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50 Beautiful Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

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Dark red hair is popular in the world of women at the moment. No matter if you have long or shorter hair, you can consider dark red hairstyles without doubting it in your the back of your mind. Another advantage of darker red hairstyles is the fact that they looks great with women of different skin tones. Dark red hair creates a dramatic impression. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to showcase your fiery side or create the illusion of mysteriousness dark red hair will make a statement. It is a mix of every shade from deep scarlet to red, and you can find a shade to match tones and color perfectly. The appeal of hair that is dark red can’t be expressed in words: it’s just a coincidence that this vibrant shade attracts people’s interest. While cool brunettes and warm blondes are pretty daring, women who wear ginger hair realize that they are not equal to the heft and exuberance when they wear hairstyles that are stunning chic bobs or sleek chignons, that are adorned with random hair strands regardless of whether you’re a natural redhead that has always dreamed of long flowing locks on your back (and don’t forget about the hot Instagram images! ) An ambitious color-loving philanthropist who is looking for new ways to dye her hair every day, even if the majority of people prefer things that are more subdued. The best method to add energy and confidence than to be seen in an exciting new shade this autumn. To help you pick which shade is most appealing we’ve picked the most stunning and fashionable dark red tones suitable for all complexions. We’ve shared 50 stunning dark red hairstyles women can experiment with right today.

1. Dark Red Velvet Hair

a girl wearing a black knitted dress

Do you have long hair? Long hair you would like to look elegant? Try this hairstyle in dark red velvet. This is a straightforward and stylish hairstyle to think about right today.

2. Dark Mahogany Red Hair

a girl wearing a ring and a necklace and a black shirt

Mahogany Red is an multi-faceted shade of red that can use as a hair color. If you’re the type of person who has straight hair You might think of opting for this stylish fashion-forward, feminine, and stylish hairstyle.

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3. Dark Cherry Red Hair

a girl that has a tattoo on her hands

The dark cherry color is a striking hair color you could achieve in your hair. Be sure to wear the right outfit and choose the same shade for your lips to create the most attractive look.

4. Red Hair Dark Roots

a girl lying on the bed

If you’re not looking to be confined to natural red shades You should opt for this hairstyle in red. It will make your hair and will be more of a an organic approach.

5. Dimensional Red Foilayage

a girl wearing black shirt

This stunning hairstyle with red leaves can assist you get a stunning elegant twist on your hair. No matter if you have blonde as well as black hair can choose to go with this fashionable hairstyle.

6. Dark Red on Short Hair

a girl wearing a moon and star earring and a necklace

If you’ve got shorter hair, we recommend you to dye your hair with dark red tones like the ones you can see here. This can help enhance the look of your hair even more appealing.

7. Dark Red Peekaboo

a girl wearing a black printed shirt with someone touching her hair

If you’re attracted to mixing brunette hair and dark red tones could try this style. It will give you a lively and comfortable look in the same time. The hairstyle that is peekaboo can add a boho look on your hair.

8. Vermillion Dark Red on Long Braided Hair

a girl wearing white shirt

Instead of getting just long hair that is braided, you can improve the look of it by changing to an color similar to the dark shade of vermillion. This gives you the opportunity to take your long-hairstyle to a new level.

9. Dark Red Fire with Root Balayage

a girl wearing black shirt

This is a chic mix of brown, red and copper tones. If you’re looking for ways to enhance the look of your balayage it is an excellent option to you right now.

10. Dark Rose

a girl wearing a blue shirt

Are you interested in accentuating the natural black hairstyle you have? If so, you should try this dark rose hairstyle an attempt. It’s a chic combination of red hair and the basic shoulder length cut.

11. Cherry Bomb

a girl wearing a blue sando

It is possible to incorporate soft-toned cherry highlights in delicate curls, so you can create a chic Balayage look. This is a stylish and stylish hairstyle that is available to you at present.

12. Rose Blood Dark Red Hair

a girl wearing a necklace and a denim jumper

Rose blood is among the most popular colors to think about when having deep red hair. If you’re someone who enjoys experimenting with red hairstyles We encourage you to think about giving this hairstyle a shot.

13. Mahogany Pink and Dark Red Hair Peekaboo

a girl wearing denim

Are you looking for a the latest and fresh look for your red hair? You can try this mahogany pink look with a the dark red hair peekaboo style. This shoulder-length hairstyle can help you hide the red shades you’re sporting.

14. Dark Vampy Ruby Red

a girl lifting her hair

The vibrant shades of dark, vampy red highlights give a stunning effect to your hair. A curly hairstyle can increase the hue you receive also.

15. Cherries and Wine

a girl wearing black mask and shirt

Cherries and wine reds on black hair will assist to create a stunning dimension. If you have shoulder length hair but you’d like to give it more volume it, you can take this approach.

16. Dark Red Balayage

a girl wearing an army-printed shirt

Dark red balayage is an iconic alternative to anyone seeking dark red hair. It can assist you in creating a comfortable and elegant appearance.

17. Dark Red Plum

a girl lifting her hair wearing a black long sleeve

The dark plum color can give you an attractive, glowing hue to your hair. It can also provide an attractive and warm look for your hair.

18. Dark Cranberry Red

a girl with a piercing on her nose

The dark red hairstyle is sure to bring back memories of the cranberry season. If you’re looking for natural, feminine and sweet colors this hairstyle could be an attractive option to think about.

19. Dark Brick Red

a girl wearing a printed black shirt

It is possible to spice up your look by using this hairstyle that is dark and brick red. This is an excellent illustration of a chic long hairstyle you can attempt right today.

20. Dark Burgandy Red Hair

a girl wearing a loose printed gray shirt

The dark burgundy-red hairstyle can create the most unique multi-shaded effect in your hair. Make sure you apply the hue throughout your hair for an appealing visual effect effortlessly.

21. Ox Blood Red

a girl wearing a gray shirt and a bag

The color red of Ox Blood is tone of red which is very appealing for women who are attracted by brown shades. This style is elegant and elegant. It’s perfect for those who would like to wear a an intense dark tone.

22. Autumn Dark Red

a girl wearing a stripe red and white shirt

Dark red in autumn is among the most classic red shades you can wear in your hair. We highly recommend this style to all women who are confident who are looking to make a statement.

23. Dark Red Wine Colored Hair

a girl wearing black dress with a piercing on her nose, has necklace and earrings and touching her hair

Hair with a dark red-wine color may aid you in creating the perfect hairstyle effortlessly. This hairstyle is easy to replicate and you’ll be able to pull it off without much difficulty.

24. Subtle Dark Red Hair Highlights

a girl wearing a printed gray shirt

If you aren’t sure if you want to get all reddish hues You can try this simple deep red haircut. In this case, you’ll see a few slight red highlights to your hair, to add attractive appearance.

25. Deep Red Color Block

a girl wearing gray printed shirt and has a nose piercing

A dark red color block is a simple and subtle way to add red to short hair. It is one of the most natural-looking hairstyles to you in the present.

26. Mahogany Red in Layers and Face Frame

dark red hair - a girl wearing a gray round neck shirt

Red is a colour that can be used to symbolize passion. If you are looking to show your feminine side and passion, then go with this red-layered mahogany hairstyle. It is sure to assist to create a more framed look.

27. Chocolate Cherry

dark red hair - a girl wearing a knitted sweater

You can enhance the red hair by making use of chocolate cherries. It will help the hair look more natural look. A girl with short hair could go in this way without a second thought.

28. Subtle Purple with Dark Red

dark red hair - a girl wearing a black printed dress

Are you looking for an elegant red hairstyle that you can create a dramatic look for your hair? You can go for this subtle shade of purple when you are wearing deep red locks. This is an excellent option to brighten up the brunette or dark red hair.

29. Two Toned Dark Red Hair

dark red hair - a girl wearing a white shirt

The hairstyle in two shades is stunningly elegant and simple to keep. It adds a stunning depth to the hair and gives you the fresh new look you’ve been looking for.

30. Dark Red Ombre

dark red hair - a girl wearing an eyeglasses and a black dress

In this hairstyle the dark red hues are incorporated to your hair, creating a chic way. It is possible to delicately layer the colors to get this trendy style effortlessly.

31. Purple Half Balayage, with Dark Red

dark red hair - a girl wearing a black linen shirt

Why would you think you cannot wear a balayage style with reddish hues? If you’re interested in trying it, you can go with this half-balayage style in purple without an eye on it for a second.

32. Dark Red Balayage on Bob Cut

dark red hair - a girl wearing gray shirt

If you’re looking to improve the look of a bob cut it is possible to try an balayage in dark red style. This hair shade appears delicate. This means that you’ll be able to bring a distinct elegance to your hairstyle.

33. Brunette and Deep Red

dark red hair - a girl wearing a printed dress

If you’re typically black locks, then you are fortunate enough to have this style. The rich red hues are reflected on your shorter hair will definitely help by enhancing your looks.

34. Dark Crimson Red Hair

dark red hair - a girl wearing a backless dress with a watch on her wrist

Do you want to add some volume and movement in your locks? Consider taking on this dark hairstyle. it will also add a stunning sparkle for your hair.

35. Dark Red Cheery Partial Highlight

dark red hair - a girl wearing a black sando

A dark, red-colored highlights that you can see in your hair are going to appear brilliant and radiant, as you can see in the image above. If you’re seeking a gorgeous bright and shining hair, we recommend to experiment with this hairstyle.

36. Dark Dimensional Red

dark red hair - a girl wearing a knitted sweater

You can add more vibrancy to your hair by taking using this dark and dimensional red hairstyle. If you’re interested in giving a radiance and dimension your hair, you can go for this look without second thought.

37. Dark Chocolate Raspberry

dark red hair - a girl wearing a necklace and a white sando

Red hair can be a sign of attitude that you are able to wear. It can give you the opportunity to show off your personality. The two-toned dark chocolate raspberry haircut will aid you in taking things into the new realm easily.

38. Raspberry Cream Pie

dark red hair - a girl wearing a black barber's cape with someone holding her hair

Are you looking to achieve the perfect hairstyle? If so, then you should consider picking this raspberry cream pie haircut. This hairstyle is an excellent model of a bright elegant, stylish, and upbeat hairstyle.

39. Dark Red on Warm Tones

dark red hair - a girl wearing a gray sleeveless turtle neck

Dark red with warm tones is an uncommon hairstyle can be yours. For curly hair, and are looking to draw attention wherever you go it is possible to go with this hairstyle.

40. Dark Red Fire Hair

dark red hair - a girl wearing a black barber's cape with someone holding her hair

The dark red hairstyle is an haircut that will give amazing outcomes for girls who have dark hair and mild skin tone. If you’ve got hair that is wavy it is advisable to go with this style without hesitation.

41. Dark Cherry Red Cola Hair

dark red hair - a girl wearing a pink polka dot sleeveless dress

A dark red cola hairstyle will always add a sophisticated appearance for your hair. The way hair color fades from black to cola-red tips looks stunning.

42. Dark Red Wine on Bob Cut

dark red hair - a girl wearing gray shirt and has nose piercing

Dark red wine shade of a bob cut will aid you in achieving an interesting and multi-dimensional hairstyle. This hairstyle looks stunning for anyone sporting a hair cut.

43. Shadowed Vampire Red

dark red hair - a girl lifting her hair wearing black shirt

This hairstyle is an ombre vampire hue with gorgeous curly ends. It’s elegant, chic and classy. If you choose this hairstyle it will show that you don’t have to spend a lot of effort to look beautiful by your hair.

44. Dark Red Cherry on Older Women

dark red hair - a women wearing glasses and a black denim jacket

Cherry is among the most vibrant red shades you can get right today. Try the dark red color of cherry on your hair. It is extremely versatile on hair with different lengths.

45. Cherry Coke

dark red hair - a girl with a piercing on her nose and wears black printed shirt

Do you wish to brighten the look of the shorter hair you’ve got? If so, then you can try this color of cherry coke hair. It is stunning for those with hair that is short.

46. Ruby Red Hair

dark red hair - a girl wearing knitted sleeveless shirt

A reddish hue on your hair is sure to give you a strong appearance. This is a great choice to get an incredible look and feel of your hair.

47. Red Hair with Blonds and Wine Red Hair

dark red hair - a girl wearing a black jacket

You can give the life to your blonde hair by the aid of red wine colors. The blonde hair will enhance the lovely red shades that you already have.

48. Wild Cherry

dark red hair - a girl smiling wearing a black barber's cape

Wild cherry is a wonderful combination of red with long, wavy hair. You can have this style to create an elegant face-framing colour.

49. Dark Red Hair on Shaggy Pixie Mullet Cut

a girl wearing pink shirt - dark red hair

Dark red hair in shaggy pixie mullets cut looks amazing in both cool and warm skin tones. The cut reflects light beautifully to add great dimension and depth to the hair.

50. Two-Tone Copper and Vivid Red

a girl wearing printed black shirt - dark red hair

Two-tone copper and vibrant red is an ideal red hair color for boring and daring ladies. This is certainly not the best option to color-blind women.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most appropriate shade of red I should put for my hair?

There’s no easy solution to this as there are many shades of red available. It is crucial to look at your hairstyle and your personal preferences in order to choose the most suitable one. You can simply browse through our selection and then make a decision.

Do you think the red color will work with hair that is long?

Red is indeed an extremely versatile color and you’ll be able to find it on locks of all lengths. To make it easier we have shared a selection of the various red color shades you could have on your hair right now.

What is the brightest color of head I can achieve?

If you’re in search of a vibrant red hue We suggest you look for a shade that has shades of orange. For instance, the fiery red-orange hair shade is an excellent choice to test.

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