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30 Exotic Dark Red Hair Colors to Keep Your Hair on Fleek

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Dark red hair is an enchanting sensual appeal and is incredibly fanciful. If you ask us if dark red hair looks attractive and if it will be fashion-forward in 2023, we’ll absolutely say “YES”. The rarity of this hair colour makes it a show-stopper for all time. Red hair comes in various shades and hues, From cool toned, dark to vibrant hot hues like copper and the burgundy. Whatever shade of dark red hair you like attractive and choose what you like, the one thing you can be certain of is that you will get hair with a luxurious and elegant look. In this post, we’ve collected a list of the best 30 dark red hair color options to give you style inspiration. Find the colors that match your skin tone and personality most and make time with your stylist straightaway.

1. Dark Red Balayage. Dark red hair has an incredibly richness and depth that instantly enlivens your locks. A well-crafted dark red balayage over dark hair roots provides an amazing contrast that is truly amazing.

Dark Red Hair with Dark Roots

2. Medium-Length Dark Burgundy Red Hair. Shades of red wine in dark red hair are more vibrant and provide a feminine look for dark locks. The red hues tend to be elegant or rustic, and can create a romantic look to your eyes.

Dark Red Wine Hair Color

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3. Dark Red Curled Hair. Dark red hairstyles give off an attractive look, especially when curly. A glistening dark red curly style gives a stunning image of elegant and feminine. If you’re looking to add an elegant feel to your look Dark red hair is guaranteed to deliver everything you need and more.

Feminine Shimmering Dark Red Hair

4. Auburn Dark Red Hair. An amazing fiery and fierce dark red hair color is what you get when select a top quality deep red dye. Auburn red hair is a hot and cool shade that is worth trying. When paired with a darker foundation, it creates a stunning combination which is beautiful to see.

Auburn Red Hair with Burgundy Roots

5. Wavy Dark Red Hair. Color all the streets red by showcasing your gorgeous sparkling red waves. If your hair is so beautiful and gorgeous as this stunning layered dark red style You’ve got plenty of reason to flaunt it. The dark red curls will never be overlooked.

Fabulous Long Red Haircut with Waves

6. Bright Dark Red Hair. There’s a reason redheads are considered natural beauty beauties. Red hair is strong beautiful, gorgeous, and plus uncommon. The ferocity of dark, vibrant red hair makes your appearance bold, passionate and attractive.

Bright Red Hairstyle with Dark Roots

7. Dark Red Hair with Highlights. These highlights are brimming with depth and richness that will energize your hair. Highlights that are brighter shades of red such as copper or orange-red brighten the dark reds. The incredible dimension and movement of this stunning hair speak for itself.

Burgundy Hair with Red Copper Highlights

8. Dark Red Hair Bob. Bob hairstyles are cute by however, add the darker red color to add some flair to your bob more. Hairstyles that are short and dark like the one shown below look chic and give you a more trendy look. The sharp edges of the hair add an extra touch of elegance to the look.

Blunt Dark Red Bob Haircut

9. Dark Red Highlights in the Front. To say that dark red highlights look amazing on dark hair is an understatement. The beauty is truly extraordinary. Dark red highlights work perfect with the dark hair. They give the perfect shimmer and contrast for your locks. Money-making pieces with deep red shades make your skin appear more vibrant.

Red Front Highlights for Dark Hair

10. Dark Red Ombre Hair. Let your hair flow wild as if it were a fire. An ombre that is dark red shade will accomplish great job. Ombre is an excellent method to rock your hair in the shades you love. Keep your sleek black hair on the front, and then ignite the flame behind you with a stunning dark red ombre for an exquisite and gorgeous hair style.

Fantastic Dark Red Ombre Balayage

11. Dark Red Highlights on Short Hair. If you’re not ready to make the complete commitment to a red hair You can add small details of darker red accents to the hair. The result is hair that’s not as bold like bright, red hair, but nevertheless very attractive.

Dark Hair with Bright Red Highlights

12. Dark Red Purple Hair. This color is a gorgeous purple-red tinge. Dark red hair is suitable for all skin tones, but is particularly appealing for those who have cool skin tones. Combine it with a similar lipstick shade for a stylish style.

Chic Red Purple Balayage

13. Dark Cherry Red Hair. Are you searching at dark-red hair suggestions to make your hair fall into the most stunning style? We highly recommend you test dark red hair that is cherry. The depth and strength of this hair color are gorgeous.

Chery Red Balayage with Purple Lowlights

14. Dark Scarlet Red Hair. The color of scarlet red hair is a synonym for seductive and sexy. This shade is very effective by creating the illusion of motion and depth in your hair. A chic hairstyle with big bangs becomes ethereal when you apply this hue of red.

Cute Layered Scarlet Red Hairstyle

15. Dark Two-Tone Wine-Red Hair. If you want a luxuriously elegant and rich dark hairstyle, a ruby red shade is an excellent concept. It adds multi-tonal depth and depth in your hair. Red highlights from wine can make even the most boring hairstyles appear dazzling in the light of day.

Dark Purple Hairstyle with Wine Red Highlights

16. Dark Red Brown Hair. The distinction between hair with brown color and hair that is dark red brown is just as evident as the distinction between day and night. It is not just that dark red-brown hair gorgeous and beautiful, it also appears more radiant and healthier. In addition, it’s an excellent transition color for brunettes that are looking to a more sexy, deep red hair shade.

Deep Red Brown Hair for Brunettes

17. Magenta Dark Red Hair. Make your dark hair look more attractive with a funky shade of magenta for a striking appearance. Highlights or balayage with this red shade can make your hair appear “just here” to “eye-popping stunning”. The combination of cool and warm tones of magenta creates the dark red hair suitable for all complexions.

Striking Magenta Balayage Hair

18. Dark Copper Red Hair. A gorgeous hair color for the bold lady. Dark copper hair gives a an energetic and fun style to your look. This deep hue isn’t as noticeable than the bright red copper. The thick face-framing bangs of this shade will brighten your skin.

Bold Copper Red Hair with Bangs

19. Red Velvet Hair Color. The radiant luster of the red hair color, paired with the silky texture of the hair’s wavy texture is a stunning hairstyle. Let your hair be live and display your lively persona with this captivating deep red color.

Velvety Wavy Dark Red Hair

20. Dark Red Highlights on Brown Hair. Are you bored of the typical appearance of your hair that is brown and looking for a change? Try adding dark red highlights in order to spice up your brown hair. Highlights with a gorgeous deep red shade will add instant shine in your hair.

Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

21. Shoulder-Length Dark Red Hair. A touch of red on shoulder-length hair can be stimulating. A full highlight, ombre as well as money-making pieces or a striking solid shade of red makes your shoulder-length hair take on stunning looks.

Gorgeous Dark Red Hair with Black Roots

22. Dark Ginger Hair Color. Ginger is a feminine hue of red. The dark ginger shade blends well with all skin tones, and gives you an elegant, feminine appearance. You can try it if you’re in need of an immediate change to improve your spirits in this hectic world.

Long Feminine Ginger Red Hair

23. Long Dark Red Hair. Dark red hair is gorgeous. Absolutely. Dark red hair on long hair? Jaw-dropping gorgeous! To keep an appearance that is model-on-the-walkway all day, dye your locks to a dark red. The seemingly endless stream of red hair makes for a stunning appearance.

Long Dark Hair with Red Balayage

24. Dark Brownish Red Hair Color. The chocolate-reddish hair color is flattering brunettes and appears as natural-looking hair. It’s less glam than bright reds, and blends with brown hair flawlessly. This shade is flattering for those with fairer complexions more.

Dark Chocolate Red Balayage Hair Color

25. Mahogany Dark Red. The deep red hue of hair like mahogany paired with dark roots produces red hair that’s not than a strong hue. The subtle hues of purple and red reflected in mahogany hair makes it an ideal choice for those who aren’t a fan of bright red hair.

Deep Red Purple Hair with Dark Roots

26. Burgundy Dark Red and Black Hair. Make a statement with a stylish and mysterious look by wearing red hair. Hair with a burgundy hue can aid you in achieving the look you want. Burgundy in darker shades is more bright and is a perfect red hair color for elegant women

Black Hair with Burgundy Highlights

27. Dark Red Wine Hair. This deep red hair shade is a fiery mix of mauve, purple as well as dark brown. Red wine hair is warm deep, vibrant, and rich. The hair color, generally is very high-maintenance, but hair made of red wine with dark bases is low-maintenance in comparison with other red shades. Consider it.

Dark Base with Mauve Balayage

28. Dark Red Short Haircut. Are you ready for that dramatic change in your style? Here’s some inspiration to help you get an enormous cut, you can try changing your shade to a fashionable hue. Dark red looks stunning for short hairstyles such as hairstyles like pixies and bobs. The short, bright copper or burgundy styles make great and stylish hairstyles.

Edgy Dark Red Bob Hairstyle

29. Dark Crimson Red Hair. If you are hearing crimson red you might think “No this isn’t for me” If you’re not a fan of bright shades. However, if you look at the picture below, you’ll see that the hair color is subtle and cool. This is a dark crimson Red hair shade. Stylish in an elegant way.

Elegant Mild Crimson Red Hair Color

30. Dark Red Hair with Dark skin. Dark red hairstyles look gorgeous for women wearing dark-skinned skin. Warm undertones in the red hair flatter the different skin tones of black. If you have a dark complexion opt for a darker shade of red hair that is dark, such as dark mahogany wine red, burgundy and so on. A bold flash of lighter shades here and it’s not the best idea as well.

Dramatic Dark Red Hairstyle for Black Women

You’ve got it. The most fashionable dark red hair shades all in one place. We hope you’re motivated to try some of these red hairstyles! One tip: pick the hair colorist who loves working with bold shades of hair and also has photos of transformations in red hair on their website portfolio.

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