Medium bob hairstyles are classic and elegant. They look different based on the hairstyle and hairstyles. Straight and straight shaggy and sleek symmetrical and symmetrical hairstyles can give you the contemporary look with the versatility, variety and style you’re looking for in a hairstyle. Take a look at the gallery below of fifty medium-length hairstyles and choose the most attractive ones to experiment with!

Medium Bob Hairstyles

There are many natural-looking, messy bobs in our collection, but there are a few of straight, polished versions in our selection, as they’re traditional.

#1: Textured Wavy Mid-Length Cut

blonde layered bob for thick hair

This bob is comprised of lots of adorable flicks that are perfectly cut, twirled and expertly toned to create this stunning look. Choose a textured, hairstyle with a choppy length at the nape as well as an angled front piece. With a well-cut haircut for thick hair the styling process is a breeze.

#2: Tapered Auburn Bob

auburn layered bob for thin hair

Medium bob hairstyles with a tapered shape are ideal for fine and medium-textured straight hair. It is recommended to pair stylish haircuts with a deep unichromatic color style and haircolor that has hair volume. Beautiful, elegant and feminine!

#3: Shaved Back Bob

bob with nape undercut

Create a hairstyle that is light and stunning with a thick bob that has the most surprising feature – nape undercut. It is hidden beneath the hair’s top layer it is perfect for women who wish to trim their hair or apply an easy style technique to keep their hair on their own.

4. Blonde balayage Bob and Soft Layers

Blonde Lob With Long Layers

Bob hairstyles make a wonderful opportunity to show off the beauty of balance. Cut short and straight to the point When the cut is coupled with subtle shades of blonde hair, it is an example of effortless fashion. Incorporate layers to boost the intensity of your style. `

#5 Glossy reddish Brown Bob, with V-Cut Layers.

Inverted Layered Chestnut Brown Bob

The shiny hair you see results from a daily routine focused on maintaining the quality of hair. The best method to ensure the shine and moisture is to regulate the levels of protein and moisture in your hair. Determine the amount of porosity present in your hair to identify the right products. Hair with high porosity will require more protein while locks with less porosity require moisture-rich maintenance.

#6: Choppy Inverted Bronde Bob

Angled Razored Bob

Can’t decide between blonde and brunette? Choose both using the bronde style. messy layers and a high-backed back will make this unique color appear even more striking. This gives the bob glamour and sexiness all in one.

#7: Poker Straight Choppy Bob

Medium Angled Choppy Bob

The ever-popular medium-length bob looks more appealing with a messy cut with an angled angle. Straighten locks for a sleek look that’ll make you looking the most beautiful in the neighborhood! Caramel highlights add the final edge.

8: Shaggy Bronde Bob With Bright Highlights

Side-Parted Razored Bronde Bob

Highlights are an excellent way to take an unruly shoulder-length bob from dull to chic and polished. Balayage should be just about a shade lighter than the base shade. By adding dark roots or lowlights, it can help to highlight the highlights.

9: Shaggy Bob Bob with Razorred Layers

Cute Medium Bob Haircut With Shaggy Layers

We love this adorable medium-sized bob cut with the razored layers. The waves make the style easy and flirty. The sunlight-kissed blonde keeps it youthful and fresh. If you’ve got bangs, there’s no need to cut them off. They’ll look great with shaggy bobs.

#10: One-Length Bronde Bob With Feathered Layers

Medium Bronde Bob With Bangs

A medium-sized hairstyle that has bangs and feathered layers is the kind of style you’ll need for the glow you’ve been waiting for. The look is also perfectly in case you prefer a more strong color.

#11: Blunt Metallic Blonde Bob

Simple Blunt Blonde Bob

The shiny blonde bob might appear simple, but if you’re an easy-going woman, this is the look you’re looking for. A quick brush at the beginning of the day is all you require! Make sure to use your hairdryer in the downward direction to seal cuticles of hair and control frizz.

#12 Textured Caramel Cut with Swoopy Bangs

Layered Copper Brown Bob With Bangs

For those who prefer to not choose an A-line cut bangs give enough motion and depth to a medium-layered cut without being too edgy.

#13: V-Cut and Razored Blonde Bob

Blonde Angled Lob

Create your adorable medium-sized hair even more attractive by gently easing the hair. This adds the body and texture that straight hair typically requires. Apply hairspray for all-day volume.

14: Razored Balayage Bob and Ashy Balayage

Blonde Angled Lob

A cut crop is lots of texture and works well with an Ashy blonde. To keep your hair cool, use the purple shampoo and conditioner. You should consider purchasing a top UV protectant spray to safeguard your gorgeous dye job.

#15: Angled Dimensional Bob Bob with Layers

Messy Steeply Angled Layered Bob

A straight blonde is the ideal choice for those who want lighter-colored hair with none of the hassle of maintaining it. Regular root touch-ups can be extremely costly and harmful for women with darker hair since they tend to be scheduled more frequently and typically require more processing time.

#16: Neat One-Length Bob for Straight Hair

Straight Medium Length Bob

Color, texture and the shape of this stunning medium length bob are beautifully balanced. Sexy and feminine for night out, but easy to tone down for office wear.

#17: Voluminous Layers and Dark Roots

Choppy Platinum Bob

If you’re looking to stand out choose a striking contrast color. The stark contrast between long, deep roots and the platinum-colored sides of this medium-length bob is what gives this style vitality. The fullness of the cut enhances its sexy appeal.

#18: Medium Sweet Blunt Bronde Bob

Choppy Platinum Bob

A bob of mid-length with an off-centre section is never out of fashion. The frame is asymmetrical the face. It improves the shape of the face and softens the angles of an oval face. Request a sharp cut and make sure locks are straight to allow for a modification upgrade.

#19: Burgundy and Copper Balayage Bob for Brunettes

Mid Length Blunt Bob With Off-Centre Part

Warm tones are best for people with neutral or olive skin undertones. Choose golden, copper, or caramel tones for adding a subtle color to your existing medium bob using layers.

20: Brown Bob with Subtle Highlights of Caramel

Tousled Layered Side-Parted Bob

The hair above the shoulder is naturally lighter and, consequently, has greater volume as well as height. To emphasise the body, tease the top sections and apply a brush over. The layers will naturally drape across the areas of tease, creating a smooth, seamless appearance.

#21: Asymmetrical Straight Ash Blonde Bob

Asymmetrical Angled Blunt Bob

Another hairstyle with asymmetrical styling This hairstyle with a angled ash blonde and dark roots exudes an eerie vibe. If you’re out with your partner make use of a sparkling clip to tie hair back to create a sophisticated style.

#22″Piece-y” Bob with Highlights of Face-Framing

Cute Piece-Y Blonde Bob

A beautiful season such as fall requires a stunning hairstyle that matches it. This cute hairstyle with blonde highlights that pop and you’ll look stunning.

#23: Cute Golden Blonde A-Line Bob

Chin-Length Straight A-Line Bob

The chin-length cuts that are slender and bluff look flatter and well-structured. For straight hair but has no texture Give it this beautiful form and gorgeous shade to shine and appear perfect in basic hairstyles.

#24: Cropped Shoulder Length Cut

Layered Brown Balayage Bob

The shoulder-length bob has become among of the most requested lengths in the market today due to it being large enough to be styled with different ways, while maintaining the comfort in short hair. If you’re someone who is looking for a simple cut that is still full of fashion, go for a cropped shoulder number. This is a great option for thick and fine hair.

#25 Bronde Bob, with short shaggy layers

Neck-Length Bob With Shaggy Layers

The shaggy layers of this neck-length bob are something to be admired. The soft curls are feminine, flirty, and cute. Accessories for hair like clip-ons or headbands could be the perfect additions to the perfect date night style.

#26: Disheveled Bob Style

Wavy Angled Bob With Platinum Highlights

With bob cuts, you won’t have to fret about flyaways or frizz because they increase the hair’s texture. The use of a lot of mousse and teasing will keep your messy-trend elegant, sleek and tame.

#27: Medium Length Straight Layered Bob

Straight Layered Lob

Its long sides in this straight layered bob allows you to maintain the length you like, however at a manageable maintenance level. Long strands of neck length make a beautiful inverted design for this gorgeous lob.

#28: Collarbone A-Line Bob for Thick Hair

Collarbone Bob Haircut

Collarbone Bob haircuts are making their mark. The versatile style can be dressed up to create professional appearance at work , or reduced with a scrunched-in texture for those weekend nights out.

#29 Messy Bronde Bob featuring Ends that are jagged Ends

Choppy Wavy Collarbone Bob

Nothing oozes cool girl vibes like perfect, imperfect waves. With all the frizz shaggy locks are simple and enjoyable. If you’d like to recreate this contemporary take on the bob, you can use an enormous barrel curling tool at medium heat. Cover small portions of the wand and hold it for a couple of minutes. Once you’ve finished wrapping the entire head, you can stroke the curls out then give it a good smooch and then go.

30: Gray Bob with Layers

Ash Brown Layered Bob With Highlights

The majority of hairstyles that are layered are longer in front, and shorter at the back. This can be seen in this medium-length hairstyle. This funky look is a result of long , wispy layers that are accentuated and then brushed off the face.

#31 Straight Ash Blonde Balayage Bob with Layers

Razored Bronde Bob With Bangs

The length you cut from your mid back to your collarbone is a significant step. For a better experience with your new haircut be sure to do your research about hair stylists with a wide portfolio. If not, go to the salon that you are comfortable with.

#32: Medium Length Wispy Rounded Bob

Angled Rounded Bob Cut

Do you prefer a shorter cut? An angled , rounded braid like this wispy beauty is the perfect choice. It’s striking but certainly not boring. The longer length on the front lets you be able to do things that are fun, like braids with delicate curly edges which are clipped to the edges.

33: Frizzy Shaggy Bob with Babylights

Cute Shaggy Bob

Do you consider yourself a feminine gal? A cute bob with lots of texture can be the most chic and feminine hairstyle to wear. Do not worry about driving while the windows are down when you’re wearing the relaxed style of this!

#34″Disconnected” Bob with a messy wave

Cute Shaggy Bob

The layered, disconnected look adds body and the appearance of. It’s easy to style and the big highlights are a great method to add more detail.

#35: Sleek Blunt Brunette Bob

Chic Blunt Bob For Brunettes

A sleek cut like the blunt style is certain to get Demi Lovato’s appreciation. Flat-iron your hair for a sleek, smooth style. The minimal layering can give off a an unassuming look however this gorgeous cut is not.

#36: Straight Choppy Blonde Bob

Straight Angled Shoulder-Length Bob

The shoulder-length bob, angled and moderately layered provides sleek look, however it does not lack motion. It’s certain to impress with its precise form and a soft texture. This is a wonderful option for those who has thick, straight hair!

#37: Dimensional Blonde Balayage Lob

Angled Blonde Balayage Bob

The great thing about medium bob hairstyles is the ease with which you can discover and design fresh and innovative ways to make this iconic cut distinctive to you. Add some attraction to your hair by using an inverted cut and high contrast Balayage. This shape isn’t only adorable, but it will give your bob more motion.

#38: Classy Rounded Bob

Brown Bob With Subtle Highlights

This bob cut is classic does not mean it must be boring. Include a bit of your personal style to the sleek cut, with mermaid-colored highlights. You can try a delicate pink, lavender or teal, or even your preferred color is.

#39: Razored Ash Blonde Bob with Bangs

Blonde Bob With Long Side Bangs

The modern meets the classic in this medium-length bob with bangs that are swept towards the side. The cut is simple to pull off no matter the shape of your face, which is why it’s an all-purpose style that is flattering to everyone. The platinum and gray color scheme keeps the style fresh and trendy.

#40: Gorgeous Bob with Enhanced Crown

Voluminous Angled Lob For Fine Hair

The bigger , the more. That’s the case for this adorable medium Bob. The stacked back adds the volume of the bob, due to the numerous layers. You can increase the volume of the bob cut by teasing it and using a small bouffant that is attached to the fork.

#41: A-Line Bob Haircut

blonde angled bob

Sometimes, a hairstyle that is unique comes with a few alterations in the measurement. Hair should be short on both sides for an asymmetrical style that is beautiful and enjoyable to wear. Thin haired women can pull off the uneven look beautifully but it can equally sported by wearing any kind of texture.

#42: Curly Mid-Length Hairdo

Curly Dark Brown Bob

This glamorous style is ideal for formal occasions but is casual enough to be appropriate for daily use. The curly, defined curls add volume to the mid-length hairstyle and showcase the numerous brown highlights.

#43: Sun-Kissed Shoulder-Length Bob

long layered bob with subtle highlights

Are you fed up with the stress of having long hair? This is a solution. Hair that is thin to medium-textured can really shine with this cut that adds an attractive, professional look to any beautiful face.

#44: Angled Textured Silver Bob Hairstyle

Layered Silver Bob With Dark Roots

When you’re considering opting for a shorter cut like an angled, choppy moderate length, it’s essential to conduct your research to discover the style you’re hoping to achieve. Find pictures of different cuts and present how they look to the stylist so that they will have an idea of what you want and modify it according to your individual face and body form.

#45 Chamomile Blonde Bob With Razored Layers

Sliced Blonde Bob

Medium bob haircuts differ in length, ranging from the length of your chin to the length of your neck. What you decide to choose is based on your appearance, age and body type. The razored layers is a method of cutting which is employed to create a more distinct feeling to the cut.

#46: Long Blonde Bob

Sliced Blonde Bob

Textured bobs such as this look stylish and effortless. The mix of the soft layers, blonde balayage colors and soft beachy waves is the right blend of relaxed yet polished. This is not an easy task to accomplish.

#47: Finely Chopped Honey Blonde Bob

Choppy Caramel Bob

The medium-length bob combines feminine waves and messy layers for a look that’s edgy but elegant. This is a haircut which you can change up or down for work, or even for a formal occasion.

#48: Concave Haircut for Curly Hair

curly short black bob with blonde highlights

Wavy and curly hair is essentially designed for hairstyles that are stacked with thick hair, and it’s usually better to opt for shorter lengths rather than an extended shoulder length haircut. The entire look is awe-inspiring with this look – volume form, shape, texture length, as well as the shade. The secret to these fine blonde highlights lies in their abundance and the color that they are able to choose.

#49: Textured Medium Hairstyle

Choppy Bob With Brown Balayage

This gorgeous, textured haircut above the shoulder is an expert’s work. Combining light and dark hair shades can result in the appearance of a striped, chunky look however that’s not the case with this. The distinct colors stand out in the wavy hairstyle, however they combine to create one cohesive look due to the layers.

#50: Brown Bob with Bangs

Choppy Bob With Straight Bangs

Hairy bangs look gorgeous and especially appealing if you’re searching for a cut that softens a broad forehead , or a round appearance. Choose bangs that are straight and straight, reminiscent of childhood. You can also choose a wispy long fringe that runs along the sides.


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