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50 Beautiful Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

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41. Dark Cherry Red Cola Hair

dark red hair - a girl wearing a pink polka dot sleeveless dress

A dark red cola hairstyle will always add a sophisticated appearance for your hair. The way hair color fades from black to cola-red tips looks stunning.

42. Dark Red Wine on Bob Cut

dark red hair - a girl wearing gray shirt and has nose piercing

Dark red wine shade of a bob cut will aid you in achieving an interesting and multi-dimensional hairstyle. This hairstyle looks stunning for anyone sporting a hair cut.

43. Shadowed Vampire Red

dark red hair - a girl lifting her hair wearing black shirt

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This hairstyle is an ombre vampire hue with gorgeous curly ends. It’s elegant, chic and classy. If you choose this hairstyle it will show that you don’t have to spend a lot of effort to look beautiful by your hair.

44. Dark Red Cherry on Older Women

dark red hair - a women wearing glasses and a black denim jacket

Cherry is among the most vibrant red shades you can get right today. Try the dark red color of cherry on your hair. It is extremely versatile on hair with different lengths.

45. Cherry Coke

dark red hair - a girl with a piercing on her nose and wears black printed shirt

Do you wish to brighten the look of the shorter hair you’ve got? If so, then you can try this color of cherry coke hair. It is stunning for those with hair that is short.

46. Ruby Red Hair

dark red hair - a girl wearing knitted sleeveless shirt

A reddish hue on your hair is sure to give you a strong appearance. This is a great choice to get an incredible look and feel of your hair.

47. Red Hair with Blonds and Wine Red Hair

dark red hair - a girl wearing a black jacket

You can give the life to your blonde hair by the aid of red wine colors. The blonde hair will enhance the lovely red shades that you already have.

48. Wild Cherry

dark red hair - a girl smiling wearing a black barber's cape

Wild cherry is a wonderful combination of red with long, wavy hair. You can have this style to create an elegant face-framing colour.

49. Dark Red Hair on Shaggy Pixie Mullet Cut

a girl wearing pink shirt - dark red hair

Dark red hair in shaggy pixie mullets cut looks amazing in both cool and warm skin tones. The cut reflects light beautifully to add great dimension and depth to the hair.

50. Two-Tone Copper and Vivid Red

a girl wearing printed black shirt - dark red hair

Two-tone copper and vibrant red is an ideal red hair color for boring and daring ladies. This is certainly not the best option to color-blind women.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most appropriate shade of red I should put for my hair?

There’s no easy solution to this as there are many shades of red available. It is crucial to look at your hairstyle and your personal preferences in order to choose the most suitable one. You can simply browse through our selection and then make a decision.

Do you think the red color will work with hair that is long?

Red is indeed an extremely versatile color and you’ll be able to find it on locks of all lengths. To make it easier we have shared a selection of the various red color shades you could have on your hair right now.

What is the brightest color of head I can achieve?

If you’re in search of a vibrant red hue We suggest you look for a shade that has shades of orange. For instance, the fiery red-orange hair shade is an excellent choice to test.

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