A stacked haircut doesn’t have to be plain – upgrade it with a new color, highlights, layers, waves, or curls. Stacked haircuts are meant to give you shape, volume, and texture.

Check our list of sexy stacked bob and pixie looks to try during your next trip to the salon.

1. Blonde Piece-y Stacked Bob. The choppy cut gives off a sassy vibe; style straight or in loose waves.

2. Stacked Balayage. We love the back view photos for stacked cuts because you can really see where the stacked layers meet and how they boost each other.

3. Feathered Stacked Bob. In terms of stacked bob hairstyles, this one will give you the most texture and volume.

4. Sleek Straight Inverted Bob. Short stacked layers show of the contrast of the base color with the highlighted top layer. With this cut you instantly get depth and thicker-looking hair.

5. Stacked Wavy Hairstyle. These undone waves will save even an imperfect shape of a grown out cut. Highlights are a pleasant bonus!

6. Sassy Texture. Pair longer stacked layers with shorter choppy pieces on top and spice up with chunky highlights. An eye-catching bob look is ready and waiting!

7. Straight Burgundy Red Bob. We love the beautiful layers that don’t break the silhouette of this straight bob style. It gives off such a clean look that we can’t get enough of it!

8. Silver Pixie. Check this short stacked pixie cut with clean and crisp edges. The color is chic and modern – who would resist it?

9. Wispy Short Stacked Bob with Balayage. Show off your balayage color by keeping the longest length in the front and cropping layers towards the nape. Add some texture with stacked layers.


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