting them on them than the longer hairstyle. Different kinds of bangs can make a an enormous difference in the look of your face and, if you choose the right type for your face, they’ll appear attractive. Are you interested in knowing the best way to wear your bangs using the bob haircut that is short? We’ve got 46 suggestions for bangs and bobs with short lengths to try in 2024.

Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs

Straight Across Bangs

50 Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs

Straight-cut bangs are usually the first thing that comes into your mind whenever you consider hair styles that feature bangs. They remind us to Bettie Page, or Vidal Sassoon’s cut with five points ” elegant, delicate and beautiful. They’re also a bit retro. There are a few aspects to think about when looking at bangs with short haircuts similar to the below ones: they look amazing on oval, rectangular and diamond-shaped face shapes, or, in other words, long and medium-sized faces. They can make round or square facial shapes appear more round. They’re a fantastic option to disguise the large forehead. They need regular appointments to the salon to keep them from impacting your vision.

Side-Swept Bangs

50 Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs

Side-swept bangs might not be as striking as straight-cut bangs, however they’re a great option for people who wish to play around with shorter bangs hairstyles due to various reasons. For instance, side-swept hairstyles suit virtually every face shape. They are a great choice to create a variety of hairstyles. It is possible to sweep anywhere or pinned back with a beautiful. As they expand, they’ll blend in seamlessly with all of the hair with no uncomfortable “grow to the side” stage.

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Wispy Bangs


Wispy bangs are the most popular haircut in recent times. They’re softer versions that are straight cross-cut bangs. They’re not as loud like straight-across bangs (quite literally) but they can frame the face wonderfully. Here are some reasons to think about shorter haircuts with bangs slightly wispy. They’re just exactly as elegant as bangs that are straight on. They’re a modern take on bangs. They’re an excellent option to cover a big forehead, without making it appear smaller. They’re great for all facial shape.

Baby Bangs

50 Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs

Baby bangs are an essential item for any woman looking to stand out. The hair’s color and style can make them appear more high-fashion, rockabilly retro-futuristic, punk or retro. Here are a few things to keep in mind about their appearance: For the majority populace, they’re just not attractive. They definitely show bravery and are a distinctive style.

45 Tips on Short Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

1. Sassy Blonde Pixie

50 Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs

It’s a very enjoyable and wearable method to make bangs-styled short hairstyles. Side bangs are ideal for women with either an oval or round face. The blonde hair with dark color is very trendy.

2. Platinum Side Bang Bob

50 Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs

This stunning platinum bob is light as feathers and the soft sides bangs will keep it looking clean and appealing. A hint of browning in the roots can help to cool this lock down.

3. Violet Silver Fox with Baby Bangs

50 Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs

This is a truly innovative method of styling bangs and short bobs that are short. Baby side cuts cut in violet set with shiny purple baby bangs are surely not for everyone but it’s definitely memorable.

4. Summer Balayage Lob

50 Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs

The baby doll hairstyle makes this summer hairstyle cute and young. Make sure the hair is dark, and then applying the balayage method to dye the rest of them blonde, gives an extremely summery and attractive hairstyle for brunettes.

5. Metallic Rose Curls

50 Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs and curly hair are amazing! The metallic mix of pink and rust hues are perfect with the curly curls that are wispy.

6. Java Frost with Side-Swept Bangs

50 Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs

The haircut is reminiscent of a Starbucks frappuccino. The curls provide a lot of volume and texture. shade is rich and hair is capable of being styled in with a variety of ways. I’ll take the best!

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