A stacked hairstyle doesn’t have to be plain . You can upgrade it with a fresh color layers, highlights or curls. Stacked haircuts are intended to create shape in volume, texture, and volume. Take a look at our collection of sexy, stacked bobs and pixie hairstyles to experiment with on your next visit in the salon.

1. Blonde Piece-y Stacked Bob. The cut is choppy and gives off a an edgy look; wear it straight or loosely.

2. Stacked Balayage. We like the reverse images of stacking cuts as it is clear the places where the layers are stacked and how they enhance one another.

3. Feathered Stacked Bob. For hairstyles for stacked bobs this style gives you the best volume and texture.

4. Sleek Straight Inverted Bob. Layers that are short and stacked show how the bottom layer contrasts in color and the highlights on the top layer. This cut will instantly gain more depth and a thicker appearance.

5. Stacked Wavy Hairstyle. The undone waves can save any imperfect cut an overgrown cut. Highlights are an enjoyable benefit!

6. Sassy Texture. Combine longer-stacked layers with smaller pieces of choppy hair and add some hefty highlights. An attractive bob style is waiting for you!

7. Straight Burgundy Red Bob. We love the stunning layers that do not detract from the shape of straight bobs. It’s sleek and clean appearance that we’re unable to be satisfied!

8. Silver Pixie. Take a look at this short stacked pixie made with crisp and clean edges. The hue is trendy and modern . Who could be able to resist?

9. Wispy short Stacked Bob with Balayage. Display your balayage colors using the longest length towards the front, and cutting layers toward the nape. Create some texture by stacking layers.

10. Stacked Bob with Mixed Highlights. If you’re seeking the look of volume and texture the bob style with highlights that are different shades is the best option for you. It’s easy, classy and always up-to-date!

11. Walnut Brown Stacked Bob. What is the height she has? If you’re looking to bring more volume and height in your hair, then stacked layers are the best option. This style is great for any shape or hair style.

12. Short Stacked Pixie Haircut. See how much depth this color change has and the way that the layers are stacked give the crown volume!

13. Back View of Stacked Cut. For those with shorter hair, or those who struggle in dull hair, consider opting for a shorter, inverted cut, so that you can get a more fuller, stronger hairstyle. When you cut off your rough ends, you let the hair air and get healthier.

14. Two-Tone Razored Stacked Bob. The balayage design is a fun way to style this cut. Put the brightest color on the lower layers to create an interesting style.

15. Straight Choppy Inverted Bob. Take a look at the contrast between straight edges and shattered smooth texture inside. To keep your hair looking sleek make sure you apply a hair protection product prior to styling, and then your preferred hair oil afterward.

16. Bright Short Stacked Bob. The stacked bob hairstyle can be considered one of the timeless styles. It doesn’t mean you must adhere to the gold standard! Pick vibrant colors to show your passion for life.

17. Stacked Layered Bob. If you’re looking for short hairstyles, there is nothing that enhances more than a stunning stacked cut. For a more attractive appearance take a short stacked inverted haircut with platinum blonde for an extra stylish.

18. Shaggy Long Stacked Bob. Why should you opt for sleek hairstyles when you’re a hot mess by nature? Try a shaggy bob instead. Also, consider longer-stacked bobs with bangs.

19. Medium Stacked Bob. Let the vibrant red hue make the center of your design and then complete the look with a perfectly stacking shape.

20. Voluminous Sleek Bob. Make sure you show off your gorgeous shoulders and neck with this gorgeous hairstyle. This hairstyle radiates class and distinguishes itself from other short stacked hairstyles.

21. Medium Stacked Bob Haircut. You can add a few chunky layers and a few warmer touches to your standard silver bob cut to freshen your appearance.

22. A Stacked Layered Bob that has Highlights. If you’re not yet willing to go for a short stacked bob with vibrant colors, why not take a less risky route? This stunning brunette bob is one of the stacked hairstyles that are never out of style.

23. Stacked Haircut for Straight Hair. The hairstyle with a rounded shape and texture ends is slightly shorter in the back, and frame the face perfectly thanks to long , wispy layers.

24. Stacked Inverted Bobs With Bright Highlights. Although highlights look fantastic on medium-length hair shorter stacked bob haircuts take them to a new level. So, if you’ve had your eye on looking to refresh your style for some time, it’s time to try that gorgeous hairstyle in the present!

25. Soft Jaw-Length Stacked Layered Bob. One of the most adorable short stacked haircuts , it’s ideal for creating a jaw-line and gorgeous facial features. A long, deep cut allows for some soft side bangs shifting most of the volume towards your preferred side.

26. Sleek Bob for Thin Hair. Inverted bobs are the most popular among women, and with reasons that are well-founded. Even when your hair is short and thin, and has no the volume you desire, it is possible to still rock this cut and turn into the ultimate fashionista at any event!

27. Feathered Stacked Bob Haircut with Highlights. Add more spice to your look by adding bronze highlights scattered across your head. Different shades will naturally enhance the curly crown of the hair and create an elegant and flawless look.

28. Choppy Tousled Bob Cut. The fluffy crown layers of short stacked hairstyles are an absolute lifesaver when you need to keep your hair full-bodied and vibrant. Make the volume pop in the back by using round stacks, and make the front more long and smooth with wisps of hair on the ends.

29. Stacked Bob with Purple Highlights. The blend of black and dark magenta is certain to draw attention. This cut is perfect for women with more round faces and the fringe that is long can be a fantastic way to complement the facial appearance.

30. A rounded Bob that has Swoopy Top Layers. The neck-length stacked bob makes an ideal base to express your creative side. You can add a lift to the front layers that are elegantly swooped towards the back to create a longer face and reduce it to a certain extent.

31. Pointy Layered Stacked Back Haircut. Bright hair colors are an ideal way to show off your personality and is an ideal conversation start. A cut that has an elongated top, feathers around the neck, and long front layers is an ideal choice for rectangular and square face forms. It softens your face, but does not diminish the persona of your face.

32. Gray Wavy Bob. An essential accessory for older women to embrace gray and bring a touch of elegance. It can be styled straight or wavy and it looks great on everyone.

33. Long Layered Stacked Cut. We love the dynamic design as well as the rich color and textures on the ends that come with this design, as you’ll be getting a bright stylish, elegant appearance with lively style!

34. Asymmetrical Stacked Bob. Simple angled bobs with an oversized back can soften the sharpness of your face, and at the same time giving you a simple messy-meets-classy appearance. For more volume in the back, you can tease it and spray lots of hairspray.

35. Frizzy Stacked Bob. We are in love with the long-stacked layers, with frizzy effects which adds volume and the appearance. The design truly reflects the effortless elegance and energy.

36. Short Stacked Inverted Bob. This style is suitable for thick and thin hair due to the springy layers below with a flatter top layer with straight locks. The longer front section gives an elegant, soft and romantic style.

37. Accurate Stacked Black Bob. The great thing about hairstyles stacked is that you can pick almost any style and look unique and perfect. The sleek and razored nape that is cut with longer strands at the front help to raise the lower part of your face.

38. Classic Blonde Angled Cut. It’s all about whether you prefer to do it traditional or take the look a bit If you’d like to keep your style full and fashionable all day long, take the majority of your body towards your preferred side and teasing the crown layers slightly.

39. Stacked Bob with Side Bangs. A curly silhouette paired by sharp edges and well-balanced balayage that is sharp and sharp will work great for hair with fine texture. Include longer bangs for more balance, or simply for fun!

40. Medium Stacked Haircut. Ladies with thick hair This cut is perfect ideal for you as it showcases your hair’s thick locks.


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