There are so many undercut women hairstyles that you will definitely find the one to match your taste. They range in length, color, and shape. Whether simple or with elaborate elements, choose the style to express your personality.

Undercut women hairstyles are tempting girls all over the world nowadays. But not every one of us is so courageous to cut or shave one or even both of our temples.

Everything You Should Know About Undercut for Women

What Is An Undercut In Women’s Hair?

What Is An Undercut In Women's Hair? #kinkyhair #afrohair

Credit photo: instagram.com/dreamcutsbarberlounge

The hair fashion industry is all about the undercut hairstyle, but no every lady is fully aware of what the notion stands for. The truth is, it is just what it sounds it is. An undercut is a shaved portion of your hair, in the majority of cases, it is cut on the sides of your head or on the nape of your neck.

What makes this cut different from a regular buzz is that the top of your mane remains untouched. Such an approach allows you to experiment with your looks dramatically. You can wear your hair up and show that undercut off, or you can keep it strictly business with your hair down.

All in all, an undercut is the best option for those who are all up for experimentation and a dynamic lifestyle. Besides, the trend is gaining popularity by the day. Not to mention that there are countless undercut styles to suit any particular taste.

What Is An Undercut Fade? What Is The Difference Between A Fade And An Undercut?

What Is An Undercut Fade? What Is The Difference Between A Fade And An Undercut? #shorthair #pixiehair

Credit photo: instagram.com/alesya_borovskaya

It is very easy to mix an undercut haircut for a fade, but there is a difference between them too. The thing is, while with a fade, the sides and the back of the head are closely tapered, with an undercut, there is no tapering. At the very same time, the notion of an undercut fade also exists. When you opt for an undercut fade, you should expect the gradual decrease of hair length on the sides and back of your head so that a blurry transition is created.

How Often Do You Have To Shave An Undercut? Undercut Upkeep

How Often Do You Have To Shave An Undercut? Undercut Upkeep #edgyhaircut #shavedtatto

Credit photo: instagram.com/los_cut_it

To begin with, it needs to be mentioned that the frequency that you need to renew your undercut depends upon your hair type. However, most of the hairdressers advise having regular undercut hair touch-ups every two weeks. This is how it takes for an undercut to grow out, and if there is a design to your undercut, it will become less visible after two weeks.

How To Choose The Best Undercut Hairstyle?

How To Choose The Best Undercut Hairstyle? #blondehair #sleekhair

Credit photo: instagram.com/courtneyxcentrichair

Undercuts are indeed extremely popular these days. However, even if you have been thinking about a cut like that for a while now, there is still a list of things to consider before actually getting it.

  • Lifestyle. If you have a reserved and conservative job, a dramatic undercut may be negatively perceived in the working environment.
  • Hair type. Undercuts work well with thick and poufy hair types. If you have fine hair, you may lack the required thickness to cover the undercut with when necessary.
  • Placement. Shaving your sides is the most dramatic type of undercut, while just one side shaved is considered to be a milder variation of the cut. If you want something softer and less noticeable, then you need to opt for the nape of the neck type of undercut.
  • Depth of the cut. It is all simple here – the deeper is the undercut – the bold will be the result.

How Can A Woman Grow An Undercut?

How Can A Woman Grow An Undercut? #spickypixiecit #pixiecut

No matter how versatile undercut hairstyles may be, there are times when you decide to grow the undercut out. What should you do to achieve that?

  • Go pixie – there are no better cuts than pixies when it comes to growing your undercut out.
  • Experiment with parting – you will be surprised how many issues a middle part can solve.
  • Dye your hair the same shade.
  • Keep away from shaving the sides again.
  • Do not trim the sides as well.
  • Wear hair extensions.
  • Get an asymmetrical cut.

Stylish Undercut Ideas

Updo Undercut + Shaved Tattoo

Updo Undercut + Shaved Tattoo #updohair #hairtatoo

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairmastertanya

An undercut haircut, whatever it is, is an endless canvas to your imagination in the first place. Besides rocking a punky haircut with its shaved sides and cascading long top, you can always add more individuality and character to it by playing around with punky colors or unique hair designs.

Now, imagine how much of a visual impact your undercut could bring if you spruced it up with bold color and shaved tattoo at once! If you prefer a medium-length undercut to its classic idea, you can diversify the common image of the cut by shaving not the sides but the nape. The icing on the cake? A creative mandala design hiding under your hair is key! Besides, it’s a nice idea to make every single updo different.

Flamboyant Fauxhawk Undercut

Flamboyant Fauxhawk Undercut #colorfulhair #ombrehair

Credit photo: instagram.com/pink_nouveau

Your undercut can be anything you want it to be; the variety of undercut hairstyles knows no limits, just like your creativity! Still, we bet that nothing can compare to the game-changing faux hawk that you can do with your short-to-medium length. Gone are those days when men were the ones who rocked such an amazing, head-turning hairstyle. Now, girls can show off their sense of style with it too! Although the hairstyle is pretty drastic and sassy, it still looks feminine: the curly texture and pleasant play of purple hair shades are what will always keep your girliness in sight.

Long Hair Undercut

Long Hair Undercut #colorfulhair #ombrehair

Credit photo: instagram.com/luiiisc_

Want to stay loyal to your long hair and can’t help yourself but go wild with it at the same time? Don’t worry; there’s no undercut long hair can’t complement. On the contrary, it can show up in a totally new light on a longer mane. The best way to bring the idea to life is to keep the sides not super tight so that they could blend with the rest of the hair harmonically. A bright ombre, some hair tattoos, and baby bangs will only make the outstanding ensemble complete.

Freehand Design Undercut

Freehand Design #sidepartedhair

Credit photo: instagram.com/pink_nouveau

Another long undercut is here to show how different the style can be. This time, the look is highlighted by an edgy yet soft floral pattern embellishing the shaved side. Needless to say, getting hair tattoos is a stunning way to balance out your femininity with the inner rebel striving for experiments. Plus, the longer the hair, the more colors you can combine! Here, for example, dark roots transform into a daring combination of delicate pastel shades. Isn’t that a perfect style contrast? As for the freehand floral design, it’s nothing but an exclamation point of the whole look.

Long & Bright

Long & Bright #colorfulhair #longhair

Credit photo: instagram.com/luiiisc_

Women’s undercut hairstyles may remind you of the most awesome and trendy hairstyles of all time while being absolutely one of a kind. You may see the once popular Mullet haircut that is also known as ‘business at the front, party at the back’, as well as a Mohawk variation in this idea. In fact, though every person may come up with his or her own association, it’s still an undercut for women. Bangs, shaved sides, a long strip of bright auburn hair running along the head – that’s the complete kit for daring women that wants to stand out in the crowd.

Short Skin Fade Undercut + Ombre

Short Skin Fade Undercut + Ombre #shorthair #ombrehair

Credit photo: instagram.com/luiiisc_

As you might have guessed already, when it comes to short undercut ideas, ‘short’ has nothing to do with limitations. The options of customizing a simple short haircut are simply countless, as you can experiment not only with the color but also with length graduations and texture. If you’re into distinctive and immaculate hair looks, you will love the way a skin fade accentuates your undercut. Also, you can enhance the spectacular length transition with a classic ombre that gets lighter to the crown. To finish the look, work some texturizing product into your top to add even more dimension to your one of a kind undercut.

Tousled Pixie Undercut

Tousled Pixie Undercut #lilachair #shorthair

Credit photo: instagram.com/havalava

The popularity of pixie haircuts seems never to fade away, and that’s one of the many things that they have in common with undercuts. The good news is, the two overwhelming trends gave birth to the brand new haircut that took over women’s fashion – a pixie undercut. Pairing it with a soft gradual taper, you can create a ravishing duo of the most desirable haircuts for modern women. Let the sides blend with a full top smoothly and try adding more character to the look by tousling things up.

Short Asymmetrical Undercut

Short Asymmetrical Undercut #pixiehair #shorthair

Credit photo: instagram.com/xandervintage

Asymmetry and contrasts are what perfect harmony and balance can’t do without. That’s why a bit of messiness can finish the look, making it more dynamic and alive. Now, let’s talk about side swept undercut ideas that build the balance with the help of asymmetry. As a matter of fact, the only thing you need is to make your top, whether it’s short, medium or long, shorter on one side and longer on the other. A touch of imbalance will add a sense of modernity to your look, giving a totally fresh take on the classic undercut.

Spiky Shaved Mohawk

Spiky Shaved Mohawk #mohawkhair #colorfulhair

Credit photo: instagram.com/pink_nouveau

Undercut hair may be unpredictable, outrageous, and extraordinary: and that’s why we love it so much. Some ladies like to go different by adding a hint of tomboy elements to their casual looks while still looking feminine, whereas others prefer to make their transformations big. If you feel like you belong to the second group, don’t even dare to miss this Mohawk in your life. Get your sides shaved, ask your stylist for soft layers on the edges for flexible styling, and don’t forget about the color! Set all your daring creativity into motion and your signature take on Mohawk will be really big.

Comb-Over Undercut Hair

Comb-Over Undercut Hair #sadepartedhair #shorthair

Credit photo: instagram.com/sky_eyes_

All those bright and eye-catching hairstyles are undoubtedly cool, but every girl needs to have something versatile and simple in her hair gallery. The number of casual undercut styles is limitless too, and this comb over is one of the classiest options. With just a pea-sized amount of medium-hold hair gel, you can get a simple yet striking hairstyle you can wear on a daily basis and pair with any outfit: from dresses to jumpsuits. Work the product into your damp hair, set it in place with a hairdryer, directing all your hair toward the back of the head. Voila!

Short Pixie Undercut + Slight Wave

Short Pixie Undercut + Slight Wave #shorthair #blondehair

Credit photo: instagram.com/sky_eyes_

Undercut pixie hairstyles also have a bunch of aces in their holes! Not only do they provide low-maintenance hair care routine but also styling freedom you couldn’t even dream of. Yes, it’s a short haircut. Yet, one lifetime won’t be enough to recreate all the styling ideas it offers. So let’s focus on something universal; something that works wonders for girls with any hair type and face shape – a wavy pixie undercut.

To flaunt with such a dramatic sexy look, make sure to keep your pixie at a moderate length and your sides pretty tight. Style the shorter side with a brush in one hand and a dryer in the other to achieve a decent sleek texture. Then, just a pass of a flat iron to the front strand of the heavy side will turn your pixie into a flirty playful masterpiece you can show up both at work and at the party.

Curly Deep Part Undercut

Curly Deep Part Undercut #curlyhair #colorfulhair

Credit photo: instagram.com/pink_nouveau

It’s time to get back to the women undercut options that look as if they came from another world. There’s no need to tell you how bold and bright you should be to make such an idea a part of your look: it’s one of the few hairstyles that can speak for itself. When you think of a curly undercut, what comes to your mind? Whatever your answer is, blue and green curls hanging out on a creatively designed side-parted undercut will surpass all your expectations.

Tight Undercut For Natural Hair

Tight Undercut For Natural Hair #shorthair #curlyhair

Credit photo: instagram.com/pixiebrasil

It’s no secret that natural hair is not only hard to resist but also hard to tame. Cut a long story short, instead of all those time-consuming natural hairstyles, you can go by a totally different, straightforward way. A tight undercut, where all your curls are whipped into a sophisticated and comfy shape is a classy way to embrace your unruly but so gorgeous texture. Think that the idea won’t come out on your curls? According to this breathtaking pic, an undercut curly hair texture can’t complement is a myth.

Shorn & Tightly Packed Undercut Coils

Shorn & Tightly Packed Undercut Coils #naturalhair #shorthair

Credit photo: instagram.com/dreamcutsbarberlounge

Meet one more undercut women with naturally kinky and coily hair can’t do without! Of course, it takes courage to switch to that short look. But the result is worth the drastic changes, that’s for sure! First, once you have your curls shorn and tightly packed into an undercut, you will feel the lightness you never felt before. Second, your mane will get a super edgy, modern look that will be complementary to anything from a simple walk with a friend to a red-carpet walk. Besides, minimalist hair designs won’t hurt the ensemble!

Modernized Bowl Cut

Modernized Bowl Cut #brighthair #shorthaircuts

Credit photo: instagram.com/aliyousha

A couple of decades ago, the bowl haircut used to be a living nightmare of schoolboys whose moms were also their stylists. Today, it’s not just the latest thing in modern fashion; it’s a trending women’s haircut. And this vivid, contemporary bowl is a great example of how far you can go with the cut! You can wear it as an undercut bob haircut, where the nape is buzzed and the top is styled straight, spicing it all up with fascinating hair color. Although the initial structure implies an all-over fringe, you can play by your own rules, making the bowl look more like a bob.

Platinum Swept-Back Undercut

Platinum Swept-Back Undercut #shorthaircut #pixiehair

Credit photo: instagram.com/princessstiefel

If not an undercut colored a trendy shade, what can show how modern you are, then? The truth is, this haircut is so sharp and edgy by default that it can enhance the charm of your hair color, taking it to a whole new level. In this way, if you’ve always dreamed about a salt-and-pepper or whitish shade of blonde, make sure to show its best side with an undercut. By the way, do you notice how voluminous this slick back undercut is? Again, there’s nothing complicated. Some firm hair pomade and brushing upward will do the trick. Trendy color + striking hairstyle = an undercut to remember.

Hidden Undercut With Nape Design

Hidden Undercut With Nape Design #longhairstyles #darkhair

Credit photo: instagram.com/locd_n_grace_llcThey say the undercut is not for everyone, so why don’t you show it only to those blessed with a fantastic sense of style? There’s a wonderful long hair undercut idea for women who want their haircuts to be versatile in every way. Today, you can wear your hair down, flaunting with a girly look. Tomorrow, you can pull it up and twist your hair in an updo or a ponytail, switching to the modern mode. And it goes without saying that your hidden undercut will look its best with hair design as a finish.

Top Knot Undercut With Geometric Design

Top Knot Undercut With Geometric Design #updohair #blondehair

Credit photo: instagram.com/lishrawrs

If you love the idea of an undercut ponytail, then you will love how it can transform into an updo. One of the greatest things about hidden undercut designs is that you can rock a couple of different looks a month: they grow out really fast. In this way, when some big occasion is knocking at the door, you can beautify your updo with something that is better than hair embellishments and accessories: design that matches the event. This idea is a cute option for casual wear that can turn into a big-day look whenever you need.

Long Side-Swept Undercut

Long Side-Swept Undercut #shavinghair #brunettehair

Credit photo: instagram.com/jeffthebarberSide-swept and side part undercuts are just like blonde and brunette hair colors: they’re equally popular, which makes it hard to choose between the two. Knowing the difference is one of the keys to finally pick the best idea for you. The former involves sweeping the hair to one side and setting the style with a styling product, while the latter features a side part that separates one side from the other. Usually, stylists shave off a side part to make the look steady.

The hairstyle that has probably just left you speechless is a side-swept undercut that every girl with shaved sides, long locks, and a comb can recreate.

Super Short Undercut

Super Short Undercut #shorthaircut #pixiehair

Credit photo: instagram.com/johnny_spanakos

The main reason why girls go so crazy about short undercut haircuts is that it can always be customized based on individual needs and preferences. In other words, they’re like chameleons that can adapt to any image possible. For instance, if you’d like to work on your face shape, a short undercut with long face-framing tresses will sort things out. Those who are tired of dealing with very thin or thick hair every morning can go for an idea like this: a minimum of length = a minimum of problems. This haircut is flexible in terms of face shapes and hair types.


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