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50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

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Burgundy hair can give you a sense of the dimension and provide you with an air of confidence. If you’re considering changing your hair color but are unable to decide which shade to go for in the future, instead of using traditional shades, go for one of the juicy shades of burgundy. The most important question to ask regarding hair with burgundy is: maroon or burgundy What’s the difference? Burgundy is more purple-colored in it, whereas maroon is a red-colored undertone. People who love purple will appreciate this collection of hairstyles for burgundy and may even go to an Salon after you read! Here are 50 burgundy color suggestions to consider!

1. Burgundy Plum Waves. A soft plum hue is a nice variation from the standard highlights for brunettes.

Burgundy Plum Highlights for Brunettes

2. Burgundy Brown Bob. Does it look brown? Are you able to tell? It’s the perfect shade of brown and burgundy and it’s gorgeous!

Beautiful Shaggy Bob in Brown and Burgundy Hair Colors

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3. Burgundy Red Loose Waves. Take a step into a more reddish shade of burgundy to create an enthralling style. You can create ombre using this color , or add highlights to your entire head. The decision is yours.

Glam Dark Hair with Burgundy Highlights

4. Mid-Length Burgundy Waves on Dark Hair. Hollywood Glam takes it to the next level with this fashion. Burgundy and dark hair is the ultimate in fashion!

Bright Burgundy Hair with Layers

5. Chestnut Burgundy Highlights. It’s not purple, yet it’s certainly not brown – it’s a great combination!

Long Hair with Chestnut Burgundy Balayage

6. Messy Purple Ombre Bob. Choppy cuts add lots of texture to this hairstyle. If you have fine or thin hair, you may want to choose an chop that is choppy to give it the body you want and create the illusion of longer locks.

Choppy Brown Bob with Purple Ombre

7. Short Burgundy Bob. Bobs are already a fashionable style, but give it a new twist by adding the burgundy highlights.

Black Bob with Burgundy Highlights

8. Muted Burgundy Wine Hair. All wine lovers! Change your favorite drink to your preferred hair color and be amazed at the compliments you’ll receive in return.

Long Wavy Burgundy Wine Hairstyle

9. Burgundy Highlights. If you’re not yet prepared to take a plunge into burgundy to the fullest, you can look at highlights to test your taste.

Black Hair with Burgundy Highlights

10. Volumizing Burgundy Red Waves. A tighter curl with less layers adds the volume and texture back to the hair you’ve been dragging. Since this type of curl is shorter and less bulky, you can do it by using the medium size curling iron and it will take approximately 20 minutes.

Burgundy Red Balayage for Black Hair

11. Deep Burgundy Hair. Black hair that has deep burgundy hues is a striking, edgy style. Straighten it, with waves, or in tighter curls.

Black Hair with Deep Burgundy Highlights

12. Burgundy Purple Curls. Curls add texture to your hair and showcase your new hair shade better. Choose a medium-sized curling iron for hair that is thicker which allows you to work quickly.

Long Burgundy Purple Hair with Curls

13. Blackberry Burgundy Long Layers. We’re obsessed with this purple hue of burgundy. We need it!

Blackberry Burgundy Balayage for Long Black Hair

14. Blackberry Burgundy Waves. Many people don’t know the shade of blackberry, but this color is sure to rise to the top of the list with this hairstyle. Get your blackberry hair looking stylish using loose curly curls.

Black Hair with Blackberry Burgundy Balayage

15. Long Dark Burgundy Hair. Pick your preferred dark red maroon shade as your hair’s color. Burgundy is a chic option for ladies with dark hair.

Long Straight Dark Burgundy Hair

16. Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair. The contrast of these vibrant colors is stunning on any hair kind.

Thick Black Hair with Burgundy Highlights

17. A Messy Choppy Burgundy Bob. Short hair is beautiful when it is adorned with light waves that make the messy look elegant.

Burgundy Hair Color on a Messy Bob with Waves

18. Medium Burgundy Waves. Beachy is a bold sexually sexy look. It’s a great choice if you love vibrant colors, but are still natural looking.

Beachy Black Lob with Burgundy Highlights

19. Fierce Burgundy Waves. We are captivated by the different shades of burgundy in this striking Balayage. Everyone will be asking you where you went to the salon for this gorgeous shade!

Bright Burgundy Balayage for Thick Hair

20. Plum Burgundy Hair Color. If you’re not looking for anything too bright, go for an incredibly sweet, plum shade ideal for brightening the natural brown. It’s very wearable and you will not be bored in the same way as you would choose a brighter shade.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

21. Bright Violet Ombre Beachy Waves. Colors that are bright are essential for the Spring and Summer seasons. If you’re looking for something more than a temporary then choose a temporary or washable hair dye to change your color at any time you’d like.

Black Hair with Bright Violet Highlights

22. Red Balayage on Shoulder Length Hair. Anyone who has darker hair is aware that red hues are the perfect complement to the rich color of her base to make her look more elegant. Make this stunning bright red balayage that will highlight the shine of your black hair.

Black Hair with Burgundy Red Balayage

23. Deep Red Burgundy Balayage. It’s an perfect color of red for women who are always struggling to determine if they prefer burgundy or red as their preferred color. The rich burgundy changing into a gorgeous deep red is an amazing option.

Burgundy Balayage with Dark Red Highlights

24. Grape Purple Burgundy Hair. A smokey, dusty shade of burgundy that will fit every fall-themed dream clothes, looks and drinks. The gentle light caramel shades provide depth and depth to the overall look.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

25. Dark Maroon Hair Ombre. If the classic black isn’t a good fit for your lively personality, then add some zing and personality by blending a deep dark maroon Ombre.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

26. Burgundy Red Hair with Black Roots. The black roots with vibrant red wine lengths with more plum-like accents will be your next favorite hair color.

Black and Burgundy Red Balayage

27. Red Wine Hair Color. The most-loved wine shade will emphasize your delicate skin and features, and complement your fall and winter outfit.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

28. Dark Burgundy Hair. Wow, this burgundy color is worthy of a second look! It’s a stylish and well-balanced hairstyle! It’s a mix of a deep burgundy filled with a more vibrant and more lively magenta.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

29. Subtle Burgundy Ombre. The dusty, plum ends join the raven black roots, and transform into incredible. A mysterious hairstyle for a woman!

Black to Dusty Burgundy Ombre

30. Dark Raspberry Hair. As sweet and delicious as wine made from raspberry This beautiful hair shade will inspire you to book your next appointment at the salon immediately.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

31. Burgundy Wine Hair Color. A striking but elegant burgundy that has only a hint of red to offset the shiny deep purple base. This gives you the look of a premium Cabernet.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

32. Burgundy Ombre Hair. Beautiful combination with black hair and, dark hair that is burgundy. It’s not as fiery as some reds, but it can make you feel cool and edgy.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

33. Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair. Did we not mention how well burgundy goes with black? Bring new life to your black stacking bob with random highlights of burgundy.

Short Black Hair with Burgundy Highlights

34. Burgundy Red Hair Color. This hue is not for the timid. Be bold and display it through the brightest curls and vibrant red pieces of money.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

35. Long Solid Magenta Hair. Enjoy the trend of never-ending burgundy by coloring your hair with magenta. It’s neither light nor dark and is a fantastic shade for hair with a bright color that suits the majority of skin tones.

Magenta Burgundy Hair Color for Long Hair

36. Black hair With Purple as well as Burgundy Highlights. If you’re looking to up your coloring game but can’t decide which way to go, consider inviting yourself into the burgundy club by mixing shades of purple and burgundy highlights. Based on the location where sunlight strikes, your hair will look different every time!

Burgundy Colored Highlights for Black Hair

37. Rich Mahogany Hair. If there were one shade that shouted “Fall”, we immediately pointed towards the mahogany shade. It exudes the warmth of the fallen leaves, while appearing appealing and soft.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

38. Red Maroon Hair Color. Who says you can’t display the full range with deep reds and deep burgundy in your shoulder and over hair? With some light accents, it’s difficult to decide on one shade that is a name for this color.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

39. A red Burgundy Curly Hair. Curls and burgundy make the perfect match. Take a look at how the brighter, crimson ribbons shine against the darker lowlights, it will make you want to get an instant burgundy hair dye.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

40. Sangria Burgundy Balayage. A mildly summery variant of the seductive deep reddish Burgundy. It revives the usual browns, adding a little spark and depth with the vibrant maroon shade.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

41. A maroon Hair and Money Pieces. Naturally beautiful The maroon hue is enhanced and taken to a whole new level of cool by the perky crimson-colored money pieces.

Crimson Money Pieces for Maroon Hair

42. Burgundy Purple Ombre Hair. A delicate change from reddish-like roots into the blackberry balayage, with maroon face-framing hair strands. There is nothing else to enhance these gorgeous shades of the burgundy.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

43. Carmine and Burgundy Pixie. As as if Pixie cuts weren’t enough bold. The look is not for less confident The lower burgundy layers, topped off with the hot carmine crown are stunning.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

44. Burgundy Hair with Highlights in Maroon. This eye-catching color combo is a great idea for women who want to achieve natural shine and shine in their hair with just two colors that are similar.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

45. Black as well as Burgundy Hair with Highlights. Sweet like plum jam spread across your gorgeous dark hair. Long locks are an ideal canvas to let those burgundy locks shine.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

46. Pale Burgundy and Blonde Hair. If you’ve got blonde hair with a light brown color which needs some brightness by adding some blonde as well as light, burgundy-colored highlights in the fringe and along the hair’s front can give you a lovely fall-themed makeover.

Brown Hair with Blonde and Burgundy Highlights

47. Burgundy Brown Hair. This dark color is brimming with beauty and grace. It is both delicate and mysterious and you might not need to stop looking at yourself for a long time, after you’ve gotten it.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

48. Red Burgundy Hair. Elegant, sensual and full of vivacity is a perfect description of the rich carmine Balayage.

Burgundy Hair Red Carmine Balayage

49. Hairstyles for Short Burgundy Hair. Shaggy sparkles of sangria in your hair’s black color can provide the look with an more fun, laid-back and casually attractive look.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

50. Asymmetrical Burgundy Bob. The chunk of magenta that is swooped towards the front of the hair not only highlights the full body, thick nature of the hair, but also serves as a simple accessory to every outfit.

50 Beautiful Burgundy Hair Colors to Consider for 2024

Burgundy hair comes with a variety of colors and styles and works on any type of hair! Colors of burgundy work well with thin and thick hair with straight curls or curly blow-out. If you’re looking to experiment with an entirely different style, opt for a customized burgundy color that can inspire others!

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